Tsvangirai rivals dig in, split now imminent

via Tsvangirai rivals dig in, split now imminent 05/04/2014 NewZimbabwe

SIGNS of an imminent MDC-T split became clearer Saturday when party youth assembly secretary general Promise Mkhwananzi convened a press briefing to announce they were going ahead with plans to dislodge party leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

This is contrary to claims two weeks ago by the embattled opposition leader the party’s warring factions have patched their differences.

Flanked by national executive council member Last Maengehama and Jacob Mafume, lawyer to suspended party deputy treasurer general Elton Mangoma, Mkhwananzi said they now had renewed determination to oust the embattled leader, whom they accuse of straying from the party’s founding principles.

Tsvangirai, said to be lacking in strategy and personalising the struggle to dislodge Zanu PF from power, is battling for his political survival and has instituted a campaign to purge perceived party enemies.

Mkhwananzi said Mangoma and his “renewal” team were “messengers” of a far wider anti-Tsvangirai sentiment he said had gone beyond individuals.

“The renewal is not about individuals, it transcends individuals, it’s bigger than individuals and one of its primary objectives is to actually create an organisation which is above personalities,” he said.

The press briefing, he said, was aimed at officially announcing Mafume as the interim spokesperson of the Mangoma led group while also stating their position after the party spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora has openly sided with Tsvangirai in his public comments.

Mangoma, suspended for undermining the party’s leadership, was conspicuous by his absence, but was said to be engaged elsewhere.

Except for party director general Toendepi Shonhe, there were no other notable party figures at the press briefing, which was held at Harare Club, central Harare.

The former student activist rubbished claims by Tsvangirai that the MDC-T’s quarrelling factions had put their differences aside for the sake of the party.

“You cannot unite with yourself,” he said, “You cannot say ‘l am uniting’ and you don’t call the aggrieved party. In that instance, when the so-called unity was announced, the person who was on suspension was the deputy treasurer general.

“That unity was a farce. The underlying issues have not been dealt with, hence the intensification of the renewal process.”

He further accused the former premier of staging “a revival crusade” where he now parades returning party rebels at political rallies and asking them to tell the world they have “repented”.

Mafume refused to link party secretary general Tendai Biti to the project saying an appropriate time shall come for those who are in the struggle to come out.

He said the strategy was also aimed at clearing the ground for the leaders of the senior leaders who feared retribution from Tsvangirai’s violent supporters before the leadership renewal initiative could find traction.

“At this present moment, what is needed is to protect the democrats in the MDC who are genuinely calling for renewal, that they are not indeed victimised by those who are breaking away from the values of the party while trying to create the impression that they are in the majority when clearly they are in the minority within the MDC in terms of issues around strategic renewal, leadership renewal,” he said.

Mafume, who contested the Southerton seat, albeit on a losing cause in the last elections, further called for broader support in their attempt to dislodge the popular leader.

“We believe that a united democratic movement that builds a broad social movement will deliver democratic transition in Zimbabwe and the time for such a movement is now,” said Mafume.

“We call upon all democrats that are locked up in undemocratic institutions to come forward and participate in this united front to bring about change for Zimbabwe.

“We want to assure all Zimbabweans that as the remaining genuine democrats in the MDC, we are committed to advancing transition in Zimbabwe and we will be advising you of further developments in due course.”

Mafume insisted the Mangoma group was in control of the party.

Asked why they chose to hold the briefing outside Harvest House, the party headquarters, Mafume said would have created “different headlines” opposed to what they were trying to put across.


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44 comments on “Tsvangirai rivals dig in, split now imminent
  1. jobolinko says:

    there is a problem here why cant mangoma like he says its not him only there is a silent majority leave ,he is not intrested in waiting for congress ,i think he is just an idiot ,mdc t must adopt devolution and woo ncube back to mainstream party and forget about mangoma what mdc constitution is he talking about if he cant wait for congress to hell with him

  2. Tjingababili says:


  3. Tats says:

    These are really crazy fools trying to sell the people’s struggle for a few pieces of silver. Their behavior will leave even Judas Iscariot in awe!

    • Ruramai says:

      Tats, Tsvangirai sold tge struggle when he started sleeping with Zanu p.f. women and using violence as a weapon for staying in power.

  4. thembani says:

    Eager to see the formation of a new party.Cant stand the Tsvangirai circus anymore.Tsvangirai is as a matter of fact a failure.his record proves it so stop insulting people who highlight that fact.Stopped supporting MDC T, 2 failures ago. Willing to embrace the new party, if these guys are brave enough to leave Tvangirai alone with his hoard of ..

  5. Littledorrit says:

    Time for the old honkeys to form a party.

    • NBS says:

      Asking the Lord to raise up a leader. What a bitter disappointment for all us people of Zimbabwe. Does any politician care. ZPF stopped caring decades ago. Truly I am disgusted.

  6. Observer says:

    Seeing that this group is claiming to have the majority of both the leadership and grass roots, LET THEM FORM THEIR OWN PARTY & TAKE THE “MAJORITY” WITH THEM. The real majority of the country applaud the present leadership for standing up to the Jurassic party. Who else managed to stand up against these people and survived temped up charges, beatings, state-sponsored violence and remained resolute towards democratic objective? The so called revels must just leave. Long-live the mainstream MDC!

