‘Rhodesian economy was better’

By | July 15, 2014

via ‘Rhodesian economy was better’ – DailyNews Live 15 July 2014 by Conrad Nyamutata

HARARE – Does anyone dispute that the Rhodesian economy was better than the current one?

So what is the hullabaloo about MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s reference to a better economic past?

Anyone who heard or read Tsvangirai’s comments would notice that suggestions he was nostalgic about Rhodesian “rule” amount to deliberate distortion.

“When I was a worker in the mine in 1975, I was being paid Z$450 but those were equal to pounds. Takamwa doro tikange ticharutsa nemari iyi (We drank beer until we felt like vomiting) but, of course, those were the old days, handichamwi zvangu (I no longer drink) but we recall those days with nostalgia,” Tsvangirai said

What Tsvangirai states here should be uncontroversial. It is borne out by historical facts and anecdotal evidence.

As any credible historian would tell you the Rhodesian economy lived through sanctions without visiting the level of poverty witnessed today.

At independence the Zimbabwean dollar was at par with the pound.

However, post-colonial Zimbabwe has witnessed alarming economic collapse, widespread unemployment, record inflation and grinding poverty.

A comparison between the current state of the economy and the past does not itself translate to a nostalgic desire for Rhodesian “rule” and its attendant repression.

Tsvangirai’s remarks have only been made controversial because of media that have anointed a leader and party as infallible and his opponent and group, permanent targets for abuse.

Such media will ignore historical facts or distort issues to suit an agenda. The objective was to whip up negative sentiment about Tsvangirai as someone desirous of colonialism.

Yet his comments were only restricted to the economy.

Attempts to end so-called polarisation are hopelessly futile when you have such dishonest journalism.

That dishonesty not only manifests through the twisting of facts but operates on a false presumption that Zanu PF and Mugabe do no wrong and the MDC and Tsvangirai do no good.

To their credit, privately-owned media have praised and criticised Mugabe. I have slaughtered Tsvangirai on this page; praised him when he deserved it.

I do not ever recall reading an article in the State media criticising President Mugabe.

Is it honest journalism that portrays a mere mortal as infallible?

It is this dishonest editorial monoculture that finds no wrong in one human being and permanent fault in the other, which is at the root of polarisation.

Two weeks ago, George Monbiot, one of the UK Guardian’s leading columnists, wrote quite a riveting article titled: “The real enemies of press freedom are in the newsroom.”

He referred to the UK Daily Mail’s predilection to publish stories that are anti-Labour Party:

“This suggests either that any article offering dissenting views is purged with totalitarian rigour, or general secretary Paul Dacre’s terrified minions, knowing what is expected of them, never make such mistakes in the first place.”

Dacre, cynically referred to as “general secretary”, is the editor of The Daily Mail.

Monbiot concludes: “Yes, let’s fight censorship: of the press and by the press.”

What Monbiot describes is what occurs here.

Journalists at our own State media have been reduced to hapless and terrified automatons.

A story that praises Tsvangirai would be purged with similar totalitarian gusto. Or such story would never enter the editorial calculus in the first place.

Deviation from this monoculture invites consequence.

Soon after the elections, the State press came out roaring: “We are not anyone’s lapdog.”

For a while they displayed unusual candour, branding a senior Zanu PF official “a dwarf in a giant’s robes” and most recently uncharacteristically declaring the government had made a major climb-down on indigenisation.

But the consequences were soon clear; the State press have since been slapped down into pusillanimity, reverting to type.

That type is illustrated in the Tsvangirai story; the brand of journalism does not let incontrovertible fact that the Rhodesian economy was better stand in the way of the agenda to tarnish an opponent.

This article I write is in itself evidence of so-called polarisation. But should falsehoods remain unchallenged?  It is impossible to end media polarisation with systemically dishonest journalism.

61 thoughts on “‘Rhodesian economy was better’

  1. William Doctor

    Imagine that. In 1980, the country shook off 90 years of British rule, and things are now so bad that even the colonised pine for their colonisers. That is how bad things are in Zim.

