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Shamed ZRP vows Budiriro vengeance

via Shamed ZRP vows Budiriro vengeance 31/05/2014 NewZimbabwe

ZRP vowed to descend in force on Budiriro Sunday to round up members of an apostolic sect which, in scenes likely to have shaken the government, battered a woefully outnumbered posse of riot cops on Friday, leaving some injured.

ZRP spokesperson Charity Charamba said members of the Johanne Masowe yeChishanu apostolic sector who attacked the police officers can expect the law to respond with ruthless efficiency.

Many Zimbabweans have described the shock incident as poetic justice on a police force long used to having its way with ordinary people, beating up peaceful protesters and violently crushing opposition to President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party.

However, that fearsome reputation was dented somewhat Friday, as members of the sect set upon the handful of riot police officers dispatched to their shrine, mercilessly battered them with their long religious canes, forcing the cops to flee for dear life.

The skirmishes concluded a horrendous weekend for the ZRP, after police commissioner general Augustine Chihuri collapsed in a heap at a pass out parade for graduating recruits at Moris Depot on Thursday.

Chihuri passed out while standing next to Mugabe and later blamed the incident on his shoes.

Not a good week for the police … ZRP boss collapses at pass out parade

Charamba said violence against law enforcement agents would not be condoned.

“The police will arrest everyone who assaulted the police officers and journalists who were on duty. We do not tolerate church members who beat up police officers and journalists,” she said.

“They will be arrested and we urge all church members to lead by example. What will the nation and our neighbours say when we have church members behaving in such a manner? That’s not the way church members should communicate.

“There were children at that meeting. How are they going to think or behave when their parents beat up police officers? People will be picked up.”

The cops were attacked after they accompanied Bishop Johannes Ndanga of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) and other members of the group to the Budiriro sect which is led by one Madzibaba Ishmael.

Bishop Ndanga wanted to enforce a ban against the sect over human rights violations that include alleged denial of children’s educational rights as well as abuses of girls.

Officer commanding ZRP Harare province Senior Assistant Commissioner Clement Munoriarwa said everyone involved would be arrested.

“We are not investigating allegations that were raised by Bishop Johannes Ndanga from the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe at the moment.

“The police have a unit that will be moving in (Sunday) to Budiriro to pick everyone who was involved. We will not tolerate that behaviour where we have members from a church attacking the police and journalists.

“We will deal with them. The police force does not tolerate such behaviour where church members act and behave like gangsters or activists.

“People are going to be arrested and that is our role. When one breaks the law, we move in and that is what is going to happen in Budiriro.”



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    LUCY 4 years

    take heed everybody next time these goons masquarading as law enforcement agents come to evict you on behalf of some greedy ZANU pf thief beat them up. They are nothing but toothless gutter dogs,

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      Kusvikazvanaka 4 years

      Considering the fact that they came prepared to beat up people worshiping, they got what they wanted! Mind you these vapositori guys had no shoes compared to Chihuri’s boys whom I think had their shoes mixed up …right for left or size 9 on the left and size 10 on the right..KKKKKK…

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    zanupf fear me 4 years

    Where is the same vigour determination to lock up the zanupf criminals ? Cowardly war vets. Just big talkers safe only in number. Scum

  • comment-avatar
    Justice 4 years

    Sad when the only justice one can get these days is “poetic” justice!

  • comment-avatar
    Educated Idiot 4 years

    i guess we need to go to church to be protected from ZRP. In other countries people go to the police for protection. Not In Zimbabwe. we get such threats! Well done everyone involved in disciplining them!

  • comment-avatar
    Zambuko 4 years

    It is clear in Senior Assistant Commissioner Clement Munoriarwa’s mind-set gangsters and activist are in the same class. So he thinks a social activist is the same as a gangster. This explains why social activists in Zimbabwe are treated by the police as though they were gangsters.

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    Zim Patriot 4 years

    Yes zrp have a lot to answer for, they have been complicit and have turned a blind eye to the politically connected for so long, I would say blood on the hands of the force that have their wages and salaries paid by the people of Zimbabwe through tax remittance. They take an oath to serve and protect……ha ha that is exactly the opposite the only people being served and protected “are the more equal than others”…in bbridge they are the legal advisors for illegal occupants on a certain farm, the farm workers have had personal items stolen when they try and retrieve them the workers are arrested and spend the night in jail, the zrp accompany war veterans and hangers on to invade a property and standby while innocent farm workers are beaten and women and children as young as 18 months are beaten, yes selective application of the law comes to mind….

