#mugabe running scared of the monsters he created


FORMER State Enterprises and Parastatals Minister, Gorden Moyo,on Wednesday came out guns blazing accusing President Robert Mugabe for lacking guts to deal with corruption because the military behind such acts is protecting Zanu PF’s rule therefore controlling the state, rendering him powerless.
Moyo said the president has no power to stop the rot and corruption taking place in the country because the military had embedded itself in those institutions and they were the ones fuelling corruption.

Speaking at a “salary-gate” dialogue meeting in Bulawayo, Moyo said Zimbabwe had become highly militarised as military personnel occupied almost all spaces in government institutions, which is why there were non-performing.

“When I was the state enterprises minister, I called all parastatal board members to my office. I was surprised most introduced themselves as retired brigadiers, retired colonels, retired generals and retired commanders.  Why is this is a problem? It is a problem because the current government has been propped up by the military.

“From 2002 up to the recent elections the army has been safeguarding Zanu PF’s rule. The president has no guts. He can’t stop this because the army is behind the survival of the regime, this is the truth, hard fact,” he alleged.

Through its various arms, the country’s militia has been occupying spaces and positions in government, they are everywhere, Moyo said.

“During the liberation struggle there was the military wing and the political wing. After independence, these formed the politico-military alliance, this saw military personnel deployed in state enterprises. It was deliberate policy of government deploying its cadres. Then those in parastatals became a funding model and would mobilise resources for those politicians in government. Corruption then became institutionalised, it became formal, as state is now militarised, it is beyond civility, until that model is changed it would continue,” he explained.

Besides militarisation, the Makokoba legislator, also identified factionalism, structuralism and politicisation as factors why corruption was rampant in these non performing parastatals.
“There is politicisation of state enterprises. They have become a retirement home for military ex service men and women, diplomats and former ministers and members of the politburo. They are appointed to those boards to be appeased.”

Because of this, Moyo also accused the ministers of having no spine to rule autonomously as they had to follow a set chain command.

“There is a structure that is followed in the party and it is followed differently from what is in the government. Ministers follow a Zanu PF line up, which consists of who was what during the days dating back to the liberation struggle. Ministers who are recently appointed also appoint board members from their own factions. Every minister that comes in will appoint those colleagues from his own side. Factionalism is at play,” he said.

“This is a big headache for the president, he has to deal with it. He has to act decisively and risk antagonising the factions. he has a problem of balancing his party.”
Moyo said it was surprising and raised eyebrows why the country’s financial intelligence failed to unravel salary-gate sooner, as individuals were receiving hefty money in their bank accounts every month.
“How can one earn over $300 000 and that money goes into ones back without the country’s economic and financial intelligence acting on it or investigating how one makes that kind of money. This means the government can be toppled by anyone, anytime as anyone can fund terrorism or fund the opposition. The government knew about this, they knew if they took these corrupt people to court, alternatively it would be itself in trial,” he said.

When asked why he thought all these “salary-gate” issues were coming out now, Moyo said the president would retire ultimately therefore making way for a new leader therefore opportunists were using corruption to ascend towards the presidency.

“The president is turning 90 tomorrow (21 February) and that means something is imminent in this country. There would be a change of guard and the stakes are high considering there is an absence of opposition contestation. The contest is within Zanu PF, therefore someone is fighting using corruption,” he said. radio dialogue

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36 comments on “#mugabe running scared of the monsters he created
  1. Roving Ambassador says:

    Poor strategy by the MDC’s, why did they not bring this up when they were in government? They also had their heads in the trough. This is why we need leadership renewal. The current crop is totally useless.

  2. loveness says:

    Armchair commentators.you criticize everything.you are responsible for the current status quo.

