#Zimbabwe government must just resign – Tanonoka Joseph Whande

via This government must just resign by Tanonoka Joseph Whande | SW Radio Africa March 17, 2014 

I have read that a government “is the system by which a state or community is governed”.

I, of course, am not satisfied with that for the simple reason that, for more than three decades in our country, there has never been a system by which we were governed.

Clearly, it has transpired that what our president and his wife talk or dream about in their bedroom becomes law. It is not acceptable that a president lives outside the confines of the law of which he is the chief custodian and implementer.

His attitude towards upholding the rule of law permeated our parliament and judiciary to the extent that all three branches of the state system take turns to break our laws with none being punished for it.

Robert Mugabe’s best weapons have remained the same since he got into power 34 years ago…that is patience and using greed as bait.

Mugabe recognised the power that is generated by greed and he tapped into that.

That is why, to this day, he remains the last man standing.

Greed, my compatriots, is more than a cancer. It is as much a controlling entity as force of arms…only worse because greed is a self-centered urge to ignore all else for personal gain. Greedy people grab and amass more than what they need because they are not conditioned with a sense of sharing or fairness.

Their mission is to get it all. Even if they do not need it, they must still own it.  “A government more narrowly refers to the particular executive in control of a state at a given time” and we have three branches of our government outdoing each other in abuse of the law and the people.

For more than three decades, we have watched in horror as all three branches of our government conspired against the people and delivered the total opposite of the minimums of what citizens expected from their leaders.

A presidential birthday was recently celebrated at a cost of millions of dollars that our nation could not afford.

More million-dollar celebrations are in line to be held around the country for no one’s benefit.

A few weeks later, our hungry citizens were, as usual, forced to cough up millions to celebrate a wedding for Grace Mugabe’s daughter. Why this became a national, let alone international issue is only for the devils in hell to explain.

Meanwhile, some of our citizens still remain stranded after a devastating flooding disaster.

Neither Mugabe, daughter or wife gave so much as a token concern for our citizens who are now reported to be starving in the make shift camps at which they are currently residing.

Bed bugs bite and they want our blood.

Is it not sad and abominable that Mugabe is sucking more blood out of us than the colonialists did?

Zvimbwa sungata ndivanani zvino?

Our government, headed by Mugabe, has done everything that nations do not do.

We have removed property rights.

We have taken away human rights.

We have destroyed a healthy economy and abused our own citizens until some countries said enough was enough.

Mugabe, with nothing to lose except shopping sprees in western countries, came up with the “look east” policy in which China was the centre piece. He thumbed his nose at those who had barred him from shopping in their countries.

At the end of 2009, China held $2.4 trillion worth of foreign exchange, which, at the time, was “the largest amount of foreign exchange owned by any central bank in the world”  and this “did not even reflect the reserves held by China’s major commercial banks’’.

And, according to Reuters, in the first six months of 2012, Chinese foreign direct investments in the United States hit $59.1 billion, making China “the largest recipient of foreign direct investment and topping the United States which had $57.4 billion of FDI”. In 2013, Chinese investment in the United States doubled.

Mugabe, although claiming to have studied economics, has always been completely blind to world economic practices and policies.

Even China, Mugabe’s adopted parent, has reversed its alleged pledge from last November to give Zimbabwe $30 billion in loans and grants.

They fail to even craft laws that encourage investment in our country, always rushing to grab what is not theirs. This, clearly, is voodoo economics, like someone once said.

Zimbabwe is $11 billion in arrears yet Mugabe can afford to insult                 possible benefactors by splashing millions on birthday and wedding celebrations at the expense of the nation.

The Chinese are not stupid.

Mugabe is looking east while the Chinese are looking west.

I found it telling that the Chinese, with whom Mugabe has aligned himself, last week refused to give Mugabe financial assistance while the British, against whom Mugabe has been ranting and raving for decades, last month gave Mugabe money for stranded primary school children.

The heart of the matter is that this government must resign. They are incompetent, greedy and have absolutely no clue about what to do.

Zimbabwe is in free fall and is stranded without a government. No one seems to be paying attention to what needs to be done as all are busy doing nothing but stealing from the state.

It has never been clearer than now that we do not have a government.

