Zimbabwe Sells Diamonds in Belgium

via Zimbabwe Sells Diamonds in Belgium 12.12.2013 by Tatenda Gumbo VOAZimbabwe

Zimbabwe on Wednesday is said to have auctioned 300,000 carats of diamonds in Brussels, Belgium, despite continued calls by activists for transparency on the Zimbabwean diamond market.

The sale at the Antwerp World Diamond Centre marks the first sale of diamonds in Europe following the lifting of targeted sanctions against the state-owned Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC).

Mines Minister Walter Chidhakwa told Studio 7 in an interview the ministry is still waiting for more details on the diamond sale by Antwerp.

The sale though comes amid reports that all is not well in the diamond mining industry with reports that the Ministry of Mines has dissolved boards of the ZMDC, Marange Resources and Minerals Marketing Board.

Anjin Investments and Jinan Mining companies operating in Marange are said to have retrenched 160 workers. To make matters worse, there are reports that alluvial diamond deposits are running low and there will be need for companies to invest in technical equipment to source kimberlite diamonds.

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5 comments on “Zimbabwe Sells Diamonds in Belgium
  1. SADC says:

    We are not interested to know that they sold the diamonds, we want to know how much did they get and if the money is going straight to the treasury

  2. Joe says:

    You got to be joking right. Money coming back to zim what a laugh. It’s being stashed away for when they are kicked out. But do not worry Mabuto did not take his money when he was buried.

  3. Mapurisa says:

    Lets pray that this money goes to treasury. The problem in Zimbabwe is not how much we get, but how the money is used.

  4. There is hardly anyhonest businessman left in mugabeland. It’s now all about overnight riches culture destroying impoverishment our failed state

  5. Umaari says:

    Now you see Europians are beggers to Africa, they have robbed diamond as much more as they could and still in need African’s property

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