Robert #mugabe hits out at EU’s ‘gay values’

via Robert Mugabe hits out at EU’s ‘gay values’ – The Scotsman by Jane Fields

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has accused the European Union of promoting “gay values” by refusing his wife Grace a visa to travel with him to this week’s EU-Africa summit in Brussels.

The 90-year-old called on other African leaders to join him in a boycott of the key meeting, which begins on Tuesday and was expected to bring together representatives of 90 nations from the two continents, including 65 heads of state.

Last week the EU said that while it had waived a travel ban on Mugabe so that he could attend the summit, it had disallowed a similar request from his wife.

The Mugabes are the only two Zimbabwean officials still under an EU asset freeze and travel ban following more than a decade of human rights abuses and alleged election rigging.

Brussels insists that the programme of the summit “does not have any role for spouses.”

Aldo Dell’Ariccia, the EU ambassador to Zimbabwe, told the official Herald newspaper: “The invitation that was extended to President Mugabe to attend the fourth [EU-Africa] summit and the exceptional measures that we have taken to make sure that he participates is a demonstration of the willingness of the EU to ­engage in dialogue with Zimbabwe.”

But in an angry tirade in the same paper, Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba said that refusing Grace a visa showed the EU did not respect “the sanctity of African marriage”.

Mugabe would, therefore, not attend, it was reported.

The president now wants the head of the AU, Mauritanian president Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, to persuade other member states to boycott the meeting too, though analysts believe they are unlikely to agree to this.

Late on Friday, Zimbabwe’s foreign minister Samuel Mumbengegwi told state ZBC television: “We expect that the chair of the African Union must consult with other member states… this is arrogance of the highest order.”

In increasingly poor health, Mugabe refers to his wife as his caretaker.

The 48-year-old former secretary accompanies the president on every medical trip to Singapore and to every summit outside Zimbabwe – and she never misses a chance to shop. During Zimbabwe’s decade of shortages from 2000, Grace earned the nickname of “First Shopper” because of her frequent foreign shopping trips.

And despite a flurry of philanthropic gestures in recent years – which include setting up an orphanage on a former white-owned farm and taking in the children of prisoners – that reputation has stuck.

Presidential spokesman Charamba yesterday defended her right to shop in Europe.

“Why did the EU colonise Africa in the first place but to create markets for its finished goods?” he asked in his Herald newspaper column.

“By putting apart what God has knitted together in matrimony, Europe is seeking to be that God, indeed to challenge the sanctity of African marriage [which is] a prologue to the insertion of gay values,” he added.

“If Africa does not act as one, or at the very least as a majority bloc, then her chance to enforce equality is irretrievably lost.

“It is not about the First Lady.”

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change – which still disputes Mugabe’s victory in last July’s election – has welcomed the EU’s decision to refuse Grace a visa.

Former MP Job Sikhala wrote on his Facebook page: “All Zimbabweans know that when Mugabe is busy dozing in the summits, Grace will be busy traversing one street to the other, shopping everything coming into her sight.

“Africa cannot be held at ransom because of the greediness of one First Lady from some poor country whose husband and greediness has ­destroyed that country.”

Zimbabweans were this month allowed a rare glimpse of the First Family’s affluence when Mugabe’s only daughter, Bona, married her pilot fiancé in an extravagant ceremony ­reputed to have cost at least £2.1 million.

The celebrations were in stark contrast to the mood of pessimism currently prevailing in the southern African ­country.

Companies are closing down, 2,000 workers have been laid off this month – and last week the finance ministry warned it would have to delay paying civil servants until it collected enough taxes.

In a gloomy assessment a visiting IMF team said last week that Zimbabwe’s period of economic rebound post-2009 was finally over.

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41 comments on “Robert #mugabe hits out at EU’s ‘gay values’
  1. John Thomas says:

    Good picture above. I think it captures the insanity of the man.

  2. Jan says:

    the EU does not “the sanctity of African marriage”.How melodramatic. get over yourselves. And according to mugabe the EU is promoting “gay values” by refusing his wife Grace a visa to travel with him to this week’s EU-Africa summit in Brussels. The man has really lost his marbles.Someone please explain how does refsuing to give disgrace, oooh grace a visa promote gay valuse. or is mugabe trying to tell us he is gay and grace is a cover for hi. remember former President Banana was gay and he was married.

    • Wilbert Mukori says:

      The gay value argument was not well thought- it is one of the worse things Charamba has ever said and we a talking of a man who has made a career out of talking nonsense!

