Mugabe mum on Mandela’s death, MDC offers condolences

via Mugabe mum on Mandela’s death, MDC offers condolences | BDlive by Ray Ndlovu DECEMBER 06 2013

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s office had yet to issue an official statement on Friday on the death of former South African president Nelson Mandela, who died on Thursday evening at his home in Houghton, Johannesburg, at the age of 95.

Zanu (PF) spokesman Rugare Gumbo was by Friday afternoon the only senior member of Zimbabwe’s ruling party that commented on Mandela’s death. Mr Gumbo described Mandela’s death as a loss to the continent’s ideals of liberation and to the rest world.

In contrast, the country’s largest opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T), was vocal in its praise for Mandela, with leader Morgan Tsvangirai describing his death as “shattering and a great loss”.

In his condolence message, Mr Tsvangirai praised Mandela for being a great inspiration to humanity.

“Madiba passed the endurance test and sent a great lesson that the predicament of an individual is subordinate to the cause of a people,” Mr Tsvangirai said.

“That a man could spend 27 years in prison and still maintain his humility and capacity to forgive is enough testimony to the greatness of the man the world has lost today,” he said.

“I also visited his (prison) cell at Robben Island and was inspired by the life of a great man, who endured so much but had no bitterness and vengeance after so much pain. Africa should continue to produce more Mandelas who think more about the people than personal power; for whom the people’s welfare is more important than the selfish pursuit of personal power and glory,” he said.

The MDC-T leader recounted having met Mandela once — without disclosing the date and venue of their meeting — and having lobbied him to intervene in the tense political situation in Zimbabwe. “I met him once and we had a frank exchange on the situation in Zimbabwe. He told me that the country had taken a wrong turn and that Mr Mugabe had led the nation to the brink of political and economic turmoil, and that he would personally do all he could to persuade the Zimbabwean leadership to see sense,” said Mr Tsvangirai.

“Unfortunately, his health deteriorated and now he has died, with the Zimbabwean crisis taking a turn for the worst and with the country saddled with a legitimacy crisis arising out of yet another stolen election,” he said.

In an interview earlier this year, Mr Mugabe described Mandela’s stance on land ownership as being “soft” — a comment that raised eyebrows on whether the two African leaders had a secret falling out.

“Britain will praise you only if you are doing things that please them. Mandela has gone a bit too far in doing good to the nonblack communities, really in some cases at the expense of blacks,” Mr Mugabe said in the interview with People of the South’s Dali Tambo, broadcast by the SABC.

“That’s being too saintly, too good, too much of a saint,” he said.


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51 comments on “Mugabe mum on Mandela’s death, MDC offers condolences
  1. Parangeta (Ramrod) says:

    Probably the only ‘non -Head of State’ to not issue a statement, the man is a fool, a tyrant and a bad excuse for humility and humanity.

  2. adam jones says:

    One wonders what would have happened in Zimbabwe had Mandela stayed another five years as president? Would Mugabe have got away with it? Mbeki was bad for Zimbabwe – very bad – and when Zuma came in, it was too late and then he also got compromised. Only Mandela.

  3. chilimanzi says:

    Its unfortunate.

  4. Judy Gushungo says:

    Its sad. What a pathetic leadership

  5. kevin says:

    MT, you might have met Madiba (doubtful), it is hard to believe that you had that exchange.

  6. RIP. Tata Mandela. Moses of our generation. The only leader I will respect until death. A true leader not these rulers, thieves who stole our history. Am proud to be an African because of people like you.

  7. Amy says:

    He might not have said anything and probably doesn’t care but he will defiantly mingle with other world leaders at the funeral just to rub it in their faces that he is still the head of a crumbling state and there is nothing they can do about it. He is not one to miss an opportunity to make a fool of himself. It’s just unfortunate they cannot swap places with Nelson

  8. MikeH says:

    Madiba has left a mega legacy….. mugabe will leave no legacy.

  9. Peter tosh says:

    The tyrant.

  10. Blackhammer! says:

    Completely released now the big or large question on many people of Southern Africa origin’s minds is or will be ‘Ko iye?’, ‘Undoda kuqina ke?, ‘What about him?’ From prisoner to president our history has been set in stone for generations to come. Thank you and rest in peace. A towering figure in the 21st century. Deserves a holiday or a sickie and you know which I am taking.
    Simon M Tozvireva

  11. Malcolm says:

    Mugabe has never forgotten that he was once considered a figurehead of African Liberation, until he was upstaged on the world scene with the release of Mandela. It is probable that when Mugabe found himself relegated to second place in ‘popularity’, beneath Mandela, he sought to find alternative recognition; namely, infamy will also do the trick and make one noticed again. Mugabe’s silence on Mandela is sheer petulance. Mandela has again taken Mugabe’s limelight. I guess we’ll be soon treated to an outburst of outrageous behaviour or comment from the sulking, aged Mugabe.

