Mathebeleland is under siege

By | May 20, 2014

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Mathebeleland is under siege by Mbonisi Gumbo 19 May 2014

We in Mthwakazi Republic Party believes that Mathebeleland is under siege from ZANU PF propagandists who are attacking us from all fronts be it socially, economically, culturally, politically, educationally, and politically. In fact they have taken their time to perfect their 1979 GRANDPLAN and are implementing it to their satisfaction. Mthwakazians have suffered a lot under the ZANU PF administration and still does, Mathebeleland people are not benefiting from National resources the government has even denied us access to resources in our own space under our noise, talk of Natural resources in Mathebeleland, the number of government’s cash cows in Mathebeleland is endless, Zimra collects lots of its target revenue from Mathebeleland but the region remain under developed. This is not fair Mathebeleland remain a dry land despite the fact that there is lots of water in Zambezi and it only needs a willing government to draw that water to Bulawayo, yet the government of Zimbabwe always give excuse after excuse for their failure to give us water. We are aware that MZWT had proposed that the Zambezi Water Project be given to an investor willing to do all the work in exchange to extracting gas in Lupane we have a lot of natural resources in Mathebeleland which we can use to fund that project. We don’t buy the government story that it has no money for the project that is just propaganda.

Zimbabwe is a self-governing country; who after an improper decolonization process has been the illegal Trustee of Mthwakazi. Mthwakazi has always been a sovereign state before its conquest in 1893 and was thereafter subdued under the Matabeleland Order in Council provisions. It is a fact that the merging of the two territories into one in 1902; that is, Mathebeleland and Mashonaland, was done without the consent of the native groups. It is also a fact that the referendum that was held in 1923 did not invite the natives to participate in a Decision that would later affect them.

Whereas, it is a fact that the Lancaster House Constitution in 1979 that ushered in the independence of the Natives from colonial rule did not encompass in it the social security measures that would have not been only Concerned with the mere protection of an individual against want, but also the guarantee of a decent standard Accessibility to every political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legislative guarantee accruing to every citizen of an independent nation. The current new constitution is nothing but a mockery of the process of Devolution of Power as it leaves no power with the local authorities. With legislative and executive powers remaining with the national government.
Only limited decentralized powers and administrative powers are left with provincial government which is also required to remain with 5% while the rest goes to the national covers.

The final results of Census came as a shock to us with a lot of propaganda this is hard to believe. When the Census people were counting i personally was not counted because it was in August and we Seventh Day Adventists’ were camping in Solusi University now tell me how many thousands were not counted together with me during that period? The correct figure should be above one million not 658 000. According to some former Bulawayo City Councillors they say Bulawayo’s population actually got to over a Million during the nineties.  Chronicle newspaper reported during the weekend that Bulawayo’s unemployment levels are too high compared to other areas, we believe this was a man made problem for Mthwakazians, when Zimbabwe got its independence in April 18 1980 Bulawayo was the hub of industry not only for Zimbabwe but for the greater SADC and Zimbabwe was a bread basket of Africa before it got its current status of being the begging or empty basket of Africa. The majority of people around SADC used to come to look for employment here, mostly those from Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. But today Bulawayo industry has become a sorry state with lots of Churches renting the premises, and this is as a result of poor governance, corruption, tribalism, nepotism and 1979 Grand plan. Etc.