  3. kagamba says:

    The fact of the matter is if he can’t attend its fine let those who can do that. It looks like mugabe wants to control all the african heads of state which I feel its very selfish. Ko nyaya yemaorphanage were does it fit in the whole picture bcoz zim prisons are full of kids, why can’t she go & take him kusanyara talking about her projects yet poeple are been left homeless because of her greedness. Thus why we said step down and pave ways for the young generation to take over the country zvinofira mu office

  4. suziq says:

    blah blah blah blah blah Mugabe is like a broken record

  5. Pikerere says:

    Yes not allowing Grace is tantamount to promoting gays. What benefit has it to keep the Mugabes under sanctions, who is benefiting? It is just futile.

    • John Thomas says:

      Putting a finger on the man is reason enough. It is a neat little fly in his ointment. He is not lord of all he surveys

    • Jenandebvu says:

      …………..And what benefit would it have to take off the sanctions lists? ZMDC if finally off the list, what benefit did it give? Diamonds being diamonds cntinue to be smuggled. What benefit does mugabe’s going to the conference do? Nothing, I know the entire team will be sleeping at the conference. Yes, Mai Mugabe must not attend EU-AU summit. I vote No, although I know you can rig it

      • Wilbert Mukori says:

        The EU has decided that Grace is not going and in so doing stopped Mugabe, who they did not want to attend all along. The EU outwitted Mugabe and AU.

    • Rudadiso says:

      Pikerere, Mugabe was invited to attend and has chosen not to attend. Why then does he say sanctions caused the collapse of the Zim economy if he refuses to take the opportunity to re-engage with Europe?

      • Wilbert Mukori says:

        Mugabe and his propaganda machine have not said the sanctions are behind Zimbabwe’s economic melt-down since the stories of rampant corruption have come out. They did so before the stories because they denied there was corruption and things have changed. They have accepted that there is indeed rampant corruption. It is nonsense to expect the economy to do anything else other than collapse in the face of all these criminal waste of resources!

    • Parangeta says:

      The benefit id to teach African dictators that they will be held accountable.
      Also, what the hell have gays got to do with dis-Grace going to shop in Brussels?

      You are a boot-licking, azz-smelling, Zanoid for sure!

  6. Reverend says:

    If it was not a tragedy and an embarrasment it would be funny, and the sad thing is this guy should be in Ingutcheney but he is loose making rediculous remarks and driving our country into a hole. Thank goodness he and the spendthrift disgrace are not going to the rediculous summit.

  7. loveness says:

    First shopper…never heard of that nickname.maybe you making it up.

  8. bafunda says:

    As usual Mug a be has missed a chance to just shut up. The EU will not miss his sleeping during meetings. He can sleep in his bed with his wife

  9. mucha says:

    Grace earned the nickname of “First Shopper ?
    I am Zimbabwean and never heard of this NICKNAME. You are the only one bringing up now Mr Writer.

  10. roving ambassador. says:

    There is definitely no money in the government coffers, he cannot withdraw his $500000 t and s , so why should he travel. He is probably due for another trip to Singapore for steroids boost.

  11. NBS says:

    The man who calls himself the President of Zimbabwe seems to be completely oblivious to the mayhem, chaos and destruction that he has been the leaders of for 34 years, Of course my first heart’s desire would be to see his eyes opened and that he would deeply repent for the terrible suffering he has brought upon our beloved nation. Grace! Well what can I say. I think she is in for a big wake up call somewhere down the line.

  12. Insider says:

    Whats the betting his request to the other heads of state will be ignored. I doubt if they will miss the chance to stand by the traffic lights in Brussels with their begging bowls extended, not for a geriatric nutter! On another track, no doubt the lucious Grace’s security detail will be pleased she is not going. Who would of kept them “happy” and given them “rations”. Trash

  13. Tongoona says:

    Much ado about nothing. The Mugabes are careless about the economic problems they created for Zimbabweans in the past 34 years. Going to the EU/AU summit will not solve the economic dilemma in Zimbabwe. Numbers of unemployed youths continue to swell together with starvation and hopelessness. Harare Metro has been transformed into Harare Rural. Water taps are dry. Harare residents have resorted to digging wells for water supply, a thing which never happened in the days of colonialism. By comparison, it is arguable that life for the majority was better under colonial rule than it is under ZANU PF government. During those days; food was available and education was well organised and cheap. To save Zimbabwe, Mugabe and his ZANU PF must must go.

  14. UMAARI says:

    That means Grace is more value than EU and their gays; as you see all Africans delayed and called off the summit without them nothing to be discussed, because EU has no food, diamond, gold, mines an so on, they will cry!!!!

