Zimbabweans Reject Proposed Diaspora Bonds

via Zimbabweans Reject Proposed Diaspora Bonds by Gibbs Dube 21.12.2013 VOAZimbabwe

Zimbabweans living outside the country have dismissed as unworkable proposals by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa to issue diaspora bonds that will enable them to invest back home.


Some of the Zimbabweans told VOA Studio 7 they are not interested in the diaspora bonds which are contained in the nation’s 2014 national budget presented by Chinamasa in parliament on Thursday.


They said their investments won’t be protected by the Zanu-PF government that forced them to leave Zimbabwe due to the country’s socio-economic and political crisis between 2000 and 2009.


Most of them said they should be allowed to participate in Zimbabwe’s elections before they think about investing back home.


One of them, Bekithemba Mhlanga, who is also a political commentator based in London, said Chinamasa’s proposals are a non-starter.

Interview With Bekithemba Mhlanga

But Zanu-PF activist and political commentator, Morris Ngwenya, disagreed saying the country’s laws do not encourage the seizure of private property and external investments. 

Interview With Morris Ngwenya

People living outside the country remitted $1.6 billion between January and November this year, which is almost 36 percent of Zimbabwe’s 2014 national budget.

Mr. Chinamasa also proposed in his budget to set aside funds for paying pensions and outstanding allowances of former cabinet ministers and members of parliament.

Most of them are currently struggling to make ends meet.

Former Kariba MP Cleopas Machacha is one of those who are struggling to make ends meet as he no longer has any source of income.



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39 comments on “Zimbabweans Reject Proposed Diaspora Bonds
  1. ZimJim says:

    “Mr. Chinamasa also proposed in his budget to set aside funds for paying pensions and outstanding allowances of former cabinet ministers and members of parliament.

    Most of them are currently struggling to make ends meet.”

    The wheels have truly fallen off!

  2. Peter tosh says:

    You only recognize people in the diaspora when it comes to money but you talk I’ll about them. Do it yourselves.

  3. Peter tosh says:

    Talk ill

  4. Zimbo says:

    These people have no shame.First they call us bottom cleaners,then they deny us the vote.Now they want us to invest in government issued bonds.
    I know what you can do with your bonds.Go and clean your bottom!

  5. ZimJim says:

    When, and only when, Bob and his band of thieves go…
    Magic will happen in Zimbabwe.
    Until then its a no-go zone. Simple fact.

  6. sam says:

    2014 is the year we must sho robert mugabe and his zanupf kuti haalume. I am encouraging zimbos where ever they are not to pay anything this government can take like taxes . For those with opportunity to steal from this government do it in bulk. We got to bring this country down to the ground first before we can start building it again.
    Steal and destroy to express our anger.

  7. joe says:

    what about the NSSA funds that were stolen and how many other countless funds that went missing. Any one buying bonds is absolutely crazy and stupid

  8. joe says:

    you need the middle finger chinamasa

  9. Murimi wanhasi says:

    Some people called us fools when we”rushed in” to get farms a few years ago.
    Now some of us are reaping the benefits.

  10. Murimi wanhasi says:

    Call the bonds foolish now…but

    • Jrr56 says:

      Wrong, a few years ago those that rushed in to reap what they did not sow we called thieves. Now you want those that were dispossessed to finance you again so you can steal again. Once bitten twice shy.

  11. Murimi wanhasi says:

    Who is the thief,the local person who takes local land,or the one who falsifies info so that they can get past heathrow?
    U r so used to sendin yo monies via the black market,such that anything official scares u.

  12. Dzatsva says:

    keep your zanu bonds i keep my cash,may be your kids and /or your girlfreind`s kids will remit the cash you looted from our national coffers.If i can vote and the results are counted here,well yes i can rethink of my stance.

  13. Zanupf is so uneducated just like their puppets morris ngwenya alias half donkey half baboon this murimi wanhasi fraud

  14. Murimi wanhasi says:

    Revenger & Dzvatsva,u r just makin noise.I doubt if the both of u have enuff
    cash to buy the bonds anyway.
    Haizi mari yeku”burner” where u would send 50£ and then buy a house with it.We r talkin real money which u nappy changers cant raise.
    This exercise is targeted @ real men

  15. John Thomas says:

    Anybody who buys these bond deserves to loose their money, which is actually what will happen, so maybe they are a good idea. Punishment for true believers?

  16. Khaya'bonina says:

    @Sam , we have got the foundation and we need to develop from it , your call is unstrategical , make up your sense , guys stay in your England .

    @Murimi , you are very correct , thank you , let them keep their few cents to buy their own bread . If they want to vote then they must come home , there is no need to fool yourself as refuges , for what , Zimbabwe is very peaceful . We are facing the economically problems i agree , but lets here more suggestions on how to bring up our ecomomy , if your can’t contribute to that , then stay there in your England , your are very negetive and very discourage , check your skin , check their skin , who colonised Zimbabwe , now people like you are turning back to your country and you want to colonise us , we don’t need your faked English ascent.

  17. Johnson@yahoo.com says:

    This comment is interesting “Zanu-PF activist and political commentator, Morris Ngwenya, disagreed saying the country’s laws do not encourage the seizure of private property and external investments.” This comment make me want to cry. The issue is even if the law is there the govt will not respect it. The problem with Zimbabwe is not the absence of a legal framework, but rather, its flagrant violation by those supposed to uphold. It they take all the diamonds we are not worried, but we need the rule of law and predictability for us to carry our own business in a protected environment not the current nihilism where the law is disregarded. There is simply no possibility of recourse to the law and we do not know our ideology in Zimbabwe whether we are Marxist Leninist, capitalist nihilist, capitalist nationalist, nationalist racist, or what? Its a new ideological concoction not easy to follow, only to benefit a top oligarchy and its allies. If we need investment from the diaspora we must be clear where we stand as a nation in terms of investment friendly policies.

