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By | May 30, 2014

via Return home, Diaspora urged | The Herald May 30, 2014 by Nyemudzai Kakore

Zimbabweans in the Diaspora must return home to participate in rebuilding the country’s economy, Senior Minister of State Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo has said.
Ambassador Khaya Moyo told a recent meeting organised by the Zimbabwe Congress of Students Unions at Harare Polytechnic to celebrate the 51st Africa Day anniversary that individuals in foreign lands had a role to play in economic development.

“You go in the SADC region its Zimbabweans who are running the economies of those countries and beyond. In Europe it’s you people who are there and can you imagine if we say come back all of you and let us now address all our challenges.

“This is going to be something else in this country and we shall be moving also in that direction to make sure that those in the Diaspora come back and make the situation attractive in the sense that they must feel that they have got a duty to contribute to our economic development

“So if you have got any relative outside, please tell them to get ready to come back home because we need them so that Zimbabwe can move ahead,” he said.
He rallied youths to be imbued with the spirit of Pan-Africanism.

“Are we pursuing the same principles of Pan-Africanism or we are now a bunch of yes men to outsiders, sell-outs with no principles? Today you are there, tomorrow there or rolling stones gathering no moss at all because of no principles? So let us reflect on the challenges facing us as a continent.”

He said visas and passports impeded regional integration.
“While there is evidence of progress within our sub-regional blocks like ECOWAS and SADC,in regional passport area/zone and free visa requirements zone, respectively, it is a fact that the institutionalisation of regional integration at continental level is still at its infancy and it must be addressed.”

Ambassador Khaya Moyo said governments must foster social security.
“Now that we are independent we must not allow the same adverse conditions that existed in colonial days to persist, we must not remain servants, but masters of our own destiny. If we do not empower our people, the resentment which overthrew colonialism will be mobilised against us thereby reversing the giant strides that Africa has taken to reclaim its heritage, integrity and sovereignty,” he said.

On corruption, Ambassador Khaya Moyo said the vice must not be tolerated.
“We have to get rid completely of corruption, we can’t build a country by putting corruption as a virtue. That which is not yours is not yours what belongs to the people belongs to the people, be accountable to the people not your pockets.

“There are some people who don’t at any stage think about their colleagues. People voted us in and we are now in these positions and we cease to be accountable to them, we cannot allow that. So those of you who are corrupt, if the senior minister here is corrupt say so, there is no room for corruption.”


46 thoughts on “Return home, Diaspora urged | The Herald [!?]

  1. Owen

    Zanu PF must get rid of Mugabe (90 years old), and then the diaspora might return. Give us a new leader.

    Khaya Moyo must not talk about sell-outs. It is Zanu PF that have sold out for money and they are all driving Mercedes Benz in the second poorest country in the world. That is the meaning of the word “sell-out”. “Yes men” to money.

    1. spiralx

      Worse than that, even – an entire revamp of political approach is required, from the top right down. Even then, it’s going to take years to repair 3 decades of damage and destruction.

  2. Joseph Matongo

    Simon Khaya Moyo, the mafikizolo rant has always been heard for decades. who in Diaspora needs to be told by a relative how the situation is like in Zim for us to be convinced to come back home. You are sleeping to dream while other people are dreaming to change the world that is Zimbabwe you and your fellows destroyed. You ask if we know corrupt senior ministers we should expose them. Hypocrite. what information do you want. walk across any office corruption smells. unfortunately you will not smell it because thats where you are also swimming. You talk of settler colonizers….but you went to Zambia, Mozambique to liberate the country….now that a black brother in form of SKM has recolonized it we also go out to liberate ourselves…not so SKM. You are the least to tell us when to come back home….people are flocking in droves out of the country daily when you squack come home rant. They are running away from the black clueless bunch of thieves….we will judge you before your death

  3. shepard

    Why u not tell zanu pf people to make things better first do u think we’ll just jump and comeback sorry go hell with your country me I’m not coming back. ( Come back my foot

  4. Ngoto Zimbwa

    There is not a chance in hell that people in the diaspora will go home with these thieves in charge.