  2. Madlinduna xhosaboy

    Mr Nyamutata,i have never had of any adage or rational that says do wrong because someone else does so even to their absolute advantage.Otherwise all shall be wrong and out of the honest coverage that the readership constituencies deserve,and besides only a minimal still take Zanu pf serious and believe their emetic inveterate propaganda.On this one the ex MP is talking principle,the only anger is that he lacked the serendipity inveterately to stop the worse of today than yesterday as he correctly narrates

    1. Jenandebvu

      Mugabe did not go to war alone. Mombe nehuku dzakafa, whether we wanted it or not. Joshua Nkomo’s contribution to the liberation was even more than Robert and his team as they were busy killing one another instead of focusing on the war. Mujurus were getting married while the guns were blazing. Mugabe was relaxing somewhere while others did the donkey work.

      My point is, it is not about Tsvangirai “stopping” and you and me and every affected Zimbabwean. Otherwise your well suggested contribution ended without brains

  3. Africanson

    Was it going to be possible for Morgan to buy a house even in Warren Park if he had continued working in Rhodesia? Black government brought a lot of opportunities to black Zimbabweans. I think it will be positive to dwell on what can be corrected now than cry for the colonial economy. That notion will never reconcile or bind the Zimbabweans together. It does the opposite. This period must not be for celebrating our economic problems, blaming Zanu or mdc. Its not the time to remind us how old the president is or how ugly or immoral Morgan is. It is the time to at least work together as a nation and find concrete solutions to our challenges as proud Zimbabweans. We are tired of the blame game, we can do far much better as a nation if we bury our politics of patronage and embrace inclusiveness. I don’t see care for the nation from most of these political leaders. They never know the pain we bear under this condition of our good potentially prosperous country. When will it end? Did we not try all tricks good and bad and continuously got the same results? We must think and act as Zimbabweans who care about our country and its vulnerable citizens. Zimbabwe must come first.

    1. Bingo Wajakata

      Exactly, Zimbabwe must come first, not Mugabe, not Grace, not ZANU PF! That said, the Rhodesian economy, infrastructure, access to healthcare and schools were better than the current situation and that is the absolute truth.

    2. Isu Zvedu

      Hey Africanson you have finally come to your sense, unlike your previous comments, I like this

    3. zim reeper

      @Africanson This is exactly the pathetic attitude mugabe and zanupf rely on to stay in power and even get people to vote for it. Get some balls .!!!! or you will be writing this axact same comment in 34 years time.

    4. gwabu

      your first question is misguided. in Rhodesia you did not have to buy a house in warren park or glen norah (in high density areas). houses were built and allocated to people by the Rhodesian government. this zpf government never built houses, instead its demolition houses. these are facts.

      around 1980 to 1990 a corehouse was going for $300 and when I was in college around 1986 one of the students bought one using student payouts. of course he was enlightened and todate is running an estate business.

      the point really is, tsvangirai earning $450 could easily have bought a house under rhodesia.

      in Rhodesia buying a car was not that difficult and hire purchase facilities were available. come zpf by 1986 hire purchase was available only for furniture/household goods. today zpf is trying to ban the importation of used cars from japan when they have killed willowvale and quest. its crazy!

      as I write minister chombo has visited domboshawa and met headmen there. his agenda Zimbabweans not mozambiqueans are building illegal structures. his intentions are known; to demolish those houses anytime soon. its crazy!

      chombo owns most stands in virtually every town in Zimbabwe.

      surely if Zimbabwe were a person she is abused and seeking shelter at shelter Zimbabwe.

  4. Jenandebvu

    Africanson, you comment shows maturity and wisdom.

    Great stuff

  5. zanupf fear me

    From second highest GDP in 1979 Africa to bottom of the pile today. The myth of the bogus so called African freedom fighter liberation heroes. Aka criminal terrorists

    1. Isu Zvedu

      The real Isu Zvedu comments: 1. Mugabe and Zanu PF reduced us to a nationless people who are shy to be called Zimbabweans because of this little coward calling himself commander-in-chief. 2. To suggest that we the people should bury the past and try to rebuild the ruins while the destroyer is still reigning supreme is utter double i, ignorance and idiocy. Therefore it should be mentioned again and again that Mugabe and his henchmen destroyed this economy. Gono himself became a millionaire by looting and printing. He walks free. How on earth can we build this nations when the architects of destruction are armed and doing as they choose? 3. Its utter stupidity for this fool to comment that MT would not have managed to buy a house in Highlands were it not for Mugabe. Such warped thinking is the reason why this zanoid fool thinks writing and talking in English was brought to him by Mugabe. You people make me sick! At least you make me understand why we remain a laughing stalk.

