MDC-T statement on intra-party violence

via MDC-T statement on intra-party violence – Nehanda Radio Feb 16, 2014

The MDC does not condone any form of violence against anyone. To that end anybody who is found to be on the wrong side of the law and either perpetrating or inciting violence in the party will be brought to book in terms of the party’s constitution.

Yesterday President Tsvangirai made an impassioned plea for tolerance and non-violence within the party. We expect all our party cadres to listen to our leadership in this regard.

In fact the President is on record for saying that the issue of his succession should be debated openly within the party structures.

At yesterday’s meeting the President made it clear that we must all unite as a party in order to fulfil our historic mission which is to deliver the people of Zimbabwe from poverty and misery. The district chairpersons of the party were ordered by the President to go and promote party unity at grass root level.

For their part all the district chairpersons from across the country vowed to remain united under the leadership of President Tsvangirai in the new struggle for Zimbabwe.The MDC will put aside the ghost of July 31 and concentrate on preparing for the next election which is going to be held soon.

Yesterday the President Tsvangirai proposed the Eight Point Plan for National Survival which is the MDC panacea to the national crisis. Our leaders at grass root level will therefore lead the articulation of these issues to the people of Zimbabwe.

Despite any temporary setbacks the MDC will remain the vanguard of the people in fighting for freedom, justice and equality in Zimbabwe.

Victory is Certain.

Douglas Mwonzora (MDC-T National Spokesman)

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31 comments on “MDC-T statement on intra-party violence
  1. roving ambassador. says:

    What a load of hogwash. This has turned out to be an extension of Zanu. Not even an apology to the victims.

  2. John Thomas says:

    Morgan does stink more and more.

  3. Qiniso says:

    “Yesterday President Tsvangirai made an impassioned plea for tolerance and non-violence within the party. We expect all our party cadres to listen to our leadership in this regard” They’re listening hence the violance baMwonzera…and stop calling Tsvangison president. He is the MDC leader period

    • nesbert majoni says:

      Weather u like it or not the majority of Zimbabweans are behind him. You can deslike him as a person but that is your problem. MDC is the only party to liberate us from this circus

  4. Godfrey C says:

    Tsangirai will go down with the MDC, what a shame? I really feel sorry of all those who lost their lives for MDC thinking that it would usher in democracy in our country only to find out that Tsangirai is not at all different to Mugabe. He will kill just like Mugabe to stay in power. People of Zimbabwe should just leave this mahumbwe its not worth any of our effort. I give up.

  5. Dendera says:

    Apa MDC-T yakabika mbodza! Yes, Tsvangirai has been a popular leader but the truth is that his popularity is waning VERY fast. It is just a matter of time before another movement or leader emerges to overtake him and his party. If you closely follow what is happening at ZUNDE, you must notice that things the ball game is changing. Akasachinja maitiro, hameno zvake.

    • Tinomunamataishe says:

      MDC may not be the perfect party but I would like to point out the fact that ZUNDE is overrated. This is an Internet party known only to people with Internet access and no other. The people running it are all abroad and so disjointed from the reality on the ground.

      Zunde may end up good but it has a lot of ground to cover therefore at this point in time just a virtual alternative.

  6. LUCY says:

    I still donot understand why a Party that is aspiring to one day rule the country would commit suicide by disembowelment ,unless this Party is really really stupid and hellbend on wiping themselves from history. I thought the whole idea of being in opposition was to provide people with a credible ,above board alternative government which stands to offer a brighter future for the people, reversing all the wrongs done by the other Party.

    Now if MDC mirrors ZPF and exhibits the level of violence and intolerance characteristic of ZPF why would anyone want to vote them in? Who benefits from replacing the goose with the gander?Why do they not just merge with ZPF into one mega violence Party?

  7. yah pamunhu mutema nhamo haiperi!!!

  8. Nzou says:

    Douglas Mwonzora is playing spin doctor.

