ZANU PF ‘not bothered’ by US snub

via ZANU PF ‘not bothered’ by US snub | SW Radio Africa by Alex Bell on Thursday, January 23, 2014

Barack Obama invited 47 African leaders to the US-Africa summit but did not include Robert Mugabe

ZANU PF has stated it is “not bothered” by the US decision not to invite Robert Mugabe to a landmark summit, set to be hosted by Barack Obama later this year.

47 African leaders will receive invites to the US-Africa summit being held in August, with the Obama administration looking to widen trade, development and security ties with African nations.

The invites are only being extended to those nations in ‘good standing’ with the US, or who are not currently suspended by the African Union. This means Mugabe, who remains targeted under the US government’s restrictive measures, will not be included.

Asked to comment on this ‘snub’, Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba was quoted by the NewsDay newspaper as saying: “The world is larger than America. So we are not bothered.”

He added: “In any case, it would have been very cynical for an American President presiding over runners of sanctions against Zimbabwe to invite its president for dinner.”

Former Zimbabwean diplomat Clifford Mashiri said the US was “making a clear statement” by not following the lead of other Western nations who have been attempting to re-engage with the Mugabe regime.

“The US is sending a clear signal that Mugabe’s administration is illegitimate. So it is just registering this point to the world that he’s not welcome,” Mashiri said.

He added that this was in strong contrast to the position taken by European nations, which have been steadily working to welcome Zimbabwe back into the fold. These re-engagement efforts have persisted, despite the disputed elections in July 2013.

“The US is taking an independent position, and with regards to the illegitimate regime in Zimbabwe, I would like to think this position will not change just because Europe is re-engaging,” Mashiri said.

Other countries who will not be invited to the US-Africa summit include Egypt, Madagascar and Sudan. However, Kenya’s leader Uhuru Kenyatta is set to be part of the summit, despite facing charges before the International Criminal Court.

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31 comments on “ZANU PF ‘not bothered’ by US snub
  1. Jairosi says:

    ZANU PF is not bothered with anything. It doesn’t surprise us. Even when millions go hungry, without clean water, without good roads, without power, without jobs, they are simply not bothered. We look forward to ZUNDE for a better future –

    • Kuakwa Katiyo says:

      Timing of the meeting is perfect. If the goblin is still alive as it does not seem to die, apparently responds well to overdose of botox, it will be at the UN in September and be out of sync with the other African leaders just coming out of discussions with the USA.

  2. Chiwaridza says:

    Obama is a fool, he may as well have invited Mugabe if he is going to invite that murderer from Kenya.

  3. Rukweza says:

    Keep you countries then will keep my zimbabwe,they are respecting his words saka chi charwadza

  4. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    Keep your America.
    Its not Zanu pf thats making noise about the issue,its the journalists and your so called analysts.
    The government never wrote to Obama asking why u left us out.
    Simple stuff.

  5. LUCY says:

    Only thing that would give this man a heart attack is vacating the presidency.

    You can tell him his people are jobless,homeless,have no electricity ,their children have no fees and there are no medicines in the hospitals, sewage is flowing in the streets and his answer would be…’so what, so long as I Robert is in power.’ accompanied by a shrug of the old shoulders and a smirk on his face.

  6. Patriotic says:

    Obama is a fool cause he doesn’t understand africans. Most of them are no longer puppets. For as long as he is trying to devide Africa, to hell with him. What he does not comprehent well is how the zimbabwean crisis is affecting other african countries. We zimbabweans may be fade up by Mugabe’s government but we will not opt for a puppet government. So US why not invite your cursed Tsvangirai

    • Ruramai says:

      So Patriot, if Obama is a fool, what then do you say about the world’s most incompetent President, Robert Mugabe? He managed to create an unmatched legacy – turned Zimbabwe into a case study on how not to run a country.

      Obama saved us millions in travel expenses. All Mugabe and his cronies do is sleep in meetings. You know that, right, Patriot?

    • Mthwakazi says:

      If one is a Gukurahundi, he should never expect invitations from civilised nations. These are not Gukurahundi Republics!!

      • timba says:

        & before gukurahundi???? If you wanna get stuck in the past, get stuck in it all the way will you. He akatidai, hee akazodai. Ko isu tikatanga kuverenga zvamakatiita zvinopera here??? Musaite kunge ndimi musina ropa mumaoko. Betta we find a way to move on from that & rebuild nyika. Don’t get me wrong, zvakaitika zvakaipa, both panguva yenyu and pa gukurahundi, but hatingarambe tichiita ma circles ka nhai akomana.

        • Mthwakazi says:

          Hamb’uyefela kude wena nja yesigukurahundi. We are not responsible for your Gukurahundi upbringing, uyezwa?

          • timba says:

            Really now?? Hamusimi here manga muine mbiri yekusarima nekusaziva kunyenga muchingoziva kutora chete kana zvaibva. Or u like to forget that part of history. All I am saying iz lets learn to move on and look to a better future. No offence intended. I know it’s hard but as a people we have to try…

          • Mthwakazi says:

            Uyisinyefu; isiphukuphuku; isibhanxa ngempela. Uvele ukhathazwa yini, isitshela nge move on yakho? Ngeke vele sijike, kayikho i move on yakho leyo; khohlwa ngayo. Le ndaba ngeke vele iziphele, ngaphandle kokuthi ilungiswe. Libhizi lisitshela ukuthi igukurahundi leli elingu Mgabe nani alithandi, lifuna ukuphuca isikhundla. Yini manje limvikela makukhulunywa nge gukurahundi?


