Mujuru takes over as Mugabe goes on leave

via Mujuru takes over as Mugabe goes on leave  DECEMBER 29, 2013 NehandaRadio

President Robert Mugabe left Harare for the Far East on Saturday where he will spend part of his annual break. It is expected he will spend some time in Singapore where his doctor is based and undergo routine medical checks.

Mugabe (89) left together with the First Family marking the start of his annual holiday. In a statement yesterday, presidential spokesperson George Charamba said the President is expected back in the country mid January.

Vice President Joice Mujuru is the Acting President.

Mugabe is a frequent Far Eastern visitor and spends much of his time travelling back and forth for medical care.

Although ZANU PF continuously dismisses any reports that their ageing leader has serious health problems, there is widespread speculation that the care he is receiving is ‘specialist’ and related to prostate cancer.

According to a leaked 2008 US diplomatic cable, then central bank chief Gideon Gono told then-US ambassador James McGee that Mugabe had prostate cancer and had been advised by doctors he had less than five years to live.


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15 comments on “Mujuru takes over as Mugabe goes on leave
  1. MikeH says:

    One missile strike over shark infested water would be poetic justice for many.

  2. DL says:

    Maybe the whole country should just take an annual holiday until mid-January. I’m sure everyone would feel much better!

  3. Peter tosh says:

    Mujuru or Mugabe, what’s the difference? Going to the doctors won’t save you for ever, time is ticking away and soon you ago feed worm.

  4. Peter tosh says:

    When I am bomboclaat upset, I don’t bother talk bomboclaat English bomboclaat grammar, zeen chi bomboclaat.

  5. This junket by a master criminal is brazen looting from taxpayers.we know zanoids never pay taxes.They’re exempt like the chinks. Grace bona chapunda etc prepare to be held accountable.well get you yet

  6. Murimi wanhasi says:

    Rhivhenja is full of hatred for Mugabe.
    Is he not entitled to go on leave anywhere(xcept the west) ?
    Remember he earns and has got a dairy project.Give him some slack
    And what wrong did the kids do?

  7. OSCAR says:

    I sincerly hope that he gets Singapore guts and dies whilst sitting on the toilet. Get rid of the rubbish and there just might be a chance for change, where honest decent people can start picking up the country and rid it of this despicapable ZANUPF.

  8. Kuakwa Katiyo says:

    mugabe is really garbage. Why is it mujuru only takes the acting position in zim and never represents the country as acting head of state. Instead it is mugabe who goes out to go an pass out in conference rooms?

  9. Apolitical says:

    In the event James McGee is the expert surely all the other things he experience in Zimbabwe should also be true.
    Ground to air missiles at the end of the runway – if the ambassadors get a hit it will bring in the UN who will then depose Mugabe, that was the plan. One problem, they were caught transporting missiles in private mini buses.

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