Tsvangirai in fight of his life

via Tsvangirai in fight of his life | The Financial Gazette by Ray Ndlovu 6 Mar 2014

MORGAN Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) is not taking the challenge to his leadership of the party lying down.
Instead, he is fighting to the bitter end. In the coming weeks, he is set to embark on a whirlwind tour of the country’s 10 political provinces to openly confirm his popularity among the grassroots.

Suggestions to hold a mini-congress ahead of the official party congress slated for April 2016 have been resisted in the past few weeks by Tsvangirai’s supporters, as they batted off demands for leadership renewal emerging from the party’s ranks. But lately, Tsvangirai seems to be warming up to the idea.

His decision to traverse the country’s provinces could be an indication that it may not be long before the MDC-T family sits to elect new office bearers at an extraordinary congress to lead the party past the 2018 elections. Tsvangirai’s personal indiscretions and a drama-filled marriage to Elizabeth Macheka have been cited as having contributed to the failure by the MDC-T to beat ZANU-PF at the polls.

His deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma to bravely put it to him to answer how he would bring closure to the issue of his sex life which had become the glee of the public. Another dent on Tsvangirai has been his craving for opulence after the inclusive government bought him a luxurious mansion in one of Harare’s leafy suburbs. MDC-T officials were also mired in acts of corruption, particularly in councils under the party’s dominion, with critics accusing the party of having joined the gravy train.

The 2013 polls saw Tsvangirai suffering his third successive defeat at the hands of President Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party. Mangoma is the latest high ranking official to question Tsvangirai’s continued stay in power. Before him, several senior party officials, including treasurer general Roy Bennett, Elias Mudzuri and Eddie Cross had publicly said the MDC-T needed to seriously consider leadership renewal, inviting a backlash from Tsvangirai’s backers.

The tour is therefore seen offering Tsvangirai an unofficial platform to whip up support for his continued leadership of the MDC-T while at the same time allowing him to test the waters. The stain of violence that has blighted the MDC-T after the gruesome attack on Mangoma is also something which Tsvangirai would attempt to sanitise during his nationwide tour.

Tendai Biti, the party’s secretary-general, survived a bomb attack on his home in Harare last week, fuelling speculation that he was the target of ongoing power struggles in the country’s largest opposition party. As usual, Tsvangirai would be hoping for huge turnouts in Bulawayo, a traditional MDC-T stronghold, as well as in Harare, where his party lost only three seats out of a possible 14.

The different provincial youth leagues are expected to play a key role in drumming up support for Tsvangirai during his tour of the party provinces.  The Bulawayo provincial youth assembly has already followed up after the Harare youth assembly to express its allegiance to Tsvangirai, ahead of his visit to the hub of the Matabeleland provinces.

Should he succeed in pulling huge crowds at his rallies, it would be a blow to those who have expressed displeasure with his continued leadership of the MDC-T. This would leave those waiting in the wings to succeed him with the daunting task of having to win over the hearts and minds of the grassroots supporters that Tsvangirai has earned during a 15-year-long period as president of the MDC-T.

Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesman, said his boss remained “dearly loved” by the ordinary people, far away from the coup plotters and schemers in upmarket boardrooms and the doomsayers who have often under-estimated his popularity and his relevance to the national discourse.  “Judging by the input from the party’s grassroots leaders from the 210 districts, Tsvangirai remains the repository of national hope and confidence,” said Tamborinyoka.

“Put him before the people and Tsvangirai will certainly be in his element; his natural habitat. In the coming weeks he will continue to interact with the ordinary citizens across the country and other stakeholders to deliberate on the poverty afflicting the people of Zimbabwe”.  Shingi Chimwaza, a political commentator intimated that the task at hand now for Tsvangirai was to “rally his troops” and organise the people to dispel the notion that his party is dead and buried as recently intimated by President Mugabe of ZANU-PF.

“Tsvangirai needs to revive the spirit of non-violent defiance as was the case in the 1990s when he was still with the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions,” said Chimwanza. “What does it help, after all, to be a president of a political party, with no strategy of confronting a system each time the vote is stolen right from under your nose?”

While Tsvangirai will continue to turn up the charm among his supporters, behind the scenes he would not be merely brushing aside the leadership challenge flung at him.
He is seen burning the midnight oil behind-the-scenes to secure the endorsement of his leadership team.


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33 comments on “Tsvangirai in fight of his life
  1. Qiniso says:

    A fight which he is certainly to lose.