    • Ruramai says:

      Observer, the mainstream MDC is still the opposition party 15 years after it’s formation. That, my friend is failure. And by the way, the number of parliamentary seats keeps dwindling.

      What exactly do you mean when you say they have stood up to Zanu p.f. when they are nowhere near dislodging it? What will Tsvangirai do differently?

      • Mandy says:

        Ruramai you are wrong. When elections are stolen then you cannot talk of the numbers going down. It is about how much the thief has stolen. But here are the facts. In 2000 MDC T had 49% of the elected seats in parliament. In 2005 because of Welshman and his co conspirators that number came down again to 41 seats out of 120. Then mass action came in 2007 and by the time of 2008 the MDC T had the majority. Because of the Mangoma and his team the MDC T is down to a miserable 81 seats in parliament of 270. Another mass action is coming on the back of another economic meltdown and I can assure you come the next election the MDC T numbers will be 100% representation in parliament and the executive.

        • Rudadiso says:

          Mandy, I asked a very simple question; what will Tsvangirai do differently? Of course elections were rigged and Tsvangirai knew they would be rigged. Why go into an election before seeing even something as basic as a voters’ roll? What did he expect?

      • Observer says:

        Who has has declared their opposition to Robert and is still standing? We should give it to Morgen. Right now the old people’s party are doing all in their power to relegate Morgen as they know their next candidate will not make it against Morgen as there will be internal opposition in their party.

        • Observer says:

          Mangoma should use the funding get got to destabilize the party as working capital for his lawn mower business. Why did you accept the payment? Now wakurohwa nemastreet kids and now demanding escort/protection from Morgen. Please, get all your buddies and form your own – thus one you joined after other people had sweated for it.

      • Kanganwiro says:

        The ANC is over a 100 years old but has only been in power for 20 years, does this make it a failure ? The fact that the MDC is still around after 15 years (albeit in a fractured form) is a success considering the challenge before it. After being denied your legitimate right more than once by a bully 10 times your size how many of us would still stand to fight ?. Granted the MDC is faced with serious problems but labelling them as failures is plain ungrateful and disingenuous. What have we as the people of Zimbabwe done to free our selves, the fight for democracy and freedom is not the exclusive mandate of the MDC, you sit there calling them failures but if you are called to rise for your country you cower under your bed, call for mummy and blame Tsvangirai who by the way is a mere mortal, only much braver than you.

  7. Let Baygons be baygons,let those with their wishful thinking test the political waters! Alas! pretty soon they will realise they are flogging a dead horse.

  8. These young confused fools are just digging their political graves. A party is not formed around disgruntled people and then you expect people to just follow. You guys you are educated but not learned. Imagine trying to sell your ideas in Rural Gwanda or Murewa?

    • It will not do our memories any good if we forget that in 2008 The opposition trounced Zanu pf but were not allowed to assume power. That being the case no one can say Twsangirai is a failure Nothing has changed with Zanu. They won’t allow anyone to rule. Whilst they permit elections they have come out in the open that they will not recognize anybody with out war credentials. The only hope that the Zimbabwe situation has is that Zanu pf is self destructing at an accelerating rate. Maybe those coming after this will be allowed to rule.

  9. Mixed Race says:

    This is what you get when you put childish people in leadership.I have highlighted this problem for almost more 7 months with some people blaming me of being biased but see the results of being childish.Its not right to change leadership by going to the press and issuing nonsensical statements which can be attributed to the influence of the enemy.
    Mr MT if you could have listened to our advice and called an immediate congress to deal with your leadership problem,the enemy would have not found time to infiltrate your poor youth league.Its now going to be nasty and it will kill your status.

    • NBS says:

      I have yet to find a politician that listens. Something weird happens to a man/woman when they become a politician. It is like they become possessed by something awful. May God himself raise up a leader.

    • Reader says:

      Mixedrace you are correct. MT has achieved all he can and will go no further because he did not call a congress of the people to discuss the loss instead wasted time crying foul.
      if he and the party had of stood up straight away the world may have taken more notice PF would have taken notice, Rallies would have been full but now, 7 months later, people even his own in the party are i think tired of waiting for something to happen and when something is done it will be too late.

      already PF is doing things to steal the next vote and the opposition parties are just fighting amongst themselves and this just strengthens Mugarbage and PF. Although looks like unity in PF has also gone out the door. we will end up with 1million parties if we are not careful. Eish stand together against your enemies then once you have won the warr little internal battles can be won.

  10. temba ndlovu says:

    Mangoma and those stupid youth, please form your own party and spare us from destroying our loved party imhi kani migodoyi.

    We will not follow you like what we did to prof Welishman Ncube you will sink my boys and it’s cold out there.

  11. jobolinko says:

    Ruramai you miss the point ,before mrs tsvangirai s death can anyone say tsvangirai was a womaniser,NO after all who killed susan tsvangirai yours is just talking rubbish tsvangirai does not go to zanu or the street whistling at women i think once tsvangirai goes to date any woman Cio is there to flash money at some pple with in the movement and cause trouble.

