MDC rebels “suspend” Tsvangirai, top members

via MDC rebels “suspend” Tsvangirai, top members | The Zimbabwean 26.04.14 by Tawanda Majoni

MDC pro-reform rebels met today and announced the “immediate suspension” of party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, and several other senior party members.

Tendai Biti, the MDC Secretary General, attended the Harare meeting that was chaired by Samuel Sipepa Nkomo.

Elton Mangoma, whom the Tsvangirai faction recently fired for calling on Tsvangirai to step down, youth leader Solomon Madzore and provincials party representatives were also present

Jacob Mafume, the spokesperson of the rebels, told The Zimbabwean that Tsvangirai, his deputy Thokozani Khupe, Abednico Bhebhe, Morgan Komichi (Deputy Chair), Douglas Mwonzora (Secretary for Information) and Nelson Chamisa (Organising Secretary) had been suspended by a “full quorum of the National Executive Council”.

“They were found guilty of political violence, undermining the values of the party and unconstitutional decisions,” said Mafume.

He said those that constituted the meeting voted by secret ballot, adding that all suspensions or expulsions of party members that had been made by the Tsvangirai group are null and void and must therefore be reversed.

The MDC leadership has been involved in intense turf battles from the beginning of the year.

The pro-change team that is apparently led by Biti wants Tsvangirai to go, accusing him of failing to steer the party to victory against Zanu (PF) in successive elections since 2000, in addition to undermining the MDC founding values of democracy, tolerance, peace and constitutionalism.

Recently, Tsvangirai claimed the internal differences had been resolved.

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119 comments on “MDC rebels “suspend” Tsvangirai, top members
  1. muchadura says:

    Zvimbasungata zvatanga mangoma go

  2. roving ambassador. says:

    I hope they succeed in getting rid of the Tsvangirai rubbish. This would be a step forward in the maturity of Zimbabwean politics.
    I am glade they have an interim leadership. The next step would be to bring in all democrats , civic groups ,church, diaspora, business and chiefs under the umbrella.
    This will give Zanu food for thought. Not that they care.
    Dear Lord ,can my wish be coming true?.
    ZANU IS BEYOND REDEMPTION. They are thieves and murderers. Lets unite and kick them out.

    • noleen says:

      Unfortunately your rebels ain’t connected with the grassroots. Their only best bet if they want to remain in politics is to join ZANU!

    • Sonofngwazi says:


    • Loveness says:

      Guys life is tough.i think some pple are enjoying.Anyone who takes this renewal team seriously is enjoying.please people of Zimbabwe for how long do you want us to suffer .bribe money will never get you anywhere.we are educated and we want good paying jobs not work permits to go to zenophobia country.very soon we will be like DRC.

  3. changes says:

    power hungry thugs….musatambe ne vanhu muchidai…

  4. Thembie says:

    An opposition party or faction supported by gvt!

  5. makotsi says:

    This was coming. You can not expect a coalition premised on achieving a foreign agenda to remain intact. Atleast Tsvangirai can apply and possibly secure the hangman!s job. Chamisa and company are likely to find the developments bitter to swallow as the posts they held were their means of survival.

  6. MikeH says:

    Keep fighting amongst yourselves MDC and Zimbabwe will go nowhere, there will be no change for the better, you will not get rid of zanupf. GROW UP !!!

    • vovonde says:

      Well said. Conflict is inevitable in group dynamics should not be considered as the end. Mature ppl nust be jidged by how they manage conflict rather than succimd to

      • vovonde says:

        rather than succumb to zanu divide and rule tactics.
        There is still time to sit down and reconsider constructive strategies to salvage the people’s movement. This movement belongs to no one individual but to all Zimbabweans who have sacrificed life and limbs. Why would anyone in their sane mind like to carry on and leave the situation to deteriorate. Just zanu, you are all behaving like dictators , not wanting to sit together and resolve your differences in privacy away from the media.
        Instead you are doing us a untold harm. I urge you all in the leadership to forget your differences, sit and start counting your losses (and those of us true Zimbabweans) and mitigate the damage before while you still relevant in our eyes.
        Not even one of you is greater than the movement.

  7. Zindoga says:

    Hw can fired people fire Tsvangirai ?these people are no longer Mdc people they areDesperate, already drowning Mdc is looking for funds to hold a Congress why cant they face him if they are brave enough to rule a country.this is a circus, who wl support such stupid people ?may b the diaspora which doesnt knw what people inside Zim wants.Zim people doesnt support these Guys,They are even afraid of forming their own party. Its aZpf project us in Zim we dont support them,They cant even name an interim Leader.

    • noleen says:

      Who in diaspora can support zvimbwasukata zvez ZANU. Didn’t you notice the friendship of Biti and Gono when they used to steal money together. Isn’t it that Mugabe himself attacked MDC for suspending his agent Mangoma. Haana kuziva kuti afushunura urongwa hwavo. Shame on the rebels who are conniving with ZANU – if they are official, why didn’t they meet at Harvest House? Shame on Biti for betraying the cause nekuda chigaro!

      • Zimguard80 says:

        They are even spineless to stand up and be counted. If they think they have an upper hand why can’t they form a party and see how popular they are, instead of being cowards and pedlars of confusion. The political lives have hit a dead end due to miscalculations. It was time the baggage became known so as to filter them and move on. Shame on the rebels!!!

    • munzwa says:

      The way i see it is that Morgan is purging the party to regain his position , Biti is opening up
      the party to leadership debate culminating in their congress… democracy….

  8. Little Dorrit says:

    Bennett Kay and Cross – Pse form a party now

  9. noleen says:

    Thought Siyapapa Nkomo was a church elder, how come he was attending a political meeting on Sabbath? Shame on you Nkomo its not time to be fooled by the devil. Please go back to your religious roots.