  6. Mtekwatekwa

    Guys, let’s not joke, there is no basis of comparison between the current hell economy to the paradise economy that the Rhodesians ran. No chance! Let’s not attach unnecessary racial sentiments about it, it’s the truth, a bitter pill. I am not sure how people wanted Morgan to put it like. With benefit of hind site, these Zanu PF looters were never good for us from day one!

  7. Mlimo

    Taken 34 years for the blacks to realise they fought for freedom but they really didn’t understand freedom . Freedom is not Mugabe using the country as his own. Freedom is not a failed system. Freedom is not a rigged voters roll. Freedom is not a debt so big the country can’t pay it back. All these things are shackles like the bars of a jail. This is what zimbabwes freedom is no jobs no escape from a system so corrupt it’s beyond imagination. But enjoy it we voted for it and we maintain it. Me I preferred the rhodesian system at least I could get medical, schooling and a job. Now there is no freedom just slavery to zanupf

    1. Straight Shooter

      Generalisations can be dangerous. I for one realised right in the 1980s that I was never gonna be free in the so-called independent Zimbabwe; and I am a black person who understood and still understands freedom.

      Go to Mthwakazi; they will tell you the same. I dont know which Blacks you are talking about, who have taken 34 years to realise that “they fought for freedom but they really didn’t understand freedom”.

  8. Charles Frizell

    The youngsters should talk to older people. We have gone steadily backwards over the last 34 years.

    What is ironic is that we are also far more racist (it is now written into the constitution, which probably makes us the only nation in the world like that) On top of that we no longer have the Rule of Law, no longer have an independent judiciary and no longer have an independent police force.

    On top of that, the minor things like no water, no currency, intermittent electricity, a limping health system, a failing school system, potholy roads . . . the list goes on and on.

    Like so many others I had hoped for Peace, Progress and Prosperity after 1980. That was not to be.

    I find it very hard to see how our country is in any way “better” than pre-1980 except that people can live where they want to and schools are open to all.

    Materially and socially we are now FAR worse off. No wonder Zanoo gets hysterical when reminded that they have failed totally for 34 years . . .

  9. holy moyo

    Zimbabwe under Zanu…Nothing short of slavery…
    Smith was best…….
    Mugabe is a thief..a traitor a murderer….and an embezzler and fraudster …Only those on the gravy train with him believe otherwise…
    and his bootlickers

    1. Straight Shooter

      holy moyo
      You are dead right. Do people know that Ian Smith used to drive himself to work?

      Gukurahundi Mugabe claims to have liberated people, but he is damn afraid of the same people he claims to have liberated.

  10. Mandevu

    Time for recriminations is gone. Time for change is here

  11. John Thomas

    It is too too late to mourn what could have been. We have not yet sunk as low as we are going to go. The disease has not yet run its course. While many reject the consequences of ZANU policies the majority still see the world through ZANU ideas. Only when this stops can we go forward.

  12. Bazur Wa KuMuzi

    There is no better economy when there is total absence of democracy.The Rhodesian economy was based on needs and interests of the few whites who had armed themselves against the majority blacks. It took the armed blacks to end that. Independence opened up and many people had access to what they could not before. Obviously resources ran out. It was not deliberate but scientific that when we started sharing what had been preserved for the few whites there wasnt enough. We needed to build more. But we did not. Even now the politically powerful just loot left right centre what ever is still there. In most areas to get a good A2 farm you must be a member of the party. Not only that hold a high post. You do not need to be productive. This does not build any economy.However Rhodesia is gone and it is not coming back. Obviously those who died fighting Rhodesia believed that we would do a lot better than allowing yet a few to loot at will as they do now. Let us not forget that the whites too dream of their yester year heavens in Rhodesia right here!

    1. Former Zimbo

      Most of the commentators are not saying “Bring Back Rhodesia”, they are saying (black / white / coloured) that services were better / jobs readily available / government working / healthcare working / education working…. the key word here is WORKING. Things worked, sure people couldn’t mix together, but those were the times. Time to put that behind us, and start getting things to WORK again. Fix the potholes / street lights / hospitals / schools / inefficiency in Government departments. Make Zimbabwe’s economy as great as the Rhodesian economy.

