Zim cost Mbeki his presidency – Zanu-PF MP

via Zim cost Mbeki his presidency – Zanu-PF MP | News24 2014-02-17

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party legislators are reportedly pushing for a street to be named after former president Thabo Mbeki for “bringing stability to the country” following the disputed 2008 polls.

Mbeki helped broker a now defunct power sharing agreement between the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and Zanu-PF following a disputed election in 2008 which left at least 200 people dead.

According to the Daily News, a Zanu-PF legislator Reuben Marumahoko urged Zimbabweans to appreciate the work done by the “African icon” who “made Zimbabwe to be what it is today after the difficulties we went through during the 2008 elections where the regime change agenda was at play”.

He said Mbeki was the “son of the soil” and “a principled man” who helped the country when “the enemies of Africa and Zimbabwe were ready to pounce on Zimbabwe”.

MDC against the proposal 

Mbeki was criticised for his quiet diplomacy in dealing with the Zimbabwean issue and this, Marumahoko said was the reason why he (Mbeki) lost his presidency.

Marumahoko said Mbeki was recalled “not [because] people of SA did not want him” but because “the enemies of Africa did not want him”.

He said Mbeki lost his presidency for helping Zimbabweans.

Marumahoko urged all MPs to support his motion to name one of “our roads after him like we did to Nelson Mandela and other African leaders”.

MDC legislators were, however, opposed to the proposal, accusing Mbeki of having propped up Zanu-PF, the report said.


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25 comments on “Zim cost Mbeki his presidency – Zanu-PF MP
  1. MikeH says:

    Mbeki was a no hoper, a mugabe sidekick.

  2. CHINDUNDUMA says:


  3. mujibha says:

    r u telling us that the farm which u gave to him that is not enough to thank him for the big job which he did to help zanu pf to rig election. we r talking abt how can we fight corruption and u want to drag us into this mess. no go it alone. corrupt idiot, why should we reward him.

  4. Nintalan says:

    I’m sure Mbeki will enjoy being known as the person who “made Zimbabwe to be what it is today”…

  5. Jogo Bonita says:

    “the man who made zimbabwe to be what it is today”.hooray mbeki, what a huge credit.

  6. Jan says:

    thabo mbeki’s name will be remebered in infamy. he exacerbated zimbabwe’s problems and has prolonged the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe.his so called quite diplomacy was just a euphemism for doing nothing. shame on him.may god forgive him.

  7. cde mabhunu says:

    lets change park lane road to thabo mbeki road

  8. E Makhate says:

    Reuben please look for a big pothole or a bull in your rural home and call it Mbeki!!!

  9. Senzachena says:

    Please dont call the bull MBEKI, it would be an insult to the bull. Mbeki has got Zimbabwe blood on his hands.

  10. easily fooled says:

    Make Dual Change (mdc) of Robert Mugabe way to Thabo Mbeki. Give him diamond and $$$$$$ for sacrificing his life presidency for Zanu

  11. easily fooled says:

    Remembering that Mbeki saved Zanu pf and not Zimbabwe

  12. easily fooled says:

    Kana gehena ririko zve sure Mugabe will be roasted

  13. NBS says:

    Mbeki caused Zimbabwe a lot of suffering. He had a one way agenda and that was to keep ZP in power. Maybe he is reaping his own seed he has sown. The MDC should have been the government and as imperfect as they may be they won that vote and the 2013 vote and where is the truth about that 2002 report? may God reveal it to the world!

  14. Tendai says:

    I think the august house has got pressing issues to debate on.The majority of the people are suffering and we need solutions to alleviate their suffering. Mr MP what do you think? Is naming a street after Mbeki your priority? Is it the reason why your constituency voted for you. During your campaign, did you inform them that you want to go to parliament so that you could name one of our streets after Mbeki? Be Serious Mr MP. Naming streets are issues to be debated during good times, when the economy is sound.

  15. masvukupete says:

    Honour Mbeki for the following:

    1) Filling up the skills shortages in South Africa at the expense of the Zimbo education system. Coincidentally rumours have it new dispensation permits will be on offer soon due to the resounding success of the 1st issue (read financial success).

    2) Increasing the market for SA products by a cool 13million zimbos.

    3) Transforming the sleepy border settlement of Musina into a bustling town. Maybe Marumahoko should sponsor a motion in SA parliament for renaming the town into Mbeki Border Town

    4) Keeping Zanu in power (although they do not have a clue on how to run a country, obviously his intentions).

  16. johnxo says:

    Mbeki destroyed Zimbabwe and Ruben knows it. the pipo of SA are wise and saw that Mbeki is a destroyer, they removed him becoz of love for their country.
    mbeki: means to destroy eg If Mugabe remains in power he will continue to mbeki zimbabwe.

  17. chamakanda says:

    I’m happy at least there is a place I once read called Harare in cape town. Any other street name in south Africa with a Zimbabwe icon or any other name? I’m not sure

    • masvukupete says:

      There are lots of them. You can use google maps to find them. There is a Robert Mugabe Road in Mamelodi. There are a few Joshua Nkomo roads in SA even in Nigeria.

  18. LoudSilence BlindingDarkness DzimbaDzemabgwe says:

    Name the street that seperates the Zanu pf headquarters and the council offices after Mbeki, who cares!

  19. ngwalongwalo says:

    that is rubbish , he lost the presidency because he just failed in his duties that’s all, surely there must be better things to discuss in parliament than this nonsense, issues such as, bringing those culprits who are busy milking the country to justice and those that are were responsible for the 2008 murders of MDC activists perpetrators of Gukurahundi massacres

  20. Charles Chamunorwa says:

    In South Africa there is no major road named after a foreign head of state. Go everywhere that is Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town or Durban. I only saw a road named after Robert Mugabe in an informal settlement in Mamalody

  21. Rockstone says:

    Who is Mbeki? A clueless political prostitute

  22. Harry says:

    Mbeki got his cut in the Todal Platinum Project so we hear.This should be investigated and made public if true.Son of the soil!! Really?No,just another Kwaito Soweto Tsotsi dancing to Bobs tune with a pocketful of platinum shares and smoking his trademark pipe.

  23. Chana Chatete says:

    Psalms 109; may their names be blotted out of memory and history. Not to be remembered any more

  24. Gwanyamwanya We Mahobo says:

    There is a place called Nyanga in Cape Town

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