    • ZimJim says:

      Nail, head, hit-on. Spot on!

      Very well said Malcolm.

      My sentiments exactly!

      Bob’s passing will be welcomed.

      “Good Riddance” will be the headlines. AND he knows it!

  12. mark longhurst says:

    nobody anywhere in the world gives a sh!t what Mugabe murderer ethic cleanser and tyrant thinks or says

  13. takeover says:

    His legacy could have been complete had he given back the land to its rightful owners

    • Rudadiso says:

      Takeover, if you are talking about the sort of rightful owners we have seen in Zim then you have no sense of shame. What is the point of giving land to the type of farmer whose joy only lies in claiming “I own this farm” and then joins the queue for food hand outs donated by the west?

      Rest in peace Tata Mandela, the epitome of humanity.

  14. Cde Hondo says:

    Takeover, you are such a fool. What a destructive mind you have.

  15. mucha says:

    Who is Tsvangirai in the Zim-RSA international relations? So you believe RSA will receive Tsvangirai’s condolences as representative of the people of Zim? And this liar Tsvangirai – where did he meet Mandela?

    • GBZ says:

      Eat your words idiot…yes he met Mandela, and if your crumby little sicko sqirt cant open his mouth and say something nice for a change then let the real president of Zimbabwe give our national condolences.
      You zanoids are a lost cause man!

    • Rudadiso says:

      Mucha, Tsvangirai never claimed that his condolences are on behalf of the people of Zim. Like any sensible human being, especially in terms of the African culture, he conveyed his sympathies.

      Mugabe, by failing to follow the spirit of Ubuntu where you convey sympathies to the family of the deceased irrespective of your differences, has once again demonstrated that he is a sorry excuse of a human being – petty and childish. Remember he did the same when Ndabaningi Sithole and Muzorewa died. He is simply a mean spirited emotionally underdeveloped individual with zero empathy who should never have led a nation.

  16. Dzatsva says:

    they say only the good die young,but here is an Elder Statesman that die at 95 ,but still people wish him more.He is probably the one and only African or World Leader whose legacy is clean,though some may say he had short comings ,but he was also human not a GOD.So the South Africans should continue from were he left and fullfil there wishes.Good Executives last only five years no matter how good the company is doing.The struggle to eradicate poverty and empower the citizens must continue but in a rational way.Look at us Zimbabwe we are a poor excuse of empowered people resource wise.We got everything but were is everybody,SA,UK USA,CANADA ,AUSTRALIA,etc.So the passing of Tata in SA must not inspire the youth the wrong way.RIP MR MANDELA NELSON.

  17. GBZ says:

    I bet mugarbage is burning inside as he sees the condolences to Madiba, because he knows the size of the party and jubilation when he takes a flying kick at the proverbial bucket… The evil MF.

  18. Murimi wanhasi says:

    You say Mugabe & Zanu pf r one and the same.
    The spokesperson has offered condolences, and now u r sayin Mugabe has not spoken…interesting.
    Mugabe is no fool,he knows u r waitin for him to say somethin,so that u can attack him and say how insencere his condolonces r..he has said them,would Gumbo speak without mudhara’s knowledge?.and u r still waitin..kikikikiki.
    Ok,he will give u 2nd condolences soon enuff,since he is not rushin to get political mileage

    Mucha,good to see u r in the mix!!!

    • Ernest says:

      Some presidents ar sending live condolences themselves .he cant do that becoz he is not a president bt just some wild leader

    • Rudadiso says:

      Murimi wanhasi, by failing to convey his sympathies to the South African government and more importantly, the Mandela family, Mugabe has demonstrated that he is more of a fool than anyone would have imagined.

      Zanu P.F. and government are not one and the same – that is why the party headquarters is not at Munhumutapa building. It is at Shake Shake House.

  19. mukanya says:

    if MT managed to meet on several occasions with Obama what makes other fools doubt he can meet the great man next door. Doubting that MT represents a multitude of Zimbos can only be daydreaming.

  20. DRY WINE says:

    It’s shameful to have this wilted dictator as my president. Nhai Zimbabwe, whats wrong with us? Where will this hip of “1924 shiet” take us? What new can we expect? Now I hear he has started printing his bearer cheques again! Says they are “gold denominated” a sugar coated strategy to liquidate any forex in citizens’ accounts.