      Pamberi Ne Zimbabwe
      Pasi Ne Comrades

      1. Straight Shooter

        Former Zimbo
        Not mixing together is not a sin. What is a sin is legislated “not mixing”; which was the case with Rhodesia.

        People should be free to mix with whomsoever they choose; it should never be government business to interfere in citizens private lives; and people can not be dictated to as to who they should mix with.

        1. Umwrong

          Where, after UDI, were people not allowed to mix freely? Though some institutions were segregated, not even the University of Rhodesia excluded blacks, coloureds or Asians.



  14. rudeboy


  15. Doctor do little

    I think the contributions are useful but the subject was which economy was better. The truth of the matter is whilst a certain group of people had better opportunities during Rhodesia the same can be said now. @ Bazur Wa KuMuzi I respect your comments because you always make a lot of sense. Lets get to your statement “There is no better economy when there is total absence of democracy.The Rhodesian economy was based on needs and interests of the few whites who had armed themselves against the majority blacks.” Good argument, but.. I could argue that “There is no better economy when there is total absence of democracy.”The Zimbabwe economy is based on needs and interests of the few blacks who have armed themselves against the majority.” Having that in mind I would say the Rhodesia economy was miles ahead as they even left a strong infrastructure whether it was in manufacturing, Defence or home affairs.There was little unemployment and the transport network was second to none where you even had the Railways working into neighbouring countries.The resources were plenty plus but they were plundered left right and centre. Jobs were there for those who wanted them. If this article is not about the wrongs of the past Regime then THEN RHODESIAN ECONOMY WAS BETTER. If it is then this regime is worse.

  16. kataza

    Lets compare to be fair
    Agricultural wages at independence was $ 30 per month, with weekly rations of meal, beans , kapenta salt, sometimes sugar… On top of that most farms had a clinic or school, housing, water and a few electricity….. Now we get $50 dollars, most schools clinics barely operate, no food, and pay day is up to three months late

  17. Bazur Wa KuMuzi

    I think we agree Doctor do little. There is no economy now because there is a total absence of democracy. Politics of patronage can never see development. One man detects who has to get what where and the rest despite their size,age or “education” scramble to get to the individual’s attention. Hence we find ourselves in this situation. I weep for our children.

    1. Straight Shooter

      Its not just absence of democracy; its also the level of intolerance as symbolised by gukurahundi ZANU PF and Mugabe and not only by the ruling elite, but also by the average man in the street.

      It is the intolerance of anyone who thinks or has different opinions; or anyone of a different language, culture or region of origin. And above all anyone who does not want to part of the so-called main-stream parties – whatever that means.

      People should learn to take responsibility – Mugabe is not the only one at fault here!!

  18. JRR56

    The crazy thing was in 1980 many Whites left Rhodesia in fear of Mugabe reprisals, which to be fair did not happen till much later. Many stayed and I can remember in 1990 speaking to some younger White businessmen who’s intentions were to build the country, they were fiercely patriotic and unbending.
    Come the late 1990’s and 2000’s they were punished (and are still being punished) for the colour of their skin, most have left.
    Those that left in 1980 went through (in the 90’s) the most economic prosperity in Europe for a lifetime and became rich by doing almost nothing. The new Zimbabwe with all the potential and assets should have been an economic miracle went down the drain and never stopped. The blame game has been unrelenting for 40 years while they have become the most incompetent and corrupt regime in the world.

    1. Straight Shooter

      The problem I have with Whites is that at the time things were going fine for them; they decided to help Mugabe on his gukurahundi mission. Now that they have become the victims, they are crying the loudest.

      Zimbabwe would have been fine today had everybody stood by each other. The song HE AINT HEAVY, HE IS MY BROTHER. LEAN ON ME; applies in this case. But for the human nature of selfishness – the country has now gone to the dogs!!

