MDC-T’s national executive meeting Friday could set off fireworks

via MDC-T’s national executive meeting Friday could set off fireworks | SW Radio Africa by Tichaona Sibanda on Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Morgan Tsvangirai and Elton Mangoma have different views about the future leadership of the MDC-T party

Friday’s national executive meeting of the MDC-T in Harare threatens to be an explosive affair.

The MDC-T has been plagued by recent reports of factional discord, with a leading senior figure calling for Morgan Tsvangirai to step down.

Analysts believe the MDC-T crises have been left to fester for too long and the likelihood of them becoming lethal cannot be ruled out.

Elton Mangoma, the deputy treasurer-general and former Minister of Energy in the inclusive government, has joined forces with exiled party treasurer Roy Bennett in intensified efforts to stop Tsvangirai from standing again as the presidential candidate in the 2018 elections.

The meeting on Friday promises to be raucous, with Mangoma’s four page letter to Tsvangirai coming under the spotlight. Under Mangoma’s proposals, Tsvangirai should resign immediately and hand over power to his deputy, Thokozani Khupe, pending an extraordinary congress that would choose a new leadership for the party.

Khupe has already shot down this proposal, saying she’s solidly behind the party leader. A defiant Tsvangirai has said he will see out his current five-year term, which ends in 2016, and seek another mandate then.

Charlton Hwende, a national executive member in charge of Mashonaland West province and a Tsvangirai loyalist, told our weekly Hidden Story program that Mangoma should ‘put up or shut up.’

‘If Mangoma is a democrat he should bring his position paper to the meeting on Friday and put his proposals for leadership renewal up for vote. If it finds no takers, he should drop his proposals,’ said Hwende.

Asked what will happen if the wealthy businessman wins the vote, Hwende retorted: ‘He won’t.’

‘He’s (Mangoma) quite aware that he doesn’t have the numbers, doesn’t have popular appeal and doesn’t have popular support. If he loses Friday’s vote and insists on the leadership renewal outside party structures, that will become a disciplinary issue,’ Hwende added.

However, an ally of Mangoma, a senior party member from Manicaland, told us there is not going to be any let-up in the war to force Tsvangirai to step down.

‘If he’s popular why is he resisting an early congress and we also want him to explain to us the issues that Mangoma raised in his letter,’ said the former MP, who explained that the much publicised letter will be high on the agenda on Friday.

Tsvangirai did table a motion for an early congress at last week’s standing committee, but it found no takers.

SW Radio Africa has been speaking to figures sympathetic to both Tsvangirai and Mangoma who told us there are plans to bring this war of attrition between the two men’s camps to an end.

‘Democracy comes with a price and this is what Mangoma has found out. He has put his case across and I think its time for him to take a back seat and see how things play out in the background.

‘Already a message has been sent to him to cool down following a meeting today,’ said the MDC-T legislator, who preferred to remain anonymous.

Party spokesman Douglas Mwonzora attempted to put the best face on the divisive mood and some outbreaks of violence.

‘The MDC is not under siege, never mind what people are saying or writing, the party and not individuals will emerge strong from this passing phase,’ he said.

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30 comments on “MDC-T’s national executive meeting Friday could set off fireworks
  1. maMoyo says:

    People have witnessed the emerging of now a strong oppositional party thru its leader Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai has dedicated his life to MDC T, he has risked a lot for his party and us people have seen his swet! People belive in the leader first before the vision, so in this case, MDC T suppoters have blvd in the leader first bfore his vision, so live Tsvangirai to continue leading MDC T bcos changing leaders wuld mean losing suppoters!!

  2. Ed Mrehwa says:

    Thank you Mangoma for bringing this up. The original MDC constitution stated that a party leader must stay for a maximum of two terms but it was secretly and undemocratically changed without being put to the congress. Tsvangirai is now intent on seeking a fourth term??? If he wins government then he will demand his two terms as president, which means six terms as MDC leader which even beats Mugabe’s current 30 something years. For the people who do not miss a chance to tell the world how educated they are, it is funny how we are the world’s worst boot lickers! If we are that educated how-come we cannot find any alternative leader for both Main Parties?? Tsvangirai must go, no excuses, he has had his chances. Any of the current party leaders should be able to take over. Pliz no more excuses!

