When progress not Mugabe is the priority

via When progress not Mugabe is the priority  JANUARY 4, 2014 By Courage Shumba NehandaRadio

I do not think anyone in the establishment, in Zimbabwe, is still laughing anymore. Morally that would be wrong. Politically that would be damaging and suicidal.

It is not time to be laughing at each other whoever the winners are neither is it time to keep staring into history seeking revenge without seeking new angles of relevance. No nation progresses out of its problems by brewing and fanning tension among its own people.

Our country needs to change its mindset and value system from being a general election focused nation to being a problem solving people who come together around useful ideas.

We need to work longer and harder together to understand that injustice by the rich against the poor, the powerful against the weak, the mighty against the fallen, will fail our country and make it prey to more powerful external forces competing for prominence in a world of seemingly limited resources and time.

Besides it will trap us in a never ending cycle of social upheaval and unnecessary chaos.

To win is not always to wield power. To win is not always to annihilate the enemy. To win is not always to be the president, the premier, the big wig; rather it is to set the pace and to determine the eventual.

And as far as that goes let us acknowledge the noble brawl we caused, fought and won over the years to bring some form of discipline and structure into a people that wanted to govern our country as if they carried no emotional or historical connection to it.

But truly we will be as bad as our political adversaries if between elections all we ever do is try by tooth or by nail to bring our country down, to make it worse, and to distract it from any sort of recovery, to sabotage any chance of it getting better unless we are the ones in power.

Such a mentality would make us worse than our colonizers for they had no reason to care.

What we must do is to work with the government of the day to improve services, efficiency, and quality of life and to borrow and bring new ideas that help our country get better. We must want our country to get better regardless of who is in charge. We must demand to bring better and useful ideas to those in charge without assuming all they ever wish for is our destruction.

Those in charge must learn from their increasing rejection, and desperate resort to rigging and intimidation that their way of doing things needs to be visited again with new ideas and strategies brought in from all constituencies to provide effective governance.

For over a decade before my return home I lived in the United Kingdom. Politicians there engaged. They debated. They researched. They talk. They listen. They travel to other countries and regions on fact finding missions from which they nurture and build important relationships from which they can learn new things.

We on the other end are caught up in the freeze of a third world society where ideas must be hidden from political adversaries, unleashed in some manifesto at some election time, and tucked away and developed for the next election some five years later.

We in the third world won’t change what institutions and framework the whites established even if these do not work or were never meant for the size of our new populations.

Look at our electricity situation. Why won’t legislators stop ZESA being the only one who can import electricity having clearly failed our industry and families? In Britain they have six companies that sell gas and electricity. They have a regulator, OFGEM.

Why won’t we get private companies to import, supply and charge for electricity under the control of ZERA? Just why you won’t have one company like, Stay Connected Plc (mine), supplying a whole town like Chitungwiza (on a prepayment system) just the same manner water companies’ distribute the resource.

You could have several companies feeding electricity into the national grid and ring-fencing their zones from load shedding. They would be no need for load shedding. They would be need for more zones to be electrified not less.

There is nothing normal about whole businesses and families being constantly shut down or thrown into darkness or alternative lifestyles because of the failure of a parastatal to do its job in the presence of willing competitors. There is no moral or legal argument for it. It’s unconstitutional and backward.

But it’s these things that highlight our pre-occupation with a politics that is strictly territorialized. We in the NCA must never speak to those in MDC T or N let alone a comrade from Zanu PF. We suddenly become sellouts.

We censor each other very brutally, almost barbarically; we squeeze the flow of ideas so tightly every new idea is internalized protected from the opposition.

In business we won’t go through with an idea unless some chef has pushed it further, some party official has rubberstamped it and got his share. It’s all an expensive circus that destroys us and our children.

What we must do is to throw away this fanaticism with elections and for the next five years bring to the table, engage the present government and help the people of Zimbabwe survive and thrive under what is obviously going to be the government of the day for those years.

If we can make those five years manageable that is a win. If we win the next election we must also be prepared to work with key people, on key ideas from across the political divide to bring about the best outcomes for our people and our country.

Any normal Zimbabwean who has been anywhere will tell you that whatever its shortfalls, or weaknesses it is far better to inherit the ruins of this motherland than the luxuries of some western capital. We must build Zimbabwe together. We must work longer and harder until this country is on its feet again.

We owe that to ourselves, to generations that fought and died for our freedom and the future generations of Zimbabweans we have created or to come.

Courage Shumba is a member of the NCA Party and writes in his personal capacity. He can be contacted by email on: courage_shumba@yahoo.com

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15 comments on “When progress not Mugabe is the priority
  1. Ndebvu Mukomichi says:

    This is one positive article among the many acres of verbal shouting, scolding, sour grapes, verbal poison etc. It has suggestions of how Zimbos can work together to improve their lot. Our country would improve if more people disengage from their electoral antagonistic stances and look at issues in order to build and not this ‘tongai tione’ or power at all costs approach of the many. Good article. Let’s work together to build our country!

