Mujuru must resign and face probe: MDC-T

via Mujuru must resign and face probe: MDC-T 10/02/2014 by Moses Chibaya NewZimbabwe

ACTING President Joyce Mujuru must resign for condoning corruption in government and State-owned enterprises and should also be investigated, mainstream MDC said Monday.

In a press statement MDC spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said his party is “extremely disgusted and outraged” over the utterances by Mujuru that the ongoing exposure of corruption by the press is the work of “the country’s detractors”.

Mwonzora said Zimbabweans from all walks of life must unite in spite of their political differences and fight corruption.

“The Zanu PF government must resign over this corruption. Vice President Mujuru must resign for condoning corruption and she must be investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Police to find out what has motivated her to make these threatening utterances,” reads part of the statement.

“We call upon the people of Zimbabwe to stage a massive demonstration against this corruption. We demand to know what is going on in the diamond industry because that is exactly where a lot of corruption was done by Zanu PF and state officials.”

Mujuru was quoted by the State-owned Herald newspaper saying the ongoing public exposure of the pay rot at the paralysed State enterprises was the work of subversive elements trying to destroy Zanu PF and its government from within.

“It is now clear to the people of Zimbabwe who their real enemy is. We call upon the people of Zimbabwe to stage a massive demonstration against this corruption. We demand to know what is going on in the diamond industry because that is exactly where a lot of corruption was done by Zanu PF and state officials,” Mwonzora said.

The MDC spokesman said the utterances by Mujuru are calculated to threaten the press from reporting on corruption by Zanu PF officials.

“It is a fact that these economic saboteurs who have been bleeding the country dry by awarding themselves obscene salaries and benefits are all well-known members of Zanu PF. We suspect that most of them are from the Mujuru faction of Zanu PF.

“In the past the same corrupt officials have attended Zanu PF fundraising functions making generous donations to the party. Therefore indirectly Vice President Mujuru has been a recipient of this corrupt money hence her attempt to gag the press,” reads the statement.

For the past two months the media has been flooded with headlines of parastatals bosses who are awarding themselves larger amounts of money.


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33 comments on “Mujuru must resign and face probe: MDC-T
  1. Sonofngwazi says:


  2. mujibha says:

    Asi mumwe wembavha idzi chikomba chenyu here nai mhayi?

  3. zanu kutonga says:

    it seemed the hearts of the people of zimbabwe had to an extend gained confidence in the ruling party especially in the prospects of this woman succeding old bob but it is for this utterance that she has pressed the wrong button for herself and her party. Shame on you mai mujuru to try and propect these wicked people please know that for this we can nolonger have confidence in you WE NEED A TOTAL CHANGE IN LEADERSHIP

  4. thembani says:

    Monzora, where is Tsvangirai, why is he saying nothing.This is an opportunity to force ZANU to an early election, but then the lazy Morgan Tsvangirai is probably enjoying a blow job from his harlots somewhere.Zimbabwe needs a purpose focused leader.

  5. Qiniso says:

    Chickens are coming home to roost.

  6. Nodi says:

    It’s not about Tsvangirai but all Zimbos. V. P must reverse this statement now b4 the country organize an uprising.

  7. Bands says:

    the Zimbabwe I know…
    nobody is going to do anything. the majority of the people are cowards.
    most people including tsvangirai and dabengwa and makoni and even Mai mujuru are in politics because of money.
    these guys are not patriotic.
    don’t expect anything from them.

  8. Chirutanga says:

    AMAI VANYADZISA AVA.Kuvhunduka chati kwata.Hezvoko!

  9. ephraim says:

    Mai Mujuru is one of the most corrupt leaders in Zanu pf remember the most fertile diamond field was named after her. All she wants is for the media to stop reporting before she is implicated in the salaries and tenders scandals she is trying to cover her back in advance.

  10. Murambiwa says:

    Will this lady fit into RGM’s shoes? I doubt her credibility. Ko zvazvinotonyadza…..

    • Mthwakazi says:

      Fitting into whose shoes?

