12 thoughts on “Govt to take over Save Valley Conservancies

  1. Mlimo

    This is why NoOne should invest in Zimbabwe – any thing that remotely makes a profit is confiscated by the govt anything that has the potential to make money goes the same way and this is not for the people of Zimbabwe this is for the bigwigs in zanupf. This is why the west must not re engage with Mugabe. This is why you don’t invest in Zimbabwe as the govt is reneging on bi lateral agreements. The govt doesn’t even have the money to repay the investment – so they take the save farms, paid by govt taxes and then dish them out to the likes of graceless, then use govt money to set themselves up in luxury game lodges for their zanupf retirement.

  2. Justice

    Unbelievable,about to steal and destroy the last few real assets in private hands – let all investors take close note.

  3. Bambazonke

    Very interesting what the ambassadors will say !! Nothing as normal . This is there ideal oppertunaty to put the screws on the government and play ball . Remember there are rhino there so the bloody Chinese we for sure make them selves a big profit out of that , bloody coward thieves

  4. Edna

    Goodbye to all the wildlife – what will be next when there is nothing more to hunt. Insatiable greed – when will it end – only a fool would invest in Zimbabwe

    1. Petal

      100% correct perhaps they have given Aldo his share in the conservancies

    2. Petal

      Someone like civil society or ZHRL should question Aldo about this or a journalist

  5. wasu

    And thats why we shunning to invest in our own country . Why taking the Save valley conversencies

  6. Panda moyo

    This government has ceased to shock everyone.when is this desperation leading to.i know some of the looters have ,like me,just about 10 years of their lives left so why the renewd frenzy of plundering?


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