Mugabe ‘back home from Singapore’

via Mugabe ‘back home from Singapore’ | News24 2014-01-11

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has reportedly returned home from Singapore where he “spent part of his annual leave”.

According to a Herald report, Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba said the veteran leader who arrived in Zimbabwe on Friday, would spend the remainder of his leave in the country.

Vice President Joice Mujuru will continue acting president until Mugabe’s leave is over.

There was speculation in the media last week that Mugabe had collapsed at his home in Harare. His Zanu-PF party however dismissed the reports as “absolute nonsense”, saying the president was “as fit as a fiddle”.

[Photo caption in original Herald report reads "President Mugabe accompanied by VP Mujuru and senior government officials at the Harare International Airport" - it should have read "Republic of Zimbabwe Vice President Joice Mujuru welcoming President Robert Mugabe from the African Union summit in Ethiopia on January 28, 2013".  See]


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45 comments on “Mugabe ‘back home from Singapore’
  1. DL says:

    If he’s back in the country, why is Mujuru still acting president? Perhaps he did collapse and she’s leading because he’s incapacitated?

    • Don Cox says:

      Mujuru is still Acting President because Magabe is still on leave. He has returned from Singapore but is not yet back at work.

  2. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    Welcome back Cde President.
    During your absence,some people were spreading nasty falsehoods.
    I am happy that once again you have proved them wrong.
    Thank you sir.

  3. Zvichapera says:

    Did he appear on ZTV? If he did then he is fine, if he didn’t then something is wrong!!

  4. Murimi Wanhasi you are very sick man

  5. yoyo says:

    Murimi wanhasi I have warned you several times to be sober.There is nothing new to come out of a 90 year old, struggling to remain in real terms of life.Its a pity that a country ,said to be well educated still has a leader whose faculties are no longer working.Unfortunately the brain disoerder has spread to overzealous ZANU propagantists.Maybe Murimi wanhasi you must start cultivating your 100 hectares to feed your family.When you reduce yourself to a praise singer of rubbish like Mugabe, you curse your family clan.Your great grand children will feel your curse

  6. Tafadzwa says:

    Mujuru is still acting yet Mugabe is back in the country. Something does not add up. Has it happened before that Mugabe can be around the country and on leave ? Why did Mugabe sneak into Harare Airport ? Asi akauya ne air ambulance ?

  7. Felix says:

    If Mugabe. Likes it in Singapore. He would. Do everybody a favour. And stay. Their

  8. Kuakwa Katiyo says:

    Picture is from 2013, mugabe coming from Eithopia. Why is herald lying? Mujuru of course continues to act because no president arrived yesterday.

  9. Kuakwa Katiyo says:

    Picture is from 2013, mugabe coming from Eithopia. Why is herald lying? Mujuru of course continues to act because no president arrived yesterday.

  10. Kusvikazvanaka says:

    Why use OLD Photos and say ” Head Of State is Back in The Country?”

  11. Kuakwa Katiyo says:

    Why bother tell lies in this age of the internet when lies can be easily deciphered and silence is just golden?

  12. simon says:

    there will come a point (boy we cant wait!!) when Singapore Malaysia etc etc cant do anything for him medically. When the day comes it will be a big celebration…with opposite meaning to Mandelas sad passing.

  13. NBS says:

    Good morning Murimi! As a Christian I do not hate Mugabe but it is truly past the time f him to have retired. never should a President anywhere rule for more that 2 terms. Take a god look at your country Murimi. What do you see. Millions of our Zimbabwean brothers and sisters suffer terribly to eke out a living. Lets be real. Zimababwe heads into 2014 complete basket case and getting worse. Sorry! At nearly 90 a person just cannot be on top of it and serious past issues remain unresolved! lets start with the Gukurahundi!

  14. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    @NBS good morning to u.
    Tsvangirayi,without meaning to insult him,@ 60 didnt seem to have many ideas.So a young age is not a guarantee of fresh ideas.
    The Gukurahundi issue is highly emotive.Murimi stays clear of it, save to say he knows the wounds still hurt.
    But I always like to say let Bob finish his mandate.He is not immortal,neither is he foolish.Strong willed,yes,such that the more u call for his going,the more determined he will be to show u that he has stayin power.
    Let him be.