Mthwakazi Republic Party demands a recount of census in Bulawayo we are very embarrassed and shocked at the same time about the level of propaganda this government is doing to Mathebeleland. The best solution to all this is for us to be the masters of our own destiny as Mthwakazians. But we cannot do that before we fully gain control of our father land its high time Zimbabwe let go of our Mthwakazi State they have failed us, there is clear evidence that Mthwakazi was an independent state before the Whites colonial rulers merge it with Mashonaland in 1902. It has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that no Mthwakazian will ever rule Zimbabwe. As we speak ZANU PF and MDC-T are today looking for alternative leaders who will replace President Robert Mugabe and Morgan Richard Tsvangirayi respectively, a lot of names have been thrown around for possible successors but there is no mention of anyone from Mathebeleland. As if that is not enough these days talk of a Grand coalition reportedly being championed by MDC led by Prof Welshman Ncube, ZAPU led by Dr Dumiso Dabengwa, and MDC-Team among others is gaining momentum still there are no Names of possible leaders from Mathebeleland Dr Simba Makoni is topping the list followed by Dr Tendai Biti among others. When will a Mthwakazian ever lead in Zimbabwe someone may ask? The truth of the matter is that, that is not our portion it’s not our inheritance we are fighting the wrong battle. What we need now is our own land otherwise we will be humiliated until Jesus Christ comes.

Lastly but not least Mthwakazian people its high time we realise our real problem and work on it before then we will remain underdeveloped, second class citizens, or economic refugees in neighbouring Countries especially South Africa. We need to do the right thing for the future generations to come. If you ever think that ZANU PF has repented and abandoned its 1979 Grand plan I am sure the census results have opened your eyes that in fact there are no such plans in ZANU PF to abandon the Grand plan. Our demand for self-determination is justified because of repression and human rights violations by the so called majority ethnic group in Zimbabwe such as Gukurahundi genocide which occurred in 1982 to 1987 among other inhuman treatments we have been subjected to. As I have said before those that are alarmed by the growth of these Nationalist movements like Mthwakazi Republic Party in Zimbabwe should consider not whether these contemporary manifestations of nationalism are legal or appropriate, but rather that they are happening and that they very likely cannot be stopped. Therefore its high time talks are started and an amicable solution is found period.


37 thoughts on “Mathebeleland is under siege

  1. Nyoni

    You are spot on this one. We are behind you to rid us of this evil brought upon us .

  2. BaMatipa

    So sad that a certain area within Zimbabwe is so systemically being underdeveloped. So wishful though that these sessionist calls are the solution to the myriad of challenges Matebeleland is facing. Throwing the country into a civil war is as barbaric as Boko Haram!

    1. Straight Shooter

      Who is “throwing” the country into a civil war? Why does secession necessrily equate to civil war in your mind? Could it be because you have no understanding of democracy?

      Is Scotland in a Civil War as we speak or are there prospects of any civil war over there, given that there is a political party that is campaigning for secession?

  3. Realist

    I honestly don’t see what you are on about. You surely know Matebeleland will always be part of Zimbabwe and my suggestion is that you join forces with other progressive forces of deomcratic change to see the kind of life you want in that region. You don’t necessarily need a leader from Matebeleland to get these results. Just my littel advise which you can of course take or leave.

    1. Straight Shooter

      Mr Gumbo is telling the truth – leadership in Zim is a tribal issue. If you dont necessarily need a leader from Matebeleland; why do you necessarily need one from Shona speaking Provinces?

      Please stop justifying wrong things. Stop justifying evil!

  4. Godonga

    Is Gumbo of Ndebele ancestory? How many of the 600 000 plus people said to be living in Bulawayo are Ndebele?

    The 1979 Grand Plan has already been executed. Mugabe got the shona vote in 1980, Zapu was destroyed, gukurahundi massacred mtwakazi, ndebele pple fled to SA and Botswana, those left behind were marginalised to remote villages of Mat South and North. If you go to Bulawayo all top civil service, police and army jobs are taken by shonas; even the language in bars at night is largely shona. The Grand Plan has long succeeded.

    Wake up and smell the tribalism mnta ka Gumbo!

    Bayete Mzilikazi.

    1. Straight Shooter

      Why are you on about the Ndebele now; who is talking about the Ndebele here??

      When will Zimbabwe people get over their obsession with the Ndebele people. These people are so few in Zim and in Mthwakazi provinces themselves, I dont know why you are so obsessed with them. Mthwakazi people are not just the Ndebele – the new Constitution clearly says so. Read it!!

