Zimbabwe ranked second best safari destination

via Zim ranked second best safari destination – report | The Source  January 13, 2014

Zimbabwe is now the second most preferred destination for family oriented safaris after South Africa on the continent, a recent international study has shown.

According to a report released by global research firm, Euromonitor International, South Africa remains the main destination for the family oriented safaris.

This is because the southern part of the country is free from malaria. Other countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia are also coming up with the child-friendly options.

The report identified Zimbabwe as the second top destination for safari travellers in 2012, followed by Botswana.
Euromonitor International noted that tourism in Africa was now shifting from the dependency on the traditional markets of US and Europe.

“There has been a significant increase in the number of tourists coming from the BRICS countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and (also) the Middle East,” reads part of the report.

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6 comments on “Zimbabwe ranked second best safari destination
  1. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    Haters do not want to comment on such articles.Especially since its not coming from The Herald

  2. Stay Well says:

    murimi u are right those who have failled and packed. let them show up we hear thier comments. There have nothing to offer. The title of thier names tells us the state of their mindset. Pamberi ne progress to those who are putting on the 4frnt we proid of you. lets produce quality, first grade and the best.

  3. NBS says:

    Many of the people involved in the safari business are professional and dedicated people. What about the rest of Zimbabwe. How do we clean up the mess?

  4. Jrr56 says:

    This from Euromonitor International. Can’t find 2nd best anywhere. Strange that??


    Travel accommodation sector in need of upgrading

    Numerous travel accommodation establishments are in need of a facelift in order to attract visitors as well as to boost occupancy rates. Many hotel outlets have suffered from underinvestment due to years of socio-political unrest in the country and many incoming tourists are still concerned whether Zimbabwe is a safe country to visit. There is also a huge gap in the hospitality sector because of the general lack of budget hotels in the country, many travellers cannot afford the pricing of the existing hotels, so there is a need for lower-priced facilities.

  5. Murimi Wanhasi says:

    @NBS,JR56.Come on guys,cant u just applaud @ least once?

  6. SADC says:

    What’s the point of applauding. That’s what it is we can’t change it. We got the Victoria Falls, we got lions we got kudus and we don’t have malaria. That’s that so why do we have to say anything. But if we start to have corruption, cops beating people, lawlessness, no electricity we have to say something because that is not the normal way of things! We will say it and say it in a negative way. You think that we don’t know that we are a safe haven for tourists. We know all that but there is no point in aPplauding it. So Murimi suck it up!

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