The slowly unfolding corruption drama at all our parastatals is an indication of the government negligence over decades. More rot should be expected even from private companies that struggle to stay alive in Zimbabwe.

But the menace of corruption is a direct child of a misguided government…a government dangerously propped up by patronage not by ability.

It is sad that those in government do not seem to know what to do about the rapidly deteriorating situation in the country, making us wonder what will become of our country.

Because of Mugabe and his ZANU-PF our country has missed countless opportunities to dig itself out of the mess into which Mugabe led us.

We continue on a senseless path of destruction while those around us are quietly working on improving their nations.

Look at Mozambique, Zambia and Rwanda. Yet all our government does is to continue spending on themselves money they do not have and, at the same time, neglecting the people and harassing those who might want to invest in our country.

This government should step down.

No cabinet reshuffle necessary; the government itself must just resign. We cannot be so careless with a nation that hungers to succeed as much as ours yet have those who are supposed to lead doing nothing to save the situation.

What Mugabe and his people have done to Zimbabwe is enough for them to be tried for treason. I have never seen so many people work for so long to destroy a nation.

Sooner or later, the people of Zimbabwe will need to decide what next is to be done because the big crash is approaching fast. Mugabe and his people are doing all this because we let them.

Zimbabwe has too much potential in both human terms and riches to be left in the hands of these thieving morons.

Zimbabwe deserves better and the people have the answer.

I am Tanonoka Joseph Whande and that, my fellow Zimbabweans, is the way it is today, Monday, March 17th, 2014.


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58 comments on “#Zimbabwe government must just resign – Tanonoka Joseph Whande
  1. apolitical says:

    Perhaps if we have a whip around we can send this Whande for the serious head examination he needs,
    The British government hasn’t given Mugabe funds they wre given to education – is he saying they shouldn’t have done it and left them with out education.
    We actually don’t need China or the West we need to lock up activists in work camps and if we all work, things will come right very quickly – we don’t need MDC to steal more money or to ride on their slogan that Britain will lend them money if they are in power because that is how we got into trouble we allowed the world bank and IMF to bring us to our knees, we were doing too well in the early 80ties.Loans need paying back, we have never received aid money as the EU has a committee and all money they dish out has to be attached to a report of how much profit they will get back. If the return doesn’t come the supervisor loses his or her job.
    That’s what happens in the real world its called aid to fool the uneducated writers like the one above.
    If we accept more money from the west the country is finished.
    There is a need to read and learn before writing.
    When you are educated try writing another article!

    • John Thomas says:

      Apolitical you are a very funny guy. Give us more of this. I need a good laugh.

      • Fallenz says:

        I agree, John Thomas… Apolitical is hilarious. Me thinks he’s a comedy writer in real life… it’s like reading a comic strip. No one else could conjure up such an imagination. I hope it pays well. He certainly can’t actually believe the things he writes. I just have to chortle.

        • apolitical says:

          Don’t worry about it chaps lots of people laugh when they don’t understand things it starts in pre school.

    • itai says:

      Apolitical unofunga nemkosho!

    • Mena Bona says:

      Apolitical. You very obviously are a ZANU PF tool. The rubbish you sprout is straight out of politics in North Korea. One family, surrounded by the cronies that build mansions and drive Bentleys as their population starves, is Zimbabwe. The same thing. They believe they own the country and any of its citizens that speak up must be shut up. Work camps. You are mad. Go and live in North Korea whose population lives in the sixteenth century, you parasite.

    • NBS says:

      Apolitical your garbage does not even warrant a reply. There is blind and then there is blind! Truly I will pray for you.

    • mwana wevhu says:

      apolitical please spare us this drivel.Enrol at an ECD of your choice and I will fund you.

    • masvukupete says:

      And who was knighted for convincing the PF representatives to the Lancaster house conference to accept a warped independence deal? The British managed to get what they wanted in April 1980 by supporting Zanu, they promised Bob the power in retun for preventing Zapu from getting into power thereby restricting the Russian influence in Southern Africa, if you didnt know that is why the British supported Bob and knighted him (he was their puppet).