  19. maita

    Who here can refuse that Zimbabwe is an apartheid state. It is just the colour of the implemenators which has changed. This is the only country where colour has become a curse to some and a license to loot for others. During Rhodesia my father was phoned and told to brink our birthcertificates and his wife to view a house he had been allocated using the waiting list at Salisbury City Council, now you have to lick Chiyangwa’s but to get a stand. How on earth did some people end up having personal large tracts of land in the city you wonder. You just heard Bulawayo Thermal Power Station has closed, Harare Thermal power Station closed decades ago, but Smith’s economy had made sure that these small power stations will aurgment Kariba. The Railway system was working, in industry you would not sleep on the railway line as we do today, David Witehead churned out mazambia day in day out, At Redcliff iron and steel was being churned out daily. Our madhalas enjoy a lunch of Rufaro beer sharing jokes in Mapitikoti. because of respect of waiting lists which were not temperecd with nobody would lodge for years as we do today if you are not into shaddy deals. Smith’s economy like it or not was cenutires ahead of Mugabe’s. He had no debt, but what do we have.He was under sanctions what are under, shopping restrictions.

    1. Straight Shooter

      Its not just an apartheid state in what you have mentioned; it has all the characteristics of the apartheid state even in the way the way the Shona language has become pervasive, even in Matebeleland where it is a minority language.

      The Afrikaanse language had also been made so pervasive to the extent that students rioted in 1976 in Soweto with many dying in the process. There is really nothing to admire about Zimbabwe – the levels of intolerance for those who are different or who think differently is bewidering. Its now “STRAIGHT-JACKET-SOCIETY”; fits one fits all!!

  20. Doctor do little

    Even at this late hour there is still a chance for this Government to try to do the right thing. Unfortunately they wont listen to anyone. It would just take the stroke of a pen to change things. Our country at large and Africa as a whole have had a bloody history. It would seem that sanity would prevail and all our history documented for our children’s children to see and tucked away in the libraries and the archives. But no we carry on to dwell in our history. Having said that if Zimbabwe has to move forward economically answers and explanations need to be made available by all those who have caused so much suffering and pain.

  21. nyoni

    Zimbabwe comes first now and I am sick of all those that think otherwise. ZANU AND ALL CURRENT POLITICIANS MUST RESIGN AND LET MORE COMPETENT PEOPLE RUN THE SHOW.

    1. Straight Shooter

      Better get sick for real; Rhodesia was indeed great and Zimbabwe is rubbish. I will never mince my word on this one!!

  22. Mbareboy

    All said and done, we have agreed that Rhodesia was well managed economically. Let us not come up with cheap excuses. We do not wish Rhodesia back. We would like to build a Zimbabwe better than a prosperous Rhodesia. Conrad Nyamutata’s article is very clear. This is possible only by brilliant team work. This team work has been demonstrated by our achievement of our independence. Zanu & Zapu were the steering vehicles supported by everybody. Unfortunately unlike bush warfare, economy requires finesse of accountability. This bit, accountability and credibility, is zanu’s black hole. We can give Zanu another 100 years, they will never be accountable, and hence no credibility. The question is, what are we going to do? We are stuck with the cult and godfather, mafia, junta. Can we all stand and say enough is enough? Time is up!

    1. Straight Shooter

      I personally wish Rhodesia back minus the racism. We in Mthwakazi/Matebeleland were a far much, much happier lot than we are today.

      We had brilliant results from our schools both at O and A levels – remember Mgandane and the slew of A’s that it used to produce at A level. Our people dominated A level classes at Fletcher High in Gwelo. I remember people like Frank Khumalo who came out with straight A’s and went on to become a Solid-State Physicist of international repute in Britain, prior to him further gaining a Wits Medical degree in South Africa.

      Today we are being told we are lazy and not interested in school; we just think of eGoli. Our children are failing because the wrong teachers are deployed into our region for their early childhood schooling; more to assimilate them into a culture and language that is not theirs than teaching them to read and write. Rhodesia was indeed not only better but was SUPER!!!

      1. Umwrong

        Minus the racism, Rhodesia wouldn’t have had sanctions and might still be Rhodesia. It was the underlying problem of everything that was wrong with it.

        1. Straight Shooter

          You are right. Apart from racism; there was nothing else wrong with Rhodesia. Even the name itself, I still believe there is nothing wrong with it; because, if we want to be honest with ourselves – the modern state we now call Zimbabwe was none existent prior to the coming of the whites.

