Man killed by croc on Kariba tributary

Man killed by croc on Kariba tributary

via Man killed by croc on Kariba tributary | The Zimbabwean 8 July 2014

Mac Bailey was killed by a crocodile last Sunday as he pulled his fishing yacht up the Gache Gache River bank on Lake Kariba.

The incident occurred close to Gache Gache Lodge, behind Bird Island, according to a co-owner of the place, Pat Townsend.

While the police could not be reached for a comment, a team that was dispatched to the scene located the crocodile, measuring about 4.2 metres, and shot it, Townsend said.

The police and Parks and Wildlife reaction teams also attended the scene. Townsend warned visitors to the area to be cautious to avoid similar incidents.

“Please let this be a serious wake up call to everyone who goes to Kariba. The crocs are brazen and follow boats, even houseboats. We hope that as there are plenty fish now, that they don’t need to attack people, but don’t tempt fate,” she said.

She advised tourists taking boat cruises and their children not to reach out into the water as they ran the danger of being attacked by the crocodiles.


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    Doris 4 years

    It’s high time that Nat Parks went to each area on Kariba. Did an analysis of the croc populations and cull accordingly. Also how about fining those who are enticing crocs to feed behind houseboats so that tourists can get “the ultimate shot”. It’s getting out of control.

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    Bambazonke 4 years

    Stop parks with there stupid regulations for croc breeders to return 5% of them back. All our dams and rivers in this punter have flat dog.

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    Givemore chare 4 years

    Its very sad just imagine crocodile attacking a helpleness oldman in water in front of hs wife, u wl olwez b remembered mr Bailey,wrked wth hm @ autoparts ,R.I.P

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    Phoenix 4 years

    We should always remember that all lifeforms ( & reptile) are equal co-habitants in mother nature’s house. This superiority complex that mankind is exhibiting over other animals is disgusting. My post is not in any way intended to spite the grieving family i feel your loss. it is however directed to those in favour of culling and trying to exert dominance over the whole of nature’s paradise when we all have equal rights to existence. Mother nature will always strike back.

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    chipaz 4 years

    we as human beings we have control over other creatures so y cant we reduce croc pop than sparing them to kill some of us