#mugabe contradictions very puzzling

via NewsDay Editorial: Mugabe contradictions very puzzling April 7, 2014 in NewsDay Editorial

President Robert Mugabe (90) on Friday gave the slightest hint that neither his deputy Joice Mujuru nor long-time confidant Emmerson Mnangagwa will succeed him when he calls it quits or even in the unlikely event of a disaster. Mugabe told his Gushungo clan elders that Zanu PF members would choose his successor.

But what he did not tell his clan members is that there is a hierarchy in the ruling party with a clear structure such that Mujuru or anyone in the Presidency, including national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo and administration secretary Didymus Mutasa, can still assume the mettle. In the absence of a new Vice-President, there is no doubt that Mujuru should seamlessly assume leadership.

In the story by our sister paper Standard, one wondered why Mugabe would throw tantrums against the so-called factions when he has in the past dismissed them as a figment of those against his party? Why is he trying to block his most favoured juniors? Is Mugabe trying to groom his wife First Lady Grace for the leadership of the party once he decides to leave?

Zimbabweans are confused by Mugabe’s many contradictions. Should Mugabe be taken seriously on this one? Will Zanu PF allow him to bulldoze given that First Lady Grace is not within party structures? If it is true that Mugabe is trying to groom his wife as a successor, to whose benefit is it? What will be his legacy then? Why is he fearful of any other party cadre to succeed him?

Because his actions have a bearing on the wellbeing of Zimbabwe, Mugabe should be discouraged to dictate.

It is about time Mugabe thinks Zimbabwe, drinks Zimbabwe and walks Zimbabwe to salvage his tattered image. He should uphold both Zanu PF and Zimbabwe’s constitutions for the benefit of over 13 million citizens. The public is tired of politicking at their expense, (and) wants a stable environment that will allow them to go about their business in peace.

What kind of a leader that would want to leave a country in chaos on leaving office? Mugabe should refrain from stretching the people’s patience and adopt a smooth succession plan. The majority of the people do not worry about who will succeed Mugabe, but are worried about the future of their children hence whatever happens in Zanu PF now has far-reaching effects to all and sundry.

Mugabe must deal with some of the big succession planning mistakes that he has made as they are showing up in lots of other leadership situations in Zanu PF. He’s being overly optimistic about the challenges Zanu PF is facing and thinks that external trends don’t apply to his situation.

He must be reminded that a combination of impressive performance, good rating and the appointment of a successor, in a seamless manner, will earn Zimbabwe a pride of place by investors.

While most Zimbabweans will not care about who will take over after Mugabe, he should look in the rearview mirror instead of the windshield when making big decisions. It appears Mugabe lacks clear accountability and ownership for big decisions.

He should ask himself how he would want to be remembered. Those who have lived in the long, long shadow of the President, of our generation, and of all that he accomplished — How and what do we remember?

Is it his staccato authority — This is critical because a people’s memory sets the measure of its political freedom.

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25 comments on “#mugabe contradictions very puzzling
  1. Kubota Binga says:

    Why must he nominate a successor? So you can attack him more? If he means it when he says party will choose successor, thats democratic….did I say that? Leave him alone with his ZANU PF.

  2. Mlimo says:

    Indeed leave the old fool alone who cares about leadership very clearly zanupf don’t have a clue. I thought he was zezuru anyway. I do know he’s rotten to the core and will go to hell.

  3. ALLEN says:

    Mugabes intelligence has been grossly exaggerated. All he is, is a smooth talker, a conman and a fraud. Has he written a book, does he own artistic or intellectual property? Did he invent anything? Did he usher in a new period of freedom and prosperity in Zimbabwe? He is not an intellectual at all. He is just a loner who spent his disfuctional childhood reading books that have little relevance to reality. He lives in a world where the only perfect thing is him. He is a madman!

    • hypocrite says:

      Totally agree with you there. Its high time people realized that we are being misruled by a psycopath!!

  4. DW says:

    “all that he has accomplished”? well the good stuff won’t fill up much space will it, but the bad stuff is endless. What a legacy.

  5. Mseyamwa says:

    The guy is just prolonging his stay by spreading hope among more than just the two who may now be ratcheting up pressure as the leader is one foot in. The statements may create more mayhem than we see now as some in the party might begin to dream dreams and start up their own groupings. Mugabe has shown us that the issues of the nation are secondary to his own survival at the top and this is just one of his jazzy ways of jinxing it to his favor.

  6. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    Bob did not rule out Emmerson or Joyce,he said the party will decide.It might decide to bring in either cde E.D or cde J.T or cde S.K for that matter,to the foe.So whats all the fuss about?
    Read between the lines,@ least he is not promising to leave you in the hands of the army or Elton.