          It is them who drew the borders, not black people. There is no map in history that says this is Zimbabwe, prior to it being Rhodesia. It is the whites who created the very idea of a Nation State; not black people.

          1. Umwrong

            I didn’t make that distinction. Putting things in such stark contrast — black and white — invariably incites bitterness and criticism, as well it should.

            Without whites AND blacks AND coloureds AND everyone else who was Rhodesian, the country would have failed miserably. It took effort on everyone’s part to make it the economic success that it was.

            Bring back Rhodesia, I say. Let the racist policies stay in the past where they belong, but bring on the economic strength that Zimbabwe is capable of.

            This nation could have overtaken South Africa in terms of economic strength and CERTAINLY individual wealth had Rhodesia persisted.

  23. Zimbali

    A comparison between the current state of the economy and the past does not itself translate to a nostalgic desire for Rhodesian “rule” and its attendant repression.

    My comment: ZanuPF “attendant repression” far outweighs Rhodesian “Attendant repression”.

    Was it going to be possible for Morgan to buy a house even in Warren Park if he had continued working in Rhodesia?

    My comment: Yes it was. There was a qualified franchise for black Zimbabweans. If there had not been a ridiculous war, black Zimbos, by pure weight of numbers, would have taken over the government peacefully, given time. In any event there were black Zimbos living in low density areas in the Rhodesian era.

    Bazur Wa KuMuzi:
    The Rhodesian economy was based on needs and interests of the few whites who had armed themselves against the majority blacks.

    My comment: What you forget Bazur, is that in 1979, the Rhodesian Army consisted of 80% blacks and 20% whites.

  24. Godobori

    A whole president leaves his padded nest in Borrowdale (not Murombedzi City) to visit Harare Hospital to see a phenomenon…siamese twins separated. Gosh, we should be doing heart transplants!! Nxaaaa!

  25. mujibha

    This idiot ( mugabe) didn’t do any good to the country from the word go. Ian was 5000% better than this baboon, he destroyed everthing which smith left. If I get a chance to be nwhere near mugabe I will kill him. To smith I say RIP u were a hero, I salute u. Despite your colour you r the only Zimbabwean leader who lead his country the way it should be. I do regret for voting u out in 1980. Had I known that this was going to happen to this country I don’t think I was going vote for this old baboon, witch, blood sucker. To those fellow Zimbabweans who still think that this idiot has done some wonders to the country pls rethink and analyz the current situation against the past one

  26. Reverend

    I have read most of the posts here and it is sad that we all desire Freedom, Peace, and prosperity. All these do not belong to man but to God, and mans problems are pride, greed, and power.
    If only we could understand that basically we have a miniscule life on this earth of about 70 years, (half that in Zimbabwe) and then what? What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? Really, Christ can give us “peace”, but not the peace the world gives but an everlasting peace, and a “freedom” from fear, death and the grave. Death where is your sting? Grave where is your victory? “Prosperity comes in the form of love, For God is Love… forgiveness Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them…. and Joy…The Joy of the Lord is my strength!
    When the people of this nation come together under the banner of Christ, (not the prophets “profits”) and worship Him in unity and love, you will see this country change in the twinkling of an eye.
    If any of you can find it on the Webb, watch the film…”Let the sea Resound” about the salvation of Fiji..It will make you weep, and it will make you realize what can happen in Zimbabwe.

  27. Straight Shooter

    I agree, the Rhodesian economy was better and Rhodesia was Super, as we used to say. It was indeed the jewel of Africa and the envy of many on the continent including the apartheid Boers of South Africa – Jihn Voster, the then Prime Minister.

    Ian Smith the Prime Minister, though racist was however a better devil to the gukurahundi. He manage both the economy and his own farm with professional dixterity. He was however a poor visionary; since he failed to understand that oppressing a majority was never gonna be sustainable in the long run.

    You knew were you stood with him though and he made sure there was no tribalism in Rhodesia. His missionaries developed the Shona standard language under his nose; whereas previously there were scattered clan languages all over the place.Our President then was the Honourable Clifford Dupont – may his soul rest in peace.

    Salisbury or Sobhaya, as street lingo called it then, was super and was the Sunshine city for a very good reason. It was clean and smart and smelt of roses everywhere you went.

