They’re fools, says Mugabe

via They’re fools, says Mugabe – DailyNews Live by Thelma Chikwanha  15 DECEMBER 2013 

Mugabe yesterday ended his party’s 14th annual people’s conference with a scathing attack on the West and its leaders, branding them “fools”.

While the Zanu PF strongman took aim at former American president George W. Bush, the broadside came as United States ambassador Bruce Wharton had, among other diplomats, attended the party’s Chinhoyi conference at the weekend.

“The Bible clearly stated that God created man, but there are some who would have wanted it to read ‘God made white man’,” Mugabe thundered in his customary tirades.

“Let no other nation fool you because they are pink and you are black. They think that they are superior but they are dumb fools,” he said, adding Zanu PF will never return to its 2008 losses and humiliation at the hands of the opposition.

In a startling revelation, Mugabe — turning 90 early next year — said the late South African president Nelson Mandela, to be buried in his rural Qunu home town today, refused to entertain Bush because he was a fool.

“Mandela refused to see Bush because the pink man could not think,” he said to thunderous applause from delegates, who included government ministers, security service chiefs and other diplomats.

In the long winding speech and remarks, Mugabe also pleaded with party supporters “to go back and strengthen structures”.

“We want organic structures that tell… members belong to the party, they stand for the party (and) in support of it,” he said.

The call came as the ex-liberation movement is riddled with factionalism, which the party’s key central committee and politburo organs have said are causing havoc in 50-year-old party.

As a result of these internecine fights, the party’s recently-held provincial elections were marred by allegations of rigging and vote-buying such that party heavyweights have been publicly trading insults in the media.

And as the succession-linked factional fights escalate, some officials have recently told the Daily News on Sunday’s sister paper the Daily News that they have “beefed up security after receiving death threats”.

The rifts have reached alarming levels ahead of an elective congress next year, which is likely to determine those who will take over from him and eventually represent the party in the 2018 election.

A more than upbeat Mugabe also took the opportunity to thank supporters for the July 31 electoral victory promising to deliver on electoral promises through ZimAsset.

On the other hand, analysts say the economic blue print is nothing more than bottled smoke as it has neither time lines nor supporting budgets.

“It is your support which has really made me, those in Britain and those in America fear me. Ndakangomira zvangu ndakadai. If I go to international meetings, ana Bush vanotiza (Bush runs away from me). Truly they run away, I don’t know what they run away from. Instead of discussing they run away,” Mugabe said.

“Instead of discussing, they run away, countries are even afraid to invite me because they fear that if they invite me others will not come. Some even ask if Mugabe is coming.”

The Zanu PF leader said he could not understand why people were so afraid of him because he did not fight any one — quipping the last time he had ever been involved in fist-fight was when he was a cattle-herder in rural Zvimba.

Mugabe, who has held onto power since the country attained independence in 1980, urged party supporters to hold onto to their recent victory and ensure that the liberation movement remains in power.

“Zanu PF will never again go back to the time of 2008, 2010 and 2012. You will fight for Zanu PF to remain in power. ZimAsset is our programme of action for the people and we will not fail you,” he said.

After his 2008 defeat by Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change, Mugabe won a disputed runoff but was forced into a unity government which lasted for five years, which he described on Friday as a “tortuous” period.

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46 comments on “They’re fools, says Mugabe
  1. DL says:

    That will show them who’s boss! Those western governments need to straighten up and get with the program – Zim ASSet that is! Now that Mugabe has put you in your place you can start writing those checks. Oh, and make them payable to ZANU-PF please.

  2. ZimJim says:

    They don’t fear you Bob, they despise you.

    You are an arrogant, racist, jerk.

    • Trevor says:

      Perhaps it’s u not Pres Mugabe that the fool . George Soros backs the PM who caused the economy to collapse . Soros “the god” destroyed Libya w his NGO . Now he’s been after the minerals , precious metals , gas/oil in Zimbabwe . Yes I’ve found out about the oil n gas reserves there .

  3. SADC says:

    So VaMugabe why do you ask for money from these pink man and why do you eagerly want to trade with them. Why won’t you leave them and trade with fellow black countries like Malawi, Malawi or even S.A.

