RBZ governor Mangudya’s PhD degree questioned

via RBZ governor Mangudya’s PhD degree sets tongues wagging March 25, 2014 in NewsDay

NEWLY-APPOINTED Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor John Mangudya reportedly attained his PhD in Business Administration from an unaccredited institution of higher learning, Washington International University (WIU), it has emerged.

According to information at hand, Mangudya is a holder of several qualifications that make him fit for the central bank position, but it is the PhD at WIU that has set tongues wagging.

He also holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Economics degrees from the University of Zimbabwe.

WIU is described by Wikipedia as: “An unaccredited institution of higher education founded in 1994 and currently incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.

“It describes itself as a ‘university without borders’ serving clients from around the world via distance education.”

The university’s website states that WIU’s graduates were from 112 countries.

Mangudya yesterday could not comment on the matter, saying he was in a meeting.

“At the moment, I can’t talk, I am in a meeting, but we can talk tomorrow (tomorrow),” he said.

Wikipedia said: “Lack of accreditation has consequences for WIU degree holders in some circumstances. For instance, the Michigan Civil Service Commission lists WIU among unaccredited institutions from which degrees will not be accepted to satisfy educational requirements indicated on job specifications.”

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) lists degrees awarded from WIU as “sub-standard” meaning according to the THECB in this case, a degree conferred outside the United States by an institution that the coordinating board determined was not the equivalent of an accredited or authorised degree.

The THECB described WIU as having no accreditation from a CB (Coordinating Board) recognised accreditor.

“There are no textbooks to read, curriculum to follow or formal exams to take.”


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19 comments on “RBZ governor Mangudya’s PhD degree questioned
  1. Kubota Binga says:

    Can he do the job? If he can, who cares?

  2. Don Cox says:

    “Can he do the job? If he can, who cares?”

    The question is, can he do the job honestly, or is he a fraud by nature.

    Would you buy a PhD from a fake university? Would you employ somebody who did ?

  3. Kubota Binga says:

    Am sure the hirer is satisfied he can do what he wants him to do period. Buying a degree is out of the question now, especially on this forum. My question is would you buy a PhD from a genuine university or any qualification at all?

    • Tom says:

      Lol. You don’t buy degrees, you earn them. The money pays for the resources and HARD WORK is what earns the degree. Anyone buying a degree is 1) committing fraud 2) unqualified 3) cheating honest graduates.I wonder how many in the government tick all these boxes?

  4. Tjingababili says:


  5. Tjingababili says:


  6. Dzatsva says:

    what a way to start off,he has to work extra hard to impress or else…….,good luck you realy need it doc.

  7. sonofngwazi says:


  8. Roving Ambassador says:

    Institutionalised corruption. ZANU is lost. Rudderless, clueless. Hang on we are in for a bumpy ride.

  9. Fallenz says:

    Another mess… where do you start to clean it all up. There is a saying that when you’re in the middle of the Limpopo, up to your belly button in crocs, it’s tough to think about how you gonna damn up the river… or something like that. Point is, there is so much corruption, the only way to even begin to clean it up is to have an honorable man at the top who has much integrity, and a very big stick. Poking at this thing and that won’t do it… and sometimes a whistle blower only wants to make room for himself at the trough. Dismantle Mugabe’s house of cards, JOC included, put a real man in charge, send the ministers packing, bring back the gallows, and stand back. If he’s good, Zim gets cleaned up, if not, it’ll be no worse than now. Any volunteers or nominations? I’d vote for Attilla. The Huns always got stuff done.

  10. Hmmm says:

    Mangy day is just another corrupt guy hakuna!!!!

  11. Rayaan says:

    Wiki said… wiki said…Using Wikipedia as your source? Really!!! Pathetic journalism.

  12. Zvomukonde says:

    Umm this man called Gideon Gono must never become the minister of finance…..How he loves messing with the fiscus. Remember the mess when it was Quasi fiscal.I pray Zim never has to face this day,or the day the presidency is handed over to Chatunga..

  13. Johno says:

    What the heck? Gono did the same with his “PhD”.This is Zimbabwe you know.

  14. RR says:

    WIU degrees are issued/awarded based on life experience. No exams written. Anyone can apply. Make application submit your CV. pay the relevant fee and magic you have a PhD.

    So we now have we have someone else in charge of the RBZ who is a fraud.

    Why not, follows the general government trend.

  15. I am not the one! says:

    which has more value.. Phd from UZ or from WIU.. both sh1t paper really, no?

  16. Panda moyo says:

    To the new govnor.please dont tell about sanctions,corruption,past imbalances ,biti, gnu or 2006 hyperiflation or any such excuses just begin by resigning.

  17. The Truth. says:

    Its a gukurahundi degree, thats all!!

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