    • @Qiniso bro you need to use your proper handle as mixed race said AMANGA

      • Qiniso says:

        Tsvangson is a finished rabbit, he is now rabbit stew baJack.

        Forget the dude, he hasn’t what it takes to be a leader. He definitely did make noise but he is done. His handlers wont even touch him with a 12-foot pole, yes 12 not ten :)

        Three strikes you’re out…Yes those who lose elections should be given a chance. And those who run and lose for the second time should be wise enough to learn. Those who lose for the third time should be smart enough to resign and failure to do that they should forced out of the leadership. Three strikes, and you are out

        Ulahleka ngaphi Rabbit?

    • Amalema ngandebele. Othathekile bacabangani? Lihamba lilandala kunye lezinvu. Libonani kulokhu okungumuntu? Isihlahla esabola kudala.

  2. John Thomas says:

    He is a bad manager and a weak leader. what good is he?

  3. Kubota Binga says:

    To the bitter end…Rightly put I guess.

  4. CHINDUNDUMA says:

    Unfortunately those day dreamers who think Tsvangirai will loose the fight are not presenting their argument to the grassroots. Biti and Mangoma go out to the electorate and present the alternative and prove Tsvangirai wrong rather offer hypothesis from the armchair.

  5. Roving Ambassador says:

    Too early to say Chindunduma. Remember ,people, its about Zimbabwe, its about the people. Its not about Tsvangirai or Mugabe who have both forgotten they are servants to the people. We have king bob and Playboy tsvangi.
    Tsvangi was happy to play second fiddle as long as bob gave him the crumbs from under his table. Both of them must just disappear from politics.

  6. Lindy Lou says:

    Tendai Biti for President. Brains and common sense much needed to get Zimbabwe back to a country with prospects once again.

    • Qiniso says:

      Biti and Tsvangson are the birds of the same feather.

      Its time we get a guy from Matabelaland to run this country…after all it was King Lobengula’s kingdom. Mugabe, Tsvangson, Muzorewa…the list is long.

      We in Matebelaland supported Tsvangson and he screwed it up big time…its time for the people in Mashonaland to support a politician from Matabeleland

  7. Ndebvu Mukomichi says:

    Losers’ Paradise:

    Let them wallow in their tears of defeat and self pity- come 2018 ZPF will wallop them again because:
    1. Agricultural production will have surpassed pre-land reclamation levels.

    2. Mines will have been fully indigenised and a new crop of mine executives will be owning the boardrooms for the benefit of our great nation.

    3. New manufacturing plants for diamonds and platinum will be in full production.

    4. Mugabeism will be a brand being exported to nations beyond the SADC and to other shores.

    Africa is rising to the challenge, with Zim in the forefront.

  8. Marange son says:

    PHDs have destroyed the country you still believe those paper qualifications will result in good leadership then lord help the people of Zimbabwe. They are like two weeks old puppies still to see the light. Political leadership is feeling for your followers live their lives.

  9. Mprang says:

    Tsvangirai is an easy donkey an easy ride for Zanu pf tacticians and strategists!!! I now have a question……., its now 3 elections achingoti ndabirirwa its rigging. Does he have leadership, focus and is he able to predict a political problem before it crop up??? We now give a benefit of doubt.
    MDC T dont be too much selfish, last time some of you were happy when welshman went out because you occupied the positions, DO YOU SEE THAT ONLY A UNITED FRONT CAN ONLY REMOVE BAD ZANU PF SYSTEMS. ****Dr Simba Makoni** is a leader of decent character and he is clean, he made the first support to tsvangirai 2013. Welshman, Madhuku, Sikhala will not come back when Tsvangirai is the leader. It is a clear sign that you will NOT win 2018 without one united opposition!!!!!

  10. Qiniso says:

    This site is beginning to act the Herald way. Why suppress people’s views?

  11. Jan says:

    Tsvangirai if tou truly believe in democracy, you will stepdown and make way for another leader. You have done your bit for MDC, now move on. You can always be a mentor for your party. Step down and allow new leadership to come forth.