  18. Clive Sutherland says:

    Chinamasa you are on drugs!, I tried to renew my families Zim passport in 2010 and had a second go in 2011 both times it was refused on the grounds that we were not resident in Zimbabwe! Further to this we were told that we were no longer recognised as Zimbabwean Citizens, even though at this time we were stateless as we were not Citizens of any other country, now you want my money! Get the Chinese to buy your bonds. I am investing in other African countries that have solid and sound fiscal policies and proper reserve bank governors, not thieves. In the mean time my adopted country is benefitting from my technical qualifications along with many other Zimbabweans I am in contact with.

  19. munzwa says:

    Khaya, you asking for suggestions on how to bring the economy up? Why are you lot not listening…. we don’t trust the thief, get rid of Zanu and their baggage and let us all start rebuilding with people with more integrity than this Zanu lot..

  20. Saddened says:

    Khaya’bonina and Murimi wanhasi no problem guys you support the cleptocracy cause we sure wont. Good luck – you going to need it

  21. Murimi wanhasi says:

    @Khaya..when I saw u had commented,I braced myself for the worst.
    Party politics aside,u r making sense my brother.
    What we need r solutions

    @Munzwa,howdo u propose to get rid of zanu pf while maintaining the peace required for economic growth?Lets be brutally honest here guys.We might end up in the Libyan situation.They r worse off now.
    I will let u in on a little secret,which is the most difficult to believe(I understand),my party is re strategising,they r not fools,u will c

  22. Mr Mixed Race says:

    I cannot believe what some people do to get rich.You really boast in the violence method you used to get land when you could have done it in a peaceful way by introducing very high tax for unused land.This would have forced land owners to sell the unused land.The violence was used by those who wanted well developed lands with big country houses.They did not go for under developed lands because they wanted to reap where they did not sow-thus what we call real selfish and greedy.The economy is in this mess because our agriculture section as completely collapsed due to you new farmers failing to till the land.I call you misguided little cellphone farmers.We can only improve our economy if we address the root causes of the current mess which are corruption and the non-implementation of the rule of law.Let us all try to use a bit of common sense and wisdom we all have to approach problems logically without violence.

  23. moyokumusha says:

    Mr Mixed race you are the only sensible one on this forum

  24. Khaya'bonina says:

    We can’t be in a parliament to oppose all the time , we need to bring sense and embrace some of the ideas and initiatives , give the ruling party a chances to implement ideas , people are now just barking at everything , lets go through the risk and see if ever we can be successful , the ruling party is working on how to correct the mistakes , its like in business now you can’t be certainly that you will always make much profit , its fine to oppose but we need also to contribute on our ideas solely to assist Zimbabwe to improve . Its part of being mad to see that they are people who are not ready to see improvement in Zimbabwe , these are the same people who does want sanctions to be lifted , if we really love our country then we need to reverse from being so negetive , if you don’t support ZANU PF its fine but it doesn’t make sense to be against good initiatives , these guys living in England must stop being too smart for nothing , we love our country we still have got hope that things will be fixed up soon .

  25. Khaya'bonina says:

    sorry who doesn’t sanctions be lifted .

  26. simon says:

    production production production!!!! export export export !!!!! is what is needed along side riule of law. Cut off the fat cats looting the place they have had 33 years to do it and enough is enough. To all those who keep on about colonising if the British didn’t it would have been either French German or Portugese and look at state those countries are in as well. Now you have the Chinese and they are ruining the environment and eating everything insight even rare species tortoises and taking our minerals for bargain as they line the mnisters fats pockets. bring back commercial farming one man one farm for Zimbabweans whether you black white orange or purple and eliminate zanu-pf the old broom cant sweep anymore and the old dog has no teeth so whats the use. This is the ONLY way out. Its not rocket science is it???!!!!

  27. sam says:

    Hazvibatsiriba kana zanu ineuori ichiri kutonga. I think.time as usual will bring solutions to Zimbabwe. Bob will definately die soon. We will be free again but this time smart enough to avoid anotherMugabe again for Zimbabwe. A heartless dictator. Selfish. We will quickly forget this guy once he is gone. He can do whatever but will not b able to take our country to his grave.

  28. Judy Gushungo says:

    VaMugabe tinoda electricitytinoda mvura yakachena

  29. kevin says:

    Why bonds specifically targeting the Zim Diaspora? Why not bonds period, open to any one has money be they Zimbo in Zim, British, Chinese, American, Russian etc. Another zpf scam not going anywhere this time. Let the smart businessmen like Obert Mpofu and Chiyangwa by these bonds if they are worth anything. These two sure have very deep pockets.

  30. Zindoga says:

    Sell those bonds to Anjin, Nikuv & KGB, just leave the Diaspora alone!!!

  31. Rux says:

    The only issue is to destroy this zanupf, l hope zim will be the better place. These bonds u need from us ekuti chatunga asare netrust yakakwana. Shame to u all culprits in govt, this time your are goin down otherwise your leader will be buried musaga chairo. 2008 SA xenophobia we were alone tichitsva today u need our help, never endai kwazvimba

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