Shock 2018 vote claims

via Shock 2018 vote claims – DailyNews Live by Gift Phiri  3 APRIL 2014

There are shocking claims that seven large containers, allegedly carrying materials which the opposition says is meant to manipulate and rig the crucial 2018 national elections, are on their way to Zimbabwe from Israel.

A confidential shipping memo that the Daily News has seen indicates that the seven containers are already at the South African Port of Durban, having been dispatched from Herzlia, Israel in January.

The shipments apparently stem from an alleged surreptitious agreement signed last year by the Zimbabwe Registrar General’s office and Nikuv International, amid fresh fears that the materials are meant be used to fix the crucial 2018 vote which President Robert Mugabe is unlikely to take part in due to advanced age.

Despite determined attempts by the Daily News to solicit a comment from Nikuv this week, the company had by last night not commented on the consignment, its alleged involvement, the contents of the shipment and the delivery route.

The Daily News’s quest for answers from Nikuv included e-mailed questions.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s spokesperson said: “The shipments point to some seedling which is taking place ahead of the next election whenever it is going to be held. Unfortunately, Nikuv and its seedling have dismally failed to rig the economy which is on a free fall.”

Tobaiwa Mudede, Zimbabwe’s Registrar General, also flatly declined to comment on the contraband when the Daily News asked him about this during the Defence and Home Affairs parliamentary portfolio committee fact-finding visit to Makombe Building in Harare, and KG VI offices three days ago.

An angry Mudede went on to kick out the Daily News crew from the function after being questioned about the shipment.

Documents seen by the Daily News show that the suspicious consignment is being handled by the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC).

Adding fuel to the claims is the fact that the shipments themselves are protected by intense security protocol, which means specifics like routes, transportation method, quantities and schedules remain top secret.

The seven large containers were dispatched from Herzlia, Israel, according to the information on the shipping memos.  Six of these containers measure 40 feet and are registered under the Bill of Lading Code MSCUJN329741, with one more container, also measuring 40 feet, shipped under the Bill of Lading Code MSCUJN329808.

The MSC Logistics (Pvt) Ltd, the Durban-based import controller and co-regulator of the transfers, told the Daily News that rules restricted it from disclosing such information to the public, although it did confirm that “final destination for both bills are Harare”.

The consignment was apparently dispatched via Japan in January and has been stuck at the Durban harbour following the botching of the logistical arrangement, a situation that might have led to the exposure of the clandestine shipment as well as its intended destination.

The information at hand shows that the shipment left Yokohama, Japan, on January 6, 2014, through the route or ship called MSC KRITTIKA/VOYAGE HI350A.

However, a problem developed after the Nikuv containers reached Durban Port and the clearing agent tried to process their transportation to Harare.

It was apparently discovered that the name and address of the recipient was likely to attract attention and blow the lid on the clandestine shipment because the recipient was registered as Nikuv International Project Ltd, Harare, Zimbabwe.

The recipient was then apparently changed to Registrar General, Harare, at the end of February.

But by last Friday, the containers were still stuck at Durban Port.

Reliable sources who chose to remain anonymous for fear of victimisation say there are apparently worries on the part of both Nikuv and the RG’s office that attempting to transport the containers now could lead to the discovery of the “sinister contents.”

MSC, the import controller, said it was awaiting further instructions from Nikuv in Israel, which also refused to comment on the contents of the seven containers.

A Durban-based official privy to the containers saga said: “There are materials used for elections in all those containers as well as IT equipment meant for the same purpose. That is why they are stuck here because the whole process was supposed to be carried out very secretly to avoid detection of the contents.”


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31 comments on “Shock 2018 vote claims
  1. Rwendo says:

    One hopes the MDCs will take Nikuv more seriously than they did last time. Tsvangirai’s quoted response about faling to rigg the economy belittles the gravity of the situation and does not inspire any confidence.

