Mangoma expelled from MDC-T

via Mangoma expelled from MDC-T | SW Radio Africa by Tichaona Sibanda on Thursday, April 10, 2014

The deputy treasurer-general of the MDC-T, Elton Mangoma, has been relieved of his post and expelled from the party for gross indiscipline, the party said on Thursday.

Also expelled from the party is Mangoma’s lawyer Jacob Mafume, youth assembly secretary-general Promise Mkwananzi and national executive member Last Maengahama.

Party spokesman Douglas Mwonzora told journalists in Harare the decision to expel Mangoma was unanimous following a meeting of the party’s national executive council, the top decision making body of the MDC-T.

The body sits 190 members but currently has 187, as three of them have died since the last congress. 52 members did not attend Thursday’s meeting, but enough members attended to form a quorum.

Mwonzora said 131 members voted in favour of expelling Mangoma, three abstained and one voted against. Former Mutare mayor Brian James was the only person in the meeting who was against the expulsion of Mangoma.

Two of the three who abstained were Harare province chairman Paul Madzore and Chitungwiza provincial youth chairperson Malvin Mashoko, both of whom are linked to the ‘renewal’ team that has been advocating the ouster of party leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Tendai Biti, the party secretary-general and an ally of Mangoma, excused himself before voting to attend a court case.

On the suspensions of various provincial executives, Mwonzora said the party has reversed those as the actions were done unconstitutionally.

The expulsion of Mangoma and the other four had been expected following reports that several top leaders had registered their displeasure at the way the movement was treating him with ‘kid gloves’ whilst he was allegedly criticizing Tsvangirai at parallel rallies he had been addressing in the last month.

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41 comments on “Mangoma expelled from MDC-T
  1. LucyTT says:

    Chinhu chinonzi MDC , you are all idiots, what kind of democracy is this , kana mada kuita western democracy then show it to us , members are allowed to have opinions , she should not be reprimanded after all are they not the ones that leaked Mangoma’s letter to the press. Mangofanana neZanu , pamwe taimboti, how many times have people have a different opinion from you and ended up expelled or on splitting from you now?????

    • Mandy says:

      Only too happy to see the back of this cruel fellow. A Brutus of the waist kind. Depart Elton Mangoma!! Just in case you have forgotten where you came from – it was Zimbabwe Independent Parties, (ZIP). Go back and make it work if you are a man. Why desert your own project and come to make rules for others on their own project. The same goes for you Brian James and Roy Bennett please go back to your Rhodesia Front (RF) and make it work. Leadership renewal is done at congresses, by the membership and not in the boardroom.

  2. Qiniso says:

    Very convenient for Tendai Biti to go to court when the vote was taking place. This action clearly indicates he is not man enough to make crucial decision. I wouldn’t trust him as a Commander-in-chief. Poor Tendai. That’s the end of him as potential future leader.
    Brian James is the kind of a guy who will cover your back. He is not influenced by the majority. He walks the talk.

    • Rwatata says:

      If in your mind you associate Mangoma as MDC please don’t vote for MDC. Zanu is there for you, maybe even those other parties which surface at election time!

  3. thembani says:

    I will never vote for MDC again.

  4. Ruramai says:

    I would not trust a party so afraid of democracy with the affairs of the country. It’s scary that someone gets expelled for advocating the renewal of a party that has run out of steam.

    Meantime the violent thugs within the party continue as members. A party that tolerates violence but is afraid of dessenting voices is frightening. How come they are comfortable with the fact that Tsvangirai should not be brought to account even where finances to do with the renovations to the Highlands mansion is concerned?

  5. kutongwa nonjazi says:

    I can see the pain of a failed project here? Democracy does not mean you get away with anything. Mangoma and company can easily form their own ” more western like democratic party” kuti zviite ka nhai. Why stick to a party that is so bad. Move on Mangoma and prove everyone wrong. Hatingashaye hope nekuti some infiltrators have been expelled.

  6. Sarudzai says:

    Calling a party by somebody’s name was the first mistake. Even ZANU PF, for all its failures, NEVER called themselves Gushungo, Chitepo, Takawira, Muzenda etc. Why MDC-Tsvangirai? Apa ndipo pakaperera sarungano. You gave him title deeds for the party and he is indeed entitled!!!

  7. loveness says:

    Lucy tt.yes zanu pf is an mdc rival but it doesnt mean its 100% bad.thats why they have some support .mdc can not be different from zanu pf in every way.rules and regulations have to be followed thats we have laws so that there is no chaos.democracy is about numbers and 130 members voted, if you can not tolerate that the majority voted for expulsion and still call yourself a democrat then you are not have a hidden agenda.