  7. farai says:

    Thamsanqa Jantlie is going. Says a lot about Obama and his pulling power!

  8. Ephraim Rushwell says:

    The US African summit is for african govenments not political parties so Zanu pf should stop thinking that their views are not the views of zimbabwe. We are bothered by the snub as a nation because the nation desperatley needs the cooperation with the international community. Zanu pf has created this mess we are in today and they should not keep on blaming sanctions and the west they are the ones who compounded the situation by their look east policy our friends from the east operate businesses and evade tax and they are looting our diamonds big time without anything going to traesury and we blame the west for the economic collapse. So Mr Charamba zimbabwe desperatley needs such summits like the US African summit

  9. NBS says:

    Of course ZPF hurt. Their pride is dented. Isolation is but one judgement from a just God!

  10. Ra says:

    Even babrack obama knows that he will never put his foot in Zimbabwe otherwise he will be messed up!

  11. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    They are goin to be told by Obama that one of the conditions of receiving aid is accepting gay rights

    • mukmuk says:

      What conditions are you talking about when muggabage is dinning and wining with gays everyday. Hatidi vanhu vanotibata kumeso ne cheap talk. Muggabage knows very well kuti Jonathan Moyo is gay, Kasukuwere is gay, Maziwisa is gay, John Nkomo, Canan Banana, etc. Sekutaura kwamunoita kuti gushungo havadi ngochani sei achidya nadzo every day? Ukanzwa muggabage achiti this the opposite is true. Hee pasi nengochani, iye ndiye ngochani hombe, hee pasi ne corruption iye ndiye zimbavha zihombe, hee one man one farm iye anemangani? hee macivil servants salary increase to above PDL, ndezvipi? All these so called ZPF leaders havadi zimbabwe, its only fools like Murimi Wanhasi muchiri kungonyeperwa, haukwanisi kuzvifungira on your own. Nyaya yekuda zvemahara ndoinokunetsai, hee gushungo vakanaka papi pacho?

    • Hutu says:

      This is below the belt. The first order of bussiness is to restore the rule of law which by some of the articles in todays Zimbabwe Situation there has been admision from the Judiciary and certain politcal sections of the ruling party of the coruption within the Judiciary system.

  12. Ra says:

    Yeah! Mugabe is not a kind of guy who deal with gays like barack obama!

  13. Hutu says:

    From the horses mouth

    As far back as 2012 Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku warned that corruption had seriously compromised the judiciary. Speaking at the launch of a new code of ethics he said: “The judiciary is terribly under-funded. This has seriously impaired the capacity of the judiciary to deliver justice.”

    Then Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa said corruption had become a “cancerous cell eating away the fabric of our justice delivery system”.

    Nyikadzino said the patronage in the judiciary cascaded to the lower courts, where a good number of magistrates are vetted for their political correctness before they are appointed. Many get influential positions because they are known or related to influential judicial staffers.

  14. Mthwakazi says:

    I repeat invitations are not for Gukurahundis. No civilised nation on planet earth will allow its esteemed President to rub shoulders with gukurahundism.

    I live in SA today, all because I dont want to be contaminated with gukurahundism. Gukurahundism stinks to high heavens – you can even smell it from afar!!

  15. tommy says:

    i feel srry for u guys , its a shame are zimbabweans or not . wamurikuudza ndiani u think they care about you for what,you are the most dump people on earth u think ndimwi munenhamo chete don’t fool yourselves thinking someone out there gives a damn about you.

    • Hutu says:

      Tommy stick to one language so that all can hear you.Who should we worry about that we think cares about us? We are Zimbabweans Tommy and we care about other Zimbabweans. We are not lazy Tommy. I have it on good authority that Zimbabweans built three quarters of Botswana. I have it on good authority that Zimbabweans are contributing in all parts of Austrailia’s work force. I also have it on good authority that Zimbabean nurses are manning some major hospitals in Great Brittain Tommy. I also have it on good authotrity that Zimbabweans living leagally in the UK have the least out of any immigant group in that country on benifits. Tommy open up your company in Zimbabwe and you will see how my countrymen work.

  16. adam jones says:

    Obama knew that it would be a waste of time and money and space as Old Mugabe would just sleep throughout.

  17. Farai H says:

    Asked to comment on this ‘snub’, Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba was quoted by the NewsDay newspaper as saying: “The world is larger than America. So we are not bothered.”
    Really? That is why you are using American currency? The irony. The hypocrisy. The breathtaking STUPIDITY.

  18. zanu pf says:

    Using us currency was a clever way of counter effecting the ruthless effects of sanctions. To tell the truth the architects of the illegall sanctions were left wordless when they realized that even the widely accepted economic literature was grossly defied. Thy did not expect it coz they never thought its possible coz it had never happened anyway….

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