  7. Charles Chamunorwa says:

    Mugabe is so selfish so much so that when he talks about succession he thinks of his future and not that of Zimbabwe. When he says the people shall choose he actually means himself. He is the people, he is the majority.

  8. NBS says:

    Bob is about one of the most selfish self serving people ever. The word of God says we shall know them by their fruit. What fruit have we seen and do we see in Zimbabwe? When one talks about leadership ZPF haven’t a clue and I am beginning to suspect that that is a problem throughout our opposition parties too. Zimbabweans must stop worshipping a man-any man-be he a political leader or a church leader. this has been the cause of many of a problem for us; the lifting up of man. “The nub of all evil is the elevation of man.” Art Katz. I pray that the Lord Himself will raise up a man to lead this nation; a man after God’s own heart and one that has a living reality of his Saviour, Jesus Christ. One that is humble and truthful. One that brings healing and a knitting together of his nations people; one that will sacrifice of himself for his nation. In fact someone the complete opposite to what we see in this nation today. If I did not have a solid faith in God I would be the picture of despair and hopelessness today. Zimbabwe is a mess and our sin is bringing about a just judgment and we are too blind to see it. Mukandiwa hopes to “judge’ all the stuff that is upon this nation like poverty and disease. Well I want to tell him today that until we repent as a church and as a nation there is no hope of that. No repentance! No restoration! He is putting the cart before the horse. Let us wake up, Zimbabwe!

  9. Mixed Race says:

    No one is born a dictator,we make them by worshiping them instead of respecting them.Check your past history my friends from the East of our country.

  10. Chara says:

    Mugabe is grooming Gono to take over when he leaves. All these names which are being thrown in the hat is just a waste of time.Munangagwa and Mujuru you are fighting for nothing.

  11. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    @NBS Is it possible to be God fearing and belong to Zanu pf?If it is,then such a leader will come from there.
    The judgement night issue should be viewed in context.Its not really about judging ones sins,but its about a night of reckoning against what may be troubling you.
    So,I suggest u go there,with everything on your mind,except the current leadership,and see what happens.
    @ Mixed Race,Bob is a dictator in the eyes of the western and S.A media.We dont worship the man ,we just give honour were it is due.Some however are more expressive than others.Yes,we do wince @ over the top praise singing.

    • NBS says:

      Murimi I have often asked myself that same question,’Is it possible to be God fearing and belong to ZPF?” And I have personally spoken to several high profile members who claim to be so. But my question is, if a person is totally God fearing then they must stand up and be a prophetic voice to their party. I just do not see the right fruit but then the opposition are giving off the same whiff of questionable Christianity. And so one must ask, “Can you be a politician in Zimbabwe and remain untainted and Christ like.” It is NOT okay in God’s eyes to lie, to steal, to be greedy, to shed blood, to steal elections, to be violent, to take a man’s farm violently and keep his assets, livestock etc, to hate, to intimidate, to rule by threat and fear, to harbour unforgiveness, hate and revenge and to exact revenge. And we could go on. And so if it were me I would have a hard time staying in that party. I pray for the Christians in there but I think there comes a time when as Revelation says, “Come out of her My people. ” we need to see as God sees’ not as we see. The bible says bad company corrupts good character. So yes! It would be hard and I have yet to hear a holy voice with clean hands and a pure heart coming out of ZPF.

  12. chirasha says:

    murimiwanhasi you are not serious ,what is he doing for zimbabwe to recieve that honorship ,so you tell me your eyes are clouded that you cant see how people are suffering in zimbabwe

    • Murimi Wanhasi says:

      @Chirasha Am I to dishonour my president coz things r bad?Do u dishonour Morgan coz he is a serial looser?I guess,not.

      • NBS says:

        Murimi you can love your president unconditionally but also acknowledge his shortcomings. Zimbabwe is damaged goods with a lot of hurt. Why?

  13. All Eyes On Me says:

    Its not just Mugabe who is full of contradictions – his whole Shona tribe is full of confusion!!

    • NBS says:

      Forgiveness. You sound bitter. bitterness will destroy you also. Of course there is hurt but I pray you come to forgive and Christ forgave us unworthy sinners.

  14. MikeH says:

    “all that he accomplished” !!! What exactly has he accomplished, in a positive sense that is ….. ZILCH, NOWT, NOTHING, ZERO !!!

  15. UMAARI says:

    Yes he should have to strengthen his responsibility and let the EU away from his resourceful land, why can’t we discuss the heads of the EU do this fault and their dictatorship, who created the dictatorship in this wicked world,no other than EU!

  16. norman munyaradzi says:

    At least Migabe himself now admits that he is old and accepts that some new blood must take over.

  17. KIBBS says:

    Would not be surprised if Bob or rather disgrace is grooming herself for the party leadership. May happen too!

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