    • comment-avatar
      publicprotector 4 years

      What an idiot, you have 0 evidence of anything just anti police propaganda at a time when its really not needed. The time is coming when the police should use bullets against these violent demonstrators and mal-contents to protect us all from them.
      We are reliant on the police to curb violence and discipline the mal- contents for the protection of the general public/.
      They should send in the army, show them what violence is all about.
      Just because their parents didn’t give them smacked bottoms doesn’t mean society has to put up with all these mal-contents and violent illegal demonstrations.

      • comment-avatar
        Tom 4 years

        Theres plenty of evidence of police corruption and violence. There are videos and pictures all over the internet. The police dont exactly court the publics trust by assaulting women. Your proposed solution is to shoot them instead – sounds like someone smacked your bottom a little too much. Would watching it make you breathe heavily?

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        go to the herald you zanupf idiot pp!!!!!!11

  • comment-avatar
    jones peter 4 years

    its the start of the Arab Spring

    • comment-avatar

      I really do hope it is and make sure people like publicprotector is on the top of the list zanupf scumbags!!!!!!!!!1

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    Ruramai 4 years

    The police were made aware of child sexual abuses in this church. They have not brought anyone to book for such heinous crimes. All of a sudden we are being told the police will respond with ruthless efficiency. This Zanu p.f. militia only acts to break peaceful demonstrations, attack defenceless opposition supporters or destroy homes of the poor.

    While in a civilised society it is unacceptable to attack law enforcement agents because they act in the interest of all citizens, the thugs that pass for a police force in this country thoroughly deserved the bashing they got. Sometimes people ought to get a taste of their own medicine.

    • comment-avatar
      musande 4 years

      Zimbabwean Boko Haram in the making. Next they will use guns not Middle East sherpard sticks

  • comment-avatar
    furedi 4 years

    If they are a real police force then they should not be seeking vengeance.They should arrest only for the crime committed.Surely if Mr Ndanga knew who was breaking law at this church they could have arrested the culprits at their homes,one by one.

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    I don’t think anyone will feel sorry for the police. They will reap what they have sown. They have behaved like the people are their servants and not vice versa. It was only a matter of time before this happened. They could either learn from this or continue with this type of behavior. If they continue this way it is only a matter of time before they injure or kill the wrong people and all hell will break loose.The African spring might be nearer than we think.

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    wasu 4 years

    and i would advise all churches to go to Budiriro and fight these Zanu Pf thugs. Even if they bring guns they will not do anything as God will be with guys .

  • comment-avatar
    biend 4 years

    This might be a sign of frustration by the Zim populace at large, beginning to overpour.No ruthlessness will stop an angry and hungry population from reacting,even the most ruthless and most feared Govenments,end up on their knees from the people they supress and oppress,history has shown us.

    • comment-avatar
      Don Cox 4 years

      Syria is a good example of what happens when the people finally rise against a brutal dictatorship.

      It can be a tough struggle. At least Zimbabwe is blessedly free of Islamist extremists.

      • comment-avatar
        zimbo 4 years

        What is an islamist extremist. ??

        I suppose the same as a christian crusader !!!

  • comment-avatar
    Ndaneta ndaneta 4 years

    Do you think you as a sect of 1000 people can really win a war with the Police?? I am not sure.

    • comment-avatar
      biend 4 years

      no they cannot but the statement has been made,thats how things start,small,sporadic squashed but surface again somewhere then like a veld fire spread

  • comment-avatar
    Mambo 4 years

    So Bishop Ndanga is another ZANU (PF) zealot who instead of taking his grievances to the courts believes in ZRP mob justice, just that this time the boot was on the other foot. If the ZRP can’t administer the laws of the land, that being their job, then they will get what they deserve.

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    Condor 4 years

    “There were children at that meeting. How are they going to think or behave when their parents beat up police officers? People will be picked up.” Now Miss Charity Chihuri, how come you have never been concerned when your cops beat up fathers in front of their children? So to you its ok for riot police to go with buttons to a gathering where children were present? Now we know these cops are weak and hungry, from now on they will meet the efficient force of public anger.

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    tawanda 4 years

    This is great — the cops are gonna get f*cked up again. Go Vapostori!

  • comment-avatar
    The Mind Boggles 4 years

    And so the cycle of violence continues!!!! I don’t care beat the hell out of each other it’s amusing.

  • comment-avatar
    nesbert majoni 4 years

    Maputisa apiko

    MuZim hamuchina mapurisa

  • comment-avatar
    mandevu 4 years

    ZRP have forgotten that their principle role is to protect people. Something has gone horribly wrong here and it is time for society to let them know

  • comment-avatar
    RR 4 years

    Pamberi vapostori!!!

  • comment-avatar

    “We will deal with them. The police force does not tolerate such behaviour where church members act and behave like gangsters or activists.
    So this Senior Assistant Commissioner Clement Munoriarwa has been thoroughly trained to see no difference between “gangsters and activists!”