  2. trevor says:

    Action must be taken immediately and the whole deal exposed to the international community. The MDC cannot just stand and watch whilst rigging takes place under their noses and with their knowledge. This doesnt inspire confidence at all. Is anybody listening ?

  3. supermondo says:

    zanu know they can never win a fair election. These containers are full of ballot papers. These papers spoil if you put an x in the wrong place ie for mdc..just think about it they spoil in the ballot box.

  4. Zen says:

    “Prime Minister” Tsvangirai said “Unfortunately, Nikuv and its seedling have dismally failed to rig the economy which is on a free fall.” I say to you wake up man!And wake up Zimbabwe!Do you think Zanu cares if the country burns to the ground? Even if half of Zimbabweans starved to death they don’t care!All Mugabe and his mob cares about is holding on to power and getting rich at any cost.The sooner you wake up to this reality and devise effective strategies to oust Zanu the better. Of course the people of Zimbabwe have to play an active part in their freedom. Being passive and wailing “someone must help us! “Is not going to do it. And endless speculation about containers, Baba Jukwa and Nikuv is looking in the wrong direction while Zanu does another bhora mugedi

  5. Mprang says:

    MDC T muchangoti tabirirwa futi… You will never win election

  6. Fallenz says:

    How easy it is with creative minds and today’s technology to create ballots of a special compound and associated marking pens so that the original marking on the ballot dissolves, and a pre-printed mark on the paper begins to appear… perhaps activated when the ballot is exposed to sufficient infrared, ultraviolet, or microwave frequencies.

    And, remember, only a percentage of these ballot papers would have to be deployed… and only in the areas expected to go against ZANUPF. The opposition would be wise to closely supervise every phase of the coming polling… beginning with the selection of ballot materials and printing.

    Twilight zone..? Uh uh. Far-fetched..? Nope. Hide and watch.

  7. Rwendo says:

    Not far fetched st all. But based on experiences of the past they are not likely to repeat the same method again, especially now that we have some ideas how they did it.

  8. Wilbert Mukori says:

    Nikuv corrupted the voters roll to help Mugabe rigged the elections but it was a botched job. It is easy to see what Nikuv did and that is why Mugabe has stubbornly refused to release the voters roll. The voters roll is the smoking gun to the rigged elections; it should have been released a month before the elections but even now the regime is still refusing to make it public.

    Nikuv was paid a princely sum of US$13 million; pretty good wages for something high school dropouts could have done for a few beers!

    Israel was the one country in the whole world that continued to work with the apartheid regime in SA right up the day the late Nelson Mandela took office in 1994. Now Israel is helping and propping up tyrannical regimes in Africa! This is the one kiss of betrayal Israel must not be allowed to get away with!

  9. mutakura says:

    Tsvangirai is a fool. He is not going to do anything to counteract nikuv

  10. mujibha says:

    This why I said its just waste of time to go for elections, the best solution is war. Just imagine how many years left to have another election, abt 4yrs and zanu pf is already in that election before n-one else. Zanu pf is already voting four yrs b4 the next g-election, can u pls tell me besides staging war against this regime, how r u going to get rid of them? How r u going to get rid/overcome nikuv, how r u going to stop mudede, stuffing the ballot box, how r u going to stop busing of zanu pf suppoters, zanu pf suppoters in police/army uniform beating/intimidating people, people being forced to say they can’t write so that a zanu pf suppoter will vote for them, propaganda, from media (herald) and zbc especially with j. moyo as minister of information. With all these things/issues in place noone will win g-election besides zanu pf. The best thing to do before going/agreing to any g-election u need to overcome that rigging system first and kick out nikuv out of Zimbabwe. Then maybe we might have a free and fair election. But how r we going to do it without a fight? I know Zimbabwe is a peace loving nation but for how long r we going to leave with this?

  11. Littledorrit says:

    They are so u/s they will probably lose the container before 2018. Or somebody will steal it.

  12. DW says:

    Mujibha you have it exactly right, unless the Zanoids are removed BEFORE the next election nothing will change!The people of Zimbabwe have to drive the change they want.