  3. bingo wajakata says:

    A very good article. I wrote a piece after the 2008 elections in which I also pointed out that Mugabe had become a prisoner of his own making. I believe Mugabe had thrown in the towel in 2008 but the military would hear none of it and recalled him back because he is their effigy, a toothless dummy who protects them. I do not see regional leaders allowing anyone else to ride slipshod as Bob has been able to do. The military fully know that their survival is not guaranteed when Bob leaves and for that reason they will push with all their might to make sure Munangangwa takes over when Bob goes, he has similar crimes and hence will protect them will they protect him.

  4. Khaya'bonina says:

    @Roving Ambassador , you are another monster , MDC have got nothing to do with this , ZANU PF must get this mess sorted out. Don’t bring your family stress to us its too early .

    • Zombi says:

      The MDC have everything to do with this. For the entire duration of the GNU they presided over ministries which have also been implicated in salarygate. But the MDC did not go public with this information. They were silent about it. In their silence, they became complicit. They failed to use their strategic position to expose the massive and rampant corruption. What is the MDCs legacy from their time in govt?

  5. Roving Ambassador says:

    Sorry my dear, I only state issues as I see them. We should not bury our heads in the sand. Where leadership is failing ,point it out. The evidence is there for everyone one to see.
    And I agree with you Bingo, the junta is in control, they got the elections for bob and Mnangagwa is next inn line. Mujuru will be nowhere. Not that she really minds,as long as her loot is protected.

  6. MikeH says:

    “the junta is in control” and have been since day one.

  7. Nyoni says:

    I spoke to the late Edgar Tekere years back at the Parklane Hotel and he told me and friends that Zanu Was militarised to ensure Zanu stays in power forever. How true he was but people laughed at him. He tried to fight but the rest is history. Interesting to note Edgar was mixed race but who cared?ask yourselves that .

  8. Kondo says:

    Gorden Moyo was an MDC minister in the GNU. Why didn’t he address these issues then or, at least, make the public aware of the disgusting corruption (salarygate) before the elections?

  9. Mapingu says:

    Guyz stop complicating simple things here. The reality is just as the old adage sum it all “The fish rots from the head.” This is the key thing: Mugabe himself is the commander-in-chief of looting, apart from being the commander-in-chief of all other gvt institutions.

    The man is not clean, and has never been. So, expecting him to act against thieves, rapists, looters, etc, in his own party is simply expecting the devil himself to punish his followers for doing evil things. If anything he rewards them not the other way round – and of course this is not news to any normal Zimboz, becoz that’s exactly what he has done over the yrs and will continue doing it.

    So, this talk of militarization & lack of power to discipline the military dosen’t really honestly. Whose in the in and/or out of the military has dared to cross RGM’s path and went unpunished? Answer, is certainly none – vamwe vakatoenda kwamufiga nebwe chaiko. Issue of fear is certainly neither here nor there. Mudhara can punish anyone who crosses his path – inside or outside zanu pf – pasina chinovuya kwaari futi. But zvokuba haisinyaya kuna mudhara iyo, kutongotaurawo zvake kuvhara mapepanhau ari kuti bongozozo nezvazvo. If anything achato panicha vari kutaurisa vacho ivavo ndozvatinotoziva.

    • Zombi says:

      “Stop complicating things here”… that alone shows that you aren’t going to look at this situation “correctly”. It is a complex problem, Zanu PF militarised government structures. Through that, the military has been benefiting and will not want to change the status quo. Now that militarisation has gone beyond what Mugabe alone can bring under control or reverse. Unfortunately, the world is not a simple place. You might be in denial about these realities (maybe because you don’t agree with the priniciples behind them) but at the end of the day, that IS the reality. We cannot wish it away or just deny it away my friend. It has to be dealt with, and the big question is how? who? when?

  10. havanyani says:

    This is the hard fact. Mugo has never been his own man in spite of the grandstanding and bluster.

