Tsvangirai tired, clueless — Biti

By | June 24, 2014

via Tsvangirai tired, clueless — Biti June 24, 2014

THE MDC faction fronted by “axed” secretary-general Tendai Biti has described opposition MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai as a “tired and clueless” leader who will not cross over to the “Biblical Promised Land” because he lacked national focus.

Biti, who until four months ago was MDC-T secretary-general before he broke ranks with Tsvangirai over the latter’s refusal to allow leadership renewal, told his followers in Chinhoyi on Sunday that the ex-Premier had lost the grand scheme of dislodging Zanu PF from power.

“The revolution has lost focus. The revolution has been hijacked. The revolution has been stolen. There is no direction. There is violence and everyone is an enemy and people see shadows everywhere. We want to refocus the struggle. Nikuv started in MDC-T, not in Zanu PF,” Biti said in apparent reference to an Israeli company, Nikuv, believed to have rigged the July 2013 election results in favour of Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe.

Biti said talks for the formation of a grand coalition among like-minded opposition parties were at an advanced stage, adding that if Tsvangirai was to be involved, he would not be given a leadership role.

Speaking at the same meeting, former MDC-T deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma said the Renewal Team had secured enough funding to support its activities and provide school fees for children of MDC-T activists who succumbed to the violent campaigns unleashed by Zanu PF since 1999.

The former MDC-T officials are on a whirlwind tour of the country to drum up support and set up structures ahead of their inaugural congress slated for later this year.

38 thoughts on “Tsvangirai tired, clueless — Biti

  1. The Mind Boggles

    Well said Washumba and it looks like it’s to forever remain in darkness

  2. Africanson

    These are the people who campaigned for the isolation of our country for more than 10 years. Today their Executive president can hardly hold a rally without gloating about the economic hardship that we are faced with. Who is gaining on all this, it is the same political leadership. Our vulnerable youths are always the losers. The MDC handlers have switched the sponsorship to Biti. Too be poor in Africa is a crime. These leaders are always eating on the high table while the youths feed on bread cramps. If
    MDC had campaigned for economic support they could have made a difference.

  3. nyakureva

    please Biti tell me what you can do for the country and not what Tsvangirai cannot do. That way you may convince me. By the way who is funding you?

  4. Malcolm

    This is from the guy who supported Morgs wholeheartedly not so long ago. Talk about the winds of change! In this respect politicians are like hyenas, always sniffing the breeze, snapping at each other and trying to get in front of the pack. Wouldn’t trust a politician as far as I could lob ’em (which these aged days is getting not very far indeed). Consider, if you will, how much lobbying politicians do to at the expense of the hearts and minds of the people they scavenge on.

  5. wensil

    I thought that by now Biti will be talking about what he and his team has to offer to the electorate and not continue with this Tsvangirai bashing.

    If this guys had a strategy they would have been outlining it by now but it seems they are as clueless as ever. I think the only thing that they have is funding and now they don’t know what to do with it and hence vote buying in different forms.

    1. akaxaxa

      Very correct. It’s Biti who has no clue. He takes after Mugabe kungotuka vanhu, chabuda hapana.

  6. Madlinduna

    My concern is no longer on these two blotted individuals but goes to the people of Zimbabwe,whom um told are mostly sentimental voters.Will they again fall prey to individual and selfish political demagogues who will only serve to engender or prolong their suffering.I envy a collective project of all democrats quintessential to the previous formation of the main MDC.

  7. kiddnile

    More than likely Biti is being funded by Zanu/nikuv. Zim is in dire straits nenyaya re Bwidi Matibili , zvino koyuya rimwe futi- Biti ?

  8. akaxaxa

    Biti’s attack on Tsvangirai is uncalled for. If he is true to himself and sure of what he is to offer then that is what he should be dishing out to the electorate. Attacking his opponent doesn’t bring the needed change of life the people are longing for.

    I’m loosing confidence in this renewal team, not really convincing at all. Another ZANU PF project just like MDC Ncube. Tigotongwa nerimwe Bwidi again, never, NADA ndaramba. They die in office and they create poverty and not wealth for the people. Banda style, Mugabe’style and is gonna be Bwidi Biti’style.

  9. Nduna

    The Honourable Biti Must

    1) put his energy on former Governor case
    2) Draw his road map for the future of Zimbabwe

  10. NBS

    OK Biti. If MT is tired and clueless what, exactly, is the solution to Zimbabwe’s woes. We challenge you to tell us and then we challenge you to get on and do the job. We are tired of politicians shouting at each other and fighting whilst people suffer and die.

  11. Mahlaba

    Biti is ZPF 100% He is just one of the off-shoots created to weaken MDC T. Why is he not directing his energies in mobilising for his new party and stop castigating SAVE? The more his does that the more MT becomes MORE!!!!!!

  12. Saddened

    Biti runs the risk of becoming totally irrelevant to the Zimbabwean political scene if he continues on in this vein. Many of us have already have expressed our disappointment with MT and don’t need Biti to go on and on. As other commentators have said, tell us what you intend doing about making a real difference to our lives or are you going the route of most African politicians and talk, talk, talk,talk ……..

  13. Chira

    Biti and camp
    Now we don’t understand who this group is for.When opposition party is formed you don’t fight another opposition party.You are not the first opposition party to operate.One of the main functions of opposition party is to work for the good of the masses by fighting the party in power but for you illiterate ignoramus opposition movement you break from a party to fight another opposition party. You are an extension of zanu pf. EFF in South Africa does not fight DA but work hand and glove against ANC.SMALLER ZANU PF function come into the open.We will never be for you.If the Tsvangirai function cant come to power then no other party will.I would decide to do it ahead of Tendai Biti.