    Point of correction Minister, you were not voted in, you stole an election along with evrything else.

        1. Mupurisa

          Remember there are also ZANU PF functionaries in the Diaspora. They are just waiting for a space at the feeding/looting trough, and then they will be back too!

  5. Bob

    I wish Mr Moyo can explain how the diaspora is going to help rebuild the economy, The MDC is advocating for dialog but the Zanu has continued to snub them. Please we want to come home but the Zanu is making it to be impossible. We want free healthy and education like in SA, how are we to survive in a country where basic necessities are so expensive while there are no jobs.Now Munangagwa the very person responsible for genocide in our region is about to take over from Gushungo, he will kill us all if we return and simultaneously the MDC wins the 2018 elections. Please Zanu you need the Mdc not the diaspora since we do not make any policies.

  6. Gudo

    When we left were we invited to leave. We are not going back to “North Korea” where we are not even allowed to take photos at the Airport. Sorry to our brothers who now live like rats except for those with ZANU connections

  7. Petal

    Moyo is just another stupid sell out who joined the gravy train

  8. Sabhuku

    Give us our right to vote. We have sustained the country through our remittances but you have used them to pay those fat cats Cashberts now you want us to return to candle lit dinners. Step down Kaya Moyo and we will return. Munoda kufira pabasa. Tinoda kuvewo ma Minister semi asi imi murikurambira nekukara kwenyu

  9. zanupf fear me

    What funny egotistic titles these pompous nothings give themselves eg. Senior ambassador. Brigadier general. Tycoon. Business mogul. Kikiki

  10. zanupf fear me

    Has this crass buffoon ever asked his zanupf why in the first place there are five million zimbos Rhodes in the diaspora ???

  11. The future

    Go east or west, home is best. The Europeans, Americans, or Australians whose economies we are helping to prop up and which some of us here in the diaspora are so proud of worked hard to put their countries on the socio-ecomic-political map where they are today . I can’t a people with their country at heart failing to consider going back home to develop their own country unless , as is the case majority of us in the diaspora, think that ass liking and boot liking are fine!

    1. Parangeta

      You, propping up the USA, UK or Australian economy,
      are you daft man!

      Keep to the point…..

    2. gorongoza

      why is there such a large number of pple outside zimbabwe? zanu never allows anyone to help improve the economy. they own everything and everuyon. Even the successful business pple like Masiwa, Mawaere, Vingirai etc have been hounded out of country. So who in their right mind would want to come help an injured and hungry lion out of a trap? tidyiwe zvedu. Gadzirai. Handiti makati zvese munonozvigona mega and anyone who doesn’t agree with you is immediately an enemy to be destroyed? Chimboitai imi vagoni vebasa. Takatarisa zvedu.

    1. Parangeta

      Assassinated, his Govt. Mercedes hit an Army truck, I heard!

  12. holy moyo

    Come back where..Was the diaspora allowed to vote.
    Does zanu entertain any help from anyone in Zim…
    This man drunk with looting and stealing..We send money to our parents and children and relatives in Zimbabwe who are sufferring at the
    hands of Mgabe and Zanu
    This man Moyo is hallucinating..He has nothing to say..Every Zanu thief always make empty speeches which even kindergarten kids dont take seriously

  13. The future

    Political, and indeed , other important developments in “have not” countries are not as developed as they are out here in the” haves”. I am yearning for a day when we will come to the latter stage of development,
    . Politics is still a “dirty game” so those who want to actively indulge in politics should do so with the knowledge that they will ” bruise or be “bruised”. I am, however, proud to note that ordinary Zimbabweans have gone past the stage of inter-part violence of the nature that I witnessed in 2008, I visit the country once every year Despite what we are made to believe by the western media people still go about doing their business as usually. Some of us in the diaspora still have businesses that we started way back and which are still running well because we take cognisance of the fact that politics and business in the “have nots” are like oil and water . If one left nothing or has broken ranks with family and friends then one can be forgiven for wanting to die in the “haves”.

