Open letter to European Union & members of the Diplomatic Corp – ZUNDE

via Open letter to European Union – Information & Publicity – ZUNDE January 13, 2014

Dear European Union Leaders & members of the Diplomatic Corp,

Ref: Zimbabwe’s re-engagement delegation to EU – ZUNDE’s position 

Zimbabweans United for Democracy (ZUNDE), a global movement that emerged after the ominous July 31st elections in Zimbabwe, learnt with sadness and disdain that a delegation of so-called captains of industry will be visiting the EU towards the end of this month, January 2014 for re-engagement purposes. 

Our considered view is that the delegation was handpicked by ZANU PF therefore they represent not the generality of Zimbabweans but ZANU PF. It might be useful to revisit what caused disengagement in the first place; primarily, it was the question of illegitimacy as a result of stolen and violent elections. At ZUNDE we ask “what has changed?”

That fewer Zimbabweans were subjected to violence than in 2008 does not make an election credible. That not as many were killed doesn’t mean things have changed for the better.  Where on earth does a nation have credible elections when the voters’ roll, nearly six months after the elections, is still in the printing press? 

How does an election become credible when nearly a million citizens are turned away from polling for reasons known only to polling officers? How do you have a credible election when the media covers only one political party and the police act as an extension of ZANU PF? With systematic disenfranchisement of more than a quarter of the population forced into the Diaspora, how can anybody say the election was credible? More than 8 million ballots were printed against less than 6 million voters, what sense does this make and what happened to the extra ballots? 

Unless and until the basic fundamentals of freedom, human rights and rule of law are observed and executed to the letter, we urge the European Union not to waste its precious time with ZANU PF surrogates, zealots and activists masquerading as captains of industry. What industry are they talking about when the economy has become largely informal with the blessings of the government in general and in particular, the minister of Finance as encapsulated in his recent national budget? 

Yes, Zimbabwe needs to re-engage with the international community but only at the right time and for the right cause. The Zimbabwe government must first respect the people’s will to choose a government of their choice before it can ask for the international community to bless it. Our considered view is that the European Union will be complicit in exacerbating the suffering of Zimbabweans under a repressive regime if it pays positive attention to this delegation of corrupt and compromised people. Let them go home empty handed and sort out the mess that their masters created before any re-engagement can be considered. 

Information & Publicity – ZUNDE,


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28 comments on “Open letter to European Union & members of the Diplomatic Corp – ZUNDE
  1. NBS says:

    All these facts about the July 31 elections need to pursued vigorously. It is simply not good enough that SADC and the AU etc accepted these elections and millions of Zimabweans protest with barely a squeak.There should be petitions with names in the millions presented to local, regional and international bodies. Or is this one giant conspiracy to deny democracy and the truth to Zimbabwe? I mean even an idiot can see there was massive rigging. The opposition parties continue to frustrate and disappoint. When will they be big enough to put their people first and unite in a common cause. And why do we continually hand victory to ZPF on a platter. Selfishness maybe? Where is the leader that will put the nation before himself?

  2. John Thomas says:

    I suspect that these zunde types are more of what we have already seen

  3. Gwindingwi says:

    John Thomas, do you have a better alternative? Instead of just attacking ZUNDE, why don’t you share your own views so we can scrutinise them too? You don’t even have the guts to do so. ZUNDE might as well be the new broom that Zimbabwe has been waiting for – wauya mutsvairo!!!!

  4. Kubota Binga says:

    I wuould not go begging for MDC or other to front the cause of Zimbabwe Industry when they MDC have openly said they are not gonna work with the Govt. So ZUNDE shut up on this one lest you lose one extra interested prospective member.

  5. Munacho says:

    ZUNDE does not need ZANU PF zealots as members, so shut up Kubota Binga and think of how you & your party are going to come out of the Nikuv manufactured victory. Chasara ndechekuti muurayane, ndizvo zvega zvamunogona asi kutonga nyika makonewa. Chero moga munozviziva. Jere ramakatarisana naro ndiro raita kuti mude kufira pazvigaro asi nguva yenyu yava pedo!!!

  6. Biridziro says:

    Why would MDC work with the govt when they were heavily defeated? Tongai tione. Yava pedo nekuzvikanga nemafuta ayo nguruve iya isu tigere zvedu kuno ku Dotito!!!!!

  7. Joseph says:

    If EU want to engage with the winners not losers let it be, I can’t believe you are still mourning about the elections can’t you move on fellow countrymen? Can’t you see that nothing will ever change.

  8. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    Zunde is a global movement,born out of the MDCs defeat in July.OK.
    So if there there is a re-run,then……?
    I wonder if the Econet boss who is part of the delegation is a Zanu pf member?
    The article headlines,then digresses as the writer wails about somethin else.
    Anyway ,I have always liked their name Zuunndddeeee!!!!!

  9. mucha says:

    ZUNDE, you are a confused stooges. You think in your small cooked-brain you can decide for the EU on whom they should do business with? The EU have realized that the sanctions on Zimbabwe are not working. In fact it’s them who are losing out at the expense of the Chinese. No wonder why they lifted sanctions on ZMDC and other ZANU PF officials. Sort out your problems here at home and stop barking at a goods train which you can’t stop.