  10. jobolinko says:

    no reforms were done during the inclusive government is it tsvangirai s fault ,zimbabwe is being ruled by the military and the cio who does nt know it, tsvangirai must shoulder everything wrong from the opposition alone how ,what was the renewal team doing during the gnu IDIOTS.

    • Zimguard80 says:

      It’s now an open secret! Biti was a mole. He served ZANU very well and must’ve been rewarded handsomely. Biti you’ll regret the sweetness of honey laced with poison. Good luck mutengesi mukuru!!!

  11. jobolinko says:

    Rooving embassador what do you mean a step foward ,this is three steps backwards

    • roving ambassador. says:

      15 years my brother and we are still singing the same verse. The party says CHINJA, and still it doest not. A progressive society realises it has to renew its leadership for it to keep up with the times. Look at Zanu with its fossils , its taking the country back to the 50s.

      The foundation to dislodge Zanu is not ready yet. We still ned a coalition of Democrats, patriots, nation builders.
      We should not be content with sloganeering buffoons like Mugabe. We have learnt our mistake and this should never be repeated again.
      I was never interested in politics ,but look what happens, we get fools to run the country .
      We cannot have a compromised leadership which is an extension of Zanu .NO NO,NO, NEVER. If this new set has holes in it ,we will expose it just as we are exposing Zanu. There is not sacred cow and there should not be.
      We need to clean up our houses first and then get rid of Zanu. The opposition must be credible.
      This is Zimbabwe, our children’s inheritance we are dealing with .Not mahubwe, but Zimbabwe. Get serious people. Emotions aside. Zimbabwe pamper.
      Get the get rich quick from politics mentality out of our heads.Is it of any use driving an expensive car from tax payer money when your next door neighbour is starving. Tokwe Mkosi comes to mind. does any of our politicians care. Bob has flown off to Rome on our money just to be ignored by the rich and famous. Is that what we want in leadership. NO, NO, NO. No more loose morals, uncaring ,looting ,violent and murderous leadership.

      Those with ears shall hear and those with eyes shall see.
      Down with the treasonous malcontents.
      Down with the fossils in Zanu.
      Down with all the undemocratic forces.
      Down with false prophets misleading the people.
      Can all the democrats come out and stand firm and united.
      I feel better today.

  12. John Thomas says:

    If this sticks then it is truly positive. MDC will have shown it is not like ZANU. They can dump a leader who is a liability. I feel better already.

    An effective MDC team will make mince meat of ZANU.

    Without Tsvangirai the opposition will have a chance to unit. Tsvangirai can join ZANU which practices his kind of politics. After all this where his roots are.

  13. Ngoto Zimbwa says:

    Here we go again.
    First, the Ncubes got bought.
    Now Biti of all people?!!

    We are all agreed that ZANU has stolen all elections since 2000.
    How then therefore can we accuse Tsvangson of having failed to deliver?
    Unless we are indulging in some crazy logic.
    Man might have his foibles but he has got the country’s interests at heart.
    A united opposition is the only way we are going to turf these hapless ZANU idiots out.
    The whole stupid SADC region is against Tsvangirai, which in itself speaks volumes.

    ZANU is a nasty machine and if these rebels succeed in even swaying some of our suffering fellow zimbos, then we are in for a prolonged zanu tenure-ship.
    Which frankly, is worse than a nightmare.

    Bob has actually said he backs these guys!!
    How can any sane zimbo even begin to think of backing them?

    • Zimguard80 says:

      Taura hako Ngoto! Who must we trust when the likes of Biti turnout to be moles??? Why don’t they just form a party and move on??? It’s all simple, they want to cause confusion holding on to an organisation they know they don’t belong to anymore. Form a new party and compete for space and that way people choose who they believe in. Not this cowardice of the worst order!!!

    • makotsi says:

      You can not sustain a fight premised on a faulty platform. Tsvangirai is not the script writer, he is just but a player. The script writers are now changing players in their script play, unfortunately for the audience, you do not have control over the play. MDC is not a Zimbabwean project in spite of having many Zimbabwean role players. The masters have decided to eliminate the character of Tsvangirai, tough lucky Samaita not Save for Save is your mother’s totem.

  14. tophaevy says:

    This is what happens when dictatorship arises. Personalisation of a peoples project always creates problems in the long run and here is a classic example. And iwe Biti kurumidza kuenda pa mapiritsi very fast, otherwise vamwe vanozotonga watofa, Ok.

  15. Isu Zvedu says:

    I have questions. I need answers from Biti, in particular or Mangoma,or even those supporting this outcome.

    1. Why can you not fire yourself Biti now that you are Gono’s lawyer? How do you expect me to support you considering the all known economic plunder that Gono did during his tenure as Mugabe’s private banker?
    2. We saw your video of claims that Zanu PF was bussing people from place to place during elections, was it fake? Was all this Tsvangirayi’s fault?
    3. What would you do differently now, now that Tsvangirayi is no longer your leader? I want serious discussion and if you need my support(and I am many), you should explain.
    4. Mangoma, now that your enemy number one is off your way, what negotiations will you now engage with Zanu PF now that your GNU stupidity is on record and you got nothing of substance?

    Please reply through pseudonyms if you like.

  16. Zindoga says:

    @john Thomas -you are happy thatTsvangirai has been ousted by Clowns becauise you dont know zim Politics.Why do i say Clowns?? Its because 17members of the 176 members which form the NEC were present and the remainder were bogus members.who is playing with peoples minds?? It ws better if they had said they were forming a new Party.These degreed guys are a problem in Politics ,they will never succeed in ousting Tsvangirai only Chamisa knows hw to go about it hate him or what but he knows hw to get there

    • John Thomas says:

      Respectfully Sir, Tsvangirai has had his chance. He has spent his political capital. He cannot do what needs to be done.

