Tsvangirai’s exclusion from grand coalition unthinkable

via Tsvangirai’s exclusion from grand coalition unthinkable | SW Radio Africa  by Tichaona Sibanda on Wednesday, May 14, 2014

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai still remains politically relevant and any plans to exclude him from a grand coalition to fight ZANU PF will be doomed, his chief political strategist said on Wednesday.

Dr Maxwell Shumba said it is unthinkable that a man whose party is the main opposition in Parliament, with over 80 seats, will be deemed unfit to be invited to join the coalition.

There have been discussions lately among opposition forces for the formation of a grand coalition of political parties, after realizing it will be futile for them to approach the next elections in 2018 in a divided fashion

However, while other leaders have signaled they are prepared to join such a coalition, MDC-N leader Welshman Ncube has made it clear he will not be involved if Tsvangirai is included.

But Shumba said: ‘Tsvangirai is the heart beat of opposition politics in Zimbabwe. It must be understood that his influence extends beyond tribal lines. His following is nationwide; his fight for change resonates well with the poor.’

The strategist told our weekly Hidden Story program that while the MDC-T ‘lost’ last year’s elections, Tsvangirai’s stature is by no means diminishing, but is very much alive and presenting a formidable challenge to the ruling ZANU PF government.

‘You can only ignore such a person at your own peril. He is by no means finished, in fact any coalition in Zimbabwe will have to revolve around the MDC-T because of its huge support base,’ he said.

Shumba dismissed suggestions that the MDC-T will struggle to sustain its fight against President Robert Mugabe’s party because of dwindling support from donors.

‘Donor or no donor, the MDC-T will continue to exist. It is not donor driven but is driven by ZANU PF failures to give Zimbabweans a better life, jobs, medicines and food,’ added Shumba.

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57 comments on “Tsvangirai’s exclusion from grand coalition unthinkable
  1. Charles Chamunorwa says:

    You have said it like it is-Shumba

    • makotsi says:

      Shumba has said nothing logical. Tsvangirai’s brand has been tainted by his ignorance as a person. Furthermore Tsvangirai’s past has not helped his predicament, firstly he is a mubvandiripo erroneously using the Save tortem when he is Samaita. Secondly his quisling with the Rhodesians upon which he provided information leading to the Nyadzonia massacre in Mozambique can not be wished away. Last but not least, Tsvangirai was romped in a regime change project by the British as their contact man hence their abandoning of him is the final nail on his coffin. Tsvangirai izuru rakambopinda rovambira kare.

      • adam jones says:

        Let the coalition go it alone and lets see where it gets. Tsvangirai would be president now with Zanu rigging. This could also be a Zanu project to issolate Tsvangrai. They are scared of the man and his party.

        • Straight Shooter says:

          adam jones
          The coalition proposed is serious stuff. This is no time for experiments; this is why Tsvangirayi is being called upon to join it as well.

          We are tired of Tsvangirayi who still wants to continue with the same strategies of the past that have failed to dislodge ZANU PF. Its time for a different formula and Tsvangirayi should be part of that formula!!

      • hove says:

        hazvina nebasa rese zvauri kutaura zvehistory isina nebasa rese. yakapfuura. chatinoda kudya nekupfeka, ne freedom. hatina freedom munyika medu. taneta nekutsvaga zvekudya kudzmwe nyika tichingoti Nyadzonya, \Rhodesia/ west and at the same time tichimhanya ku South ne ku Bots kunotenga chikafu chakagadzirwa ne ma rhodes/ west etc. get lost. Hauna nyaya

    • Roving Eagle says:

      What coalition? Will the so called coalition stay strongly united for 4 years? Will mugabe still around to fight another farce election? With zpf in charge elections will always be a farce, will the grand coalition stay united after being supposedly thrashed by a 95-year old, whose record is complete destruction of once beautiful country? Grand Coalition is a stupid idea to bless zpf stealing of elections by idiot mbiti.

  2. Ngoto Zimbwa says:

    One wonders what drives this prof Ncube.
    And why should anyone pay him any heed?

    The man has got to be driving a very ZANU agenda to my thinking.
    This time though, he will be alone, seeing as many of his supporters have seen him for what he is, ZANU’s biggest weapon of mass destruction.

    • Ruramai says:

      Question to you Ngoto; if Ncube is a Zanu P.F. project why did Tsvangirai team up with Mugabe to isolate Ncube during the inclusive government? Would it not have been more logical for Tsvangirai to work with Ncube rather than Mugabe?

