Zim state media ‘ignores’ Mandela death

via Zim state media ‘ignores’ Mandela death | SW Radio Africa by Alex Bell  December 6, 2013  

Zimbabweans have expressed disappointment that the state broadcaster all but ignored the death Thursday night of former South African President Nelson Mandela, only mentioning the news a handful of times throughout Friday.

Mandela’s death was announced late Thursday night by South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma. For Zimbabweans, the news first came through by way of online social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, while many received the news via the WhatsApp smartphone messaging app.

All international news media have been leading with the news since it was announced on Thursday night. But in Zimbabwe, the ZBC has only mentioned the historic news very briefly.

Bekezela Fuzwayo Maduma, an MDC candidate for Gwanda South, told SW Radio Africa that he was surprised by the lack of attention ZBC radio was giving Mandela’s death.

“I’ve been listening the whole day (Friday) and there’s been nothing on the news. Instead every ten minutes or so there is a news jingle with another update about a national hero called Brigadier Misheck Tanyanyiwa who will be buried at the national heroes acre on Sunday,” Maduma said.

Maduma said he “expected a lot more,” a view that was shared by other Zimbabweans who took to Facebook to express their disappointment. Maduma meanwhile also said he was disappointed that there was no official statement or condolence message from the Zimbabwe government.

“Everywhere else there are leaders expressing their condolences. Even in India there have been days declared as mourning says. But in Zimbabwe, nothing,” Maduma said.

It is widely known that Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe did not hold Mandela in very high esteem, saying in public forums that he thought the South African leader “too forgiving.”

“Mandela has gone a bit too far in doing good to the non-black communities, really in some cases at the expense of (blacks),” Mugabe told talk show host Dali Tambo in an interview this year.

“That is being too saintly, too good, too much of a saint,” he said.


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22 comments on “Zim state media ‘ignores’ Mandela death
  1. Parangeta (Ramrod) says:

    Mugarbage is a an uncaring idiot!

  2. adam jones says:

    On behalf of the People of Zimbabwe and on my own behalf, my I express our sincere and heart felt condolences to the Mandela family, the people of the Republic of South Africa, the African continent and to the World at large at the loss of Nelson Mandela – the Great Unifier. MHSRIP.

  3. adam jones says:

    Uyu mubwidi robot we will pee on his grave

    • jmoyo says:

      Ko hubwidi wapinda papi nhai. Attack robert not rudzi coz makutikwanisawo tese ipapo. Tribalists are a waste of space in todays world. Nxaaaaa !!!!

  4. adam jones says:

    Uyu mubwidi hitler we will pee on his grave

  5. adam jones says:

    Aka robat kamuroi aka

  6. adam jones says:

    While Nelson Mandela’s soul heads to heaven – I weuchaindepi Zanu murder???????????? Maybe you are right. Can’t celebrate his departure to heaven when you are certainly heading in the opposite direction. Shiver on mubwidi – after all you are on your way. U cant leave for ever.

  7. adam jones says:

    May the World realise that the people of Zimbabwe did not vote for Zanu and are in moaning along with the rest of the world. These election thieves are the same people Mandela fought against because they no different from those who practiced apartheid. Shame on Mugabe. My daughter who is studying in the UK sent me a text last night expressing her sorrow. How can Zanu be beneath that?

  8. chilimanzi says:

    It shows how state media is controled by zanu pf they can only say something after the Dear leader has given a green light.

  9. finish gogo says:

    as far as iam zimbo and concerned Mugabe is my hero. a hero is liked, disliked, loved and at the same tym hated. kkkkkkk.

    • Mupurisa says:

      Muri mega vanhu ve Zanu, mhondi nembavha dzegadzega. RIP Tata, you were and still are a real Hero to millions, including the majority of Zimbabweans, for generations to come.

    • nesbert majoni says:

      That shows you are equally a fool like your blood sucking Mugabe.How can a monstor like Mugabe say Mndela was too soft to non blacks. What has he Mugabe done to his fellow blacks of his country. He reduced us to second class citizens. We even cherish the days when we were under the Smith regime. ATLEAST WE HAD FOOD ON OUR TABLES.

    • Rudadiso says:

      Finish Gogo, so what if Mugabe is your hero? Even heroes offer their condolences. That is what smart heroes do.

  10. denford says:

    Why do we have to investigate who is mourning and who is not,let those who want to sympathize do so with love of God not because the whole world is doing so.please leave Mugabe alone and pray for our Madiba to have eternal life

  11. Blackhammer! says:

    Completely released now the big or large question on many people of Southern Africa origin’s minds is or will be ‘Ko iye?’, ‘Undoda kuqina ke?, ‘What about him?’ From prisoner to president our history has been set in stone for generations to come. Thank you and rest in peace. A towering figure in the 21st century. Deserves a holiday or a sickie and you know which I am taking.
    Simon M Tozvireva

  12. Dzatsva says:

    A TRUE HERO HAS DIED,what do you expect from REAL ZEROS.

  13. ZBC is under Joanthan Mqambi Manga Moyo. The guy hates the ANC to death. Do not forget that Zanupf truly has not had strong solidarity with the ANC. Sporadic Marriages of conviniences here and there yes plus while Zanupf are looters ANC are leisure lovers a lot. The ANC did not get as much as the Patriotic Front at the demise of Racial domination in the 2 countries. The present SA constitution has too many holes derailing the advancement of the blacks while words like “our democracy” are said everywhere. Even the blacks themselves would rather burn a Zimbabwean who is as Venda as one South Africa accusing him or her of causing his suffering. They never touch whites!

    • enda zvakanaka says:

      What are you going on about you fool? Black… white…. is the issue not about mourning the great man who did no see colour?

  14. Rudadiso says:

    Mugabe is simply demonstrating what he is – primitive, foolish, vindictive, childish, petulant and petty.

    Rest in eternal peace Tata Mandela.

  15. bingo wajakata says:

    The world moans Mandela, a true statesman, a man who spend most of his life in prison yet put country before personal interests. We wait to see how the world will react to Bob’s death. All I know is the ruling party will bus people from rural areas and leave them stranded once the funeral is over. Kwanzi ndakaitwa castrated naSmith then ah zvinei, ndinavana vatatu with Grace! Now which is the truth here? If he was not castrated by Smith it means he is a liar (nothing surprising about that, we already knew that he is a liar) or he kids are not his (could it be why he murdered Pamire? In our culture stealing someone’s wife is looked down upon and that is exactly what Bob did. He proposed to a married woman who happened to be a gold digger and the rest is history. As for me, well, on that day I will go and look for rural chicken, huku yechiboyi chaiyo and or a goat to silently celebrated the demise of the ultimate evil the country has ever seen colonial days included!

  16. ZimJim says:

    I humbly suggest that when “Bob” finally shuffles his sorry butt off this mortal coil he has a fitting burial.

    I propose that..

    1. One of his CIO mineshafts be emptied of the remains of his enemies and said enemies be given a decent funeral.
    2. His body be dropped down the shaft and a “Long Drop” be built on top so that we can all pay our “respects”!

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