Tsvangirai won in 2002, 2008 and 2013

via Tsvangirai won in 2002, 2008 and 2013 | The Zimbabwean 26.03.14 by Douglas Mwonzora

In western democracies a new culture has developed whereby a person who loses a presidential election automatically steps down as the leader of his party. This practice has been used by some to justify their calls for MDC-T president, Morgan Tsvangirai, to step down in the aftermath of the 2013 elections.

But proponents of the adoption of this culture into Zimbabwean politics largely ignore the vast difference between the conditions under which elections are held in the west and those under which elections were held in Zimbabwe. Their argument is therefore flawed.

In the west, presidential candidates and their parties are allowed equitable access to the media before and during the elections. The violence and intimidation that characterise our elections are not seen in the west. The security forces do not interfere in the electoral processes of their countries as do Zimbabwean security forces. Zimbabwean elections have never been free and fair. Presidential candidates who lose elections in the western democracies lose to legitimately elected presidents. Candidates who lose elections in Zimbabwe lose to illegitimately elected presidents. So the moral justification of stepping down after an unsuccessful bid for presidency in the west cannot be used to justify stepping aside of losing presidential candidate here.

In 2002 Robert Mugabe was pronounced winner of the presidential election in extremely controversial circumstances – including mass murder and selective arrest of hundreds of MDC activists and the stuffing of ballots by Zanu (PF). Tsvangirai challenged the election results in 2002. But the High Court sat on the petition up to the time of the next elections. To this date no decision has been passed by the courts on Tsvangirai’s election challenge of 2002. Why then would anybody think that in the face of an undetermined election challenge, it can be said that Mugabe definitely and legitimately won the 2002 election and that Tsvangirai definitely and legitimately lost the same election.

Notorious delay

On 29 March, 2008, Tsvangirai won the Presidential election. The notorious delay by the Zimbabwe Election Commission, headed by a former soldier rumoured to be fiercely loyal to Mugabe, in announcing the results are now a matter of historical record. Zanu (PF) and state agents went on to conjure a Presidential Run-off Election. The violence that was unleashed against Tsvangirai and the MDC culminated in the death of over 300 party supporters. Mugabe and Zanu (PF) were prosecuting an undeclared civil war in Zimbabwe.

Because the whole Run Off had been converted into a dangerous military operation, Tsvangirai advisedly withdrew from that election. How then can anyone say he lost? Many people have accused Tsvangirai of losing the 2013 election. SADCC and AU have categorically stated that although the election was largely peaceful and free it was not fair. They correctly found that Tsvangirai and the MDC were denied access to the Voter’s Roll and other pertinent election material. They were also denied access to the public media and could not adequately market their party and policies through the public media.

Monumental fraud

Everybody knows that Tsvangirai and the MDC were subject to sting security operations in spite of the new constitution that prohibited members of the security forces from meddling in politics. The work of Nikuv in circumventing the will of the people of Zimbabwe shall go down the annals of history as one of the most heinous crimes perpetrated.

Tsvangirai mounted a Constitutional Court challenge on this unfair election. He was denied access to key election material for his petition and denied the right to lead oral evidence from his key witnesses in support of his case. After being subjected to this injustice, Tsvangirai withdrew his petition. The legal validity of the 2013 election was not allowed to be put to test. MDC remains fortified in its insistence that the 2013 election in Zimbabwe was a monumental fraud. In fact this was a huge military operation disguised as an election.

Africa has enough examples of presidents who did not make it to State House on the first attempt – notably President Michael Sata of Zambia and Former President Abdulaye Wade of Senegal.

The world must appreciate that those who are contesting elections against Zanu (PF) are fighting against a dictatorship which has been entrenched for over 33 years – something people in the west appear to have forgotten about. The fact that Mugabe is in State House now and Tsvangirai is not does not mean he is the legitimate occupant.

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42 comments on “Tsvangirai won in 2002, 2008 and 2013
  1. John Thomas says:

    We all know he won. Still now the question remains. What are we going to do about it? Crying over spilt milk is not a substitute for a solution

  2. Roving Ambassador says:

    Mwonzora,what you have stated as for Tsvangirai to stay is actually the reasons we are saying he should leave. You cannot try the same trick thrize and hope to win . Some of us screamed ,do not sup with the devil for you will turn into one, he did not listen . Now the MDC bailed ZANU out . The evidence is there for all Zimbabwean to see. ZANU was on its death bed,the MDC gave it the breath of love and now they scorn you.
    Even now Tsvangirai wntfs a second GNU, this is beyond idiocy.
    This is indefensible.
    Can you please leave ZANU to rote in its own kak.
    We definitely need leadership renewal.