      • itayi says:

        Ruramai if your memory is short then please ask those with the facts to help you. Ask where you do not understand so that things are explained to you. Now you distort facts because of your short memory or simply lack of it. Below are the facts.

        In 2005 Welshman breaks away from the mainstream MDC to form his own outfit. He invites prof Authur Magoo Mutambara to head his new outfit.

        In 2007 Mbeki intervenes after mass action by the mainstream MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai. Mbeki insists that the smaller faction of Mutambara and Welshman be the only other party that is included in the negotiations leaving out all the other political formations and civic society groupings. Clearly, Mbeki here exposes his hand as the person behind the split in the MDC and also as the backer of Welshman outfit.

        In 2008 at the formation of the GNU, at the behest of the negotiating team comprising Welshman Ncube, Misiharabwi, Biti, Mangoma, Goche and Chinamasa Mbeki again insists on a structure of principals of the government that would include the Welshman outfit. Here the collusion of Mbeki, Mugabe and Welshman is seen clearly in trying to stop Tsvangirai from exercising executive power. In fact it was Welshman who protested during the negotiations against Tsvangirai being given executive power under the GNU. Of course the role played by Biti and Mangoma in this collusion against Tsvangirai was just emerging at that moment. However it is worth the while pointing out here that Tsvangirai is left a de facto non executive Prime Minister by this arrangement.

        In 2009 at the formation of the GNU the Welshman outfit puts forward Authur Mutambara as its principal in government and for the position of Prime Minister.

        In 2011 Aurthur Mutambara is deposed as President of the Welshman outfit but refuses to relinquish his post and goes to court. Welshman appeals to Mugabe and Tsvangirai to disregard the law and impose him as the Deputy Prime Minister in place of Authur Mutambara. Apart from the fact that Tsvangirai did not have the executive power to respond to Ncube’s demands it was not within his power to do so. In any case why would Welshman seek the support of the person that he fought so relentlessly to ensure that he does not have executive power that he could have fallen back on to disappoint Mutambara and appoint him in his place.

        Welshman had made his bed of thorns let him lie on it, inside of blameshifting. So in short Ruramai you are just politicking.

        • Ruramai says:

          Itai, I am not politicking. I asked a very simple question for which you clearly don’t have an answer. Remember it is is Tsvangirai who started talking unit when he started talking about the “big tent”. He invited Ncube to be part of it.

          You fail to see the irony of it all. How can Tsvangirai lead a grand coalition as Shumba suggests when he cannot even hold his own party together. That is a very legitimate question. I hold no brief for either Tsvangirai or Ncube. What cannot be denied is that they resent each other deeply.

          It is uncivilised to label participants to a debate. Just say your opinion without denigrating other contributors whose opinions may differ from yours.

        • Straight Shooter says:

          In the first place, Welshman is not the one who invited Mutambara to join the MDC. Get your facts right. Stop the propaganda!!

      • Straight Shooter says:

        Ngoto will never answer that question; mark my word. He will either simply ignore you or disappear from this site. Labelling is one aspect in which the “Ngotos” of this world excel. They were well taught by ZANU PF whoc came up with the word “PUPPET” for anyone who does not tore their line!!

      • adam jones says:

        Ncube is Zanu. I hear he was given a farm and truckloads of cattle at the height of the Zanu madness.

      • Chemical Solution says:

        Ruramai,The teaming out of Morgan Tsvangirayi and Mugabe against W Ncube was a deplomatic manuorver by Tsvangirayi as he knew by letting in W Ncube was going to make ZANU PF much stronger @ the peril of his MDC Party.Its common sense my man.

  3. Wezaka says:

    Welshman is a ZanuPf project like Dabengwa. Period!! He hates Tsvangirai and fights him more than he fights Mugabe. It’s hard not to notice.

    • Ruramai says:

      Wezaka, is it Welshman who hates Tsvangirai or they simply hate each other? During the GNU Tsvangirai teamed up with Mugabe rather than work with Ncube. To me that says Tsvangirai also dislikes Ncube.

      • Chemical Solution says:

        Ruramai,W Ncube was a seed planted by Mugabe and there is no way Ncube was to hate his irrigator and hence Tsvangirayi had a reason to hate the pretentor in name of W Ncube.