    • Parangeta says:

      Why don’t you write English correctly, what is the matter with your education?

      You need to pay attention to making sense!

  15. Smart Talk says:

    Taneta nazvo izvo. Taura zvimwe. Deno vanhu vese vainzi ukasaenda kubasa nemudzimai wako regera dai pasi rose rakavharwa. How come your Zhing Zhongs when they come here they do not bring their wives. Are you not sacrificing your country for petty issues. Why don’t you let some one go, seShirikadzi iyo. You are VERY SELFISH BOB. I am sure you are going to be surprised by your African counterparts, if you think you can control them. Maybe sissy vako ndivo vangakuteerera. We want a comment from you about Africa after the summit, will they be Sellouts kana Zvimbasungata.

  16. Rudadiso says:

    Mugabe is more idiotic than I thought if he thinks Europe cares a hoot what he thinks. He is lobbying Africa over the petty issue of Grace just like a spoilt brat would. I am sure his colleagues around the continent are having a good laugh.

    As for Charamba, he is more delusional than his nonagenarian master if he believes Africa could be treated as an equal to Europe. It’s as good as saying a beggar should be considered equal to the king from whom he begs for crumbs underneath his table. Bottom line is Mugabe has no contribution to make at these summits.

    I for one am thrilled that we have been saved millions of dollars

  17. Reverend says:

    The EU did not want him from the start as he and his wife are sanctioned against going to EU countries, then they (EU) made a concession to let him come but his wife has no official business with them so they told her ‘NO’ but then the little arrogant infant throws his toys out the cot and plays back into the EU’s hands…what a silly little boy.

    By the way the nickname “first shopper” has been around for some years now…It really fits.

  18. Msizeni silwelani says:

    Grace has no bussiness at the summit, can somebody understand this. After all Mugabe can do without Grace for a couple of days. What is difficult? I say this because if EU is accussed of promoting gays the whole story sounds like our president, missing the first lady, may be forced to pay for services from “EU gays.”

    Charamba, most of our people have been seperated from their beloved husbands/wives due to Mugabe’s economic malpractices. You call them the diaspora.

    If the MDC is sabotaging the economy, you are doing no better by boycotting the summit. How about the policy of re-engagement coupled with our look east policy, something might workout. All i am saying is, just live her behind nothing will happen to her literally, she is safer at home than anywere else isn’t it.

  19. Wilbert Mukori says:

    Signor George Charamba, no doubt drunk from all that good-living that the generous salary and allowances he has received all these years as Mugabe’s chief of propaganda plus the equally generous allowances as Board member of Public Service Medical Aid Society, has now jointed the elite club of brainwashed propagandist whose propaganda has so much nonsense even the simpletons do not believe it!

    “By putting apart what God has knitted together in matrimony, Europe is seeking to be that God, indeed to challenge the sanctity of African marriage [which is] a prologue to the insertion of gay values,” Charamba tells us.

    “If Africa does not act as one, or at the very least as a majority bloc, then her chance to enforce equality is irretrievably lost.

    Mugabe is only going away for three or four nights at most; how anyone can construe that as tantamount to separating what God has united beggars belief.

    The real issue here is that Grace wanted to go and shop; the trip will not cost her a cent since it will be at taxpayer’s expense. She would lose the generous allowance of taxpayers’ money and the chance to spend it frivolously!

    If three nights away from the warm embrace of his wife is too long and Mugabe is forced to violate his marriage vows to be faithful to his wife why does he have to pick a man unless he is gay! Mugabe would not be the first high ranking Zanu PF leader to be gay and to sodomize his subordinates. If George Charamba, who has accompanied Mugabe on most of his overseas trips, knows something we do not then he should say it in a plain language and not this convoluted “read between the lines” nonsense!

    As for Africa losing it “chance to enforce equality”; there is the voice of one drunk from the good-living speaking. 100 children below the age of five are dying every day in Zimbabwe of preventable diseases. Meanwhile Mugabe uses the money that should be used to buy the medicine to save these young lives to throw a $ 5 million wedding party for his daughter. Where is the equality in that?

  20. sfine says:

    tazikwe lugwasyo pe ezi

  21. dennis chikuve says:

    What has gay values got to do with anything? And why does Bob & Grace pine like spoilt brats for a chance to visit Europe the very people they attack persistently and blame for all our problems as a country? What does the moron Charamba know about the sanctity of African marriage? I hope the AU ignores this childish and ridiculous request to join a self-serving president in a boycott of the summit. The world goes on Mr. President with or without you. As for Grace, have shame and advise your geriatric patient to cool it. Who cares about your private arrangement that you be there at every summit so you can play night nurse to ailing hubby? Hamuna hunhu uye munotinyadzisa zvikurusa. Kwanai mhani!