    • LucyTT says:

      using party laws to silence people who have legitimate concerns and went with their concerns to the right place is criminal. I repeat kana vanhu vaTsangirai varivo vaka leaker the letter then they created the situation not Managoma, he did give this letter to the media for this to play out in the media he, he gave it to Tsvangirai and he and his advisers decided to land themselves in this public playout, on top of advocating violence, my contention is that ivo ndivo vakazviti Movement of DEMOCTRATIC Change (underline the word DEMOCRATIC here , politics is about practicing what you preach, Zanu never said we are democratic , they said we will free you from white rule and then rule you and they have. Actions my friend say a lot more than words and MDC’s actions are damning before they are even in power. Vanhu munoti tirikurirwa maelection muchiita and yet you hand over the election to your opponents through stupiud behavior – Zimbabweans are not blind. Tsvangirai should have just accepted the letter, brought it in front of this committee and then addressed the issue so that its settled in a civil manner (behind closed doors and reprimanded vanhu away from the public eye) , now Mangoma and his people are expelled because the matter went to the media and they ran amok with it, I am willing to give my right hand to the fact that soon from that 130 another batch will come up with grievances and they will also go the way of Mangoma. violence begets violence, dissent in the ranks will give rise to more dissent, Tsvangirai has bought himself time unfortunately we all know he never knows what to do with time when he is given time. from being the Mandela of Zim , he is working himself to be an uncle bob pretty soon , you do not win politics from staying in power too long, you win by doing your duty and passing the batten honourably and in this tsvangirai has already failed. also if you are gorvened by laws them by the laws of MDC formation we should not even be talking membership spills because Tsangirai’s term was done 10 years ago They can expel mangoma but he has sworn a seed in peoples minds that MDC will not be able to uproot anytime soon

      • Ruramai says:

        LucyTT,well said. What we r being told is violence is a lesser evil than expressing one’s views and we stupidly call that democracy.

    • Ruramai says:

      Hahaha. …loveness, just remember the majority vote in Zanu p.f. too. What is sad is that these people are not taking Tsvangirai to account, not even for the issue of double dipping. How come no disciplinary action has been taken against the instigators of violence. Which is the worse evil?

  8. shaudhai says:

    ngaende anemakaro anodazvinhu tsvangirai haana kubvira akudwa but he love peace .n

  9. Nzou says:

    The behaviour of the MDC-T over Mangoma is disgraceful. They are no different to zanupf. They are just as corrupt and I believe that Tsvagirai’s failures are deliberate failures and that he is so corrupt that CIO have some kind of a hold on him. No person of sound mind would have ever taken so many stupid, idiotic decisions during the GNU unless CIO had a hold on them. His palatial home provides the clue. Where did all the money come from on his pay? He needs to account NOW!

    As for Mangoma, I wish him well and call upon him to either form a new party or continue and win his legal challenge. Which ever way he chooses, he will win. Zimbabweans are sick of incompetent womanisers who put their sexual interests above national interests.


  10. Frankie Laine says:

    I told you before and I am telling you again. Tsvangarai used to be ZanuPF and he still works for them. What has he done for Zimbabwe except entrench the roosters grip on dying Zimbabwe. The symbol is incorrect. It should be a python because Zimbabwe has been slowly strangled from it’s inception.Mugabe has no bigger weapon to keep the people in check then his son Tsvangarai. Please Zimbabwe, open your eyes.

  11. P.Chibs says:

    Good decision done by MDC.Get rid of all rotten tomatoes. ana Mangoma uri bora Ngoma shuwa.

  12. Mike Nyathi says:

    Biti, you gutless, toothless bulldog. Full of hot air, big words and loud speeches but in the end you are a coward.

  13. Chitova weGona says:

    Thank you to all who voted Mangoma and the other power hungry idiots out. The MDC must not lose sight of Biti as he is a snake in the grass. Mangoma has got amble time to form his party before 2018 elections. He must prove to nation that he is a true democrat. Mangoma was supposed to know that even democracy has limits. People do not go about barking in the name of democracy forgeting to respect other people’s rights as well.

  14. Ngoto Zimbwa says:

    Very interesting.
    Its the MDC this, blah blah …and ZANU this blah blah…!!
    We, the people, make up these parties and if they are what they are, its just a reflection of what the Zimbo is, a confused cockroach.

    Didn’t use to be like this.
    We all got behind ZANU nad ZAPU at the time to fight a common ennemy, the rhodie.
    ZANU, in its wisdom, has come in and completely destroyed everything in its path.
    This is the one thing we should all be focusing on.

    Wake up Zimbos before its too late.

  15. Gondo says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Mangoma and company are now free to go and form their own political party, using their own political clout. W3e are all eyes to see what mammoth party will be formed by political lightweights like Mafume etc.

    By the way when had Mangoma joined MDC? Wasn’t he one of the Johnny come lately?

  16. machakachaka says:

    That party belongs to Morgan Tsvangirai alone. MDC-Tsvangirai cannot belong to the people. I dont know why some people think Mangoma can say his mind and survive in a personally owned political party. If you say anything against the owner of that party they beat you up first then fire you. If this man ever becomes our president, then all beware. Dont say I didnt warn you.