  17. I have always thought through anything I wanted to do. I sit down and ask myself questions.I, like a lot of people think that the MDC’s leadership erred. To err is human. We have heard that phrase before. Roving my brother, what we do here is debate and you know I respect you guys. Ask yourself when Bitu said GIDEON GONO CARES FOR HIS COUNTRY…..I am not going to finish the sentence. He is also Gideon s lawyer.Conflict of interests? Yes. Morgan on the other hand is also guilty. Of what? Having limited education compared to Biti. He fought in the trenches and we were his education. He was educated in trying to fight for the POVO. MAYBE HE HAS STRAYED.We workers put him there. Not some Lawyer.We are no longer workers. Must we now look to the lawyers? The educated politicians who con us at every step? Morgan is not perfect. In fact he is not even a good politician. We put him there and we have to turn him into the politician he can be. If not we must look for an alternative. Not Tendai or Magoma. Winston Churchill said “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

    • roving ambassador. says:

      The MDC must reinvent its self to be relevant. I am not saying Biti or Mangoma must lead. I am actually happy that Sekai is the interim chief. What I am advocating for is abroad coalition of Democrats. The umbrella must broaden ,business ,churches, unions, civic groups,diaspora and chiefs, then leadership will come out. Credible leadership, not dead men walking as in Zanu. People have lost hope and Tsvangirai has made a fool of himself.
      lest we forget ,Mangoma was the only one whose ministry informed us of the Zanu crooks who owed Zesa and still haven’t payed the millions. Most of these chaps were costing up to Zanu ,forgetting who was the enemy. The chief culprit being Tsvangirai himself. Having teas with the devil and telling us the devil was ready to hand over power.
      That is unforgivable.

      • roving ambassador. I hear you brother. My problem is that I still don’t trust Professor Moyo who has also “exposed” a few corrupt practices.

        • roving ambassador. says:

          good point, I don’t either .
          I needed to point this out, Its not about Education, its about wisdom.
          Most of us could not go further in school because the parents could not afford it.
          Like somebody put it. ‘Educated Zimbabweans are more academic than practical’. I know we should not generalise ,but you get my drift.

        • Sonofngwazi says:


    • John Thomas says:

      Churchill had a lot of failures

  18. NBS Join me and others in the prayer for wisdom because now we need direct intervention in our way of thought or else we will end up on different pages. Reverend pray with us my brother.

    • NBS says:

      I am with you Doc do little. We need God’s wisdom and discernment badly. We will stand together on this and pray. All opposition need God’s discernment to know who is and who isn’t a CIO mole. Please, please Zimbabwean opposition. We do not want any o you to follow the son of perdition and sell your soul and Zimbabwe’s for 30 pieces of silver.

  19. Pulsey says:

    I commented sometime ago asking the rational of such overnight politicians such as Biti having been lifted from the dust by Tsvangirai when in 2000 people voted him into office without knowing them except Tsvangirai. If education can not open our eyes and see that without Tsvangirai he is nothing ask Ncube will tell you what it means. You can have money but you have no people. Thus why just after election you rushed to open your Law firm. Giving up so easily . Do you think that the people in Zanu pf want Mugabe no they know that without it there are nothing.

  20. Small axe says:

    Doctor do little, I have read your comments and I am an admirer. I am going to give you the same advice you gave us. Do little once said “some times we have to let the cards fall where they may” Nelson Mandela said ““I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. But I can only rest for a moment, for with freedom come responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not ended.”

    • Small Axe, thank you. That bit has lifted a spirit that was falling.

      • roving ambassador. says:

        Doc , its healthy to debate, There could be things I miss out and you have every right to point out. I say my piece as well and try to convince. It does not necessarily mean I am right .
        The main target is a better Zimbabwe for all of us, and I take pride in the fact that we have one target, How to get there will always be a problem.
        Peace be with you.

  21. Ngoto Zimbwa says:

    All goes to cement what I have said about the Doc.
    I am only a newbie here by the way, if that needed mentioning.

    A walk to freedom is, indeed, a long one.

  22. That is the reason why I hold you guys in high respect. What you have said fits into a jigsaw puzzle. There is no way that we can see the picture without looking at different angles. Even the “Apolitical s” (you know who I speak about) of this forum contribute positively by being different though misguided.

  23. I don’t comment much these days because I enjoy reading the contributions that appear on the website. I have been through and seen the worst of the worst. If you have been following this website you will know some stories about what happened to us during the Gugurahundi era. I have followed the mood on this website and I have seen people, black ,white, Shona and Ndebele come to some sort of consensus. My eyes have been opened. This right here is the beginning of freedom. All because of Barbara Goss.

  24. supermondo says:

    If you shoot yourself in the foot don’t blame the gun.

  25. thembani says:

    One hundred percent behind the Renewal team and I am an MDC supporter. The sale out is TSvangirai, he is not supposed to be the leader now.He Tsvangirai should have left a term before the one.Tsvangirai skinks of betrayal.Khuphe and others are election features, that are noticeable during election time.Have you heard Khuphe saying anything besides sucking up to the Dickhead Tsvangirai.Tsvangirai’s reluctance to leave has created all this mess.I urge Biti and others to keep up the good work.

  26. Sensidog says:

    Roving ambassador for president

  27. pati says:

    What is lost to many is that Tsvangirai has been given the space to prove himself and he has. Everyone of us has an opinion on what he has proved. A very audacious individual? Yes, but that audacity has waned and failure has taken root. At one point he sought refuge at the Belgian embassy. Well he had his reasons to do so, maybe legitimate reasons for his personal well being, but did it augur well?