    • Trevor says:

      Trades w Iran other Muslim nations . And also Asia . The Caribbean n South America trade w Zimbabwe . Ghana has been tapped to invest in Zimbabwe .

  4. Charlie Cochrane says:

    You’re an ignorant pig of a man, lacking in intelligence and to whom the the word ‘pragmatic’ has no meaning.
    As Einstein once said ‘the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result’, by this definition mugabe you are a lunatic.
    Your legacy (once you meet your master satan) will be, the savage murders of numerous people during the war of ‘liberation’, the savage murders of 30000 Ndebele after ‘independence’, the destruction of africa’s second strongest economy (a gift from us Whites),
    the responsibility for the slow death of millions from
    aids and starvation,
    etc etc etc.
    A man with 7 degrees Hah! The 3 degrees (pop group) could run an economy better……..FOOL!!
    I am preparing the biggest party like no other for the day I here you have died…….I just hope it’s a slow and painful experience you disgusting scum!

  5. DL says:

    You tell them Mr. President! That should put them in their place. Now that they know their place, tell them to start writing out their checks, right away… and don’t forget to make sure that the checks are payable to ZANU-PF! Now that you’ve put them in their place, they’ll be fighting amongst themselves to be first in line to save us from ourselves.

  6. Peter tosh says:

    Well said Charlie.

  7. Blackhammer! says:

    —-There is man in his entirety, blaming his shoe when his foot is guilty——-.

  8. Ask any medical doctor. Madness is a symptom of syphillis. The master criminal has a deep rooted inferiority complex cos psychologically he is effeminate bordering on gay. His handshake is sweaty slimy limp cold as a fish

  9. Mena Bona says:

    Stupid ignorant old idiot!

  10. NBS says:

    They may be fools but the have got the money Bob craves!!! “The pride of your heart has deceived you.” Obadiah 1:3 and ‘For violence against your brother shame shall cover you.” Obadiah 1:10 Judgment beckons! Repent and be saved

    • Apolitical says:

      You need to keep abreast of the international news, there are austerity measures, they are broke – they need sanctions because once they are removed they will have to pay compensation which is running at 10 billion – they don’t have money, thrown it away on useless political parties.

  11. NBS says:

    Charlie, please get that bitterness out of your heart. Zimbabwe does not need more bitterness. Bitterness corrodes, eats away and destroys. We already have a leader who is eaten away with bitterness and, just as Morgan says, he needs our prayers. We are called to bless those who despitefully use us. When you forgive your her becomes free. Please Charlie: think of this. return and curse with a blessing. You would reap good from that!

  12. tino says:

    I have no words.Let a fool entertain other fools.When sunrises, they want to go to the West, where there are fools.So who is a fool .ZANU PF has no mercy, instead of telling the old man that your mental faculty needs constant adjustment, they clap hands ,and more foolish he becomes.

  13. John Harris says:

    Yesterday it was the ALI BABAS that the faithfull were being warned about. Today it is the ‘PINK MAN’
    This dude has got a serious problem !!!

  14. mduna says:

    BOB YOU ARE DOING FINE. can you please do something about C.S.C.You have taken action about other parastatals but not C.S.C.

  15. Stewart says:

    Apart from some groveling sycophant, who would ever want to meet or accompany bob the turd?

  16. Lynne Warner says:

    Mugabe has treated his own country like a Viking plundering and raping foreign lands. Wake up dude, this is your land that you are decimating and looting!!!

  17. Zvichapera says:

    Pink man my a#**s, well spoken Charlie Cochrane, the man is insane like a rabid dog, sad he has stoop so low to save his ass. When Samora Machel died our Mozambican friends partyed for 3 days, can’t wait to Bob fly!!

    • Chatambudza12 says:

      Very true. People will party one day for each year they have suffered the dictatorship – so it will be almost 2 months of celebrations! Truly this dog has deprived us of our dignity as zimbos.

  18. suziq says:

    Mugabe has no legacy !!!!

  19. joro says:

    Trevor u don’t get it.bob or gorge maybe thieves.but george is a sympathetic thief. come to imagine yo own father giving u nothing on yo entitled birthright.yes from a stranger like bush we c it coming and fully expect it.

