Mugabe’s cousin worth £180 million claims wife in Zimbabwe divorce case

via Robert Mugabe’s cousin worth £180 million claims wife in Zimbabwe divorce case – Telegraph  by Peta Thornycroft 

A cousin of Robert Mugabe accumulated assets worth an estimated £180 million, according to a divorce case in Zimbabwe that has thrown a rare spotlight on the vast wealth acquired by the regime’s inner circle.

Details of Phillip Chiyangwa’s assets were placed before the Harare high court by his wife, Elizabeth, who is seeking 85 per cent of her husband’s assets and maintenance of £53,000 a month for 10 years.

Though Zimbabweans are aware that some prominent members of the ruling Zanu PF party have grown very rich since independence in 1980, it is unusual for the details of these fortunes to be exposed. The economy teetered on the verge of collapse for several years before picking up recently, though the World Food Programme is still seeking funding to feed about two million people.

The list of Mr Chiyangwa’s assets included more than 50 properties, many of them large houses in the capital’s best suburbs, and more than a dozen industrial properties.

There are several farms in the list, though it is not clear whether these were taken from white farmers since the start of Zanu PF’s land grab in 2000, or whether Mr Chiyangwa, 63, bought them. Mrs Chiyangwa also claims her husband owns a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a Bentley, which she valued at $475,000 (£290,000) and $350,000 (£213,000) respectively, as well as a fleet of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and a range of sports utility vehicles.

The home the couple shared, not far from Mr Mugabe’s private mansion in Harare, has 43 rooms.

The asset register lodged with the court listed more than 40 companies, including engineering, manufacturing and finance firms.

Mrs Chiyangwa’s statement in the court filings spells out the extraordinary wealth she enjoyed as a married woman.

“I was accustomed to a life of unreserved flamboyance and can state without hesitation that I have, for the past 25 years, enjoyed a very high standard of living, way beyond that of most, if not indeed the rest of Zimbabwean society, if not the entire African society.”

Before she split from her husband, Mrs Chiyangwa said in an interview that she had no explanation for the family’s wealth, except that it was “God’s gift”.

The couple have two daughters, one of whom lives in London, where Mrs Chiyangwa was said to have visited recently. Mr Chiyangwa said he had several other children before he married Elizabeth, who has cited infidelity as the grounds for divorce. In 2005, he reportedly admitted to having an affair with Makosi Musambasi, a 24-year-old Zimbabwean nurse who was a contestant on Channel 4’s Big Brother reality show.

Mr Chiyangwa insists he earned his wealth through hard work and accused his wife of exaggerating his fortune.

“Many of those properties listed by my wife are not mine. They belong to other businessmen. The valuations are from 2008, from the hyperinflationary era and my assets are held in trust,” Mr Chiyangwa told the Telegraph.

A former policeman in the white-run Rhodesia, he became a Zanu PF MP and rose to become party chairman in the key Mashonaland West region.

In 1996, he proposed the campaign to grab white-owned farms, threatening “Rwanda” if farmers did not leave. He became renowned as a tycoon and created Native Africa Investments as a parent company for wide-ranging interests.

A prominent businessman in Harare, who asked not to be identified, said the source of Mr Chiyangwa’s original wealth remained a mystery.

“It must be connected with Zanu PF as the party has been in control for more than 30 years and he has been a generous contributor to it,” he said.

Mr Chiyangwa said he and Mr Mugabe shared a grandfather, but he rarely saw the 89-year-old Zimbabwean leader these days.

In 2004, he was arrested and detained by Mr Mugabe’s central intelligence organisation after being accused of passing state secrets to South Africa, before finding favour with the regime again.


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21 comments on “Mugabe’s cousin worth £180 million claims wife in Zimbabwe divorce case
  1. Peter tosh says:

    Multiple what Chiyangwa has by each zpf member then you will see that looters are at work as if there is no tomorrow. Jah know!

    • DL says:

      “A former policeman in the white-run Rhodesia…” so Mugabe’s cousin is a RHODIE eh! Imagine that. Why hasn’t Johnathan Moyo made us aware of this fact before now? That means that he and Roy Bennet have the same background – worked for the same people and had the same purpose in life.

      BTW, he’s a very rich Rhodie!

