Zinara boss in $2m scandal

via Zinara boss in $2m scandal – Southern Eye by Everson Mushava 10 January 2014

ZIMBABWE National Road Authority (Zinara) chief executive officer Frank Chitukutuku has been sucked into a $2 million scam involving awarding of a road rehabilitation tender in Umguza, Matabeleland North province.

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) which has been probing the matter recently produced a report marked RR13/03/12 where it alleged that Chitukutuku ordered the release of funds for the rehabilitation of a 31km stretch of Illitshe Road in Umguza and Bubi rural district councils to Notify Enterprises before the conclusion of tender procedures.

Some funds were also released to the same company for the construction of a bridge across Umguza River before the tender was awarded.

According to the Zacc documents, tenders were advertised as a cover-up after the contract had already been corruptly awarded to Notify without going to tender.

Chitukutuku is alleged to have authorised the transfer of $100 000, $170 000 on September 22 and another payout of $80 000 into Notify Enterprises’ accounts on September 30, 2010, the day the tender was supposed to close.

Zaac investigations established that Notify Enterprises was a shelf company owned by Twalumba Holdings owner Nkululeko Sibanda.
Chitukutuku yesterday refused to comment on the issue while Sibanda was not picking calls.

“I don’t know what you are talking about. I have never seen the paper and I have no comment about it,” Chitukutuku said.

According to Zacc, the Zinara boss, his co-accused Umguza Rural District Council CEO Collen Moyo and Sibanda allegedly met twice in September 2010 at Twalumba Holdings Fidelity Towers offices in Harare and agreed to corruptly award the tender to Notify Enterprises.

The cost of rehabilitating the 12km stretch of gravel road was put at $865 367 while the cost of constructing the bridge was pegged at $734 624,80, to bring the total to $1 599 991,80.

The cost for the remaining 19km came to $1,1 million and the paperwork was then submitted to Chitukutuku.

“In a bid to conceal the corrupt activities, Moyo placed an advertisement in Chronicle and The Herald of September 16 and 17 2010 respectively inviting tenders for the rehabilitation of Illitshe Road and construction of a bride across Umguza River,” read the Zacc papers.

“Patson Mlilo, chief executive officer of Bubi also placed another advertisement for the remaining 19km on the Bubi side. Both tenders were supposed to close on September 30, 2010 at 0830.”

“Although the tenders were supposed to be opened at 8:30am, on September 30, the process was delayed because the bid documents for Notify Enterprises Private Limited were not yet at Umguza and Bubi Rural District Council offices by 8:30am.

“The papers were still in Harare and were brought in by Councillor Sithokhozile Nkomo of Bubi Rural District Council who was flown from Harare to Bulawayo aboard Air Zimbabwe Flight number UM224 which left Harare on September 30 at 9am and the expenses were met by one Nkululeko Sibanda, owner of Notify Enterprises.”

According to Zacc, Notify Enterprises was not qualified to win the tenders because it had not submitted a bid bond.

“Accused 1 (Chitukutuku) altered the comparative schedule of bidders prepared by Engineer Mdlongwa of Umguza Rural District Council indication that Notify Enterprises Private Limited had submitted the required bond when in actual fact it had not,” said Zacc.

Moyo, who is already standing trial reportedly abusing his position to flout tender procedures, allegedly made false claims about the project.


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12 comments on “Zinara boss in $2m scandal
  1. Smart Talk says:

    These are small issues Anti Corruption. Please be serious and investigate real cases. Tipeiwo maserious. So far how much have you claimed to investigate this case. Is it one of the soft spots that you have identified. You are now becoming an embarrassment.

  2. why focus on these sardines? probe grace nemubvandiripo Russell, phil chiyangwa, obert mhofu, gina mbocho naseveral katsukukuviri. am sure you will be able to raise the 4 billion budget from theses thugs. trying to suck some 100,000 from these breams is tantamount to chasing rats in the kitchen while the whole house is on fire.

  3. Chirutanga says:


  4. mureva chokwadi says:

    Notify iyoyi yakapihwa mari paBinga yikaita the same thing.it was paid 1 million ikatadza kugadzira 1km chaiyo yegravel. what a raw deal for the people of Binga.Notify old Equipment yake izvozvi is lying iddle paBinga and the 1km stretch yaakagadzira yacho yakatorohwa nemvura. Nkululeko haabhadhare vashandi,he we for eight months asina kubhadhara akatozoendeswa ku labour court and he managed to pay his employees three months salary. Anotenga marange rover and other luxury vehicles nemari yekugadzira road. isu tinomuziva chaizvo, ndewe flambo at the expense of development in areas like Binga.

  5. Mutorwa says:

    WE AFRICANS HAVE NO PURPOSE ON EARTH. We are just like donkeys, waiting to be used to carry the burdens of others. Vakomana, is this why the whole commission was created?

    There is a HongKong mansion, Durban mansion, Malaