UK-based ZANU PF agents creep out of the woodwork

via UK-based ZANU PF agents creep out of the woodwork | SW Radio Africa by Nomalanga Moyo on Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Scores of UK-based ZANU PF activists who have been lying low are coming out into the open and forming branches of the political party as they demonstrate their support for the regime.

The latest branch to be launched this week in Bracknell, in central southern England, was attended by dozens of the regime’s supporters whose names reflect the current ZANU PF leadership.

Other branches have been launched in Kent, Coventry, Birmingham, and Harlow.

A snapshot of the list of attendees included prominent ZANU PF names such as Mliswa, Chidarikire, Chikowore, Vambe, Mangwana, Mararike, among others.

Ephraim Tapa, rights activist and coordinator at UK-based lobby group ZimVigil, said while he is not shocked that there are so many regime agents in the UK, their brazenness had surprised him.

“We have always known that there are regime agents among us. Until recently they have been working clandestinely, feeding the regime with information and also infiltrating organisations such as the ZimVigil to cause confusion and disunity.

“However, I find their audacity to launch branches across the UK surprising, given their leader Robert Mugabe’s terrible human rights record.

“This is disrespectful to victims of Mugabe’s brutality and it will cause anxiety as people realise that all along they had ZANU PF agents in their midst,” Tapa said.

Tapa added that instead of endorsing Mugabe’s misrule, the ZANU PF activists should reflect on the freedoms they enjoy in Europe which millions of Zimbabweans back home have been denied.

“In the UK they are able to organise, associate, and express themselves freely yet their relatives in government won’t allow the majority of Zimbabweans to do that.”

Tapa blamed the European Union’s re-engagement drive which he said was “sending signals that it is now OK to do business with ZANU PF when in reality nothing has changed”.

“That is where these people are deriving their energy and confidence from. With the EU showing its support, the Mugabe regime and its supporters no longer see any reason to change or hide.”

He said ZimVigil will be lobbying the UK government to conduct a status review for any ZANU PF activist granted the right to stay in the country by falsely claiming that they were facing persecution back home. Some misrepresented themselves as MDC supporters he added.

MDC spokesman Nhlanhla Dube said it is well known that ZANU PF officials sent their families abroad when conditions began to deteriorate in the country.

“After plundering and destroying all sectors, including education, they sent their children and families to western countries to protect them from the consequences of their bad governance.

“Some of these sought asylum when in fact their parents and families were the perpetrators of the violence. We find it ironical that these would choose to declare their allegiance to the regime in the comfort of western democracies,” Dube said.

Dube slammed ZANU PF officials for their double standards in calling for exiled Zimbabweans to return home when their own families are showing no inclination to do so.


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26 comments on “UK-based ZANU PF agents creep out of the woodwork
  1. Will the Doctor says:

    Has Ian Scoones been spotted at the zanu meetings?

  2. Angela Wigmore says:

    Be very wary of any Zimbabwean who is ”extra-nice” to you! CIO operatives are EVERYWHERE!! My super-friendly telephone technician, Charles, sold me to the CIO, knowing that I was leaving Zim. and that therefore I would undoubtedly have forex stashed away. Sure enough they descended on my home with a false search warrant, accusing me of being a ‘safe house’ for MDC and looking for drugs and ‘subversive material’! Of course, they found my forex, and stole it, while threatening me at Harare Central with Chikurubi. My last few months in Zimbabwe were the worst of my life. Be careful, wherever you are.

    • Angela Wigmore, we were so unfortunate that we have a period when the lawlessness of Zanu is unleashed upon us. People like you are targeted because of the color of your skin. But some of your other fellow Zimbabweans are targeted because of their tribe. Then it goes to Zezuru and Manyika and so forth and so forth. I have respect for you. I think you know it. Your warning is noted But some of us, your black fellow sufferers have known it, we’ve lived it and just like you I am weary of my own people. Guess what. The majority o the 14000000 agree with you. That’s why we no longer talk too much in public places.