  11. Godonga says:

    Poor Moyo, he forgets MDC simpletons voted him into parliament so he culd influence national policy from within the GNU; it is foolish to raise these matters now that he has no power nor a position of influence:

    Moyo is however confirming two abiding truths;

    1. That MDC was useless and ineffective in effecting policy change in Zimbabwe.

    2. That MDC wil remain useless and irrelevant in post-Mugabe Zimbabwe coz the same military will remain in control.

    All this confirms one reality that ” Zimbabwe ndeye ropa baba”. MDC and al its offshoots must get out of the kitchen if they cant stand the heat!

    Bayete Mzilikazi.

    • William Doctor says:

      @ Godonga

      You say that

      1. That MDC was useless and ineffective in effecting policy change in Zimbabwe.

      What you omit is the fact that over three elections were stolen from them. Mbeki helped Mugabe steal the 2008 election in plain sight. This can be taken to the UN it was so illegal.

      2. That MDC wil remain useless and irrelevant in post-Mugabe Zimbabwe coz the same military will remain in control

      The same military? You mean ageing warvets with a longevity of another 5 years max. They’re all dying – mostly from HIV – if you hadn’t noticed.

  12. Mthwakazi says:

    The militarisation of Zimbabwe’s state institutions can be blamed on the Shona majority who overwhelimingly voted for the gukurahundi ZANU PF party, whilst pursuing their centuries-old vendetta against PF ZAPU, the Ndebele and Matebeleland.

    Remember the gukurahundi terms “Consolidating our independence” – it might be that many Shonas never knew what it meant; but now its clear that ZANU PF’s way of consolidating that independence was to ZANUNISE the whole country; appoint every military men in positions of power; crush the opposition as they did to PF ZAPU and Nkomo etc.

    Shonas helped Mugabe is all this – shame; shame and shame on you people!!

  13. Roving Ambassador says:

    I beg to differ Mthwakazi, even if you take the voting Shonas away Zanu will always win. To put it on other way ,if no one votes Zano will win with 70% majority.

    • Mthwakazi says:

      Roving Ambassador
      The problem with people like you who criticise my contributions is that your understanding of Zimbabwe’s current political problems is based on post 1990 politics.

      This is why you will never understand my point of view.

  14. Manyongori says:

    Mtwakazi-your tribalistic drivel in every contribution you make is nauseating.Why don’t you just shut up if you got nothing rational to say.Cain Mathema,Obert Mpofu,Jonathan Moyo,John Nkomo(late),Callistus Ndlovu,Jabulani Sibanda and a lot more too numerous to mention are not shona but have influential posts in Zanu pf.So there is nothing tribal about it all but pure greed,incompetence,corruption and all such vices which transcend race,tribe etc.What we need now is a common cause and purpose to fight the enemy- Zanu pf without the likes of you creating imaginary divisions among the people.Your emotional rants devoid of fact and reason have no place on this forum.

    • Mthwakazi says:

      My friend, do you know what tribalism is? Please stop trying to silence me with allegations of tribalism – you will never succeed. I dont bend that easily.

      The problem with people like you, who criticise my contributions is that your understanding of Zimbabwe’s current political problems is based on the post 1990 politics.

      The gukurahundi ZANU PF party and its leader Robert Mugabe that you are all so aginst today in 2014 is the same ZANU PF of 1980; using the same old gukurahundi tactics it used against Mthwakazi, Nkomo and PF ZAPU in order to stay in power.

      As long as you dont understand that, me and you will never find each other. There is nothing tribalistic about this – its a fact.

      If you were born in the 1990s or 1980s,then I forgive your foolish ignorance – it is not your fault. However, if you were old enough to understand politics by 1980, then you deserve to hand because you are directly responsible for the current mess that is Zimbabwe today.

      Apart from Obert Mpofu who crossed the floor early, all those Mthwakazi people you have named who currently hold infuential positions in ZANU PF were not in ZANU PF in 1980; when most of you overwhelmingly voted for ZANU PF on tribal lines.