  20. Chara says:

    Mugabe uri imbwa inongogwautanhando vana vako mastreet kids kune dzimwe nyika. Vhudzi rako rakachenera mahara in our our African culture white hair is a sign of wisdom but you are a curse to zimbabwe that is why you have kids young enough to be your grand children.

  21. Chatambudza12 says:

    Ihii vaBob mapera basa! What has the pink man to do with your corruption you thug! Ziva zvekuba nekuponda vanhu. Truly life was better with Smith than with you zanu bastards! Busy looting the country’s wealth and then blame the west for your problems. There is no way Bob you shall ever be able to deliver when the corruption is so deep. Shame on you Bob. Why can’t you learn from Mandela’s legacy? Paunofa chokwadi the whole world will celebrate.

  22. Chatambudza12 says:

    The greatest fool is you Bob! Think before you talk. Being a dictator no one dares to tell you the truth anyway. That is why you vomit like that! Pamwe dementia ndiyo have kutaura and not you. That is why you always talk rubbish and your idiots applaud you for your stupidity!

  23. Chara says:

    Mugabe you and me is a personal issue ndiri kutambudzwa kune dzimwe nyika iwe nevana vako muchidya liver.

  24. mutetwa says:

    When Mugabe first came to power the first words to emphasize dominance were we are the Shona people and the majority by far, hence he believed that shona people have the right to rule then came Morgan TSG another breed of shona and he turned a shit hole into a sewerage by calling for sanctions. Yet we have these multitude of Shona people(comment) who are condemning their own kind what kind of people are these ? is this the new breed of democracy we are expected to accept. (thieves and liars all of them)

  25. mutetwa says:

    They say that Zimbabwe belongs to the Shona’s however they constantly sell each out at the expense of other races’s.First Mugabe then Morgan. Morgan says Democracy yet his band of thugs are now competing with Mugabe’s thugs to loot the country and the west says this will lead to democracy!!! Shame donor funding for destruction.

  26. Parangeta says:

    Mugarbage, the old fool, hates Ali Baba’s, Pink Men, the West, UN, EU, Mandela’s legacy and the MDC, yet he had his rusty begging bowl out every day, begging the West, UN, EU, UK and USA for more loot, so he can rob Zimbabwe all once again. The idiot has lived too long!

  27. Muti says:

    Who is yo friend uncle bob? The pink west,put sanctions u cry,if they remove them whom a u going to talk to since they run away from u. The asians a also now bad, vana OBASSANJO yu saif madirezi, vana Khama yu said kanyika kasina pokurima. Haa kule munenge mave ne dementia

  28. guy Gusu says:

    I really feel sorry for those people who are forced to painfully listen to this madness and vitriol. If they had a choice I doubt they will attend. These people are the real fools listening to a bigger fool in the name of Matibili. Why is the country using a currency from the USA Mr President? Why do you drive in a heavily fortified Mercedes Benz manufactured by these so called pink people? Mr President, why do you always fly in a plane manufactured by pink people? To cut a long story short, who is fooling who here?

  29. Charlie Cochrane says:

    Wow, an intellectual giant is ‘apolitical’, not too bright and typically gutless operating under a nom de plume.
    Crawl back under the covers you spineless pri#k and I’m sure your mommy will bring you some milk!

  30. Mr says:

    It’s unfortunate that Zimbabwe has been headed by people who are foreigners and also who claim to be educated. Someone with a grade seven certificate could have better managed Zim leadership not that rubbish Mr Mugabe is doing. I don’t know why most Zimbabweans are so dump such that they tolerate and support those thugs while they destroy the economy. One of the biggest challenge we face is that we have accommodated a lot of foreigners especially from Malawi. Look as South Africa they are very aware of the danger of accomodating foreigners that’s why there is xenophobia I don’t blame them of that. They should be jelous of their country and protect it from people like bob. The first thing Zim must do is to ament its foreign policy.

  31. Zeezee says:

    Perhaps Mandela refused to see Bush because he was a warmonger, seriously doubt it had anything to do with colour! Mugabe has spent so long indoctrinating the masses against the west that he doesn’t know how to do anything else. He is completely delusional and should be shot!

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