  10. Nehanda says:

    Mucha, let’s see what these guys are going to come back with, I promise it will be NOTHING but promises. Some of the people in the delegation are only there for window-dressing, ZANU PF at its best – let’s just pretend to be another GNU when we know who wields power.

  11. NBS says:

    Zunde have a vision. A man without a vision perishes. They have a vision for this nation which includes you, mucha! Oh yes, Good morning Murimi. May God bless you today and if He were standing with you this fine morning He would point out the truth which seems to be in very short supply in Zimbabwe. The MDC did not get defeated. Morgan, for all his personal woes should have been in State House in 2008 but he isn’t and that what happens in a nation that has rigged elections. Please open your eyes. I have actually become quite fond of you. May God have mercy on this nation.

  12. Mike Nyathi says:

    Zunde or whoever must speak up. We are waiting for REAL leaders. Stand up now and we will follow anyone who will take the regime head on.

  13. Nengarava says:

    “ZUNDE, you are a confused stooges” – tells a story about the so-called Mucha. Zvimwe ndezve kungosiya zvakadaro. Ukanyanya kufarira ZANU PF, chero chirungu chinopedzisira chave kunetsa. Hazvina kugumira pakukonewa kutonga nyika!!!!

    • mucha says:

      @Nengarava, mira ndikuuudze, andisi mwana wemuyungu. Ndiri dhodha, kaikwangu kuChipinge saka usada kumaka chiyungu changu. Uri ticha ere iwewe.

      Chounofanika kuita kuona mafekiti andabeka pandaa yatakanigirana nayo, haikhona zvegramma rangu. Ngezvekuchikora izvo zvatakasiira maticha. Amweni munoda kusheka andhani nemwiwo mmwakafoira O-revel futi. Kudada ngechiyungu ingateyi muchagare Britain.

  14. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    @NBS.Good morning to u too.
    Before u buy yo Zunde party card,know that these fly by night movements,get their motivation from a perceived wrong which they then exploit,without really having the people at heart.Attention seekers is what they are.Understand that basing your party on 2013 elections will not have much resonance in 2017

    Morgan was outfoxed by a master strategist.U have to give it to the old man.Im sure his memoirs would be a best seller.

  15. NBS says:

    Murimi, I will agree that Morgan was outfoxed and I knew it was coming but that doesn’t make the elections right before God. And all my standards must be His standards or else, as a Christian, I am wasting my time. Can we not see the fruit of this deception. Zimbabwe is suffering Murimi. Zimbabwe is not about Mugabe or Morgan but about God’s will. It pains my heart to see where Zimbabwe has gone and we have the affront to call ourselves a Christian nation> God will not be mocked, Murimi. Mugabe is definitely a master strategist but he has used it the wrong way and taken the wrong road. the fruit we see in Zimbabwe is not of God.

  16. Bruce says:

    ZANU PF and Mugabe knows that they stole the elections, why would they want to go to EU when they have Nikuv to sort their worries. they should give Zim Asset to Nikuv to sort it out and make it work. Thye may give their ZimAsset to SADC and Au for support, why EU who are not friendly and were not part of the elections which saw them swept into power. Its very much stupidity and wasting of resources for ZANU PF to go there, what they really want is to go and spend diamond monies and check their bank accounts.

  17. Bhopal says:

    This is the hieght of lunacy! ZUNDE??? Who the hell are you?? What is your claim to fame? It is dispicable that you would continue to wish suffering on the very Zimbabweans that you claim to represent. What is your issue with a number of business people going to the EU to solicit business? These are employers of thousands of people in Zimbabwe. They are looking for business. Companies are closing everyday and they took it upon themselves to make a plan. How dare you speak out on this?? People need jobs, people need incomes.. These captains of industry are trying to make a plan and you cant see past your hatred for ZPF? Do you really want whats best for Zimbabwe? Or are you just looking for money?? Being anti-Zimbabwe and anti-ZPF is big business in the diaspora. Are you trying to maintain your status as a political refugee?? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  18. NBS says:

    Let us give Zunde a chance. Who else in Zimbabwe has succeeded. Zimbabwe continues its rapid downhill slide. Things are not right are they? And we gain nothing by tearing each other apart. I truly pray for God to raise up a leader for this nation. Because as of now us lot have failed miserably and some of our ideas of leadership are warped. I just cannot see one person I will call a leader in cabinet the moment. The only man that elicits some respect is the Minister of tourism. he is not perfect but he has tried. We are in a serious leadership crisis.

  19. Nyoni says:

    Fellow Zimbabweans let us remember the country is being torn apart at this moment. The country can be split in two and this will fuel Zanus fire. Let us unite to pick our rightful leaders no matter who they are as long as they represent all of us and do a good job .

  20. Chaka says:

    AU and SADC panic at the order by Mugabe. We are suffering because of them.

  21. Zindoga says:

    These captains must go to countries that were allowed to ‘dis’observe the Nikuv election before going to Europe. China, Russia, SADC, AU & Israel must be the first destination. You can’t ask for help from your enemies!

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