DDF to rehabilitate 32 000km of rural feeder roads

via DDF to rehabilitate 32 000km of rural feeder roads | The Herald August 21, 2014 by Walter Nyamukondiwa

The District Development Fund is expected to rehabilitate about 32 000 kilometres of rural feeder roads under the accelerated national economic development programme encapsulated in the Zim-Asset economic blueprint. To ensure efficiency in the implementation process, rural district councils and DDF will pool available resources and co-ordinate their operations.

In a letter to all ministers of State for provincial affairs dated June 30, Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda said rural road maintenance was key to accelerated economic development.

“The current pursuit of an accelerated national economic development programme necessarily requires an aggressive rehabilitation of our rural feeder roads under the Infrastructure and Utilities Cluster of the Zim-Asset blueprint,” he said.

DDF is now operating under the Office of the President and Cabinet and co-ordination of the road authorities is seen as key in ensuring the task of turning around the economy is achieved.

Under the programme, DDF is working on the Mubaira-Watyoka-Chikara-Chiketa roads in Mhondoro covering over 137 kilometres and on other projects in various parts of the country.

The project is being worked on with four motorised graders pooled from the Chegutu Rural District Council, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development and DDF.

Mashonaland West Province plans to cover at least 650km of roads under the programme which is expected to improve the road network and subsequently spur economic development.

DDF Mashonaland West provincial co-ordinator Mr Erikano Chikande said the co-ordinated approach leads to maximum utilisation of resources.
“We are working together with Rural District Councils to ensure that we accelerate the maintenance of rural feeder roads which have become impassable in some places, thereby stifling economic development in the affected areas,” he said.


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    I will be very happy if they fix the roads

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    Munatinalsit 3 years

    VaBhuka, where is Nembudziya gumunyu road here? This where the country get most of it cotton but the road in almost non existent

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    John Thomas 3 years

    This will never happen. DDF is a ZANU play thing. Maybe a few km of road near the presidents farm will be done.

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    dream on zimbabweans – april fools day again today on this story about roads

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    JRR56 3 years

    Idea is correct. People implementing it is wrong wrong wrong!

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    Tom 3 years

    these people are not tarring the road they are just grading gravel roads with four graders only. this is pathetic and this is done in the office of the president. there are no intentions whatsoever of tarring these road.

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    Stupid government 3 years

    Why mashonaland west were the president comes from. Why did you start with Binga or Chipenge of Gokwe Nkayi. Who are you trying to fool. I am fed up with these people.

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    macemike 3 years

    32Km’s maybe??

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    LUCY 3 years

    I am sure with this Government we will be stompng this same ground again next year. Unless Mugabe and his motorcade decides to visit “your neck of the woods” there is no urgency to build a road there.

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    Vusisizwe 3 years

    These guys are doing a splendid job. Keep it up DDF. Don’t forget to visit Bubi district.

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    tongogara 3 years

    Everything is always “to”…Zim to produce more energy, Zim to start raw mat processing, Zim to be food self sufficient, Zim to be SADC’s biggest economy….just dreaming all day! nxa!

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    tongogara 3 years

    and the little that is done just happens just in Mashonaland area!