    • Ruramai says:

      Murimi, why stay clear of Gukurahundi when its is one of Mugabe’s major “successes”? Apart from impoverishing a once prosperous country, Gukurahundi stands out as one of the more significant milestones of Mugabe’s rule.

  15. Senzachena says:

    One can only hope that there is some truth in the rumour that the man is either totally incapacitated or dead. If the latter hopefully it was very painful, like the deaths he has caused to thousands of Zimbabweans, if the former let him suffer horribly before he dies. Let the powers that be show pictures of him or better let him appear in public then it will put the rumours to bed once and for all. HOWEVER REST ASSURED THE GREAT DAY WILL COME!

  16. cde mabhunu says:

    i am glad the excellency is back. He has empowered millions of blacks. Long live baba.

  17. NBS says:

    Murimi Mgabe does not have a mandate. I am a praying person and I know what the Spirit says to my heart. Those elections were a sham and judgement day will be an very interesting day. It is better we confess our sin in the here and now and be okay on that terrible day and I pray that ZPF will come out with the truth. can Zimbabwe feed its people? Be blessed to day Murimu and let us keep talking.

  18. easily fooled says:

    He now needs a walking stick, sekuru Mugabe back from Ethiopia, 2013. Now he must be fitter than that, bcoz the doctor are presumed to hv worked harder

  19. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    @NBS.We shall continue in the afternoon.

  20. Ra says:

    Better for Zimbabwe to be ruled by old people like Mugabe rather than young people like Tsvangiral who are only capable of womanising and clueless on how to run a country sies!

    • Ruramai says:

      Ra, in case you are genuinely no aware of it, Mugabe, a whole President, head of state and commander in chief of the defense forces, is a womaniser who could not keep his hands off a copy typist called Grace Goreraza (Nee Marufu). The two adulterers ended up having two children out of wedlock, Bona and Robert while the President’s wife, Sally Mugabe, lay dying from a kidney ailment.

      In full view of the world, he told Dali Tambo that once he started dating Grace, he told her he would stop seeing all the other women he had been bedding. One wonders how many they were.

      So, much as you are obsessed with Tsvangirai, there is no way Mugabe can be a better President because apart from the gross levels of incompetency which have earned him a place in text books on how to ruin a country, he is an adulterer of note.

    • Peter tosh says:

      Ra, just shut up.

  21. NBS says:

    Hi Murimi. No man has all the answers but God odes and we have gone far from God’s wisdom; the opposition also. But please answer some questions for me. Why are our elections always so shrouded in secrecy and why was all the election material denied to the opposition parties? If ZPF have nothing to hide why are they hiding so much. Why is Zimbabwe indeed so broken economically. Why cannot a white Zimbabwean farmer be allowed to farm? he is Zimbabwean after all. Why is there so much hate? Why is there so much blood in our soil since 1890? Why is there so much hate speech from the leaders? Why have we been swallowed up by corruption? And nothing is done. Do we just sweep the Gukuruhundi, farm violence, 2008 election violence under the carpet because God will not do that? And the oppressions, the torture etc, etc etc??? Where are the answers. because God wants us to acknowledge the truth. No one can tell me the 1980′s debacle is too sensitive to talk about. That blood is crying out to God from our soil. There is a way forward. there is a way to healing but if we bypass the truth we will never get there. No repentance! no restoration!

    • Vhurai Meso says:

      NBS you are so misinformed it hurts. No single election is ever shrouded in secret it’s all a public affair. People voting publicly in broad daylight, counting done publicly and VERY peacefully and the results publicly posted outside each polling station for all to see. With local reagional and international observers witnessing if you call this a secret then you don’t know the meaning of the word.

  22. Ruramai says:

    NBS, good questions that I sincerely hope a wise man called Murimi Wanhasi will be able to answer.