    Thats just about one of the very few things I find myself in agreement with Tswangirayi. When people say Rhodesia was better, the gukurahundi ZANU PF oriented people have this tendency of deliberately confusing this with the Rhodesian policies of racial discrimination.

    Far from it; racial discrimination has got nothing to do with the way the economy was managed. Our praises of Rhodesia are anchored on the way the economy was managed, not the racial policies of the Rhodesian government, which many of us totally abored.For that reason I feel proudly Rhodesian, than proudly Zimbabwean!!

  28. NBS

    Well if ZPf doesn’t get the message loud and clear from the above then they are both blind deaf. yes Rhodesia is gone but our future is still ahead. All us us need to stand together and with God’s help chart a new course. I lived through the Rhodesia days and no one can deny that those guys knew how to run an economy, ZPF haven’t a clue and have plundered this nation. It is time to get serious and say zvakwana zvakwana or else we will all be blogging on this site when we are bob’s age. And by this I mean in a peaceful and godly way but in a way that we say this far and no further: we want accountable government or they must go!

    1. Reverend

      Hi NBS Do you think that zpf have operatives who read SW with open minds and take this back to their boss…I doubt,..More reason to shout it from the roof tops.

  29. jobolinko

    the white people who left soon after independence did themselves a big favour they were followed by black zimbabweans in their millions and those whites who stayed were either killed or they will regret forever

    1. Straight Shooter

      1. First it was whites who left;

      2. Next it was Mthwakazi who left; and

      3. Lastly it was the Shona who left.

      Interesting Zimbabwe!

  30. Straight Shooter

    Rhodesia beat global UN sanctioned sanctions.

    Zimbabwe went into ruins with a few, largely ineffective targeted sanctions; notwithstanding the fact that they could still trade internationally; import oil and export every mineral they mined.

    Maybe its true; sme Blacks are by nature failures – what do you guys think?

    1. Ngoto Zimbwa

      By that you mean the gukurahundists, don’t you?(Some blacks are, by nature, failures)

      Doesn’t sound like going to Fletcher High helped you much.

      1. Straight Shooter

        “SOME BLACKS”, is the operative term hear my broer!!

        1. Straight Shooter

          “SOME BLACKS” is the operative term here my Broer!!

  31. Doctor do little

    Straight Shooter “Maybe its true; Blacks are by nature failures – what do you guys think?” I am not about to sell my self short. I know exactly what I am and who I am. I am a black man that has never had or picked up the Zanu mentality nor their corrupt tendencies. I think there are millions out there like me. I have worked for everything I own. I am not perfect but I am surely not a failure. Please do not sell yourself short. I’ve said this before and I will say it again. I do not care who my neighbour is. As long as he or she is not a racist, a tribalist or a criminal we will get on just fine. I think given a chance we could see a lot of people that don’t care less. One day our children, or maybe some of us will see the freedom we so seek.

    1. Umwrong

      As a white person, I haven encountered this mentality far more than I had ever expected, especially in Africa. Never, ever sell yourself short. This is non-negotiable. Self-worth can NEVER be stolen.

      It can only be surrendered.

  32. roving ambassador.

    Our problem is ,we have let fools lead us. The majority got caught up in the euphoria of nationalism .

  33. wung

    Most issues have been well said here. Im only left with a few. The Smith regime was racist yes in ways that basically say a black person wasnt allowed to own resources. Right now its the reverse a black person who doesnt agree with Zanu cant own the country’s resources. Interms of discrimination its like the Smith regime handed over the wEep to the Mugabe regime.

    Getting back to 2008, people were suffering yet Joyce Mujuru visited Nyika growth point for a campaign, you know what she said and l qoute ” munoda kugeza nesipo kuhondo taigeza nesipo here, moda kudya zvine mafuta kuhondo taidya zvine mafuta here” I was so angry at her and asked myself is this regime what my fathers voted for me in 1980? However one point came to my mind, NEVER LET A FORMER WAR HEROE COME TO POWER. We made a very big mistake.

    I never lived during the Smith regime yet people appreciate the times.Guys if you witnessed how people were beaten during the 2008 run off you will never smile at ZPF. Revenge is for God l know but zvanyanyam


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