    • Makotsi says:

      Fools in deed will die fools. MDC-T is Tsvangirai’s private project a.d. who dares to remove him from his property. Poor memories are dangerous. Tsvangirai made it public that there can never an MDC without Tsvangirai. In others words Tsvangirai=MDC and conversely MDC=Tsvangirai full-stop.

    • Patriot says:

      I think it is unfair pseudo-wisdom, the superficial cleverness suggesting idiosy on Tsvangirai’s part. On the contrary what is idiotic is the failure to decipher Tsvangirai’s wisdom in reading that his major electoral opponents were not yet ready for peaciful exit. The failure to note the congruent but unmentioned wisdom of Tsvangirai, Sadc & the AU to decide in favor peace vis-a- vis fairness of election involving party not yet affording electoral loss. The wisdom that certain problematic issues have in history been better solved by mother time, is never easily appreciable by the merely clever folks.

  3. Kubota Binga says:

    What a winner he is. If MDC is happy with MT’s victories then we have a perpetual journey.

  4. Davy Mufirakureva says:

    No matter what people may say Morgan is a plebeian revered by the pkebiscite therefore should not be unconstitutionally removed from office. Please wait for the congress and we will see who will go.

  5. Davy Mufirakureva says:

    sorry I mean plebiscite

  6. Kubota Binga says:

    It is constitutional also to ask him to step down even before congress, just as it is constitutional for him to resign voluntarily. Debate should go on freely.

  7. Tjingababili says:


  8. furedi says:

    Tsvangirai should take his “T” and form a new party.Leave these other guys with an MDC only. If he has a majority they will follow him with his new party and he is better do it fast, 2018 is not far away.

    • nesbert majoni says:

      That MDC you want Tsvangirayi to leave to those calling him to go can never mean anything without Tsvangirayi. Maybe they can form their new party with a new name. Its very strange you guys you are calling for Tsvangirayi to go yet its Mugabe who must go. What’s wrong with you.

  9. Roving Ambassador says:

    Davy,that’s ZANU’s war cry,’I will not leave until the people tell me to’. Look what it has got us into. You want to repeat the same mistake over and over again. Please people let’s wake up. Think rationally ,leave emotions for the love life. This is a nation we are talking about.
    We emotionally voted ZANU 1980 .need I say more.

  10. DW says:

    Doesn’t matter who leads if you do not have independent control over the voter’s roll and voting/counting process, and that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon!

  11. Gus says:

    People have to be patient with entrenched dictatorships like we have in Zimbabwe. The Ghanains showed such patience when John Kufuor became president by beating Jerry Rawlings on the sixth attempt! Let’s learn from history. Kumhanya hakusi kusvika

    • furedi says:

      I personally want a decent life now. Not when I am 80 and with this bunch in charge very few will reach age sixty. Time for some of us is now something we running out of.

    • Makotsi says:

      The problemis not only about being patient, it is about the product being marketed. Tsvangirai has been on the market stall from 1999 todate and buyers have not bought the product. It is therefore quite logical to introduce another product brand hence the mad man from Uhera’s shelf live has passed.

      • Parangeta says:

        They have bought the product, only that Mugarbage and his goon-squad came by and upset his vendor cart!

        Murders in 2002, stalled results. killing in 2008 and Nikuv in 2013, how can you sell your product from an upended produce cart!

  12. Zvakwana says:

    Tell us something we don’t know.

  13. mucha says:

    So whats the fuss if Tsvangirai won all these elections? It means he is the President of Zimbabwe in the world of MDC. No wonder why the likes of Mwonzora want him to stay, because he had been winning elections.

    Well done Tsvangison for your ability to fool your lieutenants.

  14. tafirenyika itai says:

    When you watch football on television its easy to kick the imaginary ball and even scoring. We haul all sorts of insults at players for making this or that mistake. Honestly could we have done better it it were us playing. We must be objective in our critisism.