      You talk of profit demand by Western countries, so in your mind they should just give without getting anything out. It shows your mentality of entitlement. If you are a manager at some parastatal or in the C10 it shows your lack of understanding of how things function. If you are 1 of the above you must be getting a fat check every month for doing absolutely nothing, and you expect the donors (Eastern, Western, Southern, or Northern) to do the same.

      In our budget of 2013/14 the president’s office got an allocation of $236 million. Agriculture $155million. We have less than 10 000 people in the President’s office yet we have more than 2 million farmers (communal farmers included). That discrepancy already shows you where the priorities are. How does the C10 generate any income? Energy was allocated $55 million yet its the most critical sector in our economy. A 200MW coal power plant will cost $260million with a ROI of at most 10 years. The power station will result in an extra $26 million of business every year (operations with profit) for at least 40-50 years depending on how well its maintained. In 2009 if we had started building these power plants with good project management we would be building our 2nd power station by now. We do not need money from anyone in order to make our country work. We have the money and the resources. Power plants are made from steel, cement, and human effort (iron, nickel, chromium, molybdenum as the main ingredients which we have in our beloved Zimbabwe. We have 2 of the ingredients the only thing that we lack is the effort. The parastatals are good testament to our lack of effort.

      • Doctor Do more says:


        while you try to sound high and loud on wisdom, kindly respond to these key grade 2 questions.
        1. where did you get the statistics of employees of the president’s office?
        2. Since when was ROI measured in terms of years? Is it not Return on Investment? How then can a return on investment be measured in years?
        3. Are you saying even the 1980 vote was Nikuved this time by the British

    • Parangeta says:

      You are an uneducated idiot, unpolitical, and should leave this intellectual forum asap!

      • apolitical says:

        @Parangeta-So sorry its beyond your comprehension see your teacher she will probably give you a clip around the ear so you learn to read and understand.

    • Chanisa says:

      Apolitical you are ignorant like Mugabe and his asinine cabal. Lenders everywhere do so for self-serving reasons. The borrower’s task is to assess whether he can still make a higher return than the cost. As for self-sufficiency, where is our diamond money going? Hating the West or MDC or Whande must not equate to licking Mugabe’s duplicitous ass.

      • apolitical says:

        @Chanisa, stop showing your own ignorance by your lack of understanding. Learning will help you realize the difference between corruption, theft and aid money.
        We could become self sufficient if we clamp down on crime and work, only thieves and the unintelligent don’t get it.
        To borrow is dangerous as the government official borrowing has no business acumen, if he/she did they wouldn’t be working in government.

  2. Nyoni says:


    • Parangeta says:

      Destroying! little bird, you mean Destroyed!

    • apolitical says:

      Quickly resign and let us have those who were thrown out of Zanu as hopeless formed a party and think the reason they were rejected was they were too clever to know anything except how to steal and loot – it can be much, much worse just look at the councils and energy situation.
      What an improvement in theft.
      Anyone who thinks that those former members of Zanu that were thrown out are better, has a serious logic problem.

  3. Mlimo says:

    Apolitical try to get your head out of mugabes boots before you say anything

  4. Guvnor says:

    Excellent article. Success and prosperity will only come from hard work and discipline.

  5. Chiwaridza says:

    Apolitical … it is not a case of you getting your head out of Mugabe’s boots … it is a case of getting your head out of your backside.. its people like you who are part and parcel of creating the chaos that Zimbabwe experiences today… greed, abuse of human rights, abuse of property rights, corruption at a level unprecedented in the world, murder of its own citizens, no electricity, no water, no health care, hundreds of private sector businesses destroyed including 5000 of the best farming companies in Africa, millions of people jobless, huge national debt, completely negative balance of payments, zero food security, completely reliant on food aid and hand outs from western nations (btw.. the very countries that Mugabe abuses day in and day out). Its a disgrace and unaacpetable that this is allowed to happen by one old and insignificant individual called Robert Mugabe…

    • Parangeta says:

      Chiwaridza, this moron, unpolitical, does this to get attention, he has no real view or idea to contribute.

      I believe he is a left-behind-ex-mugarbage-azz-bootlicker!

    • apolitical says:

      You meant people like you who have nothing to offer except change the government without the common sense to realize it will likely be worse as has been shown with MDC efforts.

