Secessionist party launched in Bulawayo

via Secessionist party launched in Bulawayo – Southern Eye by Linda Chinobva 13 January 2013

ANOTHER secessionist party was launched in Bulawayo on Saturday, promising to push for seperation of the south-western parts of the country within two years.

The Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) joins parties such as the Matabeleland Liberation Organisation (MLO) led by Paul Siwela, Patriotic Union of Matabeleland fronted by former Bulawayo councillor Wilson Bacinyane and the Matabeleland Liberation Front (MLF) led by Zimbabweans exiled in South Africa.

MRP led by vocal activist Mqondisi Moyo, like other secessionist parties that have sprouted in the past few years, says it wants Matabeleland and the Midlands provinces to secede to form the Mthwakazi Republic.

The parties claim the two provinces were made part of Zimbabwe by the colonial government without the consent of the inhabitants.

MRP claimed its motivation to secede comes from the fact that Zimbabwe is now “a failed State” that allegedly segregates the people of Matabeleland and the Midlands.

“Just as it was when King Mzilikazi (Khumalo)arrived in this land around 1821, now 33 years after independence from British rule, Zimbabwe is at a position where it has become a failed State,” Moyo told journalists at the official launch of the party at a city church.

“There is no justifiable reason for the people of Mthawakazi to be part of this State called Zimbabwe,” he added.

“When the republic of Zimbabwe was constructed, we as the people were never approached to opt to be included in this State.

“Judging by how we were treated after the days of colonial rule in the State of Zimbabwe, it is clear that we are not welcome in the State structure of the people of Zimbabwe.”

Moyo claimed people from the region were excluded by Zimbabwe’s education, economic and agricultural policies and were also denied employment opportunities.

“The most difficult thing to find is a sector where we are included and treated as equal citizens,” he said.

He said the party was not tribal and would not seek to push out anyone wishing to remain in the State they want to create.

Moyo said MRP wanted to rebury all victims of the Gukurahundi massacres in Matabeleland and the Midlands and push for a national holiday to honour them.

He warned the government to take them seriously, but insisted that the party would use peaceful means to push its agenda.

Moyo said a committee of elders would be set up to “negotiate with the government of Zimbabwe” and the secession should happen within the next two years.

Sithabiso Masina was introduced as the MRP vice-president and Zakhele Ndebele as the chairman.

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45 comments on “Secessionist party launched in Bulawayo
  1. gutu says:

    Zimbabwe is found between these two big rivers Limpopo and Zambezi. Where will Mthwakazi fit? In all fairness,when Mzilikazi crossed into Zimbabwe,he did not find an empty land? There were people around, isnt it? What happened to them? If they also say they want a separate country will Moyo and other dreamers divide Matebeleland further to accommodate their wishes? The best place for Moyo and family to claim a place of their own is to trace their roots back to South Africa! Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans no matter where one comes from? Kalangas will tell you we want our homeland because as far as I know they are not Ndebeles? Look at South Sudan and see how tribalism can destroy a people’s aspirations. There are better suggestions on how to tackle underdevelopment in your region and the country as a whole. Moyo should work to feed his family not planting such insane ideas into right thinking Zimbabweans. Zanla and Zipra fought to liberate Zimbabwe. The war was not fought to create mini states! Moyo and all the other misguided elements who are calling for such a move are having nightmares. In short they are inciting civil war or some ethnic cleansing of some sort in Matebeleland but they will not succeed. No to secession!

  2. Sonofngwazi says:


  3. Peter tosh says:

    Way to go

  4. Kubota Binga says:

    Completely opposed to Mthwakazi Republic, does not sound nice at all. Please think of something else.

  5. mujibha says:

    This is why zanu pf is sitting pretty after gukurahundi its because of people like u guys who think about diving people of zimbabwe. Don’t forget that by so doing u r applying another gukurahundi from old robie. You politians i don’ t know when r u going to learn, why do u always talk abt history when u want to unite people, why do u say words like ndebeles, karangas, zezurus or whites just say we zimbabweans. If u want to keep on talking abt history of the lobengulas, the chaminukas and the nehandas i don’t think u r going to have peace in zim between the ndebele people and the mashona people. So inorder to move forward forget abt that history is so dangerous to the nation of zimbabwe. History yamunoona yadai kutiuraya nenzara nenyaya yehondo yeminda.

    • Straight Shooter says:

      It is you who is talking about the Ndebele, Mashona etc. There is no mention of this in this article – re-read it!