  3. John Thomas says:

    Dump the guys who screwed up. It is the only way. They had their chance and failed.

  4. Chirutanga says:

    In Politics we do not just change leaders like clothes.We are all aware of the difficulties we are facing to officially win the Zim elections.If these rebels have got the solution they should bring it up now.The solution is not to change leadership now unless the leader resign.We need better solutions not this nonsense.What does Mangoma has which he thinks has not been done?What advises did he give the party leadership and they failed to do?He is also part of this leadership and if he is not having better ideas to give his superiors then he is the one to resign or just keep quite.We are in a struggle to attain democracy.Until Tsvangirai achieve his goals or he resign he will remain our leader.It may take years,remember its no easy walk to freedom.

    • Ed Mrehwa says:

      What politics are you talking about? Even China changes its leaders every ten years and they keep getting stronger. Look around you and smell coffee man. The rest of the region has renewed its leaders, yet we cannot even change an opposition leader!! Even our own elders used to say “Ushe Madzoro” Tsvangirai must do the honourable thing And step down, he has had his chances, now he needs to let go. Mangoma’s suggestion was actually reasonable, instead of being unceremoniously dumped he wanted him to be given a perpetual father figure role in the part where he can advise the party when needed. Please no more excuses pliz, pliz, lets move on.

  5. Dendera says:

    Tsvangirai surrounded himself with bootlickers namely Chamisa, Komichi, Theresa and a few others. Therein lies the problem. He does not listen to anybody excpet these few. They shall ALL go with the wind. It’s only a matter of “when” not “if”

  6. ROCKSTONE says:

    The dust is rising!

  7. Mthwakazi says:

    MDC-T is a one man band, not a political party. As we have always said again and again, it is no different from it fellow gukurahundi counterpart ZANU PF!!

  8. Nodi says:

    Mangoma, the doors are open for you to Go. Leave Tsvangirai to lead us. Chimbofunga wega kuti maMDC mangani akabva pana Mogiza anorarama

  9. bigie says:

    Tsvangirai, Chamisa, Komichi, Theresa and the majority of the MDC leadership have become accustomed to the ZANU-PF wayof life since entering into the GNU…!!! Appart from that let us not forgert Tsvangirai won an election and faild to take control and lead us, insted he chose to go in to a GNU make frineds with the very prople who killed and beat many of his supporters weeks before…He then married a Zanu-Pf Mistrisses, after many affairs, lives in a Zanu-Pf house, driving Zanu-Pf cars, working out of a Zanu-Pf office, Oh and he has a CIO Zanu-Pf security team……And people still say he needs to stay at the head of the MDC an opposition party that belongs to the people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Mthwakazi says:

    Zimbabwe is suffering because gukurahundi Mugabe suffered for the independence of Zimbabwe.Therefore he is going nowhere.

    MDC-T is suffering because Tswangirayi suffered for the MDC-T and its democracy agenda.Therefore he is going nowhere.


  11. Abbu says:

    I would only understand Mangoma if he was saying let’s all resign and choose a caretaker leadership to oversee new early elections. He myt be having genuine in his calls bt his biggest undoing is to become a permanent feature in e Herald and a regular voice at zbc. Giving interviews concerning mdc at these organizations makes ppl bcome suspicious of yo motives. We know these 2 organization ar used to destroy e mdc so we shd be forgiven for thinking ua now 1 of them or a willing puppet. Remember vana Jona Moyo, Chaibva, Maziwisisa and Madhuku among others were anti zpf bt were swallowed by zpf and they’ve bcome “experts” always asked by e zbc/herald fo political comments saka there is a chance that’s e way u have gone. Learn from Job Sikhala, he has issues w MT bt he doesn’t go state media to denigrate MT