    Tsvangirai set a very high bar for himself, fearless and many expected him to continue to so. In fact that is what great leaders are made of, unrelenting personality, but poor Tsvagirai all that squandered that capital because along the way he became weak. He could not risk a beating at the hands of the police again or imprisonment or some indignity that many international leaders go through until they realize what they are fighting for,
    the Mandelas of this world and the pre 1970 Mugabes.

    Leaders have to be prepared to die for their cause and some do, the Chitepos the Ziyapapa Moyos and many others. Biti et al you are on notice.

    Good leaders who survive their ordeal never take the people they claim to free hostage on account of their suffering. Mandela shines on this note Mugabe fails, dismally and I am afraid Tsvangirai has that propensity. Here is why I think so. What grounds does Tsvangirai continue to base his leadership on? He has failed to do the job and he continues to blame Mugabe for his failures. Well Mr. Tsvangirai a leopard has spots and it hunts.

    Loyalty is a great thing, but the benefactors of that loyalty must always ask what they are loyal to. Imagine if Chihuri, Chiwenga, Mnagagwa and all Mugabe’s boot lickers had severed their loyalty with corruption, incompetence and oppression which is Mugabe, would ordinary Zimbabweans have treated them as traitors? Tsvangirai is incompetent and he has proved it. He has dictatorial tendencies, Mangoma and Ncube are exhibits A and B of his ego. The opposition to Mugabe’s rule was not built by Tsvangirai, but by Mugabe’s poor governance. Unfortunately, Tsvangirai deludes himself into thinking that he did. He may have formed a party, but the majority of people voted against Mugabe rather than for Tsvangirai. Any leader especially a good one will benefit tremendously from the apparent opposition to ZANU. What MDC lacks is competent leadership.

    • John Thomas says:

      Thank you

    • roving ambassador. says:

      Well said.

    • Mason says:

      U have the facts but u try hard to make them mean what yo emotions are. If today over 2milion mdc t supporters ar asked to chuz a mdc leader among Morgan and any one of the ‘rebels’ whom do u think wuld win? Morgan has galloped to every Zim kona and hole during the birth of mdc and continued to do so when such bravery sure meant hy lyf risk. Now he has changed zim opozition politiks frm death to democrasy and yo rebels ar busking in that safety; Morgan sudenly becomz a sell-out becoz the safe politiks he has worked hard to achiev has becom lucrativ biznes to yo rebels. Com on! Com to yo senses this once. Do yo rebels want to bring change to Zim or they ar trying their luck with politiks? If u beliv pipol didn’t giv Morgan their vote but simply expresed their deslyk fo zanu, do u stil beliv they could ofer any one that same vote? Think about Mutambara and Ncube. I personaly do not have a vote to waste on chancers.

  28. mpeiwa says:

    People should know that no one is bigger than the party, whilst I don’t agree with separation, but I feel Tsvangirai was taking the party as his personal business. He took advantage of the suffering workers, but he have know that MDC is a party. A party to me is where different people meet with an objective, one doesn’t have to treat a party as a sole trader business whereby u think what to buy and what not. A party is a place where different people with different views gather, though with a leader, but that leader need to take advises. MDC was formed way before 1999, I can say mid 1980s but it was operating undercover whilst they were looking for a leader, hence all fingers pointed Tsvangirai because of the influential position he had. I know more people wont buy my argument but that’s the truth. Prior then it was called Iqaba zabasebenzi, meaning labour party, because it was supposed to be a worker’s movement. Let me go into details but that’s how MDC was formed.Tsvangirai was chosen to lead the party but all the same he then forgot the hand which feed him. The Tsvangirai of yesteryear is different from Tsvangirai of today why because he is now comfortable. People like Biti knows the truth, students during the time of Biti was the affliate of the of the original Iqaba zavasebenzi.

  29. Chaka says:

    Might be a blessing in disguise. Maybe yes Tswangirai must go but what’s this popularity rebels with Gono and Zpf. Fellow Zims, look before u leap.

  30. Dzatsva says:

    Biti and company good lucky you need it most.Politics!!!!!!!!!!You played it well when you rallied behind Morgan to form thie MDC,but you have all lost it i think on the methord of termination.You dont seem well,hope you find a very strong brand for people to support you.For now its unfortunate you will find any buyers for Mangoma,Bititi brands.We await and see.

  31. Moderate says:

    This is immaturity displayed by those who should be mature. A wrong and a wrong will never make a right. This is 10 steps backwards. To win elections guys one needs numbers and Tsvangson has got them even though he displays a lot of imperfections. These guys are blaming him for their loss this is not right, i think they were together in the trenches. Inonzi long walk to freedom zvesure, Zanu is already strategising for 2018 with Nikuv and we are busy fighting amongst ourselves. Gentleman and ladies these guys need to go door to door telling people to register to vote now not to always cry during the voting period. Numbers count. Pakangopera mavote i never heard any politician campaigning for people to register to vote, thats a glaring weakness. Persuade the youths to register and Nikuv will have a head ache to manipulate the roll. Let anyone who want to be a leader, go to the trenches, I like Job Sikala he is practical not academic. These are the type of people who make thinga happen and that is being a leader. The renewal team despite Tsvangson’s weaknesses my opinion is they have just dug their political graves, i might he wrong. This is not student politics.

  32. kelly says:

    It was only a matter of time. Tsvangirai has failed the party. He relaxed far too much during GNU and spent more time running around with women and embarrassing the party. To make it worse he agreed to the conduction of elections knowing well that the democratic reforms were not in place and what upsets me most is that he fared sumptuously as a PM in mansions and left fellow MDC members in jail even during elections. Did he even think Zanu would offer him a post???
    I don’t support Biti and his clowns either I think its time for a brand new party!!!!