  17. thembani says:

    I am not happy with TSVANGIRAI’S LEADERSHIP. Pliz fire me.

  18. Madlanduna says:

    Lucy TT why don’t you just shut up and join Mangoma where you will enjoy your democracy which is not in the ‘ MDC now, you con’t find two bulls in kraal,tsuro na nungu in the same hole never

  19. Reader says:

    It is such a pity they they need to go to these lengths to expel and make it so public, just means lost voters.

    Democracy means to deal with it as a unity and to take what is said digest it and find the best way to make use of it so as to strengthen.

    Remember the saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” for this there is a reason at least you can converse ans see what is happening and perhaps between you you may come to understand each other.

    if you tie a donkey and a cow together eventually they will work together and both will grow and assist each other.

  20. Tapuwa Mukuruvambwa says:

    Watch out. Who is the nest person to be used by ZANU PH as had been done with Mr Mangoma and company?

  21. Tapuwa Mukuruvambwa says:

    Who is going to be used next after the Mangoma project is water under.

  22. Reader says:

    Even a cat and a dog have been known to share the food bowl.

    Tolerance and understanding builds bridges.

  23. chuchu says:

    All those who say MDC T do not know anything about MDC T.Have you ever heard the MDC calling itself MDC T? We are MDC, never have we called ourselves MDC T. Its the overzealous media giving us names.We will remain MDC till amen.We are not ZANU PF, ZANU Ndonga .NO. Revise yourselves and you will see you lack political knowledge.Even Mwonzora knows that there is MDC. If he evr mentions MDC T then he must explain to us why.
    Displine is displine.We will never hold back our processes because some sponsored Mafikizolos want to dictate.When the first meetings to launch MDC were done in New Lecture Theatre NLT 400 at UZ in 1998, Sikhala gave a speech, Chamisa energised the people.Where was Mafume? Busy entertaining ladies.We are not stupid
    That’s why we say lets see each other at the congress.Most of these so called learned ones thought the project was a failure.They only jumped in after our first rallies in Mahusekwa, where old people brazed the winter to attend a star rally.When we went to Kariba, the like of Ncube were not there, Biti was not there.Only Proff Mukonoweshuro was there.Others joined later when the ground work was done.Now they are saying renewal.We are going to renew, that’s definite.But those to be renewed will see it for themselves.

    Tell me a coward like Biti ,running away from a crucial meeting .So where does his loyalty stands? Wasn’t the Mangoma issue important to him and the party? What kind of leader is he to run away from reality? I he is good brains, as most would like us to believe, he could then take it as an opportunity to lecture for unity.Mind you, he is the Sec General,he must drive party principles.To be honest Biti has proved beyond doubt that he is a coward, typical Univerity student leader who shouts ahoyi, then when the demo is in full swing, runs and hide in a safe room in New Hall

    • Ruramai says:

      Chuchu. indeed discipline is discipline. When do you reckon the instigators of violence will be dealt with? In case you have forgotten, Thokozani Khupe, among otheres, was fingered in the intra-party violence that rocked the MDC a couple of years ago in Bulawayo. Tsvangirai, before the investigations commenced, had promised who ever was found guilty would be expelled from the party. Nothing happened. Instead, violence has become Tsvangirai’s modus operand for dealing with dissent.

      Prior to the 2005 split Trudy Stevenson was viciously attacked by party youths. They were never disciplined while those who assaulted Mangoma are being represented by the party spokesman.

  24. Rwendo says:

    MD what? who?

  25. Africanson says:

    Who cares MDC helped ZANU to screw our once beautiful country. I remember most of these gvt officials assessed by Hunzvi to be 80 percent disabled. But MDC agreed to work with disabled people in order to loot. Hapana difference btwn mdc and Zanu. One gave birth to the other. Expecting the expected from these people is sign of madness. Nothing of materil can come out of these two shameless parties.

    • Chat2206 says:

      Taura hako Sahwira! Vamwe vakapiwa ma 95% disability akomana munhu iyeye anenge achiri kufema? Apa injanji zvadzo kuba chaiko kana Pistorius is not in 50% disability without both legs! Makororo aya, xnxia!

  26. Cde Chooks says:

    Zimbos don’t want a leader. They want a Chief. And, once they have a Chief, they will follow him anywhere…even off a cliff and into the abyss.

  27. Zvomukonde says:

    Promise Mkwanazi ha’ interesting name

  28. Ndozvireva says:

    Go 2 hell utsve nenhamo

  29. Chat2206 says:

    Ana mangoma vaidya mari muchiita zvisina basa mu unity government! Manje team yadyiwa makutanga blame game saka malumila! Bvunzai Sikhala kunze kunotonhora uko!

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