  5. Observer

    We finally convinced the indigenous people of Western Zimbabwe that the Ndebeles actually colonised them KKKKKkkkkkkk!!!!!

  6. max

    a very emotional but empty piece.u want to give pple facts not just claims.

    1. Straight Shooter

      Please use intelligence and justify your arguments – get over with being emotional!!

  7. Straight Shooter

    Mbonisi Gumbo, I agree with most of your observations – though I beg to differ on the solution or the way forward, as in the form of a separate state, that you propose.

    We need proper devolution of power to the provinces, Mthwakazi being one of them as we have in South Africa, to solve this demon of tribalism – not secession.

    South Africa has nine Provinces, and in each election you get one ballot paper to elect the national government and another to elect a provincial government. Each provincial government has a provincial treasury, that allocates budgets to each provincial ministry.

    Though recruitment for local government jobs considers everyone nationally, Provinces largely employ within the provinces except for very senior positions and this ensures equitable redistribution of wealth. The exception is always the private sector and this is brewing trouble as we speak, as people have a tendency to employ their own, ignoring locals.

    A good example is in South Africa’s Platinum Belt in Marikana, where virtually every mining industry employee is Xhosa, yet the mines are in the North West, a predominantly Tswana speaking province that is a thousand kilometers from the Eastern Cape, home province of the Xhosa – much like what you find at Elephant Hills in Victoria Falls. Even Ben Magara, the current CEO of Lonmin will testify to this.

    I beg to differ with those who argue that Devolution is not necessary because the country is too small and the problem is not tribalism but poor governance by ZANU PF. ZANU PF is made up of human beings; there is therefore no guarantee that Tsvangirai’s MDC-T or any other party for that matter that may take over will not be tempted to follow the ZANU PF way of poor governance and tribalism and regional imbalances in socio-economic development, given our human weaknesses of selfishness and greed.

    The governance structures or systems that we put in place are not always about convenience or budgets. Some of these systems are put in place to solve social issues and to curb human excesses – such controls being for example the guaranteeing of minority rights in national constitutions. If everything were about budgets, then we should have never renamed the country from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe because it was obviously an unnecessary expense.

    We need to trim the size of national government to just about 15-20 ministers; one deputy President and then devolve all the social ministries to the provinces and their legislatures.

    Already there are too many similarities between MDC-T and ZANU PF to ignore. It didnt take MDC-T Councillors long in Chitungwiza before they indulged in systematic looting of public funds.

    In my view, Devolution is a form of checks and balances that you need in a Constitution to control human excesses – especailly where population numbers are so heavily skewed in favour of one group at the expense of the others, as is the case in Zimbabwe. Otherwise you have a majority walking rough shod over the minority and coupled with arrogance, they will tell you they will always prevail come what may.

    Zimbabwe is a very tribalistic society – there is no doubt about that. We dont need the perpetrators to tell us tribalism doesnt exist or its poor governance by ZANU PF, not tribalism because “who feels it knows it”. It is the tree that knows the pain, NOT the axe!

    This is precisely the reason why the issue of tribalism is swept under carpets and is not for discussion in many quarters in and without Zimbabwe.

    If you have noticed, it is the perpetrators, who fight hard to get it swept under the carpet.

    They dont have a problem if the discussion is about racism – all because in the case of racism, these same pepertrators of tribalism in Zim are also victims of racism.

    So, as you can see – its all about selfish agendas – saving ones’ skin. Zim is exactly in this mess because its citizens and leadership have no consciences. No one is prepared to stand for what is right. People only fight against percieved oppression if they happen to be the victims themselves – not if others are the victims. Its a question of “I AM ALRIGHT JACK” – there is never any national unity of purpose!!

  8. Will the Doctor

    Matabeleland is correct to secede.

    Zimbabwe supported the annexation of Crimea at the UN – so the people of Matabeland can claim the same kith-and-kin arguments [used by Putin to take Crimea] given that they are essentially Zulu.