    “The attack happened after the meeting ended at about 1700 hours. Alert the possibility of violence, we had agreed that I would emerge from the building by Tsvangirai’s side and depart in the leader’s vehicle in order to avoid disturbances.

    “But once we emerged from the building, I realised that Tsvangirai was, somehow, no longer by my side. I was then attacked while he watched and he certainly did nothing to discourage the mob. My sense was that he had prior knowledge that there would be violence.

    “This is a very disappointing development; even Zanu PF does not set party supporters to beat up its leaders. The attack shows that we are dealing with very desperate and, therefore, very dangerous people; people who cannot respond to ideas with ideas – they resort to violence instead.

    “The MDC is supposed to be a democratic – not a fighting party. We should be tolerant and accepting of criticism and divergence of views. You can’t turn violent mobs against your colleagues.”

    The people responsible for this attack are Morgan Tsvangirai and his lap dog Nelson Chamisa.

    What shocked Mangoma however, was the fact that Tsvangirai effectively shouted “catch!” at the mob as the party leaders emerged from the meeting and did nothing to restrain the youths as they moved in for the attack.

  9. Insider says:

    As I have said already, it was organised prior to the meeting. This should be the end of this organisation as we know it. Let the good people stand up and be counted, let a real leader come forward who does not surround himself with unelected, crooked boot lickers. A man that plays by the rules and can be respected by the people he represents as well as the international community. Not this man who arranges for people who have supported him over the years to be beaten up, nor one that is considered a buffoon, who cannot keep his baser instincts under control by the international community.

  10. Why physically attack a fellow party member? The Zanupf gukurahundist demon of political intolerance thriving in the MDC-T! Why not ignore the one you dont agree with and continue being focused on your programme if you have any or you just hear the name of an individual and then follow it for obviously unproductive reasons? You will finish each other before you form a government! Internal political intolerance for you is suicide given the task you are facing trying to dislodge a well grounded Zanupf. Look at other smaller political parties that refuse internal voices. The MDC led Welshman Ncube and the revived Zapu have grossly suffered from this immature weakness of refusing to live with different voices from within. This will become your opponent’s tool against yourselves as well.

  11. Saddened says:

    I believe if MDC-T is serious they should advise the nation what they intend doing about the mob who attacked senior party members. No stone should be left unturned until this matter is finalised. Before you embark on your 8 point plan let’s see some action on this matter

    • Insider says:

      There will be no action, if there was the top would have to act against itself! Soon we will have “motor vehicle accidents” as soon as there is any indication of dissent in the ranks. Disgraceful.

  12. Nzou says:

    The overall situation indicates that there is desperation in the Tsvangirai camp. What else would explain why Tsvangirai or his organising secretary did not go out and talk to the group that was baying for Mangoma’s blood.

    What is not being widely reported in the media is that many of the hooligans who assaulted Mangoma & Biti were loaded with alcohol.

    If alcohol was involved as it most definitely was, someone was funding it. Put that together with the deliberate exit by Tsvangirai, it all comes together.

    The MDC-T is stoney broke and whoever funded this sting operation on Mangoma and Biti is now funding Tsvangirai.

    Beware I say! Beneath this “funder” lurks ZanuPF. They have a history of using alcohol to get the jambanja going.

    Tsvangirai is now so desperate to cling to power that he will take it from wherever it comes.

    He has turned into another Mugabe.

  13. Africanson says:

    Zvimapolitical party izvi ha-a bodo!! They tell you that they will deliver you from poverty by celebrating the demise of the same economy that is supposed to give you good leaving. Just like some of the church leaders of today who promise you to go to heaven by taking the same few dollars you have in this difficult Zimbabwe. All in the name of greedy and appetite of quenching their unending selfish ends. I see no difference between MDC and ZANU. They dont care at all about Zimbabwe and its people. The distraction of the poor is our poverty, we can easily be used for a few dollars. Africa is doomed becuase the leadership lack basic care about their people. No wondor why the Western world come to practice their weapons in Africa. we are cheap in terms of morality. I thought by now Morgan knows too well how barabric assault is to a fellow Zimbabwean, but eish! the guy is just ………. I cant express it because God’s word says its a sin to call the next person a f……..