  33. zizi rinenyanga says:

    If you are a party leader and you fail to win the election three tyms then the writing is on the wall, you can rightly blame Mugabe for rigging but that does not desolve Tsvangirai off his own failure, becouse as the leader of the party the buck stops with him. If Zanu can always out maneuver him stratagewise then its only logical to give someone else a try for the good of the party and the country..MDC should not be confused with Tsvangirai. Yess he formed it but its a political party not a private company it’s bigger than one man.

  34. Patriot says:

    Vazobuda vega pachena vanhu vakadyisa mudhara Tsvangson vachitamba bhora musango. Good riddance of the political dealers, the pure Mdc now remains. Tsvangson and the nation at large will have more to gain from the purification /detoxification of Tsvangson’s Mdc.

  35. Patriot says:

    More rebels! Unbelievable successive good luck for Tsvangirai. Successive necessary purifications of his party will now leave him with the much awaited purest end product. Makorokoto!

  36. Isu Zvedu says:

    We are made to believe NOW that Tsvangirai failed. As if all the millions who have been voting for him are one person. We are made to believe that all the ills if MDC are because of MT. Nhai? And I ask, who among these thieves is going to lead a credible opposition? It surely will not be the Bitis and Mangomas, hell no! If anything, these are the very people who negotiated on behalf of MT and MDC for a stupid GNU coming home empty handed. They should have resigned as soon as they saw that no reform was forthcoming. They did not. Instead we saw Biti working like a zanoid as Finance Minister, as if Mugabe was never to remove him from that post. Then we saw Biti becoming the lawyer to the man he accused of economic sabotage all these years of madness.

    We can agree that MT’s time might be up, not for the reasons people are making up. And yes congress could have well achieved the intended outcome had these clowns been having any idea of political maturity. If they so wished to hasten this eventuality, why did they not call for an early MDC congress, demand it as a matter of urgency and then vie for positions of leadership? Why? To expect such fools to lead us is naivety of the highest order. Mugabe has every reason to smile now.

    Far from fighting enemy number one, the Bitis are falling on each other to be in Gono’s government! Do these people know that they represented the Mabikas, the Ndiras, the Janis who died fighting? Guys politics is not dirty. The clowns claiming to be politicians are filthy dirty – with a dirty heart.

  37. truth says:

    Tsvangirai s the best person to give comment on this development.its a sad moment n his political carrier.good luck

  38. Muti says:

    A lesson for Tsvangirai how comes you surrounded yourself with ZANU PF guys. You went to an extent of ignoring your labour colleagues, including refusing to meet the ZCTU claiming to be busy. I wonder if the mdc is still labour backed because of the disconnect.however for the rebels bye bye you are now history the mdc and Tsvangirai is a people project you cant break it. Lets meet paground floor.

  39. pati says:

    Once again, good leadership does not reside within members of MDC alone or without them. It stands on its own. Whoever is a good leader will prove himself because the platform is there. Zimbabwe needs one pronto. That there is a lot of name calling by the people who support or not one camp of the MDC against the other is a sorry development, which will not only damage the grassroots opposition that has been in existence before Tsvangirai, but will also give ZANU PF more time to loot. From both supporters and distractors of Tsvangirai, what is clear to me is the consensus that Tsvangirai failed to deliver, even though the supporters are not enthusiastic about it. The fact is he failed as a leader and there is no need for us, the very people who are suffering from a continued ZANU PF government, to be at each others throats. A good leader will prove himself. What we need to do is see facts as they are irrespective of our choices of the dog in the hunt or none at all. Among us there is one or more who can lead us only if he or she has Tsvangirai’s balls and a good head above his/her shoulders. There is and I have no doubt about it, but its not Tsvangirai for now.

  40. Africa Power says:

    These are power hungry pple they press wrong button, i agree that they shld do that for legetimacy in politics bt they were supposed to call for alie congress. Tsvangson hve done his job for change in Zimbabwe bt its time for him to gave it to others. So that Zanu pf we learn a lesson from them. Bt l cn’t agree with u guys that Tsvangirai failed to make it for three elections al where rigged. Why coz they didn’t gve them voter’s roll bfore elections and now zec failed to submit voters roll in courts , they keep telling us lies abt it. So lets wait and see , bt the truth will sat us fre one day.

  41. NBS says:

    For me as a Zimbabwean who loves this nation; this hurts. All this stuff in all the opposition parties hurt. It hurts the people of this nation. In retrospect that GNU was a very destructive thing for the MDC T. They should have just stayed in the trenches the people. You all need to get on your knees, repent to God and to the people and cry out for God’s wisdom. May the Lord raise up His own man to lead Zimbabwe. Please Lord. in Your great mercy!

  42. thembani says:

    He did lose 3 times.Youcan argue that there was rigging and intimidation, but the thing is Tsvangirai has failed. We need fresh brains at the top.Tsvangirai did a good job and ended being Mugabe’s punching bag.

    • obasanjo hre says:

      guyz withot tsvangirai anabiti,mangoma and the whole crew hapana hapana.they will one day come back one by t worry tsvangison.havana support wapfanha awa kani.

  43. The debate here has hotted up and a lot of the comments make for good reading and what we do here is good. What I can never understand is why wont Biti and co just move on and form their own party? They are well know Politicians and surely if the MDC is as financially challenged as we have heard surely starting their own Party would be an option. I do agree with the fact that the MDC leadership has strayed and needed to rejuvenate itself, but MT is the one Politician that has been a thorn in Mugabe’s side. What I see is that somewhere along the line there are those that want MT out of the equation all together. Who would benefit then. RG hates the fact that he was beaten before by this “uneducated” man and if MT were to be destroyed he would celebrate. So then why is it so important that the so called rebels suspend their leader and the top party members. A coup? A Zanu pf plot? Something is not right here and if people don’t step carefully we are going to be involved in one of the biggest cons of our history. Biti is not behaving normally at all.

