Mugabe rant self-defeating

By | July 4, 2014

via Mugabe rant self-defeating – The Zimbabwe Independent July 4, 2014

Where in the constitution does it say whites cannot own land? Nowhere of course.

The constitution upholds the rights of all, albeit with qualifications. It doesn’t exclude minorities of any type from land ownership.

This important point needs to be spelt out to President Robert Mugabe who seems to think he can make pronunciamentos regardless of individuals’ rights.

He was speaking at the launch of A1 permits in Mashonaland West.
He accused his cabinet colleagues of “supping with whites” and vowed that no farmland would be returned to whites again. He accused chiefs in particular of leasing land to whites.

This is manifestly discriminatory. Section 289 of the constitution gives every Zimbabwean the right to agricultural land regardless of his or her race subject to Section 72 which safeguards agricultural land from challenge, a curious clause in a democratic constitution.

Whatever the case, Zimbabwe will suffer international opprobrium if it allows the impression that it is discriminating on the grounds of race, often for no other reason than to covet other people’s property. Section 56 grants every person the right not to be treated in a discriminatory manner on the grounds of race or colour unless it is fair, reasonable and justifiable in a democratic society.

That is quite obviously not the situation we have here where Mugabe gives the impression he can do what he likes.

This is populism at its worst and it is precisely the sort of thing Sadc leaders sought to avoid in setting up the government of national unity five years ago. Why should whites be treated in this arbitrary way when their farms are productive yet ruling party luminaries preside over derelict and often multiple properties? It is unreasonable by any definition. What can we say of Gushungo Estates and how they were acquired? Let’s hope the European Union doesn’t see its duty as approving a system as defective and discriminatory as this.

There has been very little progress in the re-engagement talks that were supposed to usher in a new era. But apart from Patrick Chinamasa’s negotiations, Zimbabwe’s economic progress appears grounded.

The problem here is that economic policy is firmly wedded to domestic demagoguery.

What President Mugabe has done is to compound the problem we face by appearing to hang tough. That won’t do the trick. Zimbabwe needs well thought out policies that respect the rights of all its citizens.

Abusing a productive minority will discourage foreign direct investment, something we urgently need. Those ministers that support the president in his scorched-earth policies will soon discover the downside to disruption in agriculture.

What we have now is a return to the policies that might have served Zanu PF well in the election but certainly won’t serve it much further.

24 thoughts on “Mugabe rant self-defeating

  1. nyoni


  2. moyokumusha

    Whites are Zimbabweans too. I really do not expect these ranting’s from any person who has the nation at heart and especially the president who should have be the one to uphold the constitution, after all he said he would in his oath of office.

    Times are tough and he has no answers so resort to the usual and blame the whites. It is not working any longer we have seen through that and are paying the price for robbing them.

    I would rather have our president say sorry for failing the nation and apologise to the whites and restoring their rights and respecting their contributions. That way he may go down in history with a bit of credibility.

  3. Petal

    Bobs PERSONAL Constitution has it- bos will never say sorry he is just an evil vindictive greedy person by nature – oen think people should learn we grow old but our characters never change
    what a waste of time he does by flittering and fluttering to the Vatican all the time

  4. LUCY

    RGM has become a raving, ranting, hate preaching, vindictive vomit inducing , dark, evil, negative bitter old man. He drips venom at every turn. I’m sure he hates himself more and can’t wait for the devil to take his sorry wet bottom to hell

  5. Petal

    one would think that someone close to him would advise him properly on how to behave

  6. kutongwa nonjazi

    If we all knew that we would end up where we are with Mugabe, we would have made the right decisions. We are in the diaspora and honestly never at all treated like we don’t belong. Zimbabwens are taking up citizenship elsewhere because of being accepted as equals with the owners of respective countries. Mugabe is a racist and operates above and overrules the constitution. If we are accomodated in Britain, America, Australia, Canada, neighboring countries and worldwide, why can’t we do the same to our own fellow Zimbabwens. We are aware that people from different parties are treated as enemies as well. Lets do what pleases God and receive the blessings.

  7. kutongwa nonjazi

    Another way of trying to fish for some sanctions. Once imposed, there will be a good scapegoat for failure. The western world is not that silly. Just fix the economy.

  8. 主席

    Kutongwa, are you also doing farming either in Britain, America, Australia or Canada ?

    1. William Doctor

      at 主席

      Is any farming underway in Zimbabwe? Last I checked, maize was being exported by a productive minority in Zambia – to Zimbabwe.

  9. RR

    Just in case we had forgotten or were not sure. Confirmation once again!. Bob is a vicious racist with zero tolerance of whites, minorities, opposition parties, the West and anyone else who stands in his way and is not ZPF.

  10. John Thomas

    Give the old man a Prozac and put him to bed. His wires are no longer connected.

  11. Said Omar Ali

    Now this is frightening one. As if lessons have not been learnt from the previous exercise.

    Nations rely so much in potential of its people. They are a crucial keg in production. To frustrate a particular sector is not even to court disaster; its like embracing that disaster. The old man up there need to rethink his tired strategy of looking for popularity.

    What he’s doing now will not help but exacerbate the already sorry state of affairs.

  12. petal

    and having a person like Disgrace at his side makes matters even worse

  13. Sceptic

    One more crime to add to the mountain, news to Bob, God is watching and will not be played for a fool.

  14. Brian

    “Dear” RGM. God here. What a case you’ve become. I held such hope for you and your efforts to educate yourself. Now, people are saying “don’t get an education! You’ll end up like Bob!” So, what have all your efforts produced? A broken, failed state. You are a genocidal, racist, adulterous liar who deserves to die a miserable death surrounded by your “loyal” weeping acolytes – and Disgrace! What an exit! But, hell awaits. Gukuharundi. Your epitaph. Next! Ah, Gaddafi! Sorry, there won’t be voluptuous virgins. Just boring old me – God.

  15. NBS

    No winder that the bible tells us that the root of bitterness of allowed to spring up ill defile many. Bob’s bitterness has defiled an entire nation. ZPf needs to wake up and smell the coffee and repent as the entire nation also needs to examine our hearts, This unforgiveness and hatred are destroying us. For goodness sake ZPf find yourself a leader.

  16. eugene

    I am surprised when l read about Zanupf opening branches in the EU iye President wavo arikudzinga varungu vese munyika yavo .I zvi zvi noshamisa dzokerai munotora mafarms asara murikudei ku EU


    high time we respect our New constitution and avoid impulses and personal vendettas as LAW. That was HE RG’s personal opinion. And he is entitled to personal views….But we must respect each other regardless of race. Lets say all who are discriminatory regardless of race must be ‘educated’.

  18. Che'guevara

    What do you expect from a 90 years old fella apart from venom and vitriol. Chero vana mbuya vedu kumusha ndozvovongoita. They utter rubbish, vulgar and obscenities irrespective of who is listening. You voted him at your own peril. Age matters if you didnt know. And to answer some moron’s question- yes I know a number of black zimbabweans who are farming in the UK. I can even give you names.

  19. William Doctor

    Wow – looks like there is an about-turn in the general attitude toward whites in the country.


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