  14. Rwendo says:

    Tsvanvirai still has support amongst some in the leadership but more significantly on the ground, amongst the rank and file. This means that in the abscence of something unexpected happening, he will slowly take the party down with him over the next 5-10 years. The tail is not supposed to wag the dog.

  15. Mixed Race says:

    Ladies and gentlemen I have in the past attended their elders meeting in my area ,these guys are thick and easily fooled when it comes to real issues.They are led by simple emotions and when you challenge them they give you childish explanations.
    Look at this statement,they have indirectly accepted that they lost the elections because the next step is to tell the ruling party that we accept the 31 st July election results so that Morgan gets the Hre house as his pension.Its a well calculated move by looters who want property for free, I hope the president refuses to teach them lessons.
    The party is in troubles ,we all know it whether or not we accept the realities of today’s politics in our country.
    Victory is certain in your weak twisted mind poor man.You wasted our viable time in real politics,you dreamers.

  16. Sekuru Mapenga says:

    Victory used to be certain, but then Morgan dropped the ball 3 times. Now by clinging on to the MDC presidency Mugabe style, he has changed the motto to : Defeat is Certain.

  17. Rwendo says:

    2013 was the perfect time for Tsvangirai to step down. He would have set a wonderful precedent for the MDC in accountability and leadership renewal, he would have given a new MDC leader 5 years to craft a team, restrategize and formulate new initiatives, and he would have salvaged some of his early reputation after being outwitted three times in a row by a geriatric.

  18. Mthwakazi says:

    When will these Shona gukurahundis stop gukurahundism kanti?

    Welshman was right, MDCT gukurahundi is a carbon copy of its fellow Shona Gukurahundi party ZANU PF.

    Dominated by Shona tribalism; intolerance of opposing views; and violence -surely no one in his right mind should expect democracy from such a party.

    All they want is power, to take over from gukurahundi ZANU PR, but there is nothing new that they are bringing to the party – nothing. They just want to continue with their Shona tribalism, gukurahundism and undemocratic practices!!

  19. NBS says:

    MDC get your ducks in a row. no violence! use your energy to get a multi million signature campaign for free and fresh elections NOW! Why are we all accepting the farce of July 2013? You must head a push for this, nationally, regionally and internationally with all Zimbabweans demanding it. Now! Fee and fresh elections now!

  20. Zindoga says:

    The people who were beaten are detractors of the struggle they are sell outs during the War sellouts were Killed killed i mean it they are supposed to be killed in real war We are still in a struggle all who are commwnting against Tsvangirai murimapenzi kanakuti you are on the other side .Even Bit wl change nothing and he is more cruel than Tsvangirai He is misusing monies for Party Programs and hm Mangoma they are using Bennet pretending to b on hs side while they are enriching themseves.PASI NAVO THEY ARE AL KNOWN.PAMBERI NATsvangirai.Mdc haifi Chikwambo Muchanyara yotonga.Hezvoooooko!! Bwaaaaaah!! Tvangi panyanga:

    • Nzou says:

      Are you one of Morgun’s tea boy in panic mode? You are making up stories and your spelling is so bad that you write nonsense.

  21. Well there you have it. One side is sprucing up it’s image the other is mudding up it’s image. Me thinks there is a hidden hand in all this. Zimbabwe is surely in turmoil.

  22. Msizeni silwelani says:

    What a dull article/statement, can’t you write something better, i mean proper wording/convincing sentences from a seasoned spokesperson. What happened, where, when, by who on whom and what action has/is the party taken.

  23. Zindoga says:

    Nzou chirungu chakuya nengarava regai isu madofo tikuudzei and ndisu tinovhota munokuvara chete

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