  21. NBS says:

    What can RGM say? Madiba stood for everything he didn’t and hasn’t and won’t I pray he would begin to see the light. Also that little green monster that sometimes sits on our shoulders!!! Majealousy!!! Oh how us Zimbabweans long for a leader with even an iota of the grace and forgiveness and love Mandela had. We cry out for a man of peace who carries the mercy, healing, forgiveness and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  22. lost birthright says:

    Once upon a time there was a Robert Gabriel Mugabe who was a model African politician, but now he is probably the most renown Infamous Ambassador for Africa. If he is an example to his nation, so are his followers fitting the same boot.

    Mandela was a true politician and not power hungry, did his dash for the country and handed over the reins to those that are now fighting for the rank and stardom he fought for so many years ago. Is Africa united in the passing of one of it’s hero’s ??

    If someone asks me what I think of him I say he is a prime ambassador for Africa, but I think that he is now an insult to his own tribe. Wake up and smell the stench coming from Zanupf politics. Shame on you RGM.

  23. gideon nkala says:

    Mandela is being mourned by the whole world.The UnitedNations has lowered its flags,America AU,France, kenya and many more have followed suit. All this to respect a man who stood for forgiveness and democracy. To the poor he gave RDP houses and introduced the grant system to make every family can buy food. Now picture Mugabe. What has he done? Exactly the opposite. Mugabe can not judge or say anything about Mandela. We are talking world class leadership here not this trash of dictatorship hiding behind indeginisation. If this indiginisation was a successs why are 2 million zimbos living in Mandela land?
    The day he will die is when Zanu will see how hated heis as his fellow citzens will hold week long parties. As usuual it will take riot police and army to stop them. Viva Mandela. Viva democracy

  24. Jenandebvu says:

    Morgain is now mature to be the stateman. Afa anaka, chero usina kumbomuona, just tell the world the man was good. There will be celebrations in Harare zviikanzi Mr Mugabe vafa. But ini hangu ndichangovati zororai murugare First Father. But to Mandela, the world will miss you. RIP. Daidza mumwe ari muHarare mufambidzane

  25. Murimi wanhasi says:

    Rudadiso,u know what I said is true.people r jus waitin to pounce on whatever statement he makes,so wisely it was done thru the party.
    Do u guys want him at the funeral?
    veVigil vangatokwira ndege kumanya Joni

    • Rudadiso says:

      Murimi Wanhasi, no, I do not know that what you said is true. What I know for certain is that it is nonsensical. Why would I want him at Mandela’s funeral? It’s not my job to decide whether or not our sorry excuse of a president should attend Mandela’s funeral.

      What I know is a decent human being conveys his/her sympathies in the event of a death. Mugabe failed that simple test.

  26. Mzansi says:

    We give him countless loans (which we know he will never pay back) to aid his crumbling govt, share our country and its resources with millions of his people. But still this man….
    Maybe we should stop playing nice!

  27. BenK says:

    As a Swahili-speaking white Scot, I gave some of the best years of my life to working with truly remarkable Africans in Tanzania in the early 1980s, when RSA was still in the dark ages. I was inspired by such men as Julius Nyerere – Mandela was much less well known on world stage. There was optimism for African development. Few have done more to wreck that than Mugabe. To even speak of him in the same breath as Madiba Mandela sticks in the throat. But it must be done – if only for the sake of the future of Africa. We have to pray that we will be delivered from this latter day Mobutu Sese Seko – best of all in his own lifetime.

  28. sabhuku says:

    Mugabe keeps grudges. He couldn’t forgive J. Nkomo and now can’t forgive Mandela for the DRC debacle.Remember Mandela had wanted to meet Kabila snr and Mobutu when Mugabe influence the latter to continue with the war. He felt Mandela wanted to steal the limelight.Mandela went on to say that the DRC war could only end if all or one of the main parties in the war had run out of money. True Zimbabwe ran out of money until today

  29. BRUCE CROFTS says:

    Just think, if Mandela had not been the son of a Paramount Chief
    he would have been hung back in 1962 when having returned
    from training in Egypt he was busy Blowing Up Electric Power
    Transmission Line Towers. Ah! Well !!

    • Rudadiso says:

      Bruce Crofts, Mandela blew up Electric Power Transmission Line towers; the apartheid government murdered school children, yes, SCHOOL CHILDREN, in cold blood. Do you remember the Sharpville massacre?