  13. Roving Ambassador says:

    I think Zimbabwe 2018 is a red herring. Its the South African elections this time. Zuma has learnt from the fraudulent masters.
    Birds of a further.

  14. Qiniso says:

    uPhiri bakiti…what are you smoking? Reliable sources in what? Its April 4th not 1st Phiri. Vuka. Technology is changing every day and if this Nikuv company is as smart as you claim, it wouldnt be stupid enough to start bringing voting material so early. The shock is the ignorance of this reporter.

  15. NBS says:

    The Lord is going to expose all this darkness. they think He does not see and they think He does not know?? judgment hangs over them like the sword of Damocles!

  16. Charles Chamunorwa says:

    That’s why Mugabe always brags that Zanu shall rule for a long time to come. They want to put in place a permanent rigging machinery so that no other party will ever win an election.

  17. Ivor Payne says:

    Well with all the efforts to hype this shipment how about commenting on the fact that elections (and now voter reg) are supposed to be run by ZEC…so why is the shipment going to Mudede?

    • NBS says:

      Good question? They are completely opaque and covert. ‘What has been done in the darkness will be brought into the light and what has been whispered in the ear will be shouted from the rooftops.” judgment is coming!

  18. Zindoga says:

    Zunde can you plse act nw this is what Morgan has been facing ,if u have Balls this is the time to show us.

    • NBS says:

      Yes! What has ZUNDE in mind to create a situation where for the first time ever there are completely free and fair elections in Zimbabwe?

  19. All Eyes On Me says:

    Tswangirayi is NOT the Prime Minister. You MDC-T people, please stop your fantasies – they are just too much!!

  20. All Eyes On Me says:

    Shonas should pay a very heavy prize for their tribalism in Gukurahundiland. I say SUFFER the Shona, SUFFER!!

  21. Henry says:

    All barking up the wrong tree.This is for Zuma election on
    7th May 2014.Watch this space.

  22. Kennry says:

    @ Henry:- AGREED:- All barking up the wrong tree.This is for Zuma election on 7th May 2014.Watch this space.

  23. NBS says:

    Israel should be pressured to expose this Nikuv as well. What do they think they are doing?

  24. Rwendo says:

    It seems Nikuv’s first contract in Zimbabwe (Mail & Guardian) was as far back as 1994 – to computerise Min of Home Affairs, the Census Office and ‘the election system’. But the contract was then blocked by the Israel Foreign Trade Risk Insurance Corporation.

    All sorts of shady Nikuv activities followed, including allegations of voters role rigging in Zambia in 1996, and jinflating tender payments in Lesotho in 2013 etc. And yet it seems that oNikuv has fallen under increasingly less restrain by Israeli agencies even as its propensity for aiding corruption, for the right price, has increased.

    This is a puzzle. Is it purely a money game? Have Nikuv’s pockets gotten deeper and therefore their capacity to “circumvent” Israeli checks  improved since 1993? 

    Zambia eventually srapped Nikuv’s voters role and Leosotho chased them out, so at least there is hope. But their pockets are bound to get even deeper. Many potential customers out there.

  25. wenafeela says:

    This is not about teaboy but all political parties in the country. So mdct supporters stop pretending teaboy is the solution here.

  26. Panda moyo says:

    To the guy who said suffer shona ,is he 100pcnt sure that its only shona suffring no tonga,kalanga,sotho etc?sometimes anger does not pay.

  27. Skeptic says:

    I question the authenticity of this report… Why would they ship “7 large” containers all at one go? Why would they risk the exposure? Would it not be more practical to send through containers in bits and pieces, rather than 7? Also, I am sure if they (Nikuv) are a super-spy agency, they would send such shipments through bogus company names, to bogus shelf companies in Zimbabwe? These guys are not idiots… Remember, you claim that they stole the elections from right under your noses! People are more crafty when smuggling an ex-jap car into Zim, I dont think they would be that silly….

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