  6. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    What a load of rubbish.

  7. xoxo says:

    Attention-seeking Buthelezi style. History did not start when Mzilikazi arrived in Matabeleland. Some people are so dumb. Someone is looking for trouble and the they will find it easily.

  8. mujibha says:

    Murimi wanhasi kubva zvawakapihwa munda wakaendesa matone mangani kugmb. Mugabe kupa kwaakaita ivhu angasina kutadza asi maoko acho akawira ivhu racho ndoasiriwo. Nyope dzevanhu, makapihwa mari yekutenga mbesa nezvimwe zvinodiwa nemurimi, mukaitei nayo? Yanga yave yekutsvagisa aids nekutenga dzimota. Munofunga kuti varungu zvavakange varimo mumapurazi iwaya vaenda kubank gore negore kunopihwa chikwereti. Iwe zvauri papurazi iroro une insurance here yekuti ukarisikirwa nezvirimwa inokubhadhara? Hauna. Basa nderekungoti vamugabe vanotipa imwe mbewu, mukapihwa basa nderekutengesa monwa mari yacho. Nhasi mukuru aona nhamo nekutukirirwa pamusana penyu varimi vanhasi. kubva 2000 ungandiudzewo progress yaita kubva mukurima kwako. Dai ndirini bob ndaikupai nguva yekuproducer kana wata out of that farm then give it to someone who is productive. Basa nderekuti ndine purazi risa charirikupa nyika.

  9. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    @Mujiba.I should have elaborated kuti this new party is a load of rubbish,not your comment.
    U were quite spot on.
    But zvimwe zvawazotaura izvi,u sound like an MDC sympathiser,asina munda wacho.
    Zvangu zviri kufaya my friend,and for the hundreth time,we r not all maize farmers!!!!

  10. Khaya'bonina says:

    @Mujibha-thank you so much . I am from Matebeleland South , i am not against anybody forming his or her own on political party , but forming a party basing its campaigns in certain provices and excluding other provinces its nonsense and a sign of tribalism , these stupid brothers of mine must go to hell , they are from my province , i will meet them one day and line them up . There are lacking educations , they have got no advisors and they must shut up .

  11. cde mabhunu says:

    What a confused bunch of people meant to destabilise a peaceful nation. Go and do that in south africa. Mzilikazi muuyi.

  12. Khaya'bonina says:

    @Murimi , you are making another mistake like these animals forming a provincial party , leave MDC alone they have got nothing to do with this . Hey hey hey don’t forget we are still waiting for your party leader Mugabe to appear in public , where is he ????? , as fit as a fiddle , forget this time .

  13. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    @Khaya.Let mudhara finish his leave in peace.U will see him soon enuff.You are invited to attend this year’s 21st Feb celebrations Khaya.I will get u a t-shirt printed Bob @ 90.
    But as for these friends of yours,eish,they have serious issues.They need therapy

    • The situation with the Secessionist party launched in Bulawayo is very worrying. This is why it is important for the powers that be to recognize that where it comes to development because of the position the country finds it’s self in party politics must play a secondary role. Some politicians have heard to be saying “you voted for party A so let them develop you.” Opposition is very healthy in any democratic party and people should be free to support any party of their choice. Bulawayo and Matebeland have been have been the least developed area’s for sometime now thus giving a voice to these lunatics. The Ndebele people are not fools. They know that they are part of Zimbabwe and they destiny is as one country. This does not stop these people getting a few ears and supporters who could cause destabilization and that’s the last thing we need right now.
      I think it is also wrong to suggest that these misguided elements should go back to South Africa where their roots are because the to largest tribes in this country migrated to here. For once I agree with Murimi when he says “What a load of rubbish.” He then goes back to being his same old self that hates anything that is not Zanu pf. This attitude makes him no better than these lunatics.

  14. Wanna be Politician says:

    Can the real NDEBELES STAND UP PLEASE..!!
    (Obviously Mqondisi Moyo is not a Ndebele.. (Amahole prharps)

    Who said that the……Kalangas, Vendas, Tongas, Nambyas, Xhosa, Fengu,Tswana, Nambia,Chewas etc etc….wants to join this TRIBAL BIASED POLITICAL PARTY.
    If they wish to join.. I guarantee you it will not be long before they ask/ campaign for ceasation from this MTWAKAZI THUGS.