  44. Africanson says:

    Opposition is not Morgan in so much as Zimbabwe is no Mugabe. No one is special Zimbabwe is. I feel good because Morgan took the most cruel route of campaigning for the decline of our economy instead of campaigning against zanu. He cant tell the difference between zanu and Zimbabwe.

  45. Africanson that might be so but this for me is not about Morgan or any one individual. If he has become so irrelevant then why don’t they leave him with his irrelevance and form their own Party? After all if he no longer commands the support he used to then no one will vote for him. The people will then vote for Biti, Mangoma and Robert Mugabe. Let the peoples vote be the decider. Who are they to decide who is on the bus or not. You could maybe ask the same thing about him. As elected Party leaders Those that expelled Mangoma had a right to because their mandate also covers the disciplinary aspects in the Party.

    • roving ambassador. says:

      The greatest conman ever in the history of Zimbabwe is R G Mugabe. I admit ,I only voted in 1980and 1985 under duress. The writing was on the wall for me then.
      For some of us it takes longer to realise we are being taken for a ride. in every society there is those of us who are vulnerable . the malicious politicians are aware of this and quickly take advantage of the mentally challenged. These people are coerced and cajoled into supporting the Dear leader. And they will support till kingdom come. Some are given token positions,Chinos come to
      It is the role of the able in society to look after the vulnerable ,inform and educate. Negate the forces of evil.
      I have gained a lot being on this forum . Thank you Zimbabweans.
      Lets carry on with the struggle.

  46. roving ambassador. says:

    The South Korean Prime Minister has just resigned because of the ferry disaster.
    This raises a lot of questions about the maturity of our politics. the issue is how he handled the rescue process .
    Remember this PM was not the pilot, cannot control the seas but he accepts the buck stops by him.
    Think of Mugabe and Tsvangirai.

  47. @roving ambassador unfortunately we have not reached that level yet. Can you imagine if they both resigned what a lift the country would get? South Africa for all it’s problems fairs better if we go back to the Mbeki resignation. I just hope for their sake they don’t ever have a “I AM NO LEAVING” situation.

    • roving ambassador. says:

      The world is getting smaller. If we cannot aspire to these great heights then we are doomed as a people. The korean war was fought in the 50s. Compared to Zim ours was a picnic. The country was so poor people moved to Japan, where even up to now they do not have citizenship.
      The point I am trying to bring across is , we all are buying Samsung. Thats a sing of great leadership. Continually changing with the times. Relevant and putting the nation first.

  48. Leave Tsvangirai with his party and form your own you bloody agents.

  49. kagamba says:


  50. Chaporonga says:

    We are in interesting times Zimbabwe. The way I see it, there is also a pro- change faction in ZPF and together with the Biti group, will join hands and form a Party towards 2018. In ZPF, the team I think is headed by Gono. And people still wonder why Biti is now Gono’s lawyer! I for one like that combination. Discard the deadwood in both parties. The Highest Ornamental will definately not contest in 2018. See!!!

    • John Thomas says:

      Every part of ZANU must be disposed of. There are no moderates in ZANU. There have been no voices in ZANU raised against the destruction that has been done. There is nothing good to be salvaged. Gono is an out and out thief. It was he that designed and benefitted from the money burning schemes that destroyed our currency. What is the source of his wealth? ZANU is beyond redemption and must be put in the garbage where they will be at home.

  51. Chaporonga says:

    Ndati Biti naGono ndivo vachaita maleaders eZPF neMDC. Then they will join hands towards 2018 vokwikwidza nemaraff raff anenge asara kumaparty avo akare. Saka munoti Biti angaitirei lawyer raGono, nyange imi muchifungawo. We are in interesting times zvenyu. And it seems the Highest Ornamental loves these two, I mean Biti and Gono!!!!

  52. Madlanduna says:

    Please can I ask the leader of MDC M T, what is there in that name MDC that we do not know, everybody wants associate with it, they do not want to form their parties, the thing there is know unity in Zimbabwe and never will be any

  53. Michael Saruchera says:

    Vatengesi tavaona Biti, Mangoma and John Nkomo’s brother Samuel Sipepa Nkomo.These people are not aware of the fact that no-one knows them we were supporting them because they were MDC-T leaders.They can ask Welshman Ncube if they have forgotten. These people have expelled themselves from the party.

  54. zizi rinenyanga says:

    The idea that if you are not happy with the leadership in yo party you should form yo own is counter productive because thats tantamount to handing Victory to Zanu, reason being MDC and the newly formed party will end splitting and sharing their supporters while Zanu mantain theirs.

  55. Rwendo says:

    An intensive debate, as well there should be.

    There are two separate issues and as usual in Zimbabwe, we need to keep focused. For example – the land issue was a lingering, unresolved question. However that did not justify Mugabe and ZANU PF abusing and exploiting it for their own ends.

    Likewise, there has been in the last 5 years at least, poor leadership at the helm of the MDC. Golden opportunities were missed in 2008 and 2013; poor decisions were taken that led to MDC participation in a third, rigged election in a row. We have to learn in Africa to hold our leaders accountable and avoid personality cults.

    On the other hand, there are many questions to be asked about people like Biti, as one example – his comments about Mugabe’s “wise” leadership, his disturbing association with Gono etc.

    These two issues MUST be kept apart. If Biti is now a ZANU PF mole, that does not take away from the need for new leadership.

    The best to be hoped for is a new coalition, and a new leadership capable of building upon the good work Tsvangirai’s team did a decade ago before they faltered and got diverted. What must be guarded against is opportunists and/or ZANU PF moles taking advantage of a genuine need for leadership renewal, or just as bad, a reactionary backlash, that ends up with the holding on to a cult leader and his past glories out of fear or uncertainty about life without him (like has happened with ZANU PF and Mugabe’s supporters).

