Zimbabwe seeks to review China tourism agreement

via Zim seeks to review China tourism agreement | The Source March 13, 2014 By Bernard Mpofu

Zimbabwe will next month renegotiate a tourism agreement with China to increase arrivals and revenue from the Asian country, the tourism minister said on Thursday.

Zimbabwe signed a Preferred Destination Access Agreement with China in 2006 that relaxed visa conditions for its nationals at the height of political violence and economic collapse that reduced visitors to a trickle. Visa conditions for the Chinese visitors were relaxed under the agreement.

But the agreement failed to provide the required fillip and although Zimbabwe considers China a key source market, only 5,000 Chinese tourists visited Zimbabwe in 2012.

“The Preferred Destination Access Agreement that we signed with the Chinese in 2006 has not realized us any income at all because they (Chinese tourists) are spread,” Mzembi told lawmakers at a seminar.

“They go everywhere. We need to find  a way of mainstreaming them to our destination. I therefore asked the minister in China that I want a renegotiation of this agreement. It must work for us otherwise the friendship in tourism does not amount to value and I will be there next month to renegotiate.”

In 2012, about 83 million Chinese tourists went abroad, but only one million came to Africa, according to official figures.

The sector generated $851 million revenue from 1,83 million arrivals in 2013 and has set an ambitious target of $5 billion over the next four years.

Mzembi said he expects an additional 1000,000 jobs to be created this year, adding to the 300,000 already employed in the industry.

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6 comments on “Zimbabwe seeks to review China tourism agreement
  1. Gomogranny says:

    What have we got that would in interest the Chinese visitor? I am in Tourism…we have had one Chinese family use our facility…they wanted the cat for breakfast (I kid you not) and were not terribly interested in either a cultural tour or anything that required walking around……I would not waste time or money marketing to them unless we find out what it is exactly that the average Chinese Tourist goes in search of when travelling….. so far the biggest demand seems to be “IVORY”…..

  2. John Thomas says:

    One million jobs created this year! Utter foolishness. Jobs will be lost this year as in most recent years. This kind of delusional behaviour is of no use.

    Gomogranny Chinese eat dogs not cats. Please!

    • Gomogranny says:

      It was definitely a cat the was under discussion – sorry John Thomas. I can assure you, I know the difference between a dog and a cat most especially when somebody is standing three metres from me and pointing at the CAT. This is first hand, my dear.
      Meryl Harrison of VAWZ confiscated cages containing both dogs and cats behind a Chinese restaurant in Harare….feel free to check the VAWZ records John Thomas.

  3. Roving Ambassador says:

    Cat soup is a delicacy in China.

  4. Roving Ambassador says:

    Cat soup is a delicacy in China. They would rather go to Europe, since they look IP to them . the consider us as less intelligent beings. Can’t blame them considering the only black they know is Mugabe.

  5. Small axe says:

    Cobra’s, cats tortoises, scorpions,dogs even specially bread cockroaches that are marinated and many more are on the menu. It’s a fact.

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