  6. Chiwaridza says:

    Whande, good article for the most part, however, just remember under colonial rule Rhodesia had one of strongest economies in the world, the Rhodesian dollar was the same value as the United States dollar, there was food security,jobs, electricty,water, clean streets,tourism,good roads,1,5 million people employed just in the agricultural sector even with United Nations sanctions being imposed on the Smith government. Mugabe took over this well oiled economy and has simply and methodically for the sake of holding on to power, destroyed a complete country and its people. This is the same person who is now going to be the head of SADC and deputy head of the AU.. Africa has shown its true colours, it is a continent that will not and cannot govern its own people effectively, riddled with corruption, greed,human rights violations… all this after most of these countries have been independent for over 40 years … these facts are sickening and unnaccpetable, however unless the people of Zimbabwe stop talking and rise up as the Arab countries did,this abuse will continue unabated. Free and fair elections do not work in Africa and never will, too many leaders have learnt how to manipulate the system and remain in power regardless of the consequences.

    • Tanonoka Joseph Whande says:

      Chiwaridza, yes I do remember that the Rhodesian dollar was much stronger than the US dollar because for US$100 sent, we used to get $50 Rhodesian dollars.

    • apolitical says:

      Don’t talk of fact unless there is evidence, its simply propaganda, HUNMAN Rights GROUPS IN Zimbabwe are subsidiaries of the opposition – until they are apolitical they will have bno influence internationally.
      When you have UN sanctions against you as did Rhodesia its easyb to values your money theres nothing to vslue it against.
      As a matter of fact and history – Zimbabwe was left with Rhodesias war debt which it repaid. Debt means it was broke.

  7. Ndebvu Mukomichi says:


    If you feel resignation is the answer to every problem and every set-back – then good luck to you. You might end up resigning from life itself.

    Our govt does not have to resign for anything. We gave them a 5 year mandate- vanozo rizaina vese by July 2018.

    Otherwise if that is the deepest you are capable of thinking and your best advice- then Do It Yourself: resign from Zim, and from writing abt it or whatever else meets your weakened fancy. Our ZPF govt is going nowhere!

    • NBS says:

      They did NOT get a mandate

      • apolitical says:

        According to you as you think you represent everyone.
        The opposition were bad losers but they lost and were given the opportunity to complain but they only had fictitious evidence as usual with crooks and con artists.

  8. Jan says:

    don’t hold your breath waithing for mugabe and zanupf to resign from government. That will never happen. mugabe and his cohorts have pillaged and raped the people of zimbabwe. The chinese are looting our natural resources-our diamonds. The look east policy has turned out to be a monstrous beast-but then, most of us right thinking people knew that would happen. The only interest China has in the African continent is to loot it of its wealth.

    • apolitical says:

      ,Most of us the real right thinking people believe that Zanu will win again at the next election that we can now start rebuilding Zimbabwe from the crisis caused byb the opportunist MDC activists.
      Remember who lost and that you are a minority for ever- finished.

  9. John Thomas says:

    ZANU will never resign. They will go when we make them go and not one minute sooner.

  10. BLESSING says:


    • Parangeta says:

      Very rude on the internet to write in capitals, bad etiquette you know!

    • apolitical says:

      He tries to make a point out of normal procedure and because he’s lost uses capitals in the hope there is some less intelligent than him.
      All governments are supported by there employees, that is how it should be.

  11. Boksara says:

    100% spot on Joseph. You know, when Smith said blacks were not going to rule the country for a thousand years, he was right. what he meant was not just grabbing the power for the sake of power. He meant that blacks were not going to be capable of governing, even if they forced their way into the office. He was talking inability by blacks to manage the economy of the country and everything else expected of a government. He meant that a black leader at that/this stage of development was/is dangerous as they don’t have the expertise nor the goodwill to run a country. Look what our ‘revolutionaries’ in Africa as whole are doing…..corruption, poverty, conflicts, genocides, abuse, women, greed, etc etc…..

  12. NBS says:

    I always enjoy Tanonoka’s writing. We just need God’s wisdom to translate these truths into reality. No repentance! No restoration!

