‘Name, shame corrupt Zanu PF ministers’

via ‘Name, shame corrupt Zanu PF ministers’ March 24, 2014 in NewsDay by Veneranda Langa

MDC-T Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya has dared President Robert Mugabe to name and shame corrupt Zanu PF Cabinet ministers and government officials to prove his commitment to ending the scourge.

Addressing guests at a public meeting at Sapes Trust in Harare last week, Chikwinya said: “Mugabe is to blame on the current corruption endemic as he does not have the necessary political will to deal with his colleagues who are corrupt.”

Chikwinya added: “In his speech at the Zanu PF conference in December (last year), Mugabe informed the nation of ministers who had taken bribes, but nothing happened. He said (former Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation board chairman Godwills) Masimirembwa was corrupt, but nothing happened;
and at his birthday banquet recently he (Mugabe) spoke of a minister and MP whom he said had engaged in corrupt activities, but nothing happened. This gives impunity status to the offenders.

“It becomes a problem if he does not take action on those people. If there are people who are misinforming the President then they should be fired. The Central Intelligence Organisation boss should be fired if he is misinforming Mugabe.”

Chikwinya said a Whistleblower’s Bill should be brought to Parliament soon so that anyone who wanted to expose corruption was protected.

“Zimbabwe ratified the United Nations Convention against corruption in 2007, but does not have a Whistleblower’s Act to date,” Chikwinya said.

The opposition MP said Parliament as an arm of government should be involved in the vetting of parastatal board members.

“MPs are voices of the people and therefore need to be acquainted with technical capacity to vet members of boards,” he said.

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25 comments on “‘Name, shame corrupt Zanu PF ministers’
  1. John Thomas says:

    We already know it is all of them. Please do not be so stupid

    • Mat Brody says:

      I do not think every element in zanu is corrupt.this is a good way to start weeding the corrupt ones out. First-a few will get named, then those will in turn rat on their compatriots and so on until they are all implicated.The ones left unscathed will be the ones we will keep when we take over

    • apolitical says:

      Wow you are clever, all that expertise doing nothing.
      You know and have the evidence that all are corrupt except journalists that are funded by propaganda funds.
      No that isn’t corruption is it its terrorism.

  2. Roving Ambassador says:

    They have no shame.. Name and shame will not help. Jail the lot . But then, that will be the whole of ZANU.
    Treasonous malcontents.

    • apolitical says:

      @ Fools Ambassador-don’t forget MDC, just look at councils and rich former MDC ministers from looting.
      Historically they are the only MP’S ever to even want packages because they failed to be re-elected – but idiots think it was done for their supporters-fools!

      • Zvichanaka says:

        Apolitical has got a this big thing about the MDC. Stop slagging off the MDC and look at your dictatorship record Apo. The economy was already in a mess before the marriage of convinience GNU. You obviously saw some scandal at Zesa which may or may not be blamed on the MDC but dont let that cast a shadow over your view of the MDC…you totally ignore the fact that the economy picked up big time due to GNU. Give credit where it is due. The one thing they are really good at is making empty promises and rigging elections.

        • apolitical says:

          So the rules are you c an only slag Zanu and not angel MDC even if they are corrupt and its public knowledge that councils are corrupt.
          Look not my problem you support MDC, its yours – I just believe that an MDC crook is no different to Zanu or an apolitical crook.
          Its called fairness! and, growing up.

  3. Senzachena says:

    Every last one of the, has been on the game, lock them up in their own prisons, pity there is no food for the prisoners. Evil Trash

  4. Tjingababili says:


  5. Zvichanaka says:

    Lock away the whole leadership and throw the keys away in the deepest part of the Indian ocean…I wish they were all on the Malaysian flight instead of the poor souls we lost in that disaster. Some one please arrange a conference in Malaysia>

  6. owen says:

    Corruption is a plant that grows upside down – it has its roots at the top.

  7. Jono Austin says:

    Zanu must die that Zimbabwe may live-end of story.

  8. The Truth. says:

    There is a renewed rush to the passport offices, just to get out of this Sodom and Gorrah that is gukurahundi Zimbabwe. What a mess of country.

    Innocent citizens’ blood everywhere; hunger and thirst everywhere; thieving everywhere and no law and order to deal with the culprits.

    Its a free for all, for the connected – the prize you pay for electing a tired, blind, 90-year old Shona gukurahundi to power!!

  9. NBS says:

    “They have all turned aside, they have together become corrupt. There is no one who does good. No not one.” Psalms 14:3 God’s judgment awaits!

  10. jobolinko says:

    The most noble thing for zanu ministers is to resign how can one be a minister for over 30 years they lose elections they are brought back through the back door by the DEAR LEADER.

  11. Brian says:

    The West will do nothing for now about Zim. A couple of far more important things on their plates e.g. Russian gas to Europe. Thank God summer’s coming. They’re just waiting for RGM to die. They’re watching his physical decrepitude and expecting Alzheimer’s to kick in soon, if not already. So, Joyce? WHAT!

  12. Mseyamwa says:

    It’s like a loud cry from one alone in tje desert. No other person hears it. The much vaunted president is just but a scared little scrawny old bugger who is too scout to out his more powerful subordinates. If he, as president is that scared, who will stand up to the corrupt in govt? The act of not naming the culprits might also be due to the fact that his stories are fabrications, meant to convince the masses that he is in the thick of the fight, keep the nation hoping for results while ,aloota continua’. Either way discard mugabe statements, they are the rantings of mad man.

  13. Mukanya says:

    Zimbabwe! economical is strong its able to sustain two (2) parallel developmental programmes; namely The ZIMASSET and The ZIMCORRUPTION,

  14. Reverend says:

    I can picture in my mind Mugube standing up and telling the world that he is the most corrupt person in Zimbabwe, as he would have to do this to kick off the list of name and shame ministers of zanupf. He knows that we know that the whole dang lot of them are corrupt to thier marrow.

  15. Fallenz says:

    I swear, that Apolitical can be a hoot..! Absolutely hilarious. Wonderful job of humor, my man… wonderful job. I can hardly type for laughing…. laughing so much my secretary is becoming annoyed…. she may fire me… kikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki

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