      I am saying the 1980 and 1985 elections were watershed elections – this is when all trouble started, but you as Shona people never saw it coming.

      Admit it – you dropped the ball in those years. Even today, you continue dropping the ball with your Tsvangirayi. Crying over spilt milk will not solve anything!!

  15. Godonga says:

    Mthwakazi welcome to reality! Am glad u hav realised Gukurahundi was a tribal lynching ( cleansing) project planned and executed by Shona tribal warlords to benefit shona people specifically!

    Tribalism is the modus operandi and it is now institutionalised in Zezuruland! Mugabe is a liberation war hero but revolutionarism alone is not enuf to make one a statesman!

    So while Mugabe has earned his space at Heroes acre, he might not make it in my books as a Statesman coz he fail to unite and build one nation. His developmental policies hav been regional both prioritisation and execution. Remember the Ma(Ndebeleland) Zambezi Water Project?

    That is why we are still divided today coz Tribalism is a Robert Mugabe way, and this road is the Main Road in every town in Zezuruland.

    Bayete Mzilikazi!

    • Mthwakazi says:

      I agree, that gukurahundi was a tribal onslaught. But I beg to differ when you say it was “planned and executed by Shona tribal warlords to benefit shona people specifically!”

      It was executed by ZANU PF and Mugabe to benefit ZANU PF and Mugabe – not the Shona. The Shonas who got involved were used!!

  16. Tongoona says:

    Mtwakazi which age are living in? Are you a politician or a trouble monger? Joshua Nkomo once said and I quote “We are a people together.” Iwe unotorwara nechirwere chinonzi Tribalism uri mharadzi, uri mhunza musha yemunhu. The majority of Matebeleland population are not pure Ndebeles including you “Moyo”. You are a fake Ndebele trying to antagonise the Shona against the Ndebele and vice-versa. I think those that run this column must cross out your pseudo-name to spare us all of your tribal propensities.

    • Mthwakazi says:


      1.Why are you so obsessed with the Ndebele people? Who told you I am Ndebele; where do you get that?

      2. Which Age am I living in? Well, I am living in 2014 just like you but I am much more politically astute than you are, to understand that the past informs the present!!

  17. Godonga says:

    Manyongori, u are the emotional one devoid of facts in ur assumption that tribalism is not reality but just a rant! Mthwakazi is obsessed with tribalism becoz he lives in a land built on and obsessed by tribalism. This is Zezuruland

    Mugabe played the tribal card against Nkomo to gain power in 1980; he again played tribal games executing Gukurahundi to consolidate power, the Unity Accord is a tribal truce, the make up all power structures in Zanu PF reflects expertise in tribal politics and balancing.

    The factionalism in Zanu PF is a tribal parody willingly played by Mugabe, so is the balancing of power in the Presideum and the military.

    To say that because of a few Ndebeles in Zanu PF there is no tribalism, is as stupid as saying becoz there were a few blacks in Ian Smith’s gvt, there was no racism.

    Every Chase Board has its own pawns to sacrifice for the bigger picture baba!

    Bayete Mzilikazi!

  18. Roving Eagle says:

    A problem is solved at the level at which it is created. Moyo has clearly articulated the military problem that Zimbabwe has. It is silly to accuse him of not solving the problem when he was in GNU. A military problem requires a military solution.

  19. Tongoona says:

    Mthwkazi, we are a people together.

    • Mthwakazi says:

      I know we are all people, but I still want to know why you say I am Ndebele – where do you get that? Who told you I am Ndebele?

      A lot of innocent Ndebele people have over the years fallen victim of Shona tribalism because of the obsession of people like you with the Ndebele people. Some are simpply obsessed with the very word NDEBELE – care to tell me why?

  20. Godonga says:

    Mthwakazi let me educate u. Gukurahundi was a three pronged assault, one political, the second military and the third social. In all the 3 ways it is mainly shona people who benefited.