  4. Tjingababili says:


  5. thembani says:

    Gumbura Tsvani should not be left out, he should be included as the tea boy.

  6. Zen says:

    Ncube can go to hell.He’s irrelevant. Zimbabwe needs Tsvangirai much more than it needs him

  7. Isu Zvedu says:

    It is wrong to present the 2013 outcome as MDC having lost. It is also very wrong to use such phrases as “still remains relevant”

    What Zimbabweans who are serious for change need to do is expose the rigging and putting in place mechanisms of not repeating those mistakes. For example, why agree to go for elections when 1. you do not know where election money would come from (I remember Biti-the then Finance Minister arguing that July 31 was impossible because he had not sought or sourced money to finance the elections); 2. you do not agree who would monitor the elections; 3. you do not even know where polling stations would be at, how many they are and 4. worse if you do not have any idea about the voter’s roll, who is in which constituency, how many ballots printed and how many potential voters in each constituency. I am talking about very basic issues for any credible election, nevermind the military and the police or even the violence.

  8. Wilbert Mukori says:

    Is Dr. Maxwell Shumba talking of the same Morgan Tsvangirai who failed to get even one reform implemented after five years in the GNU because of his breath-taking incompetence? Because if he is then any coalition or whatever that included such a failed leader is doomed! If Tsvangirai was ever to get into power, then the nation itself is doomed!

    Let us hope that Dr. Shumba has not left his day-job because MDC will not be able to pay his wages from hence forth. Dismissing donors as irrelevant is ok for a party like Zanu PF with cash pouring in from looted Marange diamonds and other corrupt activities; MDC has no such sources of funds.

  9. John Thomas says:

    Tsvangirai is the divisive force. He is a bad leader. This is so obvious that his party keeps splitting. He will not let the opposition unite except around himself. His need is greater than Zimbabwe’s it would appear.

  10. Qiniso says:

    “The strategist told our weekly Hidden Story program that while the MDC-T ‘lost’ last year’s elections”
    The cat is out of the bag. uShumba bakiti

  11. Let your giant Tswangirai and yourselves go ahead and dislodge Zanupf. Other Zimbabweans are free to group and formulate their own strategies to bring democracy to our country. If they cant work with him so be it. They must convince the majority of Zimbabweans about their programs. They do not have to do it with Tswangirai. They lost everything in the general elections and he did not win without them. He can win without them! They must work to win without him!

  12. Ruramai says:

    It is myopic for Dr. Maxwell Shumba to push the view that Tsvangirai has to remain the undisputed leader of forces seeking to dislodge Zanu P.F. He forgets that when the MDC came about in 1999 Zanu p.f. held all but 2 seats in parliament. This means that it is not about the number of seats that Tsvangirai’s party holds because the generality of the Zimbabwean population may very well choose to support a new coalition just as they did in 1999.

    The question is, what will Tsvangirai do differently given the fact that for 15 years he has consistently been outsmarted by Mugabe? The fellow doesn’t even understand that it is futile to go to elections without having seen something as basic as a voters’ roll, never mind all the other issues that should have been addressed. It is not just about the numbers that attend his rallies.

    • Chemical Solution says:

      Confused people always shower confused ideas.To commence with Morgan Tsvangirayi didn’t go to elections alone,secondly those laimed to bonafide carders of MDC T in the mould of Biti,Mangoma,Sipepa etc were the backers of M Tsvangirayi to go for elections.The defeat to Morgan is also their defeat by Zanu Pf because they are the once who were giving their leader poor policies,hence their policies and not Morgan T’s policies were outclssed by their rival which is Zanu Pf.Remember its not Mugabe who outclassed MDC T but its their advisors which the MDC T advisors failed to do.

  13. mandy says:

    The whole rot is exposed here. This is exactly what Zanupf had expected if the MDC had been formed through the NCA. It wa therefore genius that the NCA route was abandoned in preference for the ZCTU route. This coalition is much ado about nothing. Has Ramphele’s Agang SA not demonstrated enough in just ended election that coalition is not a viable route worth pursuing.

    • Ruramai says:

      Mandy, are you seriously drawing similarities between the Agang experience and the grand coalition that is being mooted?

  14. Jrr56 says:

    MDC – Mampara’s Don’t Change, politics is a dirty game and in Zimbabwe it has become a joke.

  15. NBS says:

    Correct. He has a formidable support base. All our politicians need to get on their knees and repent. There is too much of self in ALL of them. ALL of them!!!!