      Incidentally, why did Mandela do what he did? Any idea?

  30. Anold Anderson says:

    Fools and misunderstanding people are those who are prone to compare their leaders and want to comment upon things they do not know instead of waiting and seeing. Not all who start the race will always the once to win the race and vise vesa. We lost our leader no need for people to be the mouth peace of other leaders in demonising them. Hold your peace brothers and let this cup pass peacefully then you can start your unreasonable utterances. This only proves your foolishness and misunderstanding. Our people need to breave peacefully. We lost our Father, our Leader and its irreversible. No political gimmicks brothers and sisters.

    • Malcolm says:

      @ Arnold – There is a fundamental requirement in any development, be it cultural,religious scientific or political, to make comparisons. Without the ability to compare and make conclusions we would have no benchmark for progress. We would inherently be mindless and direction-less as a society on many a level. It is worthy to note that political dictators/despots abhor people who dare to have any self-rationalized opinion. They will suppress, violently if need be, anyone who would find thought or reason with other than that which is authoritative dogma. So, Arnold, we should welcome comments here, and allow for commentators to think and express their desire to progress. It would ultimately be a sorry situation if we all climbed into our comfort zones, did nothing… and said nought.

  31. JOSEPH SITHOLE says:

    A great loss to the whole Africa Our only great father Ever in world who doesn`t have the mentality of Black or white rest in peace TATA MANDELA OUR GREAT FATHER

  32. Mugabe is a sad old man. He has shown just how jealous he is.He once complained that he preached forgiveness and reconciliation before Mandela did, but mandela got the credit. The thing is, Mandela meantit, yet Mugabe started recounting the wrong doings of the oppressors once things were no longer going his way. That is not forgiveness. Mugabe cannot be like Mandela. He has created so much hatred among his own people. He has no compassion. He will go down in history as the man who liberated his people only to turn against them and make them the laughing stock of other nationalities

  33. BRUCE CROFTS says:

    Rudadiso & Anold Anderson, I appreciate your comments.
    I only made the one point. He broke RSA law, the
    penalty for which, if found guilty, was and still is Death.
    We know he needed to draw attention to the Race Laws.
    He knew, if he was caught, the Penalty was Death.
    He was lucky, those in authority spared him with a
    Life Sentence. They knew Aparheid had to go, they also
    knew, after his “Statement” from the “Dock” he had a big
    part to play when it fianally had to come. 27 years under
    arrest was time wasted. Had he not broken the Law, he
    could have continued to make the case. That approach
    would, in many peoples opinion, have been more
    productive. The whole world was/is on RSA side.
    The world is also disappointed at the slow progress
    over the last 20 Yrs.

  34. Kubota Binga says:

    Rushing to be the first to issue condolencses is no way the sign of Ubuntu, may also be seen as pretence. Now that he has issue a statement what do you say?

    People should be ashamed of politicising deaths and comparing compassions, been in Mugabe’s heart?

    Guys you are a sad lot.

    • Wayne says:

      Kubota Binga AKA Jonathan Moyo

      Mugabe has politicised death since the day he came into power. Go read all the transcripts of his speeches at the grave sides of the funerals at Heroes Acre.

      We not a sad lot we just see reality.

      • Kubota Binga says:

        Hey Wayne,what is reality to you? My point is, it does not make Morgan any better person to be the first to issue a statement on one’s death, the converse is true, even if Mugabe does issue a statemnt earlier than Obama, it still does not make him a better person anyway. my point is, politicking on Mandela’s death is sad. By the way am happy being called Kubota Binga. If you wanna know who I am just ask. No speculation required. What would you have said if Mugabe was seen to be all smiles at mandela’s funeral like how the Western leaders were? The Obama selfies?

  35. Analyst says:

    Africa lost a great man indeed,a man who liberated the oppressed and forgave his enemies.Mugabe stil remaines a hero because he also surcrificed for his country and reconciled but later demanded total independence.It is very unfortunate for Mugabe tht the economy went on its knees otherwise he is an African icon leader

    • ZimJim says:

      “surcrificed”… A fine example of education al la “Bob”…

      “It is very unfortunate for Mugabe tht the economy went on its knees otherwise he is an African icon leader”…

      Analyst, you idiot!

      “It is very unfortunate for Mugabe tht the economy went on its knees otherwise he is an African icon leader”

      Bob PUT the economy on it’s knees!

  36. chief says:

    people suppose l may ask.besides being prisoned what else did he does.l was just comparing with our own president and l have so that our own president did a lot than him.

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