      • Dodo says:

        How do you know Angela Wigmore is not same colour as you? Angela did not make mention any skin colour in that post. Typical Zimbabweans and stereotyping..

      • Angela Wigmore says:

        @Dr.DL: Thank you for your kind words. I was politically naive and, because I always treated everyone, regardless of colour or tribe, with honesty and respect, I foolishly expected to be treated the same. Sadly I learned a hard lesson about people who I thought were decent and trustworthy. I have to admit that I’ve always hoped that the car ‘Charles’ bought from me killed him! I’m tribal myself – I was born in Matabeleland and have always thought that tribe to be superior. Hope that doesn’t disappoint you.

      • NBS says:

        Hey Doc I have always liked you along with many on this site. Our trust must be in God. He knows everyone of these CIO’s also those posing as pastors. There is a terrible shock for each one of them if they do not repent. It is past the time we all began to stand together.

  3. Roving Ambassador says:

    Its good that they come out so we know who is who. After all ,,,its the freedom in the West that allows this and that’s great.

  4. Chara says:

    So what are they running away from when everything is super ok. These people must be re-vetted and sent back home vazorima magwere.

  5. Mlimo says:

    Nice while Zimbabwe rots these stooges live u der the despotic western rule what double atandards

  6. Kabunga says:

    Shame on Britain. They probably claim benefits too.

  7. Kubota Binga says:

    If one surprised by this then it shows how shallow minded the opposition is.This is common knowledge guys.

  8. Justice says:

    I suggest a name and shame exercise so everyone is aware and can ostracise these people complicit in the dictatorship.

  9. Cde Chooks says:

    The good thing about this is that in the UK you can call the ZANU-PF adherents “mindless idiots” and not find youself in locked up at Chikurubi!

  10. Mupurisa says:

    Any person in the DIASPORA that supports ZANU PF is a sick hypocrite. Yes, they should be named, shamed and deported back to face the problems they have helped to create.
    Come back home and enjoy hunger, unemployment and a liquidity crunch – not freedom of speech/association, law and order and the economic prosperity offered in such countries. Imbwa dzevanhu. Dzokai kumusha muwone nhamo yamakakonzera!!

  11. Saddened says:

    Mupurisa you are so right but what can you expect someone who supports this oppressive regime. They should also be reported to the home office for vetting as to their status, as this type of person is definitely there for the reasons other than originally given.

  12. MikeH says:

    It surprises me NOT that the pathetic UK allows this to happen and it surprises me even less that the EU wants to kiss mugabe’s backside.

  13. Davy Mufirakureva says:

    All those people in Zimbabwe Gvt have their relatives in diaspora and their children were helped to get false passports. There is np surprise at all. They are economic refugees. Its Mugabe to claim he outwits the West.

  14. NBS says:

    What ever has been done in the darkness will be brought into the light. God is watching.

  15. Ndangariro says:

    miswe yarebesa!!!!!

  16. Zanu Slaya says:

    Tell me where the zanoids are. I am happy to smash them up. This is Britain not zimbabwe. We will annihilate ZANU here. B@stards

  17. zanupf fear me says:

    Perfidious Albion. Theresa may asleep on the job. Vigil PSE start with chiyangwas illegitimate kids. Mliswa relatives. Better still name shame these illegals and publicize addresses phones workplaces. Cameron u naive gullible effeminate. These UK zanoids are in UK as big time money launderers for their criminal families. People may slip on banana skins. Vigil. Expose Chatham house

  18. Makuru ndeevakuru says:

    To the extremest of my idea, ZANU PF supporters should not be allowed to hold meetings in UK because they do not allow other political parties to hold rallies or meetings in Zimbabwe. The home office should investigate these people, I strongly believe they are the so called bogus asylum seekers in this country because if they are ZANU PF why would they come to the UK besides pretending as political asylum seekers yet they are economic immigrants or ZANU PF spies. They should be deported. They are killing innocent people in Zimbabwe. Home office should act against these people they should go to Zimbabwe where they have been killing people, stealing elections and destrying the country.

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