    • truth says:

      go nd survey bro

    • Straight Shooter says:

      Please mafana. Since 1999, the numerous failed attempts at elections have proven beyond reasonable doubt that a formidable support base is simply not enough.

      Why do you people keep on with the same strategies but expecting different results – are you mad? A go it alone formula for Tsvangirayi will never get him anywhere.

      Liyahlanya yini – akelisho!!

    • Straight Shooter says:

      Zim has long proven that a formidable support base alone does not send you to State House.

      Why do you people keep on with the same strategies but expect different results?


  16. Che'guevara says:

    Some of you guys never cease to amaze me. Mukori lost in Chirumhanzu a long time ago. He is a bitter man. Im surprised he attacks Tsvangi at every turn yet he failed to convinced even the rural folk to vote for him. As for Ruramai is much more concerned with Tsvangi’s appetite for women. But then again this is not about feminism or patriarchy. And what are these guys trying to ‘renew’ really? I dont see any of them with the capacity to renew anything. Biti is an all blandering politician. Today elections were rigged tomoro tsvangirayi failed. At one time Gono is number 1 enemy of state at another he wants what is best for the nation. Up to today I still wonder where he was when Tsvangi, Holland and others were bashed in police custody. I guess he was playing his usual modus operandi attending some court session like he did when his handlers were clearing the ground for the ‘renewal’ skirmish. My question is whose money is being spent this time around is it Gono, Bennett, Kay or Maranga Diamonds. Whose project is it.

    • Ruramai says:

      Cheguevara, what are you talking about? Where did I talk about Tsvangirai’s appetite for women?

      If this country is going to move forward we need to confront our problems in a mature manner. This article is talking about how Shumba believes no coalition can work without Tsvangirai, presumably at the helm. The legitimate question is, what will he do differently that he didn’t do in 15 years?

      I am not suggesting that Biti and his team would be a good alternative. The MDC became a force to reckon with after it started as a grand coalition. We should be debating how to team up and create a movement that can dislodge Zanu P.F. instead of continuing along the same trajectory of failed strategies.

      We are all entitled to our opinions as no one has a monopoly to good ideas.

      • Chemical Solution says:

        Ruramai,it seems as if Iam following your postings,but on the above post you have shown a membrane of maturity in you.But one thing I want to feed you with is that Morgan T had stumbling blocks when trying to implement the party’s policies.This GNU was only a dark cloud with heavy rain in it but it was prevended from exploding to give life to the masses.There was a preaching of diamond revenue not remitted to the Tresuary but a deaf ear was paid to this but now that its Zanu Pf on the reins they are now saying the companies are not remitting revenue.Tsvangirayi @ one time was barred from entering the Marange fields by the army, so I think you can see that Zanu Pf had military apparatus to thwart everything the MDC T was trying to implement fearing that the Nation would say MDC t has supper policies.I think kana uchinzwa wanzwa.

  17. truth says:

    journalists report what u see not what u think, opinions and analysis columns are always there at the right platform. there is no Tsvangirai he never existed he was just put in front. wake up and smell the coffee. Tsvangirai is finished. Ask yourself why do rebels erupted from the same vibrant part? Ask yourself why MDC T is now broke? Ask yourself why Tsvangirai is holding grass routes rallies?
    The whole agenda of MDC T is changed. It is no longer democracy but Autocracy. do not be fooled by the media, they are great liars they write stories to impress their masters. Read along the lines u will understand.Those left with Tsvangirai are afraid to go because they do know what is future. This a politics that’s the game guys.

  18. You can not tell millions of Zimbabweans suffering from a rigged election that Tsvangirai is bad because from 2009 to 2013 things where getting better coz of a GNU that involves Mdc t, now since from the rigged election things are getting bad worsier companies closing, fuel is going up even though it’s blended the government can’t pay salaries on time, it’s a lot kak going on,

  19. Ngoto Zimbwa says:

    Anyone notice how very little of ZANU is mentioned here?
    Especially from certain quarters?

    One would think the MDC was the one to blame for all our ills.

    By the way, every other leader has expressed a willingness to have Morgan in a grand coalition.
    Only Ncube is refusing.
    Guy must have a special kind of crystal ball.