  12. Ruramai says:

    Jobolinko, what point did I miss? Both Leocardia and Elizabeth are Zanu p.f. and I never said Tsvangirai was a womanizer. Just stated a fact which is not in dispute. For a person who is always complaining about CIO planting informers within the MDC, why date women from that party?

    By the way, it is usually people with no valid points who resort to using such words as “rubbish”. If you believe Susan was killed by the CIO, it makes it weird that Tsvangirai feels drawn to Zanu p.f. women given the polarization that characterizes Zim politics.

  13. Gomogranny says:

    Mr. T. Biti doing a bit of careful fence sitting at this point?

  14. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    And so the MDC circus continues……kkkkkk.
    Who lied to Mangoma that he was popular?
    May he please hold his first rally in Manicaland,the Chipinge area,where they r still baying for his head.

  15. Thomas Dzvetera says:

    hey you mangoma and team are you against morgan tsvangirai or zanu pf.wethought this was the right time to confront zanu with a united and well organized team but you are still fighting individuals within the part not concentrating on robert mugabe and his group. you have to grow politically not just to be power hungry the issue is not on morgan tsvangirai but on the corrupt revolutionary party,that does not have anything to tell or assure the starving citizens but only to say we fought for this country, so what.My advice to you mangoma don’t run to the brunches that how are we going to share the money or who will lead the team after victory,root out the problem first everything follows.Be politically mature,kwete kuita semunhu ari fomu 4

  16. Murimi Wanhasi long time no hear. Yes the circus continues but I am afraid it is not only the MDC circus. It is the Zimbabwe circus Considering the Mliswa Saga as well if you get my drift.

  17. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    @Doc. Yes,long time indeed.its harvest time,so the programme is tight.
    U put me in a tight spot,becoz Temba is a shef,so Murimi can only say,in a house ,u have vessels of gold,some of silver and some of unprocessed clay,i.e mud…if u catch my drift too.

  18. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    @ NBS Thank u.I notice u havent changed one bit,and are still resolute in your opinions,without the slightest leaning towards my party.One day hopefully,you shall see the light.Dont laugh!

  19. Mixed Race says:

    @Murimi Wanhasi-How many tonnes of maize should I expect from you this season? No excuses this year because the rains were very good.

  20. word writer says:

    bye bye morgan. time to go and salvage just a little dignity.also ran, i tried, has been, a multiple failure. please stop trying to claim you are a leader. bye bye

  21. Johnson@yahoo.com says:

    This is not mitosis, but degeneration of the once vibrant party. Mangoma, like Welsh will not go anywhere, but his act is a sign of bad times. Personally I and progressive people like me will never support the “Makwavarara style”. Let us say goodbye MDC. The furture of Zim politics now needs revisiting……..The Bitis, Tsvangirais, Mangomas, Makwavararas, Bennets, etc have failed us. Greedy people exposing themselves. This is the end of the end. ZANU PF nagichinje maitiro itonge hayo nokuti MDC Hapana zviripo apa. Vese they are fools. ZANU PF may have weaknesses but from the way things are they are nobody’s fools. I dont support them, but as an alternative I find them more organized

    • Ruramai says:

      Johnson, if Zanu p.f. are no one’s fools how did Zimbabwe become a basket case? Why are we surrendering our resources to the Chinese for a song? For goodness sake, these people have even built shopping malls on Harare’s wetlands and you have the audacity to say Zanu p.f. are no one’s fools?

  22. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    @Mixed Race.I am pleased to announce that,even those who bought fake seed @ Mbare,will harvest well.
    The only biight has been the comrades @ Tokwe mukorsi,otherwise,from Binga to Sango border post,its maize upon maize.
    Murimi ,however is not a maize farmer,but got excellent yields in his back garden.

    • Ruramai says:

      Murimi Wanhasi, the only problem is the Agriculture minister has informed us we still didnt grow enough to feed the nation and we will have to import food, like we have done since 2002.

      You were empowered with land but cannot grow enough to feed the nation. Furthermore, it looks like we are so backward that Bona had to hire white South Africans to plan her wedding and even caterers were flown in from Singapore!

  23. tiritoga says:

    Hey guys, ever heard about a dog chasing its own tail. It’s circus, wait n see. Mafume is sprinting too much, he will soon get tired. It’s unfortunate. He failed to win where he contested n now he makes noise. Is Mafume better than Tsvangirai? What has gone wrong today that he thinks he can stand on his own. MDC-T is like ZANU-PF hero worshiping, narrow sighted. Pliz be careful of vanaMuchekadzafa.

  24. moyokumusha says:

    Morgan ‘ shamura ‘ Tsvangirai is a has been and has been since he gave away anther election. He just does not want to accept that and so will kill off the MDC. Shame on him but this was only ever going to go one way.

    Welcome Murimi we garden.

  25. Davy Mufirakureva says:

    Its not prohibited to form parties so Mangoma et,al don’t make noise. You are not all that special.

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