#Mugabe leaves for eye operation | The Herald

via President leaves for eye operation | The Herald February 18, 2014

#mugabe, who was leaving for Singapore, bids farewell to Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Retired Colonel Christian Katsande, while Presidential spokesman Mr George Charamba, director of Protocol Ruth Chikwira and principal director in the Ministry of Information Mr Regis Chikowore look on at the Harare International Airport yesterday 17 February 2014

Presidential spokesperson Mr George Charamba told The Herald that the President was going for a second operation, this one to his left eye, which was procedural. “You do not do both operations once. He was done the right eye and now he is going for the second one.

“This was a date set well before last year which the President has to honour.”

Mr Charamba said the President would be back in the country at the weekend, “well in time for the 21st February Movement celebrations scheduled for Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera next Sunday”.

Vice President Joice Mujuru is the Acting President.
The 21st February Movement celebrates President Mugabe’s birthday and will this year be held under the theme “Zim-Asset — Growing the Economy for Youths Empowerment and Employment”.
President Mugabe turns 90.

The 21st February Movement was established in 1986, to encourage youths to emulate the self-less character and leadership qualities of President Mugabe.

It is a day of retrospection and symmetrical recognition of the well-documented life of President Mugabe, born on the day in 1924.

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39 comments on “#Mugabe leaves for eye operation | The Herald
  1. kagamba says:

    Toziva zvipi manje kana mudhara arikurwara taurayi chokwadi panekutinyepera mupori mudhara we will be praying for you

  2. roving ambassador. says:

    Should resign and move to Singapore. We can sort out the corruption on our on thank you.

  3. Tafadzwa Zim says:

    How come our fearless leader does not visit an ophthalmologist in Parirenyatwa??

  4. MikeH says:

    Yet another plane load of Zimbabwe’s assets leaves the country and I’m NOT talking about the passengers.

  5. Godonga says:

    An oldman deserves to be respected, more so one who is a national hero and one of the founders of our nation. Mugabe is no longer the future, but no one can deny him his deserved seat at the Founders Table! And he deserves his eye treatment too!

    Attention must instead be drawn to pseudo radicals with zero revolutionary history who might claim to be more Zanu than everyone else. Therein lies the danger facing the post Mugabe era:

    By the way whats Charamba doing at the airport, after promising to resign over Salarygate! It was all spokesman bluff ofcourse!

    If u got no ideas to share pliz stop hating an oldman who has done a lot for our country. Even Nyongolo (may his soul rest in peace) would hav wished Mugabe wel on his eye op.
    Bayete Mzilikazi!

    • JOC says:

      Problem….find it very difficult to respect thieves and murderers…..

    • Mena Bona says:

      Where do you come from? You need to go and get your eyes checked and perhaps get a brain scan because, your hero, has distroyed that once wealthy vibrant country. He and his cronies have looted Zimbabwe. They are not leaders. They are looters but then perhaps you are part of his gang. Must be!

    • Chess player says:

      Gondonga a President must show pride in his own Health delivery system and be treated locally. Why is he ashamed of it? Singaporeans do not come here for treatment. This is just a ruse…there is obviously more to it that what is spoken about. We are not fools you know.

    • Nkiwane (M'kiwa) says:

      Don’t bring Mzilikazi into this you C10!

  6. Reverend says:

    Dear,Dear Godonga, From a country that was a first world country on a third world continent, “The Jewel of Africa” to the inflicted disaster of a country we have to day destroyed by you and the man you say is a “national hero”! A man who has murdered and tortured the people of this country, stealing billions from the poor and ruling with corrupt impunity. What he deserves is the sentence of death, and then the judgement, which gladly the Lord will deliver, and He said ” Revenge is mine, I will repay”.
    He deserves nothing, but takes what he wants. Very evil sir!