    In the days to come, we shall be seeing to what extent opposition forces have matured beyond the politics of the 90s and the last decade.

  56. @zizi rinenyanga lets just say for argument sake the entire Zanu leadership resigned and new people that had good policies came in and were liked by their constituents I would have no problem voting for Zanu. My point is this. A Political party is not like a foot ball team. If you support Highlanders or Dynamos it does not matter what they do you support them. They don’t have to campaign. So yes if you don’t like a Party leadership or it’s policies you have to the choice Join another or form a new party. You don’t make your own meetings and suspend your leader behind his back. This will ultimately cause another MDC faction and Zanu will rub their hands in glee.

  57. John Thomas says:

    Tsvangirai is the main reason the opposition has not been able to unite. It him who has promoted factionalism. It is his leadership failures that cause the big split. Tsvangirai has confused himself with the MDC. It is not his private possession. With him gone a united opposition might be possible. The statesmanlike option now is for him to go with grace. If he tries to resist he will further weaken the MDC. Let us see if he can put the interests of the country first for once.

  58. I don’t think Biti and Mangoma would strengthen the MDC. As I said JT political Partys cannot be likened to football teams. We have Zunde that is trying to come into play. They will get their support from those that don’t like Zanu and the MDC. Same goes for Biti and co. If there are those that support them they will support them no matter what thier Party is called. Many people have said we need new players on the Political scene. This is their chance to be new players. What is so important about doing what they are doing other than to destroy the MDC. You don’t see a wolf and a sheep operating together. The wolf and the sheep being Gono and Biti.

    • Mapingu says:

      @Dr do little: I think u need to ‘do little’ more thinking. U seem to take MDC_T as someone’s personal private property of some sort, wherein anyone, except the property owner, may be labeled a trespasser & asked (or forced) to vacate by the owner’s property. Unfortunately, this happens to be very far from truth.

      MDC was formed by people from all walks of life for the people. At no point was the organization ever sold or freely surrendered to a particular individual by the people – who happen the true owners of the organization. What we have seen over the years have only been Tsvangson’s attempts wrestle the organization ownership from the rightful owners – who are the people – and turn into his own personal property.

      So,the sacred truth is: No individual owns the MDC and as such no one has any entitlement, including Tsvang-son & his hanger’s on, to remain stuck in the MDC while dismissing others. Danga nderedu tose, atungwa ndiye anobuda. In short its not own for anyone to shout that whoever disagrees with Tsvang-son must be the one to go. The ideal thing would be to seriously interrogate the issues with an unbiased mind & if indeed anyone, is genuinely found unfit to continue as part of the MDC family then that particular person must be the one to go. Never mind his/her name or position in the party. Tsvangison has not been doing it in this democratic manner – if anything he has been subverting the tenets of democracy left right & centre. To, it might be his turn to go – would want to believe that he has been clean in most of the battles that have so far impacted negatively on in MDC – ranging from as far back as the formation of the Ncube-led MDC to the present. Democrats in MDC really need to confront this issue head-on and call a spade a spade not any other deceitful name.

  59. Observer says:

    Adults also play mahumbwe! To an extend on fancying themselves as the leaders of real life structures – my foot.

  60. Gomogranny says:

    Interesting discussions here. I feel strangely detached and sad due to my own belief that the current MDC malaise along with the ZANU politics are just symptomatic of our society at large. Zimbabweans are not yet willing to take personal responsibility for their own ethics nor respect the ethics of others. We still look desperately to be led this way or that. Just chat to anyone – they say what they think is polite, or safe, or will not appear rude. Vigorous, enjoyable debate, even between friends is so rare as to be non existent. We have been badly led by politicians, so now we turn to religion for guidance and when that fails us then what? No real internal introspection for us, no, no WE are not the one. We as a nation are so far away from understanding that Democracy begins in our own homes that this discussion we are having here is pretty much irrelevant. The brutal truth is that we as a nation are years away from attracting into Politics those who will serve us. So today we remain behaving as the flock of sheep we are and our politicians continue behaving as the pack of wolves they are.

  61. moyokumusha says:

    It is time for change, not only in the country but the also in MDC. Morgan has been calling for such for a long time but not effected this. He has failed and would not take the hint. I wish these guys the best as now is the time for a serious opposition to get us back on track.

  62. @Mapingu I have done more thinking and I continue to.All I am saying is that at the moment these guys have gone about it the wrong way. Having said that we have one of them that is supping with a known Zanu cadre whom he says cares for his country, and openly says Mugabe is a leader of wisdom. What wisdom has led us into this mess? Biti obviously admires Mugabe’s leadership for him to utter those words. He should have kept my mouth shut because he was in the party that is supposed to dislike everything Zanu stood for. What ever the MDC congress would have come up with would decide the route that they were taking. I was one of the people that was strongly against the MDC getting involved in the July elections after SADEC had asked them to be deferred. I thought it was bad strategy. I think what is happening now will destroy the MDC. That is what Zanu pf would want by 2018. We have ZUNDE waiting in the wings looking like they have no idea how to or when to launch. Come 2018 we will have loads of MDCs.

  63. John Thomas says:

    Many of the commenters above have commented negatively about Biti. I share many of these reservations. He comes across as a man of words rather than deeds.

    Some of his ideas are not healthy at all. For instance his attempts while in government to dictate what underwear people might wear.

    Many of his articles appear to written only for the sake of exercising his pen. The contents frequently very light weight and indicating a lack of thought, a liking for easy answers.

    On the positive side.

    He clearly thinks more than Tsvangirai. He has shown himself to be an adequate manger which Tsvangirai certainly has not. He is by head and shoulders the best finance minister this country has had since the 1950′s

    He has shown great courage over an extended period of time, returning to the country to face grave charges of treason, his life has been threatened over and over again. His home has been bombed. He has spent time in jail.