      We dont want anyone who fits into the gukurahundi’s shoes – we want a complete overhaul. The Gukurahundi is not a good example in any sphere of life.

  11. Mutorwa says:

    The African goes into politics to steal from tax payers and the people. The European and American goes in to prove that his/her success in his/her business was not a fluke.

    The African kills and threatens his/her own nationals using the army or rebels. The European/American armies kill Arabs and Afghans (other nationalities)

    The African ruler invests the stolen money in Europe, America or Asia buying properties and banks it there. When he/she dies the host country takes the loot to fend for its people and then a small portion comes back as “DONATION”.

    • LUCY says:

      Its sush a sad irony that these people as you rightly put invest the loot they steal from their own mother countries in the very countries they purport to hate so much. Is it madness, sickness or do they not care that they are undoing all the hard work they put into liberating their own countries. Chirwere rudziiko nhai??

  12. LUCY says:

    Never liked that woman. I dont think there is anything between those ears.I dont know of anything tangible that she has brought to the table,anything at all that can be attributed to her ingenuity since she sat her backside in parliament those many years ago. She simply echos what Bob tells her. She gives women a bad name. I think she like all the other bench warmers in ZPF government are burnt out and have nothing more to give anybody with a bit of sense would retire and let some new blood take over.

  13. wa Zimbabwe says:

    Its surprising to see that you are starting to realize that ZANU PF is a party of thieves whose main interest has always been and will always be to defend their loot. All these Zanoids stole what they have. Zanu is sponsored with loot from parastatals. Mujuru is echoing Bob’s thoughts. They don’t care what happens to the rest of us.

  14. Tawanda says:

    The extend to which we Zimbabweans never take action is quite shocking. What has to happen in Zimbabwe to trigger demonstrations? Mai Mujuru, Chombo and a hell lot are playing games with us and never shy to show it. Can we ever say we mandated these shameless people to do anything. They do what they want and all we do as Zimbabweans is to write and complain to ourselves. These self imposed leaders are 100% sure that nothing ever happens to them no matter what they do.

  15. Mukanya says:

    The negative effects of corresponding (private studies)are showing their positive effects on the VP.

  16. Charles Chamunorwa says:

    MDC T should call for a rally in Rufaro stadium to brief people about corruption and the way forward.

  17. E Makhate says:

    The woman is a complete illiterate who confessed like her late husband to not having had any formal education! Zimbabwe with a 95% literacy being ruled by thieving illiterates, fake teachers etc etc. Shame, shame, shame.

  18. ohmy says:

    I am very disappointed by Mrs Mujuru’s comments live on tv .. just when i thought she was going to call out for total investigation in the corruption scandals she goes and defends them. I am sorry but that is not what i want from my next leader
    Its either she retracts or thats the beginning of the end of her reign at the top .. Slowly but sure you are awaking the sleeping giants in zimbabwe and they are continously being irritated by whats going on in this country,,, lets correct thingsa before its to late. I am a strong zanu pf supporter but this is not what i had expected from the elections i thought clearance clarity and contingence characters will start and of course comrades will start to push this countru in a positive manner.

    lets get it right for once in zimbabwe

  19. Reader says:

    Demonstrate, we Zimbabweans, you tell me where and when, we need an organiser the police/army cannot shoot us all, the prisons are too full for them to arrest us.

    WHO will organise the Demo, where and when. How many of us Zimbabweans will stand fast and support the change.

    Demonstrate, lets stop the talk and do it, but we need a leader, I am not one and could never be one, I dont aspire to be a leader but i will support the right candidate and be a number to stand and demand action, resignation of the corrupt Government from top to bottom from the armed forces disarm themselves unless they want to kill there own relatives who are mostly POVO like me.
    we want saving from our enemies not our families.

    Where, Who, will lead us. Tsangarai, Makoni, i dont care lets have a leader to at least take us some way out of this downward spiral.

    Imagine Our Parents are starving after all they gave us and we cannot help as we are starving as well. Where is the guts Zimbaweans/Rhodesians/Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland had in the days gone by. Lets rise again 12 million of us against 500 polititians few soldiers and police.

  20. Cde Chooks says:

    Chances of an public uprising in Zimbabwe any time soon are slim to nil. Ndebele tried that in 1981 and you see what happened to them. These guys will stop at nothing to stay in power. On the other hand, a few well placed bombs or snipers’ bullets could easily take out the top of the batting order.

    • Mthwakazi says:

      Cde Chooks
      Mthwakazi never attempted an uprising against the gukurahundi governemt, stop lying please – that is ZANU PF propaganda.

      You can not describe the actions of a few frustrated, disgruntled individuals; some of them agent provecatueres by the gukurahundi ZANU PF government – numbering not more than 700 a Ndebele uprising.

      There was no uprising there. That is why the gukurahundis spent most of their time harassing innocent villagers. Its because there was no war – there was no threat at all. It was just an exaggeration to justify imposing the Shona language and gukurahundi philosophy on Matebeleland.

      This thing never even came close to the UNITA war in Angola or the MNR in Mozambique – far from it. Apart from Shonalising Matebeleland, destroying PF ZAPU and stablishing a one party state was also a critical objective.

  21. Mapingu says:

    In many of previous commentaries I have stated the obvious about corruption in Zimbabwe. Which “corruption and ZaNu PF are twins; and it has always been sanctioned from above”. Only those of us who are non_ZANU PF functionaries, are not allowed to corrupt and will be severely punished if caught. And the zanu-nized police who are found at every corner of the street spying on citizens will always and speedily catch you as long as you are not one of them.

    So Mujuru has simply come out & state the obvious “Leave ZANU PF looters alone – its their right to loot. After all they died for you – so who are you to deny them what they died for”. That’s, candid for Mujuru and to the point. There you are. Are there still any doubting Thomas’s as to who are the architects of corruption in Zim.

  22. Reader says:

    Hey what about WOZA do we have any leaders there that can mobilize us into a nonviolent 12million march on government/Mugabe, we all know where he lives, actually the 6million that we were told were not needed would be enough and add to that the 3million in the diaspora.

  23. Dzatsva says:

    this was organised looting i think that benefited zpf most more than the accussed,vakatambiswa front,it wont surprise to see there were neumerous transfers made to finance zpf activities.joooooooooyiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Khaya'bonina says:

    @thembani-why do you have to ask about Tsvangarai , the good question you should have asked is why is Mugabe , is he still on leave , our country is surviving under the acting president Mujuru also implicated of being corrupt .

    Corruption is a criminal offence to be proved in a court of law , unfortunately in our country the court of law favours these ZANU members and they will escape out of this .

  25. Khaya'bonina says:

    where is Mugabe

  26. Ed Mrehwa says:

    Hang on guys! Why is it all these scandal reports are coming from the Herald of all papers? Something is not right here, its possible that there is something happening underneath the surface. There is no way this ZANU mouth piece can genuinely report on corruption without a green light from some powerful someone somewhere. Yes mai Mjuru’s utterances where out of order and a big gaffe in her part but, why all of a sudden some wise heads some in ZANU including the youth forum are calling for her to be probed? Fellow Zimboz just dont think for a minute that there is anyone in these power corridors who cares a hoot about the massive looting, this has been going on forever but there maybe a huge power struggle going on underneath all this, keep watching.

  27. Mthwakazi says:

    The Diamond industry really MDC-T Mwonzora?

    But you are the party that said nothing when gukurahundi ZANU PF came up with millions of dollars from nowhere to fund the July 2013 elections.

    Your Biti, the Finance Minister was aware this money was not from the Treasury, he got it from Patrick Chinamasa; but he nevertheless said nothing. As a party, you also said nothing.


  28. Msizeni silwelani says:

    She once accussed people of Byo for thinking that zanu pf ayidyise. Now you said it even louder lady. Nothing will happen either to you or on the streets, we are busy trading tribal accussations a political strategy created by your party. What else shouldn’t be made public, death by fire i suggest.

  29. CHINDUNDUMA says:


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