Don’t sup with whites: Mugabe

By | July 3, 2014

via Don’t sup with whites: Mugabe – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 3, 2014 by Nunurai Jena

Cabinet ministers and traditional leaders who were fronting white ex-commercial farmers could lose their farms as they were undermining the principle of black economic empowerment, President Robert Mugabe warned yesterday.

This followed reports that some of the ministers and chiefs were leasing their farms to whites while others were under-utilising the land allocated to them during the fast-track land reform programme.

Mugabe, who was speaking at the launch of the new A1 permits at Chipfundi in Mhangura, accused his lieutenants of “supping with whites” and vowed that no farmland would be returned to whites again.

The President said sub-letting farms was undermining the essence of the land reform programme.

“Some of my ministers are being mentioned here. They are refusing to remove white farmers from their constituencies,” he said to the applause of people attending the launch.

Mugabe said chiefs who were supposed to be the custodians of land were also corruptly involved in land deals.

“But we are told that chiefs are also involved in land deals. Can we do that Mr Charumbira (Chief Fortune Charumbira president of chiefs council)? Can we be seen arresting chiefs? This is an issue which we will fight against,” he said.

Mugabe said those who were leasing their land risked losing it as an audit would reveal the true occupants of properties.
He warned that all underutilised land would be re-allocated to deserving applicants.

At least 79 new farmers were given the new permits in Mashonaland West province. The permits, which were issued for the benefit of the permit holder and their dependants were valid for an indefinite period.

Some 220 472 model A1 farmers countrywide were expected to receive the new permits.

Mugabe’s threats came at a time government indicated it would cancel 220 000 offer letters issued over the past 15 years to A1 model new farmers and replace them with new tenure permits.

Lands and Resettlement minister Douglas Mombeshora told journalists this week ahead of the launch that the new permits will allow new farmers to access agricultural funding from financial institutions “if the banks see it fit”.

28 thoughts on “Don’t sup with whites: Mugabe

  1. Dube

    This is exactly what we are talking about. This man is so vengeful that he wants to make sure those he hates suffer.

  2. tired

    funny that the only success in farming today is being administered by who ?

  3. Doris

    I agree with all the above. But please return to the original format of zim situation this version is cumbersome.

    1. Wilbert Mukori

      @ Andy

      You are right there Andy, Mugabe is following some scorched earth policy! He has failed to rule the country and now he is doing his best to make sure the country’s economy is completely de-stroyed and after years of importing weapons the country has enough bullets, grenades and bombs to reduce every building to rubble, injure millions and kill hundreds of thousands.

      Yap, Mugabe is making Zimbabwe economically poor and politically ungovernable. He is destroying everything! No one is to succeed where he has failed; shaisano, as one would say in Shona.

  4. Panda moyo

    Am very dissapointed that in a country that is so bankrupt ,has stinking hospitals ,schools that hav no desks the leader who is supposedly highly educated has the audaccity to show his ignorance of the constitution he signed by spouting racial jargon instead of dealing with important issues like the economy.for god s sake sir take all the land from everyone and keep it since you love it so much just make sure you stabilise the economy.satsha ngejazi elingela mkhono.taneta.

  5. Wilbert Mukori

    Mugabe admits that many of the seized farms are not being used productively so why is he seizing even more farms that are productive just because the farmer are white?

    1. Petal

      Peharps his wife Disgrace Gucci is asking for more farms
      He just wants to prove a silly point that he is in charge but he will not be in charge when he meets the creator of this universe who will judge him

    2. Zen

      Because he’s a clueless, senile old fool who has no idea how to run a country.All he knows is hatred, racism, tribalism,violence and destruction

  6. disgrace

    I hope EU irikuzvinzwa ndivo varikuda kumubvisa pamasanctions. Mwari tanete nemudhara uyu.nzvimbo yake kugehena haisati hapera here?Zvitibve

  7. Mlimo

    I hope all the loan facilitators and lenders from Europe and the rest of the world take note of this as this affects their loans and their donations. This is about as racist as Verwoed was. No place for the whites. Next muagbe will have the park benches have signs – no whites as well as at the border posts – no whites youre not wanted. Next thing he’ll do is line the remaining whites up and mow them down like hitler did?

    1. Petal

      “I hope all the loan facilitators and lenders from Europe and the rest of the world take note of this as this affects their loans and their donations”- someone has to be brave and tell them

  8. Kondo

    Is this not VERY STRANGE and HYPOCRITICAL coming from a man who entrusts whites with his health? He does not trust his fellow blacks to take care of his health.

  9. Zim Patriot

    Comrades read Micah 2 verse 1 through 7….it states clearly that sorrow will follow those who steal others land and houses…..We serve an Almighty God who is in complete control, when the time is right He will soften hearts and restore Zimbabwe to the Jewel it once was…..with Peace and Prosperity for all, no matter race or tribe….Let”s pray for our beloved Zimbabwe and it’s lost leaders…..we all need to humble ourselves and repent…

  10. Bazur Wa KuMuzi

    He is talking of his ministers who are greedy and corrupt. While they sing praises to him they go to desperate whites and promise them protection. This is the protection and the positive development that even the EU representative has observed. Remember a Smith calling himself “whites against sanctions” was in the press calling for the lifting of “sanctions” a few days ago. This is good really from Gushungo. As for his ministers no one should shed a drop of tears for looters. If it is possible let them burn.

  11. simbi

    If he was a white president the whole world would be on his back with his racist remarks.

  12. NBS

    Who needs enemies with a president like this. he is full of hate and bitterness. he needs to repent. Can’t ZPF even find a half decent leader???? Someone who will bring some healing and positive this nation. They will all fall into Bob’s deep dark pit one day. God is watching

  13. Straight Shooter

    Gukurahundi Mugabe, who are you to tell me who I should relate to and how I should conduct my life? Go to hell. I’d rather sup with whites than with gukurahundis!!

  14. Straight Shooter

    Kanti vele, what does the Pope say about this man whenever he visits the Vatican? Does he ever talk to him or advise him against all this hatred that he has been spewing for close to a century now?

    1. Petal

      perhaps no one is making the Pope aware of this – its hight time he knew

  15. Clive Sutherland

    This is why White Rhodesians did not want to give up Rhodesia, while they knew majority rule was inevitable they did not want Mugabe running the show, it was known that Mugabe was not interested in reconciliation and he would make whites leave Zimbabwe with little but their shirts on their back. It should now be clear to everyone that racism is alive and well in Zimbabwe headed by the biggest racist, Mugabe himself, he has a huge chip on his shoulders and no doubt he is seething with anger and vengefulness as he slowly realises that he cannot get the economy in Zimbabwe even close to what it was in war torn Rhodesia, so like a spoilt brat he has decided to just destroy the place.

    1. hernanday oleary

      Why do whites want to farm in Zimbabwe anyways, can’t they do other things than farm? I seen huge land owners doing other activities like game and loge make far more money anyways. Whites can still do services and manufacturing.

  16. Koosman

    Zimbabwe messed its own economy by engaging in three disastrous economic moves

    1.ESAP -Economic Structural Adjustment Programme in early 90a-How could you adjust the economy that was performing so well.

    2. WAR VETERANS COMPENSATION FUND -How could you pay almost over 500 000 , some bogus war veterians so much from outside the budget.

    3. EVICTION OF WHITE FARMERS – How could you evict skillful , experienced farmers without having an agricultural solution for the exercise
    These three disastrous moves were major causes of the economic downturn and there is no reverse with the same regime other than for a regime change in Zim.


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