  7. Godonga says:

    Reverend, Dont be emotional and save ur prayers for ur Jew God. I said the oldman is sick and deserves to be respected. I dont dispute the evils u associate with Mugabe but al u r saying has nothing to do with his heroism.

    George Washington killed people and was a Slave master but that did not diminish his legacy as a Founding father of the USA becoz that legacy is a historical fact beyond political divide.

    Mr Reverend, that Mugabe is a national hero is a historical fact not a point of debate. I dont blame you, i blame your blind faith in a Jewish history u half understand. Bayethe Mzilikazi.

    • Tom says:

      Firstly, you shouldn’t pat Mugabe on the back for being “just as bad” as some guy from 250years ago, secondly by resorting to anti-semitism (really?? in the 21st Century yeah?) your opinions get trashed as the rantings of the village idiot.

      • Jrr56 says:

        Why even bother with idiots like Godonga who follow the normal Zanu mantra of hurling insults backed up with crooked logic. Mugabe goes and he will be just another refugee.

    • Mena Bona says:

      You racist dog.

  8. CHINDUNDUMA says:

    Mugabe this is the problem faced by leaders like who only plan for the next election and forget about managing the economy. If you had managed the Zimbabwean economy well you would not have been wasting Treasury resources by going to Singapore for a simple eye operation. This a shame and hautombonyari. You inherited a well managed economy with a very strong currency but you looted everything and now you are finishing the little left with your treatments in Singapore. Urimbwa chaiyo

  9. DL says:

    If this surgery was scheduled last year, why was it not revealed to the public until now?

  10. Chikhangalapfula moses SHOKO. says:

    baba vedu vanorapa zvirwere zve panyika ne ku denga.a’men.

  11. John Thomas says:

    I believe the procedure he is to undergo is called an optirecomy. This involves cutting the nerve that connects his eyeball to his rectum thus curing his sh1tty outlook.

    My apologies in advance. This is a very old joke, but seems appropriate.

    Gadonga respect is earned, it does not automatically come with age. Furthermore Mugabe is the founder of what exactly? These are serious considered comments no emotion involved. I can state for the record that he has not earned my respect. If fact quite the opposite. This too is my considered position. Laws making it illegal to take this position and to express it to others notwithstanding.

  12. Godonga is right The old man has done a lot for the country. A lot of stealing,a lot of killing, A lot of arresting innocent people, a lot of hunger, a lot of crime. Yes Godonga he has done a lot.

  13. hutu says:

    Godonga is a clown.

  14. Lindy Lou says:

    Godonga,open your eyes and see,feel and hear the crying of the masses who Mugabe and his filthy rich thugs have destroyed.You,Godonga,will not will you because you obviously are one of them.Father of the nation,Mugabe,you must be a moron.Mugabe and his band of corrupt thieves plus Disgrace has turned a beautiful country and wonderful people into a destitute desert without hope.
    Sleep well Godonga and pray to your master,the devil, to bless Mugabe and his ilk.

  15. Todiyi Senseni says:

    Godonga sekuru he lost his respect a long time ago. All what he is doing now is to try “kuhorera mukaka wakadeuka” .The world is the one to judge who is a hero or not.

  16. Tinomunamataishe says:

    Godonga, there is no way Mugabe can be a hero anymore not at least to the majority of Zimbabweans. This is a guy who has plundered the economy to the point where he has turned the majority of people destitute. He has single-handedly driven millions of Zimbabweans out of the country because even armed with qualifications they couldn’t find jobs or a decent living.

    He has killed and maimed thousands of people just because he thought they didn’t agree with him. He has used state apparatus to oppress innocent people and now the CIO is more party focussed than country focussed because to him it’s his own personal militia, settling personal vendettas on his behalf.

    He has reduced urban areas to rural areas and now people have to use boreholes or dig wells in order to have a source of clean water.

    Hospitals have now been turned to places of death and I can go on. Tell me that guy is a hero – in whose eyes.