    • Ruramai says:

      Ngoto, we are all aware that Zanu P.F. is largely responsible for the mess we are in. What we are discussing is an alternative to Zanu p.f. What would be the point of dwelling on what we already know given the fact that Mugabe and his party have neither the capacity nor the political will to change.

      And by the way, it is not just Zanu p.f. that is at fault. We the people of this country should accept responsibility for the fact that we gave Mugabe a blank cheque and by the time we woke up from our slumber the dictatorship had taken roots which have proven to be enormously resilient. A cult was created around Mugabe and from what I can see, some are also trying to repeat the mistake of creating a similar personality cult around Tsvangirai.

  20. Daniel says:

    Mandy, Agang SA was not in coalition with anyone.She went it alone and for all practcal purposes is now history.

  21. Straight Shooter says:

    In gukurahundi ZANU PF dominated political and social environment, nothing beats strategic thinking and planning. Tsvangirayi does not understand this. He thinks rallies alone are what will make him win against ZANU PF – far from it.

    Engaging masses is necessary – but it should never be for show. In an environment where elections are not imminent, they are a waste of time. The urgency of now is about long term strategies, and this is done through meetings and strategy sessions away from the prying eyes of the enemy. The need for a coalition of opposition forces is far much more urgent than shoff-rallies!!

    This is why I believe Tsvangirayi should be engaging his opponents and together let them plan long term for the 2018 elections. They have to identify the core in ZANU PF; what their thinking is like in view of the succession battles. Who in the CIO is strategic; what their plans are; who in the army needs to be watched; what their plans are etc, etc. Formulate the MDC’s response to these developments in ZANU PF and keep revisiting the responses and refining them as you get closer to the 2018 elections.

    This is what strategy is all about – keeping focused and knowing about the competition. They need to OUT-MUGABE, MUGABE. You don’t do this through useless early rallies.

    In fact, with these so-called mass rallies – he is actually warning ZANU PF and advising them that he still has support.

    Armed with this information, all ZANU PF needs to do is to do is to strengthen the CIO and keep an eye on his movements; harass him and his supporters and re-organise the war vet camps.

    They will never rest on their laurels because Tsvangirayi is foolish enough to show them as early as this, that he is still going strong!!!

    • Ruramai says:

      Well said straight shooter. For some strange reason Tsvangirai believes that merely demonstrating that he has grass root support is sufficient to dislodge Mugabe.

  22. zimbo says:

    Why not leave this Tsvangirai alone and form your own parties? Why do you want to destroy him first then tackle ZNpf.It means he is the only credible opposition.He has even more grassroots support nationwide than ZAPU during the days of uMdala Wentu. I see him coming in as President 2018 if he does manage to ignore the noise makers who want to distract him, he is likely to do so anyway

  23. @Ruramai my brother get up and understand, GNU was formed up between zanu pf and mdc. the mdc we are talking about is the main mdc party led by Morgan Richard tsvangirai. ncube is a tribalist he thinks he can have more support than tsvangirai , never. when he defected from the mainstream he simply told his followers kuti tsvangirai is not educated so we need to topple him from party presidency.if he is saying if tsvangirai is invited to grand coalition he wont be part of that coalition, yes it is better off without him. he is of no value in the politics of zimbabwe. he is leading a minority group in bulawayo. tsvangirai represents the masses if i put it that way.

    • Ruramai says:

      Dongo, what will Tsvangirai do differently? I will not argue with your view that Ncube is a tribalist because I have no evidence. Maybe you do. I just know that Tsvangirai has been consistently outfoxed by Mugabe to the extent that he had no problem endorsing Makarau, a known Zanu p.f. loyalist to run our elections. Ncube, the “tribalist”, argued against accepting that nomination. Tsvangirai even went along with the appointment of Jacob Mudenda, famousfor his corrupt activities during the Willogate scandal to head the Human Rights commission.

      Again I ask, after 15 years,what will he do differently? And by the way, by asking that question I am not suggesting that Ncube Ncube is a good leader.

      • Chemical Solution says:

        If they are 15years of failure by Tsvangirayi do you want another 15 years of failure by W Ncube and Biti.Aaah no guys lets be objective here.Remove Tsvangirayi at the Congress and not through these Kangaroo meetings termed the MANDEl Meeting.Proudly learned as you are, and some of you defending us in the courts of Zimbabwe you sou amazingly fail to define what DEMOCRACY is. Biti,Biti,Mafume,Mafume be serious guys.