    So go ahead – leave Mashonaland. Zimbabwe is a cursed country.

    1. Straight Shooter

      Will the Doctor
      You are wrong. Matebeleland/Mthwakazi people are not essentially Zulu. Those of Zulu ancestry are a very tiny minority. Please get your facts right.

      How is a Tonga, Nambya, Khalanga, Venda, Sotho, Tswana, Shangani of Zulu ancestry? You can not justify secession on false grounds, it will not wash. Please think of some other credible reasons, otherwise keep quiet if you have none!!

  9. Godonga

    @sharp shooter! U r misfiring coz ur eye sight is blind folded by ur misplaced optimism. Every comment u read here is about tribalism. The whole country is a tribal mess.

    Mugabe named ur provinces Mashonaland, manyikaland, matebeleland just to illustrate how tribal everthing is. Zanu pf is in tribal factionalism, the MDC split on tribal lines and even the excutive is structured to reflect this tribal bias.

    Mthwakazi should be encauraged to “go back home” to Mzansi. For indeed Mzansi is like the Mecca to the children of Mzilikazi ( Mziliwegazi Khumalo). Cremia voted to join Russia, we can do the same! That is the fight we shuld fight!!

    This fantasy that Mthwakazi people will be free in Zezuruland is a mirage that wil never be realised!

    Sokwanele!!!!! Shona pple can hav their cursed land back, as for me and my Godonga clan, we hav migrating bak home.

    Oh how sweet the journey has been. Its lik retracing the giant steps of my ancestors, back to the source of my Ngunihood!! As we crossed the Limpopo, we sang ur flight song:

    Abantu balapha
    Babulala umama
    Babulala ubaba
    nam bazongibulala!!

    A sweet song of freedom!

    Bayete Mzilikazi!

    1. Straight Shooter

      You are wrong. In the first place, the Provinces Matebeleland, Mashonaland and Manicaland were not named by Mugabe. These are Colonial provincial names dating back to the Rhodesian era.

      Matebeleland’s own traditional name is Mthwakazi. I don’t know about the Shona-speaking Provinces. It is always difficult to debate such issue with people who are so totally misinformed.

      The ony Province named by Mugabe’s gukurahundi government is Masvingo which used to be called Victoria Province during the Rhodesian era, and its Capital Masvingo was called Fort Victoria.

      Given your ignorance on the above facts as I have explained, your whole argument in favour of secession falls flat because you are inherently ignorant of what you are talking about.

      Many of you people seem to imagine that the majority Mthwakazi people have South African roots – this is the mistake most Shona people make all the time, when they throw emotional tantrums telling us to go back to South Africa. This is totally false. Nguni surnames are very few in Matebeleland.

      Relocating to South Africa is your democratic choice, but leave those who want to live in Mthwakazi alone – it is also their choice.

      They are so many Shona people who are now citizens of South Africa, just as well – this has nothing to do with ancestry. Its just a choice one makes in their lives!

  10. Madlanduna

    Tribalism or no tribalism the bottom line is Zimbabwe South is under siege from Zimbabwe North , trying not hate anyone here.

  11. Mangena

    There is enough testimony to justify that tribalism exist and is in full swing in Zimbabwe.Those who are disputing this are the very people who are the main beneficiaries of the system. Go to any institution now it could be a public or a private establishment and one would be shocked about the dominance of Shonas. Even street cleaners are of Shona speaking people.ZRP, teaching,passport office just to mention but a few.Does that mean our own people in Matebeleland cannot do these odd jobs. Why importing labour into this province when we have enough manpower to execute such duties, is this not a clear form of continuously victimising the province and it’s people.Tribalism is there and most Shonas practices it as it is in their DNA.