    • Tjingababili says:


  2. maisokwazo says:

    Aha nice reading Mr rich man Chiyangwa except Mrs Elizabeth the wealth you are talking about is not God given. It is DEVIL GIVEN so go ahead worship your DEVIL as you pursue your Devilish Plans of DIVORCE from your Devilish partner.

  3. Dayford says:

    Looting Zimbabwe’s assets at a grand scale! No wonder the economy in a shambles.

  4. Jogo Bonita says:

    Aaaaaah! So Fidza is a rhodie? How many rhodies are in their midst?

    • nesbert majoni says:

      This Rhodie thing is a stupid thinking. So what have the anti Rhodies done to the country. Gentleman grow up. The white Rhodie was even better coz atleast we had food on the table

  5. lazzy says:

    I can count 4 commercial farms in the list. I personally know the farms and they were grabbed during the chaotic land reform programme. It’s clear the land reform programme wasnt meant to help the needy but those connected.The land reform needs to Be redone properly

  6. Kitsi-yatota says:

    spot on Lazzy….redistribution is the way forward….including the interest thereon

  7. Mr Mixed Race says:

    Only naive and stupid people believe that land seizures were meant for the masses.There is NOWHERE he could have generated this amount of wealth through normal activities.What is sadening is that these people have no compassion at all because with this kind of wealth they could help the poor but they decide to spend more to their rich partners.GOD is not stupid because a year ago,it was the same lady on SKY TV interview, she came out boasting about her husband’s wealth-now she is mourning for courts’ help.I remember telling my wife that this lady has no brains and she was living on temporary riches without GOD’s blessing.The last words the interviewer said to her were-How do you feel to be surrounded by so many poor people? She replied -ITS GOD’S BLESSINGS…This is a typical answer from somebody who LOVES money,the root course of all evil.Its not wrong to be rich but its how you use your riches to improve the lives of others.

  8. Welcome you Zanoids to the snakepit at our new chikurubi. The article fails to mention that this criminal is also a well known child rapist of poor under age girls just like karikoga kaseke. Mliswa.kaukonde. Munyaradzi kereke. The minister of mines father.supamandiwanzira. Constantine chiwengwa etc etc etc. There is evidence continuously being compiled. Nomore impunity for zanu terrorists

  9. chilimanzi says:

    What goes round comes round.

  10. obed says:

    thina emandebeleni besivele sikwazi ukuthi abantu labo ngamasela yikho we tried to change the gvt but you people from mash provinces betrayed the struggle

    • Chamunorwa says:

      You are a victim of the system Obed, ZANU (PF) rigged both Shona and Ndebele regions to make people like you divide your thoughts, visions, deeds and indeed minds to their benefit. Look at the last election, they rigged them. I know this because I stayed in both Mashonaland and Matabeleland if you are a Shona and have never stayed with Ndebeles or vis-vesa, then it’s hard to understand the other side Obed. Pointing fingers is what kept Ian Smith going and mugabe copied the same tricks and he is still there. If we are not careful and divide ourselves like what happened between the two MDCs, then we as as nation will be distryed by these Chiyangwas musquaruding as politicians yet they are an African MAFIA.

  11. munzwa says:

    properties stolen from Harare City council as well!!!

  12. Mr Mixed Race says:

    Munzwa-please get your facts right-who stole from the Hre City council just after independence.Does your small brain remember who were the mayors then? PLease keep quiet and enjoy what you have looted so far.Read carefully what has OBED said in Ndebele above.You must check and see how many flats and houses these mayors acquired within 5 years of their terms in office.

  13. Mr Mixed Race says:

    ps-if Munzwa your comment is referring to all the mayors then I withdraw my harsh words to you.

  14. jongwe power says:

    Ah, the unexpected court cases where the gold-digging whores spill the beans on how much wealth their husbands have really acquired at the expense of our tax dollars. Here you really get a glimpse of how our leaders have truly screwed us over. Whilst they tell us to be frugal and pray to God for fortune, they break every moral and ethical rule to make an extra dollar.

  15. jongwe power says:

    Some animals are more equal than others, which is why our leaders are filthy rich, whilst the proles remain destitute. Isn’t that right, fellow comrades!

  16. adam jones says:

    Chiyangwa is not our leader. In fact, we have no leaders. We r the unled.

  17. Joe says:

    Chiyangwa would rape his so called girl friends. That is a known fact for the they confided in me as their doctor. These are the people that have raped the country too

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