    • Ed Mrehwa says:

      When any organisation fails to perform it is the CEO who gets the boot not the entire executive, otherwise all the gained experience and knowledge gained from previous mistakes and successes is lost. i don’t know if you are a soccer follower but if you watch the world cup in Brazil this year you will see what will happen with all the coaches of the under-performing teams, then maybe you will begin to understand that leaders are put in place for a reason and are judged by the results they produce. The buck stops with the leader. Finish! The moment you begin to look for excuses for why you did not achieve the desired outcome is the very moment you cease to be a leader.

  12. munzwa says:

    nothing wrong with leadership debate but issues need to be addressed by the MDC so this leadership crisis should be dealt with by an early congress so the (re)newed leadership can confront our pressing issues effectively and with confidence

  13. Khaya'bonina says:

    Stop your act ,
    @Mrehwa , you point of terms before achieving our goals is nonsense , that works only to the seating president of the country so and go tell Mugabe to swift , not to the opposition party , so shut up .Mthwakazi , you have not started talking , you better start as you had been dreaming all along , you have said it again and again with who do you have people following you .Remember MDC T is a government in waiting , so respect the big man Tsvangirari, Tsvangirai is leading a party considering all tribes , not like your provincial Matebeland party , i am from Mt South i see you as a mad dreaming man .

    Thokozani Khupe taking over from Tsvangirai , shame Khupe is another Welshman Ncube , he failed even to secure one seat in the PARL . We need to agree on one point , coming to party leaders in our country we need to be demographically as well , a Ndebele person will never draw the crowd as Tsvangarai has done so Joshua Nkomo din’t fail but he was more provicial support and unfortunately shonas and more than us in Matebeland so they voted in huge numbers supporting Mugabe from their province . , shonas would rather go back and join ZANU PF than be led by Mkhupe .

    • Ed Mrehwa says:

      Mate, the MDC party leadership impasse is directly related to the current ZANU PF leadership problem. i don’t know how far you remember but there were similar arguments for leadership renewal in ZANU and some people died just because they chose to speak up. Now look where that failed change in ZANU has taken the nation, if you reform the party you reform the Presidency of the country. The MDC should be different from ZANU and should prove its democratic credentials not the same old and tired ” our leader must stay” Slogans led by the woman’s league statements. Can you see the similarities?

  14. Mthwakazi says:

    Zimbabwe will never succeed as long as its politics is guided by the 1979 ZANU PF GRAND PLAN and the Shona agenda.

    These twin evils are indeed what makes it a herculian task for any politician who is not Shona to make it in the Zimbabwean political terrain.

    As far as I am concerned Gukurahundi Mugabe and Gukurahundi Tsvangirai are just the same – the difference is the age!!

  15. Morris says:

    Those calling for leadership renewal in MDC-T have a point and those that resist it have a point. That means an early congress may solve it because the numbers will tell which opinion is widespread. Another good possibility is to delink party leadership and national presidency. As such Tsvangirai can resign as party leader but still campaign to run for presidency in 2018. Change in leadership is always a good result in the bigger scheme of things.

  16. Qiniso says:

    Why should Zanu replace Mugabe? They’re winning and why replace a winning coach? MDC is losing and it needs a new leader with new ideas period. Mrehwa has a solid point and shame on Khaya’bonina.

  17. Rwendo says:

    A party should identify with its beliefs and policies, not
    personalities. Good leadership depends on wisdom, principles, results and accountability. Was the MDC formed to put Tsvangirai in State House?

  18. Jabulani says:

    Guys the Mdc is falling to the same old trap of ZANU.Party must not be hanged on the hinges of individuals,but on party policy.Mdc is now zanunised,the current leadership is suffering from Hold-power-for-life mentality hang over they learnt from ZANU.leadership is not owned ;It should be shared.why talk of change if the party cannot change its leadership.And the attitude towards leadership change is that of zanu.its a taboo to talk about it.And soever mention it must be beaten,lets go back to zanu. We are mentaly the same.let the party come up with new leaders,new strategies,and visions.Current leadership has done lts best,fought lts best,groom new leaders and stay away from zanunising the party.