  15. Johnson@yahoo.com says:


  16. Mixed Race says:

    There is one thing the opposition parties in Zambia and in Senegal they did not do which MDC-T has done many times-These opposition parties NEVER joined the cheats in their countries.This was a good move because they believed in themselves not to join those who cheat them to maintain their dignity.
    This poor man wants another coalition to help who except himself from his current financial problems.His leadership style is exactly the same as the civil servants unions who are naive and misguided.

  17. Rock stone says:

    My question is if the military chiefs states that Zimbabwe can not be ruled by someone without war credentials ,does it mean the generations to come must must fight another internal liberation , for them to to rule Zimbabwe?, knowing very well that Tsvangirai had been winning all the elections,they were openly stating that they won’t salute him, he won’t rule , because of their so called credential requirements . Now why are they not choosing another credible leader with the credential qualities younger than mugabe, to take over .

  18. Pafunge says:

    Some people are calling for Masiiwa to come meaning they believe he can dislodge Zanu notwithstanding the military being pro zanu, zec being militerised hence also pro zanu, the public media being pro zanu, the public funds being under the control of zanu as well as the rigging ability of zanu. Can they enlighten me as to how he will do it? Also why must he take over leadership of mdc from Tsvangirai thereby taking advantage of an already mobilised strong Tsvangirai suport base?

  19. bruce koffe says:

    After reading the article, I had to check the author, in my opinion this sound right that opposition PF ZAPU has been winning perhaps far back as 1985, in 1980, the British in support of Nyerere’s desire rigged the election in favor of Mugabe against Nkomo of PF ZAPU. It may be hard to think that in fair and free election has been rigging and getting into corridors of power by hook and crook or sympathy of Britain as in 1980. In our times MDC has been winning from 2002 if violence and rigging had not been put to work. If ZANU PF was winning and popular, why are there so many pieces of legislation to protect information, gatherings, radio and TV stations. Mugabe is a looser. Check how the economy is failing.

  20. Coolage says:

    I want to ask if Biti/ Mangoma would make a difference if they were given the leadership that they cry for? As long as the system doesnt change, they will still win the elections but this party will continue subverting the will of the people. It’d be better if we’d remained in the hands of Ian Smith than to be mistreated by your own brothers.

  21. tino says:

    Leaders are born out of a vacuum leadership.If one leading goat dies, another one will assume the leading role.Even baboons in their pack, follow one wise one in all their movements.Now if Tsvangirai had won, and then had lost in the strategy to force the ZEC, Army and all responsible sectors to recognise him, then a brave person could have taken the leading role and declare ZANU and Mugabe losers.All people are saying, its Tsvangirai should have, should have, should have.Why not take the initiative and then we see surely leadership was lacking and so and so came out strong against a self anointing regime?

    Way back in 1990S , Chief Moshood Abiola won the Nigerian Presidential elections,he declared himself winner.He was put in prison by Sani Abacha, the notorious former army general then president.Abiola died in prison.Zimbabwean politics is still controlled by from home, from Mugabe”s home.

    So if Tsvangirai failed, the people are so much willing to follow anyone who is brave enough to fight for the fairness from removing Mudede,ZEC and all top military personnel.Its easy writing on my desktop.The majority are in safe havens, totally lost from reality.And dreaming everyday to write something about Tsvangirai.When a common enermy is left in preference of innocent civilians, then the enermy gets more power to consolidate his power.
    2018 is coming and still we are pointing our spears at one person.Where were you when ZANU delayed election results by a month?In this situation, we do miss Prof John Makumbe, Prof Masipula Sithole.At least the two were great political minds who could tell it.Makumbe profesised the demise of NCA , and now its there to see.Sithole profesised a massive rigging to come since brutality was now on the ICC radar.And it happened

  22. The Truth. says:

    Gukurahundi Tsvangirayi is a loser. He should shut up!!!!!!!!!

  23. masvukupete says:

    Armchair critics, get into the ring if you can do it better!!!! The 1 thing that people loose sight of is that we have a military government. Even if God, Allah, Buddha, and Jesus were to fall from the sky and request to form a government they will still refuse.

    • Parangeta says:

      God (Jesus is His incarnation on Earth) would just do what they did to Noah, Sodom, Jericho and the Egyptians. One hand behind their back!