  22. Mseyamwa says:

    Those who work closely with mugabe better watch your asses when grace goes out of town. This dtory is telling us bob has very strong gay tendencies that can only be kept in check with grace’s presence. Maybe the warning is even to late coz kwacharamba chinenge chakatobaya chikatyokera.

  23. UMAARI says:

    Mugabe and Grace don’t need the so called summit as well as all 55 African countries and nations that was organized by EU, the initial two previous summits, AU attended and nothing profited unless stated or discussed there what we call waste of time and humiliating Africa, so this time Africa is united and alert, what they need most is first they have their determination with them whether they attend or not, if EU alone seat the summit, then they fail to reach decision, because nothing to eat, nothing to loot, nothing to lie at all!!

  24. Mixed Race says:

    Mr Charamba you quote the Holy Bible as if you are holier than all of us forgetting the suffering you have caused to the masses by your looting habits.You point your long finger at EU whilst your other three fingers point at you as a disgusting cheat who used your membership to the board to enrich yourself.Have you reimbursed the organisation you cheated?Repent before you quote the Holy Bible.
    I support the president when he condemns gay principles but we are not God to make any judgement,the ultimate judgement belongs to him alone.

  25. Sebb says:


  26. jobolinko says:

    This all tells he was not going there for the purpose of helping himself and Mai Chatunga nothing to do with the country, African leaders would be foolish not to attend.

  27. Liberator says:

    Just like Goebbles, Charamba your end will be a messy one. At least Mugabe is now a zombie and goblin with a soul of a spook he will not feel the pain when the time. Remember the day when Goebbles killed all his 6 children with cynide and the killed himself and his wife, all this because like you he decided to be minister of propaganda for Hitler even if defeat was inevitable. George you will remember this advice when the day come. Whether Mugabe goes to the EU summit or not, that is not going to pay the solders and the civil servants. People already knows about your plan of bringing Gono back as minister of finance. People also know the law he is going to implement as way of raising money for ZANU. You will freeze all bank accounts of all suspected MDC suppoters with a balance of over 1000 USD and audit then for source of income and tax.The ultimte goal will be to freese the money and turn it to the government. People already knows about this. Mugabe was aat Gono’s farm last week to finalize the plan. Unofortunately for ZANU, people have already started taking out their money from the banks.Charamba be warned

  28. UMAARI says:

    Mixed Race, the president did ask you any support from such misled people like you, if you support the president you should fully support otherwise leave him alone, you are still on your way of slave supporting EU in the meantime acting as if you are African, get lost Mixed!!

  29. Mixed Race says:

    @UMAARI-Your limited power of reasoning makes you a slave of your misguided dream land because its human to support somebody on certain issues and not on the issues.If you find yourself 100% in agreement with somebody they you have no thinking of your own ,just a naive puppet with narrow thinking which is really a form of disease in my opinion.
    I repeat again I fully support our president on the gays stand from the Christian understanding of the Holy Bible however I cannot judge them,only the Mighty Lord can do that,after all I am a mere human like you with different opinions.
    You forget that SADC has its policies so is EU,therefore we stick to our regional policies and they stick to their policies.If you cannot understand this simple English then its not my problem.

  30. UMAARI says:

    Mixed, you don’t have to support the president only one issue while having objection the other side of the picture, i never agree with you, i see you are black but opposite another black, the president repeated several times that this land is for Zimbabweans not for EU; on the other hand, i ask you one question if you are a manly man, can you talk about the issues among British government by saying Cameron is dictator or something like rigging the election, not only David Cameron but all other Europeans as well, can you analyse their domestic matters! if not why are running African governments matters, are they our masters as you said, no! i have the knowledge of the parental lineage of all Black Africans where they are originated and i need where the EU were originated then that is the division of Africans and all their opposition.

  31. Mixed Race says:

    @UMAARI-My original point was, let EU implement its policies and AU implement its own policies.These are two independent organisations governed by their own policies. I believe that internal issues should be dealt with internally provided the parties involved play fair and use zero violence.EU implemented its policies according to its constitution with clear rules and regulations to follow. Why is it so important to know my race?This is the 21st century where race does not matter anymore unless you are still enslaved by petty hatred.

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