  14. John Thomas

    They want the expats back so that they can be fleeced. Having made the entire country into a scorched earth zone they are now casting about for new prey.

  15. Insider

    Everybody in the know is aware that SKM is a fool who has obtained his delightful way of life by butt kissing the powers that be. This article has just proved how right they are. Dream on SKM you idiot. Hundereds are running away every day from this land of “milk and honey”. Nobody is goimg back until sanity prevails and you are all out of office or preferably dead!

  16. nyoni


  17. Dhonodzo

    If teachers are about to be paid 9 out of 12 months with a possibility of also loosing there 13th cheque lol hilarious and SKM advocates for us to return to these pathetic conditions. After all they should have known before people ran away of the effects of they consequences. And corruption is public knowledge if he can solve willowgate scandal revolving around the Toyota Cressida and many such unresolved commissions backing to the dawn of our pathetic democracy that never was then we can talk dzoka uyamwe

  18. Davy Mufirakureva

    Developing the country for thugs to loot. Looters are known so what information does SK M want. Furthermore people know you devuldge information at your peril.

  19. harper

    Don’t go home! My local hospital would collapse if all the Zimbabweans went home.

  20. The future

    It is a bit sad that some of us have been singing the “regime-change song” and giving thread -bare arguements about why we should not help to develop Zimbabwe from abroad and oversees for a long time now but that has not helped the situation back home very much. Those of us who are really serious about seeing real change need to be on the ground planning and effecting methods of bringing about the change instead of just dreaming of change from the comfort of developed countries! The developed world that has been, like us , championing for political,etc; change before any engagement with Zimbabwe are even more keen to engage the country before even “any meaningful change” has has taken place.Their think-tanks have realised that engagement with both ZANU,PF and MDC (theZimbabwe government ) is the only way forward. We, in the diaspora, risk being irrelevant to our country if we fail to position ourselves for its development now.

  21. Mapingu

    ‘….Today you are there, tomorrow there or rolling stones gathering no moss at all because of no principles?…’

    Listen what this buffoon was saying. Isn’t it laughable? Does this foolish Jonie-come-lately know the meaning of the wise saying ‘A rolling stone gathers no moss’. It is true he doesn’t know its meaning at all. The lunatic was just regurgitating words picked from his old and torn Student’s Companion handbook.

    Otherwise, what ‘moss’ is this fool talking about?

    Is there an honest person (leaving an honest life) who has worked in Zimbabwe only, since Mugabe & Zanu Pf rule (i.e. since 1980), who has a decent bicycle in his/her name, not to mention a house or even a car?

    Only Zanu Pf thieves are gathering the ‘moss’ not honest citizens. In the diaspora, yes we might be shunned, discriminated against, and/or whatever, but the truth is we are leaving an honest life that befit some of us as professional. Many of us professional are able to sent our children to good schools where even local Ministers, just like this foolish K Moyo also sent theirs. In Zim I could hardly sent my child to Groombrige primary Sch while working as an academic at highest institution of learning in the country. I never even dreamt of buying my own car let alone owning a house in Hre. Imagine a whole varsity lecturer working for over a decade ari mukomana wekuseri; on top of that going to work crammed in some Combi enduring all sorts of insults from the landlord and mahwindi, respectively.

    Ndiyo ‘moss’ yacho iri kutaurwa nemupengo uyo here, nhai vakomana/vasikana? Zvakowoma hazvo muZim, sure vanhu vangavunganidziwa kuvudziwa madhoti akadaro?

  22. Gondobwe

    ZanuPF now knows that the diasporans are a real political threat in their comfort zones. Forget about coming to build Zimbabwe blah blah, the real issue is that if the diaspora collective finds a political base to launch their attack on ZanuPF, it will be the beginning of the end of its hegemony in Zimb.