  13. mwana wevhu says:

    Spot on Whande!However,we have never had a GOVERNMENT in Zimbabwe. Expecting the SADISTIC THIEVING GANGSTERS(Read Mugabe & Co.)to resign is fantasy.ONLY ACTIVE & ORGANISED CITIZENS CAN HOLD UNDEMOCRATIC POWER IN CHECK.Action people is all we need.The task is all too clear.

  14. Bee says:

    Um, is this lunatic Apolitical for real. My guess is he is just winding us up. Ignore the fool.

    • Parangeta says:

      unpolitical comes here to get noticed, he has nowhere else to go.

      His mugarbage is finished and he sadly knows it, so he is a sad, perplexed person, with no future – like mugarbage and disgrace!

    • just saying says:

      BEE I agree with you my friend that the best we can do is to ignore this fool whose sole mission is to wind us up. I have felt this way for some time.

    • apolitical says:

      It illustrates intelligence when I answer your childish comment. Cant say the same for you.

  15. Boksara says:

    @Mwana Wevhu,the fact is we are under siege and ACTION is extremely expensive. What I mean is, we can take collective action and eventually, yes, chase away these gangsters, but only for a heavy price because they will not hesitate to massacre us in our thousands as they have always been doing.

    • apolitical says:

      Whenever the peace is threatened by a few mal contents it is better to eliminate them why should law abiding workers pay to keep them fed in jail.

  16. The Truth. says:

    Shonas never resign my friend, no matter how incompetent or what the democratic vote says.

    Look at gukurahundi Mugabe in ZANU PF; Tsvangirayi in the MDC-T, Madhuku in the NCA and Mutambara vs Welshman in the MDC?

    Its a cultural thing!!

    • CHINDUNDUMA says:

      The Truth i fail to understand what you mean by this phrase “SHONAS NEVER RESIGN”. We are all in arms against the Mugabe Government because of misrule and strange economic policies. This government is composed of both Shonas and Ndebeles so tribe is inconsequential in this context. Further it would be daydreaming to think of a future Zimbabwe Government which is exclusively Ndebele speaking.

    • CHINDUNDUMA says:

      The Truth i fail to understand what you mean by this phrase “SHONAS NEVER RESIGN”. We are all in arms against the Mugabe Government because of misrule and strange economic policies. This government is composed of both Shonas and Ndebeles so tribe is inconsequential in this context. Further it would be daydreaming to think of a future Zimbabwe Government which is exclusively Ndebele speaking.

      • The Truth. says:

        Its Shonas who are in leadership positions; that is why I mentioned them – I gave you the examples too.

        I never spoke about the Ndebele and I dont know how they fit into the picture. It is you who mentioned Ndebele for reasons best known to yourself!!

  17. Johno says:

    “Zvimbwa sungata ndivanani zvino?” asks Mr Whande. I will ask you another: Police are rounding up vendors and transporting them off to VP Mujuru’s farm to harvest her tobacco for no pay! Is this not the chibharo of the colonial era which was the cause for the war of liberation? History repeats itself …or does it?

    • t.one says:

      I agree with whande because what this government preaches on a daily basismis politics of hatred.They are a bunch of failures who do not have a clue of what they are doing. How can a sensible government starve its own people. Its a shame that we still have amongst the educated who are still so blind. They starve the whole nation into submissiveness. Hunger and stress are used as tools of oppression. Their beliefs are totally misguided and untrue. They claim to have liberated the masses yet in actual fact every citizen play a role. They claim monopoly of the struggle which is again wrong. If the true facts of the road to the so called freedom are exposed Mugabe and his cronies and their dogs will seek refuge in China. They should be punished for mental genocide and human mutilation. They should vacate the offices they are occupying with immediate effect. It is a disgrace for someone like Mugabe or whoever is in this government of crooks to talk of liberation or independence. They are an illegitimate government hence must resign forwith. We do not need handouts in Zimbabwe. We have the resources both human and capital. What is not there is a government. We have a maffia running the country. They are there for self aggrandisement.

  18. Rich says:

    Mr Whande
    We believe everything you have said, from different perspectives and colloquial settings.
    Now you are boring.
    How can you cause a change ?

  19. Ray says:

    People please read the book Animal Farm or get to watch the movie. That sums it up

  20. Tendai says:

    God is for everyone. God’s time is the best time.

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