  12. Tats says:

    Mangoma & Biti are the very pple who sold out the democratic struggle when they spent months in South African hotels crafting the much flawed GNU. It is ironic that they are accusing Tsvangirai of being responsible for the 2013 loss. Biti himself witnessed vote day light robbery in Avondale. There is a video clip of pple being bussed to vote in Avondale in a ZUPCO which Biti saw. How can he suddenly blame Tsvangirai? Is Mangoma & Biti telling us they have a strategy to dislodge the military from power because for we all know its not Mugabe in power but the military. They can form their party and have all the money but they won’t have the electorate. It appears they have been having the idea of a new party for a long time. When you look at how Mangoma displayed his torn shirt for the whole to see & how they squarely put it Tsvangirai’s foot raises more eyebrows. You can sell the struggle for the love of the money but we will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER. Save we are religiously behind you!

  13. Insider says:

    Morgan was aware that Mangoma was to be assaulted and gave it his blessing. Morally I can no longer support this man, bring on a new party and let us unite under decent moral leadership. That is if one can find such a person in Zimbabwe politics!

  14. Phibion says:

    Tsvangirai should form a new party with Job and Madhuku and Ncube called MDC-2018 which he will continue to lead for two more terms

  15. Roving Ambassador says:

    Tats, Tsvangirai was their leader and should have managed them . He failed to lead. He must go simples.

    • Tats says:

      Do you change leadership through writting letters to newspapers? There is a democratic process of leadership change in the MDC, and through a congress. That process was crafted not by Tsvangirai but by Biti & Mangoma. Why then do they want to change leadership through undemocratic ways? This gives credence to widely accepted view that the leadership renewal call is a Zanu pf project especially when you take into account the cosy relationship that Biti enjoys with the Zanu pf leadership through Gono & Mangoma himself being a beneficiary of the Zanu pf farming inputs scheme. If anyone thinks he can spearhead the democratic movement, he should come forward and contest for the Party President’s post in 2016. Not writting letters to newspapers & tearing their shirts to make Tsvangirai appear as a violent person when we all know that, that man has been a victim of real violence not the imaginary being blown out of proportion to further the agenda of the dictatorship.

      • ALLEN says:

        Your ascertains are blatently false and without credence. Farming inputs are given to anyone who wants to farm. Using your logic then Morgan is clearly a ZPF mole since he is married to a Zanoid henchman’s daughter. Sometimes people need to use the more important parts of your brain, instead of just using the medulla oblongata. Sheesh!

  16. NBS says:

    Eeeeish guys! Where is god in all this? What a mess. we better begin to pray. We are going nowhere until we do. And repent!

  17. NBS says:

    Who is our God given leader to be? Are we even bothering to ask, I am so mistrusting of politicians now that it will be better to turn to the Lord for His answer.

  18. Sarah says:

    3 time loser – doesn’t matter how you lost just that you are now perceived as a loser. Nobody with any political savvy will vote for you and by trying to cling to power you are imperiling the MDC and following the ZANU PF game plan – stop being selfish just thinking about yourself and think about all the people who have supported the MDC and have done so since it’s inception. Let somebody else fight the fight though you have done your best it’s time to step aside.

  19. UMAARI says:

    Basically Tsvangrai is slave from out of Africa to be recolonized blacks wholly, it happened and clear he is a servant of EU; the evidence is when there is a close election the so called INGOs do this, they ask the Zimbabwean people who are hungry whom are you supporting, if they reply Mugabe, they are not distributed the food while they force the innocents to support MDC otherwise! in order Tsvangrai to win the election but i won’t happen never ever! and now he did what he wished to do, selfishness EU failed to put forward him so as to be their servant and get access to capture across the country not only Zimbabwe but Africa as well!!

  20. Jake says:

    Morgan got a taste of the good life in the GNU. He now needs to go to his farm or wherever he goes and let fresh brains deal with the issues now.

  21. NBS says:

    Dear MT. pray and ask the Lord what He would have you do. There is a place for you in Zim. You have done a lot. Mistakes! we have all made mistakes.

  22. jobolinko says:

    I think he has already fought for his life ,for now its just one of those challenges you face to be a leader of a party that s challenging zanu ,i think it was worse when he almost died when he was beaten by zanu thugs, difficult when he lost the mother of his children ,even worse the Locardia divorce case ,the misunderstandings with his present wife,Anyone who will takeover from him with his blessing will be a great leader of mdc all this huff puff is a waste of time ,why because the nation has not given up on Tsvangirai.

  23. Ndebvu Mukomichi “Mugabeism will be a brand being exported to nations beyond the SADC and to other shores.
    Africa is rising to the challenge, with Zim in the forefront.” You are a bit mentally challenged Zimbabwe is right near the rear just in front of Somalia. There will never be Mugabeism. His legacy will soon buried in the dustbins of history like Gadaffi.

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