Mugabe rumored to have collapsed

By | July 6, 2014

via Mugabe rumored to have collapsed | SW Radio Africa Friday, July 4, 2014 by Mthulisi Mathuthu

Speculation about President Robert Mugabe’s health resurfaced this week with allegations that the 90 year old leader collapsed Wednesday, soon after his anti white rant while addressing rural farmers in Mhangura.

SW Radio Africa received an unconfirmed report on Friday, from a normally reliable source, who said Mugabe collapsed after he told a cheering crowd of land-grab beneficiaries in Mashonaland West that the remaining white farmers must go. It was reported that he was immediately rushed back to Harare for attention.

The report has been compounded by the fact that Mugabe has not been seen since and was also conspicuous by his absence at the late ZANU PF Politburo member Stanley Urayayi Sakupwanya’s home, where senior party members trouped to pay their respects Thursday.

The Herald, which acts as a de facto state diary, showed defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi leading mourners at Sakupwanya’s home where he announced that Mugabe had declared the late Politburo member, who died this week, a national hero. The normal routine on such occasions is for Mugabe and his wife Grace to lead the inner circle.

Confirming Mugabe’s condition is impossible, particularly since Presidential Affairs Minister Didymus Mutasa recently said the state will soon be criminalizing any form of discussion on his boss’s health.

SW Radio Africa correspondent Lionel Saungweme said although it is not possible to get official confirmation on Mugabe’s condition, his failure to appear at the Sakupwanyas family home lends credence to the rumors of his ill-health.

He said: ‘Mugabe’s non appearance should send some signals of credibility to the rumor of his collapse. Normally it is Mugabe who announces a hero status to the deceased’s family but this time around it was Sekeramayi who did so.’

He added: ‘With the kind of praises that Sakupwanya is getting there can be no other reason for Mugabe to be absenting himself from his funeral. This guy was close to the security sector which is the mainstay of Mugabe’s hold on power and for him not to pay his respects to such a man shows that there is something wrong.’

Saungweme said the rumor of Mugabe’s collapse will be further put to the test on Sunday when Sakupwanya will be buried at the National Heroes Acre. Mugabe has missed only a handful of state funerals and on all those occasions his excuse or reason would be publicised.

In May Mugabe failed to attend the burial of Brigadier-General John Zingoni at the national shrine as he was in Singapore where he was filmed entering a hospital said to specialize in treating cancer.

Rumors about Mugabe’s health have gone on for some time but as he is advancing in age speculation has increased over the years. The situation has been made worse by his frequent visits to Singapore where as his aides routinely claim he is being treated for an unspecified eye problem.

Despite official denials it is widely believed that Mugabe is being treated for something else worse than an eye problem with some saying he is suffering from prostate cancer.

It could of course just be that he is 90 years old.

24 thoughts on “Mugabe rumored to have collapsed

  1. Mupurisa

    Tired of these rumours, ….yawn!! One way or another, NGAAENDE MUDHARA!!

  2. John Thomas

    We will know it is true when everybody is dancing in the streets

  3. zanupf fear me

    How many criminals feeding the worms at rogues acre. Every thieving zanupf thug ends up there. Soon the long grass will overgrown this

  4. Zvichanaka

    Lest we forget….there are some honourable people buried there. True liberation heroes.

  5. mark longhurst

    My sangoma is working for me….making sure it is slow and painful.

  6. LUCY

    So he collapsed …got up rubbed himself off and got on the plane to Malawi where he was said to be hob-nobbing with Mutharika? Much as I would rather have him ailing in some hospital somewhere than spending uor money celebrating in Malawi,I think there is something fishy with these conficting stories.

  7. LUCY

    Oh it has become quite fashionable for people to die as RGM gets on or off a plane. The two highlights of his diary in the last few months have been funerals and flights. None has come without the other? I see a pattern emerging…..

  8. William Doctor

    Ha ha ha. Are these whites stressing him out? That will teach him. I read that when he asked the crowd if they want the remaining ‘pale devils’ to stay – they all said yes.

  9. DubboZimbo

    We can not confirm if Bob has collapsed but we can confirm agriculture, manufacturing, health, banking, roads and rail network have collapsed.

  10. Straight Shooter

    But the Gukurahundi was in Malawi over the weekend.

  11. Brian

    Time to go Bob. God wants a word… If He is a She you’re dead meat. If He is a He, offer a BIG bribe. Worked in the past. Or, kill Him! Also worked! Except for Jesus who reappeared, stigmata and all, so to save mankind. So Bob, are you planning on a resurrection? Welcome to the worms Bob. Let’s hope they’re not too ethical.

  12. Ndebvu Mukomichi

    Nyatsoteerera unzwe kutonga! Aaah muhofisi munaBob nyatsoteerara unzwe kutonga. You have to admit that the man is a master player of political chess. See how his adversaries are praising him again, starting with the Frogs! Soon other nations will follow!

    1. I am not the one

      that is the problem, god doesnt want him and the devil finds it quite amusing leaving Bob banging around. If someone could get it through to this pseudo catholic that god has nailed his gates shut and no entrance for zanupf aligned people, it may cause some to pop off but I suppose they would consult the traditional doctor as to why god doesnt want them!

  13. Mena Bona

    The time has come the devil has said to speak of many things. Of slaughtering opposition in the twenty thousands without even admitting these sins. How you ruined that food basket so well that your people search for food in your bins. The devil will ask, How did you steal so much and not even feel a thing? I’m proud of you for doing my work so well, for I couldn’t have ruined it better, while living your life all covered in bling. So although you have been my most admired disciple, there is only room for one of us here! so thank you but your soul belongs to all those you slaughtered, for eternity to explain all your sins”

  14. ngwalongwalo

    Whether he collapsed or dead or alive or what ,who cares, sesidiniwe ngama rumours that are not coming true.

  15. Gomogranny

    He’s been brain dead for years. He must wait till after the World Cup…don’t disturb us till then you horrible old fool.

  16. biggus dickus

    Don’t be in too much of a hurry to rule out Comrade His Excellency Robert Gabriel Mugabe(half Malawian) – he is still only 91 years old and one of his former heroes Hastings Kumuzu Banda of Malawi lived to be 99 – so if Robert and Hastings as non smoking tee totallers and fellow countrymen go together we will have Robert around for another 8 years !
    Robert has also been described as JESUS in Zimbabwe’s Parliament so may that utterer knew what the Lord had/has in store for our hero ?


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