    Nyongolo was hunted lik a snake, Zapu supporters crushed in the villages, Zapu was disenfranchised and its leaders killed, exiled or jailed. Ndebele military generals were humilliated and the rural population fled to SA and Botswana.

    In all 3 scenario shona pple benefited, and soon Bulawayo bars started to feel like u r in Harare. Shona people took all civil service jobs in Byo; the police, army and even teaching posts.Even the streets were named after shona veterans not our own heroes. Who needs Mugabe/Chitepo road in Bulawayo wen we had our own Nkomo/ Nikita Mangena to flaunt lol!

    It was a deliberate tribal project that stil functions today!

    Bayete Mzilikazi!

    • Mthwakazi says:

      I understand what you are saying. But what you are still failing to understand is that there is a difference between being involved in gukurahundi and being a beneficiary of the outcomes of gukurahundism. There were individuals, all of who happened to be Shona who were involved in gukurahundi. This is totally different from saying that EVERY Shona is responsible for gukurahundi.

      It is wrong to say Shonas were generally responsible for gukurahundi.If so, how do you explain the fact that many of them in remote Mashonaland, Manicaland and Msvingo provinces did not even know there was something called gukurahundi going on?

      How can you be responsible for something you are not even aware is happening? What you are saying amounts to finding people guilty by association. None of us chose to be who we are; whether you are black, white, coloured, Tonga, Tswana, Shona, Ndebele, Venda etc, etc.

      If you are a Mthwakazi, are you also in agreement of the fact that you are guilty of the tribal wars of the 1890s? How were you involved in those wars, if I may ask?

      I am sure you also agree that Bona, Chatunga and Robert jnr are Shona. Are you saying because of being Shona they were involved in gukurahundi?

      So you see – your argument of Shonas as an ethnic group being responsible for gukurahundi does not make sense.

      However, as to being beneficiaries in the outcomes of gukurahundi, I would agree. This is why you see many of them have grown to assume that every Zimbabwean can speak and understand Shona. This annoys a lot of Mthwakazi people a lot because its colonialist like white racism.

      They make no effort to speak local languages in Mthwakazi, because gukurahundi forced the Shona language on the people of Mthwakazi at gunpoint. This is indeed benefiting them. There are many other benefits that have flowed to the Shona as a result of gukurahundi – much of them cultural!!

  21. Roving Ambassador says:

    I hear you cry Gondonga, I here you cry . Like I have stated before,this crop of leaders totally useless as far as tribalism and crimes committed. A true and reconciliation program must be enacted and victim compensated. Perpetrators must be brought face to face with the victims. Formal apologies given then we can move forward.
    But ,this can only happen with a leadership which is patriotic and true to the nation. This is my war cry . True leadership,whether mixed race, (led Ghana to democracy) white( led Jamaica to stability),Ndebele, Venda, Shona, Nyanja is all we want.
    I truly cry for my country when I see significant economic growth in countries with no resources to talk about compared to Zimbabwe.
    We don’t deserve this bunch of looters ,. Waste of oxygen.

  22. mujibha says:

    you guys who r saying mdc should also take the blem bcause they did’nt expose corruption during gnu especially salay-gate, i don’t think from the bigning till to the end of the gnu mdc had the power to stop everthing/nthing which was as bad as salarygate without themselves being accused that they r being send by their masters from the west to overthrow the government of zanu pf and they end themselves being arrested. so to me their hands were tied the same as u guys if someone who does support zanu steal from u if u report him to the police, its who endup behind bars.

  23. Man Bvanyangu says:

    I thought instead of being mesmerised by a mere fading clould zimbabweans have been blinded to the stupidity of a 90 year oldman who uses the brain capacity of 9 year old to solve Zimbabwe’s myriad of problems. Cry my country.

  24. Mubandit says:

    People lets understand another and lets stop this tribalism stuff,lets find way to make who ever is being corrupt arrested if there are any laws at all

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