    1. Straight Shooter

      Tswangirayi and his followers are not an opposition party – that is why they have been summoned to a disciplinary hearing. You dont discipline, outsiders; you discipline your own. sO Biti and Mongoma are very correct.

      Tswangirayi has to be disciplined and brought into line; failure which he gets expelled. He can form his own party should he so wish – it is allowed. This mentality that you all have that the MDC-T belongs to Tswangirayi is dustbin materil – get over it!!

      1. Isu Zvedu

        Hey Straight Shooter havent you seen the MDC Renewal’s new Symbol yet, google for it my friend you will get. They have gone orange, so can Tsvangirai be summoned to a disciplinary hearing of another party.

        1. Straight Shooter

          No, he is being summoned by the MDC which he was led before his suspension. This other party talk will come later, after he has been thoroughly dealt with. He is too naughty!

  14. Mukanya

    BITI who himself is headless describes Tsvangirai man as tired and clueless – which is which?

  15. Straight Shooter

    Biti, I totally agree. The gukurahunding of Tswangirayi’s skull by Mugabe’s gukurahundi police in 2007 did all the damage to this man. He will never be normal again. Those who still think he can lead are simply day-dreaming!!

  16. Straight Shooter

    Tswangirayi supporters – are you getting monthly cheques for your desperate efforts?

    I sometimes wonder whether this Tswangirayi even knows or cares you exist?

  17. gonga

    Ko zvino zvaari kuramba kubva pahu PRESIDENT hwe Party izvezvi muchazomubvisa imwi

  18. kufe

    I agree with the bulk of comments here, it is indeed biti who’s tired and clueless. I believe anyone who chikens out of any battle is the one tired or better still coward. Barely few months from the formation of their party, they’re only known by attacking MT.

    1. Straight Shooter

      kufe and others; the like-minded,
      Stop wasting time. Tswangirayi will never be president. We will make sure this never happens.

      Every effort he makes; every strategy he puts in place to realise this dream, we will always sabotage. So, save yourself the stress – stop wasting time!

  19. Straight Shooter

    Tswangirayi should go drink tea with the gukurahundi as he used to – he is indeed clueless!!

  20. Chitova weGona

    Straight nonsense leave Tsvangirai alone and support your Mbiti! Isu veChinja tinomuda zvisingambobviri!Biti thought removing Tsvangirai was easy,now he is wasting time calling useless rallies talking about Morgan instead of telling the nation solutions to the problems the country is faced with.

    1. Straight Shooter

      I wont leave Tswangirayi alone, because he is player in national politics and that affects me.

      If he wants me to leave him alone, he should go back to Buhera and head his cattle quietly – then I will leave him alone. As long as what he does affects my livelihood and that of my family directly or indirectly, I will never live him alone.

      Njalo ngeke vele ungitshele ukubana ngisapote bani, noma bani – yintando yami leyo. Okwenu lokho okoku fela enye indoda; sangani yinkosi uJesu Krestu; ngokwakini lokho – ngumbedo nje kuphele lowo!!

  21. jobolinko

    dictator minded people like straight shooter are always there ,day dreaming because he has taken zimbabweans for granted ,that s dangerous talk ,as long people are with him he will rule ,bacause politics is about crowds ,smith said ,recently simon khaya moyo said it,that s why in zimbabwe gatherings are outlawed because its not about taking arms againist the regime ,one day it will be the law enforcers against marching zimbabweans and that will be it

    1. Straight Shooter

      But Tswangirayi has had those crowds all these years – he is still not President – do you know that?

      Tswangirayi will never be president. Ngeke vele aze abuse; ngiyala, ndifunga nge Nkosi uMzilikazi wakwa Mthwakazi. Khohlwa ngakho lokho – phili mpilo yakho uyeke ukuzikhathaza ngokungakhoyo!!

  22. jobolinko

    why is he not concerned about who bombed his house ,because he knows who did it and he wants to blame tsvangirai mdc t is going to do better without these subversive elements

  23. maita

    Biti is not even ZanuPF because ZanuPf is not as stupid as he is. Biti people of Zimbabwe don’t care about Tsvangirayi but what the future hlds for Zimbabwe. We now know your project is not to save Zimbabwe but to denigrate Tsvangirayi and unfortunately the more you lambast him the more stupid you become because Tsvangirayi is not Zimbabwe’s problem. Kupedzera mbambo pa dehwe re shindi rinokwanisa kugochwa ndizvo unoita. mapenzi chaiwo aya.

    1. Straight Shooter

      “Biti people of Zimbabwe don’t care about Tsvangirayi…….”

      Are you now the spokesperson of the people of Zimbabwe; if so who appointed you?

  24. Patty

    What concerns me is that while Morgan has had lots of rallies with huge attendance, Biti did not bother to hold meetings in his constituency before the last election, he just expected us to vote for him. His recent actions have also taken place without consultation or explanation, so how does he hope to keep his seat in parliament if he does not care about the people he is supposed to represent? We really need someone who will work in and for their constituency and we should start looking for that person now.

  25. Straight Shooter

    Tswangirayi is now useless. He has no money; the sponsors have abandoned him. The EU is re-engaging Zim – so where to little tribalistic upcoming dictator Tswangirayi; where to from here?

    President; President; President – you wish – what a pity. I really pity this Buhera cattle header.

    If wishes were horses beggars would ride indeed!!

  26. 2pac

    Straight what,go to hell with your mbiti and leave Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans

  27. Rwatata

    Who is destroying Zimbabwe, Mugabe or Tsvangirai. Ah, because Zanu has bought you and sponsoring you then you want people to think Tsvangirai is the problem. You were part of the MDC team during the elections, and you saw with your own eyes the rigging which was going on. Now u accuse Tsangirai of losing, what a hypocrite. Well done Zanu, use this fool mutengesi and see what beholds of him.


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