    The statement: “The 21st February Movement was established in 1986, to encourage youths to emulate the self-less character and leadership qualities of President Mugabe.” is an insult to the people of Zimbabwe. What self-less characters does he possess when he owns multiple farms, mansions in Hong Kong, the list is endless.

    What leadership qualities does he possess if he can’t rein in on corruption, can’t step aside to allow new ideas, and can’t accept anyone else’s opinion?

    And now he goes overseas for medical check-up using government funds

  17. masvukupete says:

    Remember that ZPF is a cult (mafia style). It is very difficult to convince someone that they are part of a cult. Normally something will trigger them back to reality. In that case it is very difficult to convince anyone out of a cult but it is more of an internal realisation rather than external persuasion. Different meanings of a cult:

    1) a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object

    2) A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.

    3) Obsessive, especially faddish, devotion to or veneration for a person, principle, or thing.

  18. Zindoga says:

    Visit Pari and “Gomo” hre Hospital 4 one hr only then u c what the people of Zim are experiancing .who can afford a pint of blood at$135 no gvt subsidy bt smeone is flying out.Gondonga b seious.

  19. Godonga says:

    Come on Zindoga n Lou, dont be blinded by misdirected hate! It is as certain as day and night that Mugabe wil be buried at Heroes Acre and the history books wil definately record him as a founding nationalist…u cant deny that!

    I do not support Mugabe. For ur own info I did my primary and secondary school in Nyamandlovu in the 80s and 90s and i personally experienced Gukurahundi wen my Headmaster and other teachers were abducted by the 5th Brigade from a morning school parade and some never returned.

    I was there at UZ in the days prior and after formation of the MDC and i experienced beatings and imprisonment without trial more than once. So no one can lecture me on the evils of one, Matibili Gushungo.

    Howeva, whats the use of wasting ur energy and stones on a dying old snake. The MDC failed coz they got obsessed with hating Mugabe.

    I said the oldman is sick and deserves to be wished well. It is African to wish the sick wel irregardless if they are our friends or enermies. Hating someone blindly wil not improve ur situation.

    Again I repeat: the danger facing Zimbabwe is not Mugabe but a cabal of Zanu Pf radicals who have zero revolutionay history i.e. Mafikizolos. Wen this group controls the army after Mugabe is gone, i tel u we shall cry tears of blood!

    So stop hating and focus!

    Bayete Mzilikazi.

    • Chess player says:

      Gondonga Mugabe has done nothing but destroy our once prosperous nation over the past 34 years. Let us salute our late heroes in Chitepo, Tongogara, Joshua Nkomo etc…please dont talk of Mugabe.

  20. Zvarwadza says:

    Just look at the smiles on the entourage squad, its like “yah looting time again boys the chief looter is out off office”

  21. Msizeni silwelani says:

    A thousand miles away, thousands of US dollars wasted, hundreds of manhours going to waste, only for an eyesight correction. If he has no trust on the capabilities of our local eye specialists, he should have sent for one from abroad than taking a colosal entourage for a private trip.

    As they say perhaps they will remove the nerve between his eyeball and rectum so Mugabe can see beauty in his sh1t, maybe they will add another one somehow he could smell pizza from the same.

  22. Harper says:

    Remember Milton Obote, he went abroad and was replaced by someone even worse, Idi Amin. Looking at the local talent available perhaps you should pray that Mugabe returns alive.

  23. Roving Ambassador says:

    Mandela was buried at his village, Mugabe will be buried at heroes acre. The hill of thieves, just like GOLGOTHA (hope I am right), like I have stated before,we shall make it a tourist attraction and make people pay so we can get part of our money back. Thieves.

  24. johnxo says:

    so Dr Solomon Guramatunhu the celebrated 1st black eye specialist cant correct the left eye of the 1st citizen? wat a joke. my friend in singapore told me he have prostate cancer, the right ball was removed last time now its all balls out. i wonder who will have balls to tackle salarygate

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