Mugabe says ready to re-engage West

via Mugabe says ready to re-engage West. New Ziana. 18 June 2014

ZIMBABWE is prepared to restore normal relations with Western countries which have maintained sanctions against Harare since 2000 when the government expropriated prime agricultural land from White settlers, President Robert Mugabe has said.

The United States and the European Union (EU) broke economic ties with Harare in 2000, raising concerns over rights abuses and vote fraud although Harare said it was being punished for land reforms aimed at correcting historical injustices.

Addressing the 50th anniversary summit of the Group of 77+China in Bolivia Sunday, Mugabe said endorsement of Zimbabwe’s July 2013 elections by regional and international observers should encourage the West to re-engage Zimbabwe.

Election observers, including those from the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the Common Market for Eastern Southern Africa (Comesa) and the Africa Carribean and Pacific (ACP) countries, endorsed the elections won by the president’s Zanu PF party as free, fair and credible.

“Despite this positive verdict, our detractors have remained trapped in their negative posture,” Mugabe said. “We call on them to review their position and join us in re-establishing constructive relations.”

Mugabe said Zimbabwe was ready to partner both developing and developed countries to ensure successful implementation of its economic policies.

“We are particularly ready to co-operate with partners from both developed and developing countries to implement our own home grown blue-print — the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation,” he said.

The veteran leader said developing countries should also continue to strengthen their resolve to fight imperialism.

“Developing countries still face unfavourable conditions in the global marketplace. The more powerful countries not only set the rules but also adjudicate them.

“Rules that govern international economic relations appear to apply only to those of us who are gathered here.

“We should be resolute in our demands for a more transparent, inclusive representative and democratic governance,” he added.



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29 comments on “Mugabe says ready to re-engage West
  1. andy says:

    Mugabe mright want to re engage with the west, but does the West want to re engage with him?

    • Wilbert Mukori says:

      The tyrant is desperate for money to finance the ZimAsset recovery plan but even when he has the begging bowl in one hand and a hat in the other he cannot resist the temptation to insult the West. “Our detractors have remained trapped in their negative posture,” he maintained. And he could not resist giving the impression that he is in charge as he invited the West “join us”.

      Well, I think the West will ignore him and that begging bowl will mock him to an early grave!

  2. Jono Austin says:

    Translation-please give me money to pay Government wages and more money to steal.

    • Petal says:

      Agree well said Jono Give us give us more money (watch the look on their faces when they are receiving it!)and stash it away in their private accounts

      • Wilbert Mukori says:

        They have waited for the money for a year now and still the ZimAsset begging bowl in empt.

        • Jan says:

          Mugabe promised Zim/asset and expects the Western Countries to give money towards it.By the way, I thought he is taking those very countries to give him money to the International on the charge that their imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe is illegal. There is nothing illegal about sanctions. Every country in the world has the right to impose sanctions as they see fit.

  3. Dube says:

    The veteran leader said …I don’t agree with that statement. More like The veteran Dictator said…

  4. Shamhu YeNhanzva says:

    What happened to the “Look East” policy?

  5. John Thomas says:

    Does not matter what deodorant Mugabe wears, he still stinks

  6. Roving Ambassador says:

    Lip stick on a pig

  7. Fixzimbabwe says:

    Let him look east to find somebody to scratch his behind.

  8. Tiger Shona says:

    Why would the West want to engage with him? After all, he has repeatedly told them to “Go to hell!”

    Not man enough to admit that he wants money from the West

  9. Mlimo says:

    Someone he should tell Mugabe to shove ” his Zimbabwe” where it fits best. Sorry the West is closed for business with zanupf just resign now and hold free and fair elections with all Zimbos to vote and monitored by the West. Yeah and we want to see the voters roll first and to authenticate it.

  10. supermondo says:

    I fully agree with all the above comments.

  11. Mandevu says:

    Totally dillusional

  12. Joe says:

    Just plain unbelievable, this stupid little man

  13. mark longhurst says:

    tell him to fcuk off !!!

  14. Justice says:

    Disgrace is obviously wanting her next shopping trip.

  15. Jrr56 says:

    We should be resolute in our demands for a more transparent, inclusive representative and democratic governance,”

    Practice what you preach!!!

  16. These guys they just pust their needs before those of the Zim populace , if l was Mugabe l was going to resign , call for free and fair elections monitored by regional & international observers.A new and clear voters roll , diaspora vote and if he wins he can ask for funding from the West!

  17. These guys they just put their needs before those of the Zim populace , if l was Mugabe l was going to resign , call for free and fair elections monitored by regional & international observers.A new and clear voters roll , diaspora vote and if he wins he can ask for funding from the West!

  18. NBS says:

    Do you know what fascinates me about world politics. You can be a politician and a president and it is okay to rape, plunder, murder, be racist, be tribalistic, be a thief, be an oppressor, be a liar, be greedy, sit on the heads of the poor, intimidate, and much much more and you are feted on red carpets and welcomed to useless money gobbling meetings world wide. How crooked is that. I am just thankful that the God I know and serve is a holy and just God and that His judgment will be completely just. Not one of us will have a red carpet waiting. What a crooked warped world we live in. Where is the man to lead Zimbabwe under God. Please will you stand up

  19. Rwendo says:

    Law enforcement forces failed for years to nab Mafia boss Al Capone on a litany of known crimes, including mob hits, extortion, illegal liquor sales etc. When they finally got him, it was on tax evasion, of all things.

    Perhaps it will take a “Very well, you’re the man Bob! We see you, we recognise you, we acknowledge you. You’re a winner! Now, go ahead; ‘Tonga tione.’

    Deal with the economy, the self-cannibalising corruption, the factional demons, the impatient, armed ruler-in-waiting.. Of all things, the world’s ‘we surrender’ may yet become Mugabe’s version of Capone’s bloodless tax evasion.

    I would propose the following. Externally, ‘Recognize but do not re-finance.’ Internally, ‘ No taxation for non-representation.’

  20. JT says:

    The west have served their purpose as a scapegoat (sanctions) for failure. With 2013 elections behind us its now convenient to engage the west. We will demonise them again just before the 2018 election. We need to potray the west as a threat to soveignity when it suits us most.

  21. Angela Bennett says:

    I hope Mugabe does get into bed with China. See what happens when he starts messing with them!

  22. Mafuta says:

    Please approach the begging bowl to offer a donation while I am spitting in your face.

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