  23. former farmer

    Let me and other return to our properties and YOU WILL SEE THE ECONOMY BOOM AGAIN. Oh and those in the diaspora return, you and your buddies must leave

  24. The future

    Sir, Mapingu, you must have just come to the diaspora lately ! Yes, a rolling stone gathers no moss but the one that does not decays/is weathered! Blacks have painted themselves” white ” and they have taken foreign citzenship for they hate themselves and the situation back home right down to the marrow. However, to a person with a brain between their ears, which, I think Mapingu, being as a former university lecturer who, though , now, maybe working in a stinking nursing home, has, the words, “Where do you originate from” normally asked to foreigners living in developed countries by the” indigenous people” should tell us that we will never be considered or viewed as part and parcel of the developed world. Do you remember how foreigners were kicked like dogs out of France, Italy, and South Africa and went back home empty -handed not so long ago ? Don’t put your eggs in one basket, never fill proud in borrowed robes Mapingu! I rest my case, but I know you will remember my ” foolish” words one day.

  25. Mlungu

    Why would we go back knowing that we are not welcome unless we are black and Shona speaking? Where will be find work? We are not even allowed to start a business it will be taken from us.

    1. Ngoto Zimbwa

      As long as you are not zanu, don’t mater whether you are black, shona, mundex or muvhet.
      You are just not welcome in zanuland
      ZANU is trying to divide and rule, please don’t make their task any easier.

  26. Hlaba lungene

    Moyo must listen to Mudede opinion to this. Multiply by doing away with condoms and contraceptives. Those in the diaspora will never return as long as what forced them to leave still exist.

  27. jamkoko


    Read your bible how can we leave Cannan to Eygpt.
    Complete the Zambezi water project will be home in a blink.

  28. The future

    Zimbabwe does not need former “white farmers” to succeed, but farmers, “black”or “white”, who have the country at heart. She requires farmers who abide by her rules and regulations, have appropriate skills and who are prepared to share communal resources. Companies or farmers here in the diaspora do not run their enterprises as they deem necessary , but they abide by the laws of the country , otherwise, they are punished! From the ground work I did in February ,2014, and from my experience as a labourer in the 1970s on a farm in Mwanezi and as farmer in Zimbabwe, the only resource required now is financial. The farmers I visited both “black” and” white” who are co-existing have excellent farming skills. The latter still have an edge over the former because the latter have more financial muscle than their counterparts for they have been running farms for a longer time. “Black” farmers have good skills which they gained from their parents, or as labourers on the farms of the ” former white farmers” who lost farms, due, mainly to their intransigence, or which they got from colleges of farming in Zimbabwe. However, financial resources are not readily available because most farmers do not have collateral so banks will not give them loans and secondly the Briton Woods institutions and the EU are not at present prepared to lend money to Zimbabwe because of the land issue which the government undertook to correct colonial injustices. Mind you the major financial institutions in Zimbabwe are foreign controlled!

    1. gorongoza

      Uri kungorotomoka iwe. what axactly are you saying? Zimbabwe will not get any lonas because they have made it policy never to pay back anyone who lends them anything. Even our brothers from Libya vakafa vachingoronda zvikwereti zvavo. The money is used fr luxurious spending and nothing to do with development.

  29. former farmer

    What this ” the future zanupf” ?????????????

  30. Mlimo

    mmmm- have a re -vote including the disporia, we the disporia will say whether the vote is free and fair, Retirn the stolen farms businesses and land, put back the pension funds stolen and my savings, remove the high ranking police army and airforce. Hang Mugabe Shiri and the rest. Put grace out onto the street and get gono to return the stolen millions and billions. Well then maybe. Otherwuse zim can rot. Quite honestly you will have to rewind the clock 34 years and start a fresh.
    A good start will be with zimbabawes current politicians.

  31. gorongoza

    Please come back to watch Grace and Rob continue robbing more land in Mazowe!


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