  12. Dave

    You all continue to harp on by mentioning a democratic system etc etc etc with regards to the way forward? Are you all still adamant that the ballot box will change things in Zim? Well, you are wrong, this is 21st Century Africa where conflict is returning. Look around you, look at virtually every country in Africa, it’s involved in some sort of armed conflict…let’s start looking right on our doorstep in Mozambique and travel North and North West from there. SO, the only way to resolve the Zim scenario is via the same method. Fortunately for us it will all be over in 2 weeks with very few deaths…why, because most shona’s would either run or turn on their own brethren and join the invasion, similar to how Kabilla started in Goma. All we need to do is round up +/- 2000 politico’s and their thugs including the senior military top brass. Most will flee anyway to neighboring countries, where we can systematically hunt them down. There is a plan in waiting, those of you that know little about it, stay that way because you are obviously living on another planet!!!

  13. Gonohori Matake

    Are the ndebelez claiming to be Zimbabweans?

    Very soon some idiot from the Nyanja migrants in Hwange will claim to be Zimbabwean.

    Zimbabwe is a Shona Land. Take it or leave it, that is why you see wiser tribes like the Shangaani in Chikombedzi, Ndau in Checheche, are never worried with who is running the show in this land. Kana uri foreigner gara wakanyarara.

    1. Straight Shooter

      Gonohori Matake
      Stop being a fool man. The article does not say anything about the Ndebele – why are you picking on them?

      Again, what is Shona? gukurahundi ZANU PF is in trouble right now over Mugabe’s sucession because there is no such a thing as a “Shona”.

      I know most so-called Shona people love to pretend this is not the case as they always do with everything that has to do with tribe – we all know it is indeed the case.

      Mujuru is Zezuru, Mnangagwa is Karanga and Mugabe is Zezuru – all these groups want to rule. So what do you mean by Zimbabwe is “Shona land”?

      If you had this “Shona land” would you be having so many “Shonas” seeking citizenship in foreign lands; South Africa for that matter -of all places; a place where the people you hate so much, the Nguni viz Ndebele/Zulu/Swati/Xhosa dominate?

      How is it possible that this so-called Shona would run away from Zimbabwe, the “Shona land” right into the lands of the Ndebele ancestry, their arch enemies?

      So, please stop day dreaming and learn to live with other people peacefully. The Shona entity doesn’t exist homogenously speaking – its a creation of the Missionaries of the past; but still today its not holding, as the Mugabe succession issue shows. The Manyika have never been part of the Presidency – they also have their gripe, hence the Mutasa noise maker remains on stand by!!

      1. Gonohori Matake

        no Shona will ever dream of becoming a headman in SA or Botswana.What I want the Ndebelez to know is that they are tourist in this country and we can easily send them back if we want. They should learn to respect the owners of this land full stop.

        1. Straight Shooter

          I guess you need to “send yourself” back to Burundi first, before you think of others leaving the Southern African lands of the San/Abathwa people. I hope you learnt about FIFO at school – First-In-First-Out. Wise up sithutha segukurahundi!!



    1. Straight Shooter

      Save space and stop writing uneducated rubbish; steeped in your gukurahundi ZANU PF versions of history!!

  15. Gonohori Matake

    @Damba which guy, the writer of the article? I dont believe he goes to church like what he claims. No SDA will think like that.

    1. Straight Shooter

      What is unreligous about what Gumbo has written here?

  16. gorongoza

    I feel axactly the same for Masvingo. We are tired of zezuru rule.

  17. Godonga

    @Sharp shooter, u r suffering from foot n mouth disease. Wen Mugabe took over in 1980, he gazzeted all provincial names, old and new. Those are Mugabe s provincial names and as u acknowledge in ur flawed history, nothing culd hav stoped Mugabe from choosing names that are neutral to tribe. Today every main street in all major cities and towns including Bulawayo is named after Mugabe, as if Ndebele pple do not have heroes of their own.

    U are feeding us Shona tribalist lies that tribalism is not an issue in Zezuruland. Shona is one tribe, karanga, zezuru, korekore etc are but just dialects of one language. During the liberation struggle, Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi were the guiding ancestral spirit for all Shonas combatants coz they r one tribe.