    On the other side of it..ITS ANOTHER WAY OF MAKING MONEY..GOOD MONEY (Politics is a dirty game)

  15. LoudSilence BlindingDarkness DzimbaDzemabgwe says:

    Zimbabwe belongs to the Shona, Kalanga, Tonga and the Venda. Ndebele people are outside rejects from Zululand. The southern region suffers from Shona supremacy because of these losers. We suffered Gukurahundi bacause we rubbed shoulders with these thugs who must swallow their pride and lick the Shona backside or ship out. Mthwakazi Republic my foot.
    Go back to your ancestory and leave us to rebuild our Zimbabwe. Down with Ndebele tribalists!

  16. LoudSilence BlindingDarkness DzimbaDzemabgwe says:

    Rather form a council or elders to engage with King Goodwill Zwelithini and Jacob Zuma’s administration to take you back into Zululand. But leave our land and cattle and women behind.

  17. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    @Loudsilence.Im finding it difficult to make out the difference between you and them.

  18. Chaka says:

    The guy has views. Launching a party is absolute nonsense. He must abandon this and think of another alternative. Please stop the guy.

  19. Murimi Wanhasi “This attitude makes him no better than these lunatics”. I would like to apologize to you for that remark. I got it wrong . I still think you are not tolerant of other parties but that’s your view and my remark was uncalled for.

  20. dsct says:

    The problem for Zimbabwe here is that since independence the Matabeleland has been dealt with as second class. Seen by the government as potential enemies who had to be literally murdered en masse, of course they will harbour resentment. As a result secessionists like this will find fertile ground for their ideas, which will make for dangerous situations. Particularly where the government has failed to deliver anything but despair and despondency to it’s people (not the confidantes of Mugabe who are doing well out of the situation) you cannot be surprised when people look for any levers to be in control of their own destiny. Failure to address their issues will only lead to trouble.

  21. Zvichapera says:

    I agree with you Dsct, while seccession is not the right thing, the issues of Matebeleland need to be sorted, tribalism and regionalism must be stopped. We need to push Zimbabwe forward together. Gukurahundi truth and reonciliation must be done, failure all those responsible must be prosecuted, no one must walk scot free. It had nothing to do with tribe, it was barbaric. Myself as a Shona I am pained we could murder our fellow citizens like that, I do not and will not promote tribalism, we are all one people!!

  22. passenger 23 says:

    just try it ,we will be watching.

  23. Khaya'bonina says:

    Go back to Zululand because i am a Ndebele , leave cattle and your wifes , my wife is now yours , may be you are a demon , one day i will strongly bite you instead of licking your backside , a dirty stinking backside . Full of tribalism .

  24. Nkiwane (M'kiwa) says:

    Referendum! Referendum! Referendum! Let the people speak and decide themselves! The reason why there is a proliferation of such parties is due to the terrible injustices which the people in Matabeleland have suffered including mass murder to the point of genocide, mass rapes, mass theft, arson and persistent marginalization and discrimination over 33 years!

    In the UK, we see the SNP are campaigning for their own country and that is allowed! England does not want that and are campaigning against it, but at least the people get a chance to decide themselves next year. That’s fair!

    What does Matabeleland have that Mashonaland needs? Nothing! So let them secede and be free! What do you care? You have all the diamonds and best farmland and economically may even be BETTER off WITHOUT Matabeleland!

    As for that nonsense about the migration made by the Matabele making them second class citizens, well, if we are to go by those lines then I suggest the Shonas return to the DRC! It is well documented that their origin is in the Great Lakes region, so what’s the difference? Let’s then return the country to the Khoi San!

    • Nkiwane do you realize the blood shed that would result during the dispute of border lines. What of the peole of the other tribes? What of the Ndebeles that live in a Mutare and Harare and the Shona’s that live in Bulawayo and Greru? Who would decide the lines? Loud Silence BlindingDarkness DzimbaDzemabgwe is crazy for uttering such a statement and you are no better than him. Enough blood has been spilt.

      • Nkiwane (M'kiwa) says:

        Hey Jack.

        I abhor violence. If it is done properly, there is no need for that!

        In any case, who is to say that a Referendum would be won by Mthwakazi parties? But at least give people a say!

  25. gutu says:

    That area called Matebeleland is part of a country called Zimbabwe! There has never been a country called Mthwakazi which was swallowed by Zimbabwe.What makes those secessionists think that there wont be developmental issues in the so called new state? They can move to wherever they want in Zimbabwe and settle there and nobody will bother them but because they are just tribalists they want to be alone as a tribe with no mix. I do not know with marriages btwn tribes how they will define other people? In short they must be stopped forthwith using all means necessary! Nzungu imwe yakaora inoodza saga rese!