  2. karlton says:

    When you make a mess you should know how to clean it up, stealing elections is no way to work together with the people. Zimbabweans are hard workers and they really want to build their nation, but the system is just too corrupt, it will never allow people to build anything. Ngavatonge tione hanti they stole the elections and made false promises to the people, who wants to work with a corrupt government, a government that has oppressed its own people out of greed. I hate people who are short sited like this writer. You think that after all the injustice that has been done to people you can just walk over their feelings and all the trauma you have put them through then you should think twice. Hapana zvekushanda together nemhondi nembavha, pitting efforts to a waste. Keep working together with them and see if you can get anything from them, this government has failed us and its time they realise that they are not in power because people want them. No, its because they stole power into their hands. Many people suffer at the hands of this government. Zimbabweans deserve better, not this stupid thing they are doing. Wake up man until when will you keep on dreaming og working together with people who do not want to work with you.

  3. Nyoni says:

    Myself and others only are cöncerned for the welfare of all Zimbabweans. Nothing is hard to do . The problem is getting the work done with all the obstacles thrust at you. You begin to realise there are “people” out there that dont want to see progress. Thus the stagnation in our growth.

  4. Tafadzwa says:

    The idea that those with political power are public servants is obviously lacking among ZANU(PF) leaders. I yeat to hear Mugabe open his mouth to encourage investment. Each time he talks is all about chasing investors.

    Just this week, we heard officials blaming foreign businesses for cash shortages in Zim. It sounded more like someone just wants to heap blame on foreigners. The question should be are foreign business any worse than the Chiyangwas in shunning banks ?

  5. obert says:

    This NCA guy is giving noble suggestions. What he fails to realise is that ideas must be converted into tangible results,especially by a people’s gvt.Now, there is the problem.The current gvt is not a people’s gvt and is devoid of national ambition.There is no leadership hence the people’s preoccupation with the elections mentality.We get national leadership from free and fair elections not from rigged ones.When the NCA contests the next election, you will understand why you have to win in order to impliment your ideas.

  6. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    The article makes sense.but some people just hate Mugabe and will not see reason.
    Lets have yo honest opinions guys,the Doctor,Peter Tosh,Khaya B,Mucha,Mixed Race,Jr56,Tino etc

  7. tinofiranyika says:

    maybe its me alone who failed to comprehend but how can yu incoporate with pple who already have different way of doing things that is always detrimental to every spectrum of life therefore yu dont run away from it we need new whole government of another brand how do yu expect students to pass when they have a wrong syllabus for instance there is no job creation for the youth so we can we start from its like this regime was successful to create a huge and unrestorable gap betwn the poor and the rich i mean all of yo comments shows that yu have yo livelihoods in yo hands

  8. Gullible naive article by puffed up dreamer. Forget nikuv erections you hopefuls.until the head of the serpent called zanupf is cut off you academics can write till you are blue in the face and blabbering till the cows come home. Humbug.working together. First total economic collapse by zimdollar must happen.then patriotic rebuilding can begin. Read your history books.you think life is so simple

  9. Nyoni says:

    To true revenger-avenger . The snake head must be cut off first before we can move forward

  10. NBS says:

    We can debate and write and discuss among ourselves until the cows come home and there is nothing wrong in ding that but the truth remains. There comes a time when God Himself says enough is enough. ZPF are trying to build a nation o a lie and I have said it before and will say it again, “God does not work in the dark.” ZPF need to start coming clean. Many of us have approached them to help and in the end that help is always spurned. ZPF do not want to listen. I wish they did!!! God is now demanding the truth! No repentance! No restoration. We cannot build our house on the sand. We need to build on the rock. A lie is a lie and will always stay a lie no matter what any of us do. We desperately need the truth to come out and for confession and forgiveness and healing to begin.

  11. makanyara says:

    that is ideal but is it practical. how do we move forward. how do we become positive.

  12. munzwa says:

    bobby boy and his zanu are well past their sell by dates… and its no good trying to wash them clean.. move them on and then we can start working together and rebuild.Many have invested and tried to work with these people only to be ripped off. Redistribution of wealth is not the answer, wealth creation in an equitable manner is acceptable…this nca crowd are just another bunch of spoilers…

  13. Vari Ruvhure says:

    The NCA individual is a politician, so this is all ‘propalganda VaMayaya.’

  14. Murimi says:

    Zanoids must be brought to justice before we can move forward. It has happen all over the world and all they are doing is stalling. Time does not stop and so it will happen

  15. I am not the one! says:

    The world over populist politics abounds and all too often wins elections. This is the case especially in 3rd world nations. When literacy levels are low and people do not have access to info or cannot decipher/understand the challenges at hand, they will take the easy route and vote for the one with the flashiest talk and best “gifts” and the cycle nearly always perpetuates. This is the case in Zim, ZANU PF or not. The new politicians/leaders will jostle to get snout in the trough and lie lie lie, stymie any debate, impregnate young girls, build mansions, buy cars and life will continue!

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