    Unlike Tsvangirai he has shown an ability to succeed in the private sector. He has earned a living by his own efforts showing initiative, drive and ambition.

    Lastly, and this is very important, he has seemed to be free of the corruption that has bedeviled Tsvangirai.

  64. I have to say though it pains me what is taking place the debate that I have had with you guys on this topic has been very enlightening to say the least. I am like all of you human and will err, but I read each and every comment and although I debate and oppose I also learn and feed on the knowledge that you guys on this forum impart.

  65. Zindoga says:

    We dont want Thinkers john Thomas.we want doers plse.if this guy is a big Thinker,hw come he is defending Gono???

  66. roving ambassador. says:

    J T ,you said some thing important, that is Churchill had his own failures.He was the greatest war Prime Minister and the British revere him for that. If it was in Zim ,we would have buried him at heroes acre and sing praise to him on telly and radio day in day out as if he could not have done any wrong.
    Churchill was considered the worst peace time prime Minister[J Major and Gordon Brown might have taken the mantle now]. With all his war credentials they still rejected him as Prime Minister.
    The point I am bringing up is , even if you spent 10 years in detention or you were beaten up by the police in you quest for freedom,If you morals or ability to lead are questionable ,we the people have the right to tell you to vamoose.

    • John Thomas says:

      Churchill’s two biggest mistakes, the military disaster at Galipoli in World War I and the Italian campaign in World War II were the flip side of his glory in 1940 when he refused to surrender no matter what the odds. The man was a stubborn odd ball, very much like the British themselves.

      For our own situation we need figures who are not divisive. Our leaders need to be able to manage, plan and organize. Tsvangirai is weak on all three fronts. Biti though not perfect, is better. Biti does lack the charisma one would look for in a leader and the ability to be in tune with ordinary people.

      Getting rid of ZANU is mainly about planning and organizing. A national strike to topple ZANU will only work with good organization and advance planning so that everybody participates. Lines of communication need to be opened to the army and police so that they can support the people. Trust needs to be established. Discredited leaders cannot do this.

  67. Ngoto Zimbwa says:

    With all due respect, we are in no position to tell anyone to vamoose when Mugabe is still ruling the roost and he has done so for 34 yrs.

    Point I am making is that we are busy squabbling in our little pool whilst ZANU continues to smile.

    • roving ambassador. says:

      Zanu does not care about Zimbabwe .We care, thats why we are debating. Zanu is busy looting, if we cannot get rid of the looting and potential looting in the opposition then the peoples redemption will not be realised . It will be from the frying pan into the fire.
      Zanu will be quacking in their boots if a new broad based movement is realised.
      Remember Zanu wanted to be a mass party, they failed due to corruption and lack of policy.
      Convert this new movement into a broad based mass movement touching every aspect of our life. Then we have a winner.
      My dream. My hope.
      Pamberi neZimbabwe.

    • roving ambassador. says:

      The loot is getting smaller and smaller and Zanu has no idea how to replenish the exhausted coffers.

  68. Tandi says:

    That’s why our president thrashed them because they were busy fighting to remove Tsvangirai not Zanu PF

  69. Davy Mufirakureva says:

    Its a fiasco for rebels. We will see who controls harvest house and who has grass roots support.

  70. mujibha says:

    This is a big problem with us blacks/africans, power hungly, its not just in politics, even in families, work places, burial society. What I want to say to the people of Zimbabwe don’t be fooled by these idiots, they don’t have anything new to offer to the people or to dislodge zanu pf. They r just there to line up their pockets as they r doing now by selling the party to enemies. Biti and your group you have created a very big problem for yourselves, and I’m sure this is leading to the end of your political careers. With the support Tvangirai has from the grassroots is not going nwhere. This is politics, becareful guys, Tsvangirai lost his wife through politics.

  71. JT Winston Churchill is what you say he was. I don’t quote this man because I think Morgan is a Churchill. Not at all. The man just had good Quotes. Him Mandela and Ghandi. Churchill once said “It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations.” Being uneducated in Politics these Quotes have given me comfort and enlightenment.

  72. Isu Zvedu says:

    I was ready for change and wishing someone in MDC pushed for a congress sooner. It appears there were people in MDC who already knew that congress was not their answer to steal away positions of leadership. So their “smart” route was to hold a meeting and suspend people in leadership. Nobody supporting Biti and lot has yet to convince me that MT was refusing to go. Instead I am willing to start believing what the good Doctor Do Little is saying, which is that takasoosara toenda kuGNU when certain people had long switched positions and had long been working with Zanu PF. Mugabe had Chinamasa before GNU. It was Chinamasa who introduced the multi-currency policy. Then came GNU, Biti and Gono fall in love….Imika imi???

    What pains me now is that going forward, I would rather vote for dofo rangu, the womaniser, etc., than work with traitors who have for years worked against the party while claiming to be custodians of party structures and constitution.

    Tsvangirai if he failed, as what many are saying, then it was him and everyone in the party leadership that failed. And among the top I find those people now speaking the Zanu PF language.

    Going forward, MDC-T should now prepare to hold its congress, identify people all across the globe to take over leadership positions, and leave out this failed lot.

  73. Kelly says:

    Is there no good trustworthy patriots to start a new genuine democratic political party. Mdc has lost its flavour , loses elections and now has divided clowns for leaders. I will not even mention Zanu PF for their theatrical mess. Have we not seen enough

  74. zizi rinenyanga says:

    “Only a fool learns fro his own mistakes, the wise learn from the experience of others”

  75. sk says:

    Just wait and see, the court battles that follow,those guys are nt stupid. This is th result of emotions that wer bottled for a long tym. I used to close eye at errors that wer made by MDC-T. All those around Tswangirai are now jus singing for their super, the party moved off the democratic line frm long back.

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