Zimra raid Bulawayo businesses

By | June 11, 2014

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Zimra raid Bulawayo businesses. 11 June 2014

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) Bulawayo branch has launched a tax blitz on city firms and closing tax evaders.

Close to 30 officials raided Parkade Centre today demanding tax from shop operators.

Shops found wanting are being shut down but alert shop owners closed before officials arrived.

“They are demanding tax forms and they are telling us to shut down if we don’t have or face arrest. We don’t keep the forms here.” said one salon owner.

Presence of Zimra officials has attracted a huge crowd of onlookers.


28 thoughts on “Zimra raid Bulawayo businesses

  1. zanupf fear me

    Show the zimra robbers your zanupf cards. Then you’ll be untouchable

  2. Roving Ambassador

    Just tell them you all working for Overt. Paying tax for no services, crazy.

    1. Petal

      oooh hear hear John Thomas 100% correct the thieving geriatric has some of the loot stashed away in havens with the assistance of Robert Mhlanga so that he cannot pay tax e.g. Singapore, British Virgin Islands

  3. Owen

    Zimra, ZRP, ZBC … they are all out on a mad scramble to extract cash from anyone who has a dollar.. Big business, industry, agriculture have all collapsed. So now ZPF is targeting the last few dollars in the pockets of commuters in mini-buses, hairdressers, tuck-shops and other survivors of Mr Mugabe’s economic vision.

  4. Petal

    Roving Ambassador is right they should all say they work for Obert Mpofu

  5. harper

    If you live in Zimbabwe yo do work for Obert – who else gains from your sweat?

  6. kelly

    Judgement day is taking too long!!! who is talking about rebuilding the economy, really kiss my foot, when there is absolutely no incentives for businesses and those who dare succeed are ruthlessly taken over or terrorised

  7. madlinduna

    Some actions don’t need to be attacked for the sake of it,but must be viewed as symptomatic if not symbolic gestures.Honestly,how do you milk from a distressed zone instead of buttressing.Especially if one is conscious and at correct senses.I don’t think they are copying.DO YOU COPY OVER–NO!!!THEY SAY ON SOME DISCIPLINES–hokoyo!!

  8. Wethu

    One would have thought such distressed businesses which are still operating and providing employment should be getting support from government! Not that they shouldn’t pay tax, but govt can open dialogue with them on how they can do so and still remain afloat. Anyway, what can one expect from an evil gukurahundi govt.

  9. Zen

    The thieving Zanu have put themselves in a corner. They need the money to pay the soldiers and cops so they can stay in power and carry on looting and killing.Mugabe and his Zanu are locusts. All they know is to destroy everything.They can’t build a thing. They’ll raid companies until they all shut down. Then they’ll take from people’s bank accounts,then they’ll go door to door in Opearation Imali Ingaphi? Taking money from piggy banks, mattresses and tins. It’s inevitable

    1. Wethu

      I believe you, I hope people are listening, especially the part about invading people’s bank accounts. No one should say they were not warned

  10. kelly

    No one is suggesting that taxes should not be paid because every normal society does so to sustain the economy. The problem is that even if the taxes were paid it does not go to the rightful use but instead enriches a few thugs who neither them nor their stolen businesses pay taxes. What a shame!!! I would love to see a day when these senseless Zimra puppets receive no salries themselves.

  11. andy

    They have milked the cow dry and never fed it. The end is getting
    nearer each day

  12. Heighho

    Shut down. Trade of the pavement like the rest of the nation and do not pay any rates or tax. Passive resistance. ZIMRA again demonstrates its inability to go outside the box – try some carrots instead of sticks .

  13. Wilbert Mukori

    The trouble with this Zanu PF regime is that is has always looked on the private sector as a super dairy cow with an udder so bigger it always met government’s demands regardless how big those demands were. Indeed the more often the cow was milked the more she produced!

    Companies are facing the small economic hardships that government is facing and therefore could do with some tax break to help them survive instead the regime is milking them even harder than ever! Many companies are closing down and so the few remaining are being taxed even harder than ever before. This is a vicious circle but who is listening – certainly not the regime!

    1. gogo sesikhona sizokulanda

      One wonders how come all the bad things happen in Matebeleland? Paying tax’s to sustain Harare. The way forward is for people of Bulawayo to refuse to pay and risk imprisonment.

  14. LUCY

    Start with all the dodgy businesses owned by the likes of Obert Mpofu, Chiyangwa, Chombo,in fact all Government officials. Make them account for it. If ZIMRA does that Im sure they will recover enough to fund the creature that is ZIMASSET.

  15. Jrr56

    Why should any one pay, the top dogs don’t. Stop paying any tax, revolt against this odious regime!

  16. Russell Moyo

    Even a junior tax policy analyst will tell you that you can only increase your revenue by widening your tax base, not by overtaxing the few that are taxable. The government needs to create an environment that enables entreprenuers and investors alike to enter into the mainstream economy instead of victimising these struglling people who are just trying to earn a living.As long we have a government led by these idiots, more companies will close and Zimra will respond by taxing you for basking in the sun.

  17. munzwa

    Every business is downsizing or closing ..is ZIMRA? Civil service pay dates moved back again!!!!brace yourself, lets see who runs first…

  18. jobolinko

    no matter what people of bulawayo will never vote for zanu


    They have milked the cow dry
    They never fed the cow

    They expect the cow to produce more milk
    So they can feed themselves and their children

    The calves have staggered away
    To try and find a way far away

    Very soon the cow will drop dead
    But that won’t be the end

    They will fight for the undernourished meat
    While dogs will refuse the meat

    Next it will be the bones
    Even the skin will be torn

    they will stoop to the end
    They will have nothing to spend
    They will have nowhere to fend
    And that will be the end

  20. Petal

    these thieving scumbags at the top have no conscience at all – they will take from the poor


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