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via ‘Stop using contraceptives’ | The Herald May 27, 2014 by Zvamaida Murwira

Registrar-General Mr Tobaiwa Mudede has urged Zimbabweans to stop using contraceptives religiously, saying the contraceptives are a ploy by powerful nations to retard population growth in Africa and thereby weaken the nation.
Mr Mudede said contraceptives were also conduits for pandemic diseases such as cancer, especially in women. He said this in a Sunday address to Family of God Church congregants commemorating Africa Day in Kambuzuma, Harare.

Present were senior Government and Zanu-PF officials who included ruling party national political commissar Cde Webster Shamu, who was guest of honour. Church founder Reverend Andrew Wutawunashe invited Mr Mudede and the other VIPs.

Mr Mudede said he had co-authored a book on population control with television producer Mr Richard Hondo.
He said the book explained why people should desist from using contraceptives and urged Africans to sire as many children as possible. Mr Mudede conceded that his ideas would face stiff resistance.

“When I looked at other countries that are smaller in size than us they actually have bigger populations,” said Mr Mudede. “I am pained when I am told that my little daughter must go on contraceptives.

“Why do you want these foreign products? It pains me a lot.
“Where are you going to get soldiers should there be an aggression? We want police officers, workers, nurses. If you are to ask young people today how many children they have you would hear them responding proudly, ‘just two’.”

Mr Mudede said the book came after extensive research, including among the Doma people of Kanyemba, the San of Plumtree and various apostolic sects.
The Doma, San and some apostolic sects, particularly Johanne Marange, do not use contraceptives. Mr Mudede questioned how society could thrive when it was limiting its growth.

“You want to be a superpower, but you do not want to multiply,” he said.
Mr Mudede said some cancers were a side-effect of contraceptives.

He said Nigeria had a population of more than 130 million and its economy was booming while countries like Zimbabwe, which are preoccupied with contraceptives, have subdued economies.

Mr Mudede said most birth control methods were as bad as genetically modified organisms. “Pasi nedepo provera. Pasi nenorplant (Down with depo provera, Down with norplant),” he said.

Mr Mudede said he recently lost a niece to cancer associated with the use of contraceptives. He added that contraceptives interfered with God’s biological plan for women in which their bodies cleanse themselves every month.

“So you want an injection or a tablet to interfere with that natural process created by God?” Contraceptives were popularised in the country from the 1980s, with donors and Government discouraging people from having large families.

Bearing a child each year was viewed as a bad practice, with a sustained campaign being run to ridicule those in the practice.
According to the 2012 Zimbabwe Population Census, the population growth rate was at 1,1 percent for the last 10 years, while the average size of a household was at 4,2.

The population growth rate was also 1,1 percent in the 2002 census.


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35 comments on “‘Stop using contraceptives’ | The Herald
  1. Dube says:

    So now we must bring in as much children as Possible to be machayinyokas and vendors. These guys are not real.

  2. andy says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha, these clowns never cease to amaze me, if brains were taxed they would get a rebate!!!

  3. Heighho says:

    So stupid it’s gobstopping unbelievable. Ever heard of the theory of supply and demand, Mudede? That’s why so many people in Africa are mired in desperate poverty. It really is not clever to sire 116 children, duh. One of the reasons caucasians appear to be wealthy – they restrict the no of kids they have to a no they can afford. They do not expect someone else to foot the social costs of neglected unemployed humanity . Wake up Mudede, this is the root cause of Africa’s problem – unthinking bonking in pursuit of instant gratification.

  4. Mseyamwa says:

    Maybe to boost bribe revenues at the passport office.

  5. Nintalan says:

    I’d suggest he stick to his day job but unfortunately he is clueless about that too.

  6. Petal says:

    can someone ask this idiot Mudede who has made these remarks if he is aware the medical fees have gone up

  7. Doris says:

    Er….just run this by me again. The Registrar General is now qualified to give advice on family planning? God help us all.

  8. Pamire says:

    Why would one invite such a person to speak during a church service, and if he has to speak, why not restrict him kunyaya dze ma passports, citizenship, births and death certificates?

    Honestly Mr Wutaunashe, you can do better than this, nana Webster vakange variko, sitting on front benches? Kikikiki ndanyara kwazvo

  9. Bambazonke says:

    Family planning !!!! aids is not working fast enough . This is from a decision maker ! Go back to the bush where you belong

  10. Mlimo says:

    breed like flies die like flies. what an idiot. Go for it spread aids faster and please dont come to the despicable west for medicines i am sure the local sangoma has all you need. what a laughable report. does this cretin actually exist?

  11. John Thomas says:

    I only wish Mudede’s mum has used contraceptives.

  12. This shows how lost we are, with these geriatrics in control.

  13. JOHNSON says:

    If you want soldiers and police officers why dont you make them yourself. The others are not economically empowered to have so many kids. You guys who peddle power can afford. Your sanctimonious ideas are useless. We need economic empowerment and all you talk is about sex and violation of people’s rights to have children of their choice. Your thinking is a bit archaic and driven by hunger for power, Masimba, amandla….this we see on the reason you give for having may children….to have many soldiers and police POLICE. All you think of is coercion. You must be talking of retirement so that one of the unemployed guys takes your post. The fatcats can have a dozen kids with half a dozen wives for all we care. But we stick to a one child policy we can afford. Dont patronise us Cde.

