#mugabe urges long serving leaders to ‘give way’ for others

via Mugabe urges long serving leaders to ‘give way’ for others | SW Radio Africa by Tichaona Sibanda on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 

Mugabe on Sunday showed how disconnected he is to reality when he blasted leaders for overstaying in power.

During celebrations to mark his birthday at Rudhaka stadium in Marondera Mugabe, in reference to provincial chairmen in ZANU PF, said: ‘Those in leadership who have stayed long and have produced no results must now give way and allow other leaders to take over.’

Outspoken leader of the MDC99, Job Sikhala, said it is ironic that a man who has been at the helm of ZANU PF since 1977 can say that.

‘He has been leader of ZANU PF for close to 40 years now and that alone disqualifies him from asking other people to step down when he is still there,’ Sikhala said.

He said Mugabe’s outburst could have been influenced by the factional infighting in the party, as he believed the provincial leaders had taken sides with the alleged factional leaders.

The factional leaders are Vice President Joyce Mujuru and Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, two party stalwarts battling to outwit each other in the hope of taking over from Mugabe one day.


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19 comments on “#mugabe urges long serving leaders to ‘give way’ for others
  1. hutu says:

    The 9 year old’s advice… feel it Apolitical fool.

  2. Sonofngwazi says:


  3. Peter tosh says:

    Say something, Apolitical!

  4. Reverend says:

    I think 9 is a bit rich for his mental ability…I have a 9 year old grandchild and she has far more mental capability than the mug. In fact senility is so advanced now that anything he says is irrelevant. The longer he goes on the bigger the fools he makes out of all zpf supporters. What an absolute embarrasment to our country…shameful.

  5. mark longhurst says:

    Now he thinks he’s a comedian, this is not funny bobo

  6. John Thomas says:

    If one is to try and look on the bright side of things there are some satisfactions to be had. One of those satisfactions is watching the arrogant and proud Robert Mugabe show the world in endless episodes what a bankrupt, pathetic fool he is. It seems he cannot now open his mouth without uttering a stupidity. There is nothing he can say without drawing attention to another of his own failings, none of which he is able to acknowledge.

    On the not so bright side. We Zimbabweans are so pathetic that we are prisoners of this overgrown child and we cannot get free.

  7. Fallenz says:

    Let’s hear from some of the Dear Leader’s supporters… or are they too embarrassed to speak up.

    Mugabe, and all the ZANUPF bigwigs who have stolen Zim blind, there won’t be a rental trailer on the back of the hearse when it carries his cold dead body through laughing crowds to the grave. All that loot will be left behind, and all the stealing will have been for nothing. Not one gold chain, not one diamond, not one Armani suit… nothing but dread. Each, one by one, will go to his eternal reward for his evil, and not take one single cent.

  8. ephraim Bunhu says:

    I think he was refering to the equatorial guinea president because he is the only one who has served a longer term than him. The old man should just step down he has made us for a very long time, gukurahundi, stolen elections,potical violance you name it. Mugabe just go mhaniiiiiii.

  9. Mutorwa says:

    He has stolen everything else. He thinks he has stolen Zimbabwe itself, even. He will soon know that he has not succeeded. Hakana VISION kadhara aka.

    Mbavha everywhere, including mansions in HongKong, Singapore, Malaysia, Durban and Borrowdale among others! UZ, NUST and many school leavers wallow in poverty iko kachiba in order to send Bona to a USD5m mansion and university in HongKong

  10. Mutorwa says:

    You have to be a president of an impoverished African country to own obscene properties world wide. You have to be a president to send your daughter to a university where fees are USD20,000 per semester while living in a USD5m mansion. All that while the nation wallows. NXAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  11. Zvakwana says:

    It’s the same as telling party cadres to stop corruption, it starts at the top.

  12. LUCY says:

    Trying to dig deep for a word to describe this bafoon called Robert. Excreament is what came into my mind first so excreament he is.

  13. Chanhuhwa Chidembo says:

    Old age is catching up shame!!!!!!! kikikikiki The problems is after every election they keep calling him the newly elected President

  14. LUCY says:

    I guess that makes Apolitical the cesspit in which this turd floats!

  15. LoudSilence BlindingDarkness DzimbaDzemabgwe says:

    Now I see why the Crodile is said to be the ‘shadow’ President. The old man is fast getting senile.
    Bob, r u ready to meet yo creator.

    Assume u r traditionalist, wud Mbuya Nehanda n Sekuru Kaguvi b proud of u?

    I say Hitler awaits yo companionship in hell….

    Eish but then God is a God of justice – if this man were to repent, recieve Jesus today n die tomorrow he just might as well see heaven.

  16. Mthwakazi says:

    “giving way to others” should start with the gukurahundi himself – start at the top!!

  17. Nyoni says:

    Now now Bob. Are you talking about yourself or were you sleep walking at the time. Make us understand please. You must be brain dead you chicken head.

  18. Democracy wisher says:

    He is losing it,katsi yemunhu

  19. johnxo says:

    old age is a terrible disease. thank God I am only 9

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