      You really shouldn’t mention politics, the ZANU-PF Government or it’s leader, in the same breath – thats blasphemy!

  24. mujibha says:

    People can say all sorts of things abt Tsvangirai or mugabe that is not going to change anything. The only way to get rid of this regime, is war. The west is/r now turning their back on Tsvangirai simply because they r saying can’t u see that u r not going to win Zimbabwe through election, u need to wage war against mugabe. If u come to us for weapons yes, not money, we have given u enough since 99 nothing has changed. Can’t u c what is happening/happened in other countries with the same situation as u they start the war then we step in to help them. Saka imi Save murikuti hamudi kutora nzira iyoyo, nzira yamunofunga kuti ingakusvitseyi pastate hse ndeipi? Save ini ndinoti kana mukabatanidza maparty ese ari muzimbabwe kusanganisa zanu pf isina mugabe mukati vs mugabe, chihuri, chiwenga, mudede, bonyongwe na makarau, munodyiwa.

    • NBS says:

      Mujhiba there is a better plan. Repentance and prayer moves God’s hand. Throughout history whenever a church and a people have truly repented God has moved to restore. let us start with you and me and pray for a mighty flood of changed hearts throughout Zimbabwe and God will deal with the evil.

  25. mujibha says:

    NBS, yes i do agree with u but don’t forget that people did pray for long leave mugabe, and see what is happening now people r now crying for his death, and god is now saying hang on u people u r now confusing me, do u really know what u want from me. so your prayers guys r not going n/where because of your first prayer, long leave comrade robert mugabe, anamai vachimuwaridzira mazambia, zvavasina kumbobvira vakaitira varume vavo.

  26. Nomore says:

    Roving Ambassador you are 100% correct. Mwonzora your logic for Tsvangi to stay does hold water. But just admit guys kuti you failed the Party pamakabvuma ku participator ma elections imi muchiziva kuti the ground is not level. Makadii ku boycoter? You see that’s why people need a complete change of leadership coz bhora ramuri kutambiswa harina mweya and if the leadership can’t figure that then its of no use to the party. Tikakusiyai zvakare kuti mumire next round muno dashurwa again and motanga kuita cry foul play after ma results. Better ayenda kunyangwe hake ari a charismatic leader but game plan yenyu is not matchin up. Sorry sir.

  27. Mapingu says:

    I advised long back that the personalized prefixes associated with political party names, such as T for Tsvangirai, N for Ncube, M for Mutambara, are generally unique to Zimbabwean politics and a shameful disgrace. I’m yet to be informed of any other country in the world where such proliferation of political party personalization is the order of the day. This is really at the root of what is obtaining in Zim today: individuals failing to appreciate that a political parties, governments, nations, etc, are much bigger than mere mortal individuals. This actually started with Zanu pf – which is a one man party, despite the lack of the personalized prefixing that I have highlighted. But, who knows, I wouldn’t be surprise if the ‘pf’ prefix also has another really meaning with closer links to the Chatunga’s – and not the publicly assumed meaning. Otherwise, how come a 90 yr old tired guy keeps saying he can leave becoz Zanu pf would die. That mantra has been repeated again & again and no one in zanu pf has challenged it – clearly accepting that RGM & the party are one & the same; isn’t it.

  28. Chitova weGona says:

    Politics and a game of football are two different things. U cannot substitute as and when u want. Morgan must stay because he is the only one who is feared by zanu. The moment he goes they will surely celebrate.

  29. pati says:

    WeGona, ZANU PF is celebrating now. The football analogy misses the point. Who supports an ever losing team indefinitely? Even poor teams substitute a poor performing captain.

  30. Why didn’t he take-up his mandate as the first who Cde Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF….GUYS DO NOT PLAY JOKES…MDC-T has no majority follow-up in Zimbabwe,it never,never win an elections in Zimbabwe…Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC-T Party wins in Europe,Britain,the United State of America and Botswana….that is where Morgan Tsvangirai is their ruling President….I believe the writer of this column is one the day dreamers Nelson Chamisa………..

  31. maita says:

    Zimbabweans are betting on the wrong horse. You think if Tsvangirayi goes now the economy of Zimbabwe will improve, but one thing which I know is as certain as the rising of tomorrow’s sun is if ZanuPf goes now tomorrow this country will be a success and I mean tomorrow 1/4/2014.

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