  23. Vhurai Meso says:

    I fill pity for all you people who hate our president with such a passion. You have vile /guile in your hearts. For a man of 90 years to be walking straight without a walking stick is a miracle on its own. It means God is preserving him to fulfill his purpose.Even if he dies today the man has live a full life. Mai Mujuru is acting because the Great Man President RG Mugabe is on leave and he goes on leave each and every year. So what is unusual about. You people have a life. You are so consumed with hatred that it will eat you up like a cancer, in most cases trying to justify your own failures ku diaspora ikoko. Dzokai Kumusha….Zimbabwe is moving forward while you are still looking in the rear view mirror desperately looking for its failures so you can celebrate. We feel sorry for you..

  24. msizeni silwelani says:

    It seems Zimbabwe’s problems are beyond man’s wisedom. We can wail loud and clear but ” Pharoah” remains. We attained freedom together, they destroyed the country in our watch, the challenges still face us as they holiday abroad. God.

    They say age is nothing but numbers, even without numbers, Mugabe’s body tells it all, he is tired.

    • Be care full not to give this arrogant person a chance to divert us from our contributions . He longs for control. That’s why he is saying to NBS “we will continue this afternoon”. To him he is giving NBS an appointment. Think The Doctor’s profile is spot on” Most probably rushed out for his Meds.

  25. Abbu says:

    Whilst I doubt kuti akafa bt is seriously ill, why dd he sneak in yet all along anotambirwa neMbare chimurenga choir? I tell u kana afa u see police n army harassing ppl in the streets where they will become a permanent feature so that by e time they announce his death or when they’re convinced he is beyond rehabilitation they wld have made sure pple won’t pour into e streets in celebration vachiputitsa fire works. They know his death or total incapacitation will spark never seen or to be seen jubilation and celebration

  26. mgabe says:

    Let mugabe live until his time comes.Let the stupid wish he dies. When there is a war people will die. Gukurahundi was not something good. But it happened because there was war. Lets avoid such situations and those things can still happen if there are missunderstandings. Move away from such mentalities of reminding people about war. what is your intention of continously reminding people about gukurahundi. To divide people and cause animosity. Thats being stupid.

    • it is clear that you are shona and do not know how we the people of umthwakazi a ndebele nation feel about rober mgabe/ i think before uttering such statement you should first reflect. which nation which is diveided are u talking about. here there is a ndebele and shona nation, we the ndebele nation we are united against our neigbour zimbabwe and to see that its president is brought into justice for many bad things that he has done

  27. we want a seperate ndebele state

  28. Ra says:

    I agree with Mgabe. This is no longer the right time to be always talking about the gukurahundi as it happened long time ago. What is the purpose of always talking about gukurandi.

    It is done by stupid journalist who want people to turn against the ZPF yet always bringing pain to the families of the victims. I wish they can be a law which is put in place to prosecute anyone who talks rubbish about the gukurahundi.

    Talking about gukurahundi will never bring back the lives of the diceased. Why don’t these stupid journalist talk about the people who were messacred by the Smith and his Rhodesian forces? Why always utter nonsense about gukurahundi.

    • Peter tosh says:

      So Ra, I rather talk about colonialism which happened long before gukurahundi?

    • 3poop says:

      so you are one the the north korean trained 5th matter how much you trivilise this issue it will never die down.smith he what what shame on you Ra.remmeber the screams of the children you burnt in a hut in tsholotsho 1984 whilst forcing their parents to sing your songs.sohlangana emarenkin mfana

  29. Ra I am sorry but I have to call you stupid.( please get your dictionary and see what that means) You are saying that talking about the Rhodesian war will bring back those that died? The difference is that Ian Smith was at war with us. Mugabe killed innocent people during peace. We are trying to get passed this and forgive our brothers but people like you open their mouths and spew verbal diarrhoea.

  30. Mandy says:

    The sad thing is even if Mugabe died tomorrow or is dead, it will not make any difference. It will take many life times to bring Zimbabwe into a place where people are employed and have full stomachs. I left Zim in 1999 for the USA, before it really started getting bad, as the “writing was on the wall”. Feel for loved ones left in that hell.

  31. jj says:

    don’t stress people. hanti we only 2 weeks from the end of the holiday. we want to give our president a big welcome when he comes back for work. I love the president.

  32. clever says:

    my president my president must finish his leave like everyone. Dont worry he will show to the crowd soon

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