  26. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    @Doctor.Its ok doc,Im just amazed at the extreme views of some.
    But u know that Murimi is very tolerant,its only that a lot of people need a sense of patriotism instilled into them.

  27. tatesowner says:

    I can smell other gukurahundi coming, be warned! Don’t say havana kutiudza. U gonna get what u looking for very soon

  28. Mukanya says:

    In times of hardships people become enterprising. These so-called secessionist parties are another form of entrepreneurship, just like all sorts of churches that continue to sprout all over Zimbabwe. Deep down my brothers from MAtebeleland know that it is day-dreaming to pull that part of the country out of Zimbabwe. But vodiiwo ivo vaine nzara? Unfortunately one thing they may be oblivious of is that in their efforts to line their pockets, they will set alight an inferno that will be very very difficult to extinguish. The emotions that are being displayed by many Zimbabweans, particularly of Shona background, is ample evidence of this. People know their history regardless of how we might try to sweep certain events under the carpet. Whilst Gukurahundi is a very regrettable dark side of our history, this development was preceded by another dark side of Shona-Ndebele relations in the form of Ndebele raids into the part of the country that was still occupied by the Shonas after Guruuswa was grabbed by the Ndebeles. This preceding dark side has ample evidence even today in the shona-speaking part of Zimbabwe. My late grandparents used to narrate stories of Ndebele raids. Even today, in the midst of shona-speaking Buhera district, you find Ndebele-speaking people. They occupy an exclusive area and, for a very long time, refused to integrate into the shona society. Young men and women would go to Matebeleland to look for spouses because their elders discouraged them to marry “amagundwani”. I wonder whether these Ndebeles would also secede from Zimbabwe or Buhera district, whichever is more applicable. These Ndebeles settled in the heart of the district after fertility of all sorts, rich soils, large heads of cattle, not to mention their first set of women. As we grew up looking after cattle in the seventies, we used to see granaries in the plateaus of the largest mountain in the area called Gombe. Our ancestors built these granaries to store grain so that they would be assured of food during their sojourns to the mountain plateau. The sojourns were triggered by Ndebele raids. It used to pain me as my grandparents narrated these raids. As a young energetic boy, I felt anger inside and a burning desire to revenge. I hope this is not the feeling that is gripping my adult brothers from Matebeleland. It is a dangerous feeling. I know Zimbabwe is gripped by crippling economic conditions which result in high unemployment rate. However, we need to craft less dangerous entrepreneurship programmes. Arguing that Matebeleand has been sidelined on development for a long time is a lame excuse. There are so many parts of Zimbabwe that are under-developed, including some sections of shona-speaking areas. My brothers from Matebeleland need to visit some parts of Manicaland such as Checheche, Tamandayi, Buhera South kwaChinoz uko, Kazozo in Nyanga, Rusitu Valley in Chimanimani. I am sure they will take back some of their arguments. Currently diamonds are being mined in Marange and processed elsewhere. I ma not sure whether this is not a good reason for the people of this part of Masnicaland to campaign for secession as well. But what would remain of Zimbabwe and with what consequences. Let us address issues without policising and tribalising them. Zimbabwe is crying for sane politicians and leaders, not opportunists. Let us learn from other people’s mistakes so that we will not take our country further down. Southern Sudan is a case in point. Memories of the Rwanda genocide are still fresh in the minds of some of us. We do not need another Gukurahundi please. But if we are not careful, we will slide into one quite easily, one that may even shed a lot more blood. The Ndebeles are very aggrieved as a result of Gukurahundi, but they must not forget that the Shonas also have a sad story to tell and the evidence is still abound. People know their history. Good luck to Zimbabwe!

  29. Fallenz says:

    Tribalism, racism… no difference. I see much of it, and it weakens my heart.

    But, if Shona are to be honest, they must admit others in Zim have not faired as well because of tribalistic patronage within the government. If they can not see that, then their own tribalism has blinded them and truth is easily hidden from them… willful ignorance is not excusable.

    Being proud of a person’s heritage is a good thing, but to deny others because of it is disgusting.

    The God of all is the witness of all. The thoughts of the heart are not hidden, even when our actions are hidden from men.