  14. The Mind Boggles says:

    Truly unbelievable I don’t believe I can find the words to describe my laughter at this moron. God help Africa with these totally brainless village idiots in positions of power.

  15. Dr Kuraivanavevhu says:

    Very sad reflection of lack of health, rights and socio-economic development insights on the part of Mudede. As if queues at passport offices and voter registration outposts are not challenges enough? In this century you advocate for retrogressive policies? Do you know about the contribution high fertility to maternal and child mortality? I thick I need to give you lectures which are derived from research evidence-based data. Please refrain from issues you don’t know about, instead of taking us backwards. It’s just like preaching against immunization! Contraceptives are, to women’s health, what vaccination is, to child health. Their benefits extend to environment, nutrition, educational opportunities etc.

  16. he is right on the issue of contraceptive but kuzozvarisana sehuku ndo isingaiti manje

  17. Roving Ambassador says:

    Confusion in ZANU, Mudede is now the minister of health announcing the new ZANU policy.
    My gosh ,ZANU must go. The mummified party.

  18. Jrr56 says:

    Developed countries are becoming over populated due to the huge rise in immigration, there are more Black Zimbabweans in the UK than there ever were whites (from all over the world) in Zimbabwe! Maybe Mr Mudende could get the government to arrange jobs for the few that are left in Zimbabwe rather than make life so difficult they all leave.

  19. Dr Tapera says:

    We are lucky in that at least we have access to contraception. Imagine if each woman falls pregnant each time she has sex! That would please our Registrar General who has failed to provide for the few in need of services. Government invests in family planning, thats why we have ZNFPC. But he wants to scuttle it all, from within! We have funny people in positions of authority in Zimbabwe.

  20. Kevin Watson says:

    Mudede is an idiot. The reason why Africa flops from failure to failure is that population growth outstripped GDP growth thereby impoverishing the populace of Africa. Africa’s population has grown from an estimated 195m in 1950 to an estimated 1100m in 2010. Any aid sent by the West has been stolen by an avaricious leadership so guaranteeing the poverty of the masses. Mudede as a member of the avaricious leadership wants this to continue. The man is a criminal.

    • John Steele says:

      You are quite correct Kevin, yes and Mudede is a thick as pig sh*t

    • Jonathan says:

      Every man/woman has a right to his/her opinion, thats fine. I hope Mudede is not defining government policy on the use of contraceptives. I would also want us to interogate why cult like churches (religious organisations) invite only ruling party politicians to their gatherings. Does it mean church members are only entitled to hear views from one side of the polical divide. I think its a way of creating fundamentalism in society by mixing polical view and religion.

  21. jobolinko says:


  22. Atheist says:

    This is at church conference! !! The number of lunatics in the ZANU PF government is mind boggling.

  23. The Mind Boggles says:

    How can one not find it hysterical!!! Who needs television when you have real life soaps full of imbeciles???

  24. Expat says:

    Just the kind of CLOWN you want to involved with running a Country……………….If you want to be the poor’est, retarded developed with no employment, no food and no economy. sound like anywhere you know?????

  25. Kanu says:

    You better bear those children for the sake of mudede otherwise they will impose a law of heavy fine to anyone with 2 children and less

  26. Ndlovu Kayisa says:

    Mudede. for once I agree with you. we need more pipo . more Zimbabweans, more blacks . pop density is too low in africa. the black race is under threat. the whites and Asian are far much more than us blacks. of the 8 bn world population blacks are just 1bn. guys go reproduce. lets reproduce and not to be brain washed by western propaganda whose objective is to depopulate Africa and enable them occupy it.

    Bravo mudede.

    • Zeezee says:

      And where does Africa turn to when there are famines and droughts? Europe where the majority of white people are! Go ahead and populate but don’t go running to western countries for food when you run out due to over population.

  27. Zeezee says:

    Is this a joke? Couldn’t stop laughing when reading this! The mind boggles that these people are supposedly running the country.

  28. Patriotic says:

    Will he be able to give all these children birth certificates with the way his office operates? What nonsense.

  29. Zambuko says:

    CRGTM (Comrade Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede, respect) is clearly a thought leader of the highest caliber and as such is a wonderful example of the incisive quality of thinking characteristic of the Zimbabwe political leadership, a product of that towering political leader HERGM (His Excellency Robert Gabriel Mugabe, respect) and his good woman, DAGM (Doctor Amai Grace Mugabe, respect). We are indeed privileged to be alive in such times. We lesser mortals should not bother ourselves with the details of the thinking process that goes into these utterances as the output stands above and beyond the demands of prudent common sense. This is indeed cutting edge thought given by a cutting edge thinker with a stupendous intellectual background. Tobaiwa for president! Oh, and World Peace!

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