  24. Madlanduna says:

    Well said Zimbo, just join that coalition without Tsvangirai more option I here ther is this called new kid on the block call Freedom Justice Coalition Zimbabwe, you can join them as well leave Tsvangirai alone let him have those rallies to interect with people on ground not go for their votes during election time and dump them after.

  25. The Oracle says:

    Tsvangirai’s presence in the political field is effectively blocking democracy,Zimbo. That is why there is all this noise about him. I think it is a little far fetched to say that Tsvangirai will win the 2018 elections. He has failed to win elections with sophisticated intelligence support and
    massive funding from friendly quarters.

    Objectively viewed, I am sure we are all agreed that Tsvangirai absolutely has no clue what zimbabwean politics is all about. Any Suggestions of placing him at the helm of a grand coalition will automatically doom that coalition to failure.

    The point is, let us separate the cause from the man.

    • Straight Shooter says:

      Agreed in toto.

      We need Tswangirayi in the Grand Coalition for his mass appeal grassroot support that he gets from the stupid ignorant masses. We need these numbers on our side to help topple the gukurahundi. But we dont need him at the leadership level – we need a strategist at the helm. Someone with a clear thinking capacity and one who only opens his mouth after thinking things through!!

  26. LoudSilence BlindingDarkness DzimbaDzemabgwe says:

    The fact remains: Tsvangirai has the support of the masses. He remains very much relevant to the people of Zimbabwe. As for Biti, I say Zanu pf has a way of sweeping dirt under your carpet, sit back and watch and enjoy the drama that unfolds when all is exposed. Biti has gone to bed with Zanoids – Gono and Kasukuwere far much deeper than the public knows. Mark my words, Biti will go down with a big thud and so will those following him. Let him who has ears here.

  27. jojo says:

    But do you guys understand the meaning of the word struggle,its not a one day thing we are in struggle here guys some are gonna fall along the way,lyk the Bitis but the struggle goes on.

  28. Chidembochanhuhwa says:

    Guys the issue is not about Tsvangirai’s intelligence but numbers behind him. The dictates of African politics revolves around branding. Like it or not Tsvangirai commands a lot of respect and grassroots support more than Zanu pf itself. right now the so called smaller political parties are busy making boardroom meetings and Tsvangirai is reselling himself to the masses. Grand coallition is busy selling its ideas to diplomats as if the are the ones who vote. This is just a mere financial campaign. The MDC resonates with Tsvangirai and Zanu pf with Mugabe as fa as the masses are concerned. In zimbabwe its either Tsvangirai or Mugabe, thats whats the Zimbabweans grassroots understands. You can unite a million parties but without branding your are doomed to fail. Thats why level headed and intelligent people like Simba Makoni said you cant do without Tsvangirai. Makoni is a well respected technocrat who has the potential of ruling Zimbabwe but he realised that politics is not about education but branding. Wakeup you professors and learned politicians

  29. Chidembochanhuhwa says:

    Andrew Johnson was the US president who had the least amount of formal education. He never went to a school. Of course there are other ways to get an education and there is no school that teaches one to be a good President

    G. W. Bush least educated president? Considering educational background, is Bush the least educated president? I can’t think of any degrees he has.

    The two above presided over two of the world’s biggest economies inthe world. “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”

  30. Chokwadi says:

    In a struggle your objective is win the battle. Turning guns against each other will not give us the zimbabwe we want. Around Mugabe are strategists who want to win at any cost. Do you think these people in zpf are ignorant? They are well aware that bob is a failure but for the sake of enriching thmselves they put there heads above waters and warn the key player aware. Around mt are people who bury their heads under water and leave the key player alone. A strkers job is to score the other players shoul supply clean passes for him to get the goal. Munoisa bhora mukati memakumbo emadefender then you say mt tora ugohwese. HAZVIITI. This is Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair game. Mukatemba simba ra Hulk imi muchiziva kuti Flair anehutsotsi munogara makaruza. Hulk’s teamates should be wide awake to check on any of Flair’s mates vanokanda simbi muarena so that flair will use it against Hulk. All the think tanks and strategists around MT are the cause of our woes. Remember: Rume rimwe harikombi churu. Lear from ANC. Mandela out of touch with all yet his mates did not choose replacement for 27 years. They occupied themselves on how to win not how to repalce Mandela who probably was now miles out of touch with mordern politics and change of atmosphere. Look at were Mandela left them.(Food for thot)

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