Grace Mugabe is our daughter says Shurugwi family

via Grace Mugabe is our daughter says Shurugwi family | The Zimbabwean. 13 June 2014

A Shurugwi family says Grace Mugabe must trace her roots to them as her biological father is one of them.

A senior member of the Mugumba family in Shurugwi North’s Ward 12 told The Zimbabwean his brother Morgan, born in 1934, had a child with Grace’s mother but the two divorced while Grace was still an infant.

The mother reportedly went to live in Lalapanzi, a farming settlement near Gweru in the Midlands, where she subsequently married another man.

“The two (Grace’s mother and Morgan) had problems that started when the wife was still pregnant and she left him immediately after giving birth. Morgan was then a shop assistant in Shurugwi,” said the Mugumba elder.

Other family members and elders from nearby villages interviewed during a recent funeral in Shurugwi also testified that Morgan was Grace’s father, but were not sure what problems led to the two’s separation.

“He (Morgan) has not been open about the divorce and it seems it is something that bothered him. However, he has in the past made attempts to reconnect with Grace, but we are not sure what happened. When she married that soldier, he did not receive any lobola but our culture says his in-laws should at least have sought his blessings,” said another family member.

There were disagreements among Mugumba family member, however, on whether Morgan deserved recognition from Grace, considering that he hardly looked after her.

“Grace is of the Zhou (Elephant) totem, which is our totem and in our ways, she needs to come back to him no matter how badly he treated her. Even if she doesn’t have to give him money, it is required by our culture that she acknowledges the fact that her blood is Zhou blood and that can’t be wished away,” said another Mugumba member.

“She might be bitter with Morgan and her mother might also have been angry that he did not give his daughter love, but that is common and we have married so many daughters who came looking for their fathers even though their fathers had rejected them,” he added.

Morgan, who now lives in Mkoba in the Midlands capital Gweru, could not be located for an interview. Grace never used the Mugumba name, but Marufu – her maternal surname.

The Mugumba family members said the First Lady went to live at the Marufu farm in Chivhu sometime after her mother married the “coloured” (mixed blood) man from Lalapanzi.

Grace’s first marriage was to Stanley Goreraza, formerly an Air Force of Zimbabwe pilot, and they had one son, Russell. She married President Robert Mugabe in 1996 and they have two sons, Robert and Chatunga, and a married daughter, Bona. During both marriages, the husbands engaged the Marufu family.


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26 comments on “Grace Mugabe is our daughter says Shurugwi family
  1. The Mind Boggles says:

    Who cares

  2. andy says:

    Most families would want to keep this a secret as they would be ashamed of her

  3. Petal says:

    ooh ooh so it is a genetic thing for them to get divorced!

    The Mugumba family members said the First Lady went to live at the Marufu farm in Chivhu sometime after her mother married the “COLOURED” (mixed blood) man from Lalapanzi.Ooh OOoh oooh and they are treating the mixed race people like dirt ooh oooh Mr. Editor you must know how to find out the name of the Mixed race name and surname oooh Oooh the skeletons are coming out of the cupboard!

    • Inkuku says:

      For sure Petal..We need the name of that coloured man. Thank you for digging up this information & we will certainly use it to the coloureds advantage..What bloody idiots…The truth always comes out no matter what.

  4. Petal says:

    Disgrace must frown on her family At the end of the day they must be ashamed of her disgraceful ways

  5. Wethu says:

    What effect does this have on the economy? Sort that out then we’ll have time for tabloid news, otherwise right now we’re trying to survive

  6. Dube says:

    Petal Grace Marufu has South African ancestry. I will not say who are the people connected to her but she is part (I hate to say this) Ndebele like the husband with a Ndebele mother.

    • Dube says:

      Hence the lighter skin.

    • Tsuro says:

      Like Tsvangirai they are fond of these these woman from the south including Suid Afrika. Remember Mugabe’s father also disappeared in Bulawayo. Can journalist also do some investigation there is story that say Mugabe under pseudo name Ngwenya fathered a daughter in Bulawayo. We will probably get more information after he is dead buried, but anyway in the meantime we are kept entertained by Tsvangson stories.

  7. shinga says:

    Leave the first lady alone why do people what to invole themselves into things that does not concern them

  8. CHAUYA says:

    Kikiki . You are right Wethu surviving has become more of a challenge in Zim such that you would not have time to have a sense of humour

  9. LUCY says:

    They are welcome to her Disgracefulness.

    Could have featured a more relevant story in this space tho Zimsits

  10. Davy Mufirakureva says:

    weropa ndeweropa

  11. NBS says:

    She has the same spirit as jezbel. May she come to repentance. Remember iron mask and the many others she has grabbed causing untold misery. jezebel did the same for king Ahab and god’s judgment fell. maybe the CIO’s on this site should also take note of judgment and repentance.

  12. Petal says:

    read some article where she claimed her father was a Chef in South Africa
    They should say who th people who are connected to her
    The First Lady who wanted to out wit Princess Di! She thought she was some big deal when the late Michael Jackson kissed her hand they were hiding the suffering of the masses from him and Chiyangwa was the tour guide thinking he could strike a business deal with him

  13. Petal says:

    These scum bags that are defending the family must be ones enjoying some of the loot

  14. Petal says:

    Disgrace Elephant Mugabe

  15. Petal says:

    Disgrace wanted the limelight,so with the limelight comes all nitty gritty details about her. thats one has to pay for being in the limelight

  16. Petal says:

    actually she should be a granny now her first son from her first marriage must have children by now – Granny Disgrace Gucci!

  17. Sonofngwazi says:


  18. Petal says:

    Ha ha ha ha

  19. Straight Shooter says:


    Always mispelling Nguni names like the white racists like mispelling African names!!

  20. Doctor Do more says:

    Anhu ekwaMugumba mune pamouth. He–e-e Morgan, Morgan what what what, The idiot is irresponsible. Very simple.Who did he think was looking after his child? Kutozodawo pfuma. Mdhara dai ndirini ndaikukinditsa kuMkoba ikoko. Kutotiwo totem ndi Zhou. Hazvidyiwe izvo.Dzinza rese makafa breni.

  21. Blessing says:

    I like these arguments among people.we continue to learn from others

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