    In 1980 Mugabe used the tribal ticket to win against Nkomo. And wen the 5th brigade terror came, Ndebele pple fled to their ancestral refuge. That is a fact!

    For ur own information, ancestral visas are not a new phenom, they hav been used by other jurisdictions in Europe and beyond. And in all cases it prevents genocide. e.g Kosovo.

    Ur understanding of the tribal politics in Zimbabwe is second to zero so much am tempted to infer u are an Uncle Tom.

    Bayete Mzilikazi.

    1. Straight Shooter

      Look here mfana wasekhaya. I grew up in Rhodesia. I went to high school in the 1970s. The Prime Minister was Ian Douglas Smith. The President at some point was Clifford Dupont. I know exactly what I am talking about.

      Mugabe merely continued with the existing Provincial names – it was not him/his giovernment that came up with those provincial names.

      As I said, the Victora Province is the only province he renamed Masvingo, together with its Capital City Fort Victoria, renamed Masvingo as well. It doesn’t help you arguing – I did not read about this from some history books as many of you do; I lived it.

      The street names were renamed by the gukurahundi government through impositions. These had been resisted for a number of years by the then PF ZAPU dominated Bulawayo City Council. It doesnt mean we the people of Bulawayo accepted them.

      I never said there is no tribalism in gukurahundi Zimbabwe. I am only differing with you over the way forward. As I Said, it is your democratic right or choice to relocate to South Africa. Likewise it is also my democratic right to remain a staunch Mthwakazi.

      I personally hate the name “Zimbabwe” – but for the time being, this is the current reality. I much rather regard myself as “Rhodesian” NOT “Zimbabwean”, because the very name “Zimbabwe” reminds me of nothing but Shona tribalism – which they justify everyday on the basis of their numbers.

      By the way, I am based in South Africa.

  18. JOC

    If we remain so focused on tribalism and hating someone because they are from another tribe we, as a country, will never go forward. We need to celebrate our diversity and embrace each others differences. If someone else is different because of their tribe or race it should not mean that we should immediately default to hate mode ! If our world is only based on our own tiny little tribe we will remain exactly that – little. Think big , think diverse, love not hate ! Love diversity and the people we have been put on earth with!

    1. Straight Shooter

      How is that possible if the majority still suffer from the 1800s tribal hangovers?

  19. Godonga

    Nonsense, there is no diversity in hunger and marginalisation. Bulawayo, the economic hub and capital of the Ndebele was strangled by the shona gvt, starved of capital investment and non existent infrastructure grants. They even frustrated the MZWT to dry up ndebele pple from the only viable source of water, Zambezi River.

    You can not celebrate diversity wen ur history and heroes are killed (Lookout Masuku); villages burnt down (Gukurahundi); ur Capital city is deliberately destroyed ( Bulawayo) and ur people neglected and excluded from developmental projects!( Mat Noth n South)!

    This Monomutapa fantasy will crumble!

    Bayete Mzilikazi!

    1. Straight Shooter

      You call mine a problem; yours is a calamity!!!

  20. kanengoni

    gentlemen if you know where you came from then go back there.go back to your roots dont come here and tell us what to do.those who speak of ndebeles must understand that its a collective of peoples from different tribes not that i care but the most important is that devisive language is not helpful and this utopia belongs in books read out to children as lullabys of hate but not as a reference point of education.sharpen the mind do not blunt the spirit by spewing 2cent historys.history is written by the conquers and you will die a conquered person if you still apply your vala ngebhetshu ideas,we all know how that ended.chaminuka told those before you that you will never rule this doesnt matter by what spirits or gods you will bulawayo prosper with such a cursed name and where everyone wants to go out to egoli.and where people like you are just people fading out of time and history with your excuses .no one will remember you you are irrelevant in the archives of any history we are tired of old people dividing us lilobandlululo lenzondo buyela kini ingathi uyakwazi.


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