  30. mujibha says:

    Murimi wanhasi I’m really sorry my friend abt what i have said against you, but if its really true that you r doing well in your farming business as a nation we need more people/farmers like you to do well and feed the nation. Now my friend I’m challenging you to pass that knowledge of yours to those other new farmers and let them know if they get a loan from the bank/government channel that money into farming not leisure. They should know that when u r in business u need to use money to make money don’t be greed.

  31. It’s really great reading all your thoughts and ideas and I am gald that most of you on this forum do not suscribe to these dangeruos Ideas that have been put forward by some that still live in the past. Scotland as the one person says will never be a case study for Zimbabwe. To much fuision has gone into the people of Zimbabwe. What many want is wisdom from our leaders. Too often have black people dwelt on the imediate future. It is time that we think about what type of future we want to leave our children and grandchildren. Is it a future of hate or is it a future of love? Is it a future of building or it a future or is it a future of destroying? Is it a future of war or is it a future of peace?

    • Nkiwane (M'kiwa) says:

      Agreed Doctor Do Little! I love “Democracy in Action!” It’s great that we can all express our thoughts!

      Hey! Have any of your relations or friends been killed by 5th Brigade? No?????? Oh that’s surprising!!! Haven’t they had melting plastic dripped upon them? Or been raped? Or had their wrists broken?

      Ok pal, keep trying to dominate Matabeleland. Good luck! :)

  32. Mukanya says:

    As an after-thought, one reader indicated that the shonas originate from DRC. He will be surprised that Zulus also originate from that part of the continent. If he is truly Zulu/Ndebele, then he is displaying a poor understanding of his origins. I hope he is not my brother whose ancestors were assimilated into the ndebele culture and wants to be more ndebele than the ndebeles themselves. It is always a problem for people who want to belong.

  33. Dzenyika says:

    Political boundaries are just that and nothing else. Scotland is trying to gain independence at the moment, but hopes to keep the UK head of state and the UK currency. What’s the point then of independence??

    Zimbabwe is independent, yet we’ve mortgaged off all our natural resources to China. If China decides to stop giving us money (as it did to the world’s “superpowers” in 2008) Zimbabwe will collapse in weeks.

    We need to accept that we, like most nations, are a country of immigrants and get on with trying to make our country better.

  34. Dzenyika well said this is what makes me continue on this website. New names that I have not seen like you pitch up and talk sense. I t is healthy to have different opinions. It is healthy to agree to disagree. But it is unhealthy and wrong to hate a people because of who they are. I t is also healthy to respect other peoples cultures. We in Zimbabwe are fortunate that we are a predominately Christian country. So we have a lot in common and we respect our Muslim and Hindu brothers culture. North Africa is no that lucky. They are fighting for religious dominance. What will we fight about? It does not make sense to me. We are Zimbabweans and we will prevail.

  35. Mthwakazi says:

    Personally I dont subscribe to this secession idea. I would much prefer one united country, but with a few changes from the current status quo:

    1. Change the name of the country to a more neutral name, if not possible better still keep the old name Rhodesia which we had all gotten used to. Mozambique kept its colonial name and there is no crisis – after all,truth be told, if we put our own African egos and pride aside,there was no modern nation of Zimbabwe with the current formal borders when Cecil John Rhodes came to this country. This is a fact that many refuse to accept;

    2. Institute full devolution of government as it is in South Africa, not the current token devolution provisions in the present constitution. Full devolution means, provincial governments; provincial legislatures; provincial treasuries; National and Provincial government elections etc;

    3. Institute a rotational presidency with one deputy president. A formual for this could be worked out;

    4. As it is in South Africa, ensure provincial languages prevail in schools and government business, including the traditional national languages. Mat North, you could have Nambya, Tonga,English, Ndebele. In Mat South you could have Sotho, Venda, Khalanga, English, Ndebele, Setswana. In West Midlands it could be isiXhosa, Ndebele, Shangani, English and Shona. In Eastern Midlands it could be Shona, Ndebele and English. In Masvingo, Shona, Shangani. In Mashonaland provinces English and Shona. In Manicaland Shona, English and Ndau.

    It is wrong to define a country along the lines of one ethnic group as it is currently the case, this cause divisions. This is why we currently have so much arrogance among some people who seem to believe they are the owners of the country because the country is named in their language. These are the people who are nurturing secessionist ideas in this country due to their arrogance. A name from a minority group is the best way forward, hence I recommend the name Rhodesia.

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