  19. tophaevy says:

    Yes it was, that’s why they cant replace Tsvangson.

  20. Rwendo says:

    Lol. Fortunately, just as an army marches on its belly, a political party survives on the donations of well-wishers. I would hazard most contributors to this debate are not contributors to party coffers. Let us see if funders are as enthralled and prepared to keep supporting …

  21. Dzenyika says:

    The MDC split over Tsvangirai’s insistence on not listening to others in the party. The strong voices that could challenge him went with the split. What remains behind is appropriately named: MDC-Tsvangirai.

    No one is strong enough to challenge him (just like Mugabe). It’s his responsibility to call time on his time as Leader. And I feel that time is now. If for nothing else, for the sake of promoting the democracy he has spent the last 15 years fighting for.

    • Mthwakazi says:

      Dzenyika, you are one of the very few Shonas who is not shy to state the truth over what led to the MDC split. For the first time really.

      The problem we have in Zim is that nobody wants to face the truth – people are much happier to follow lies simply because it suits certain tribal agendas. So this nonsense that Welshman Ncube is the one who split the party is coming back to haunt them. Tsvangirayi is back to his usual dictatorial ways.

      We will see where it will all end – the truth will free you!!!

      • Chitova weGona says:

        Mthwakazi could you stop being tribalistic views. This is about MDC not tribes. If you are still hurt about gukurahundi attack the perpetrators who i assume you know very well. If you want revenge take a gun and see if you are not going to be food for maggots much sooner!

        • Mthwakazi says:

          What tribalism are you talking about, coming from me?

          You know very well that the MDC-T split because of tribalism; do you want me to lie?

          You know very well that despite the fact that Welshman Ncube was all along right; he eventually lost out to Tsvangirayi because of tribalism?

          The very same things Welshman had a problem with regarding Tsvangirayi’s leadership are now haunting the MDC-T – he is indeed having the last laugh;

          You know very well that in the then united MDC, there were complaints that “Mandevere awandisa”, at the leadership level?

          My man, if you want me or many other Mthwakazi to stop talking about tribalism – just do us a favour – STOP SHONA TRIBALISM; then there wont be anything to talk or write about. PERIOD!!

          Why do you practice tribalism then, if the mere discussion of it embarrasses you people so much – just STOP IT – FULL STOP!!

          • Chitova weGona says:

            Your continuous reference to shona as tribalists will not build the country. You should come up with suggestions that will unite us as nation( with no Mthwkazi state of course) to dislodge zanu. Ncube to me is a nonentity in Zim politics so let him farm or teach. Not all Shonas are bad and the same applies to Ndebeles. Formenting hatred will not help. MDC as a party has a constitution which they respect and all those who join it are expected to respect it too. Let the people’s project come to fruition. Hating will not bring food to your table so concentrate on the positives.

  22. Mthwakazi says:

    Shona tribalists, who have all long had a field day on Welshman Ncube, now desperately wish some of us had a short memory; so that we wouldnt raise the issue that led to the first split.

    Then the problem was centred on Tsvangirayi and his leadership. Today, its still the smae; its Tsvangirayi and his leadership. Welshman my man, you win on this one. Tribalism will never get them anywhere – the truth will always come back to haunt them!!!

  23. Rwendo says:

    Mangoma, Mudzuri, Bennett and any others who hsve either expressed dissatisfaction with MTs leadership or have ambitions to replace him will not,Im sure, cry tribalism if they fail to dislodge him. The simple fact is that just like Mugabe in the early 90s, MT for now has a lot of residual support within the rank and file of his party. Harping on about other issues, no matter their validity only confuses the issue and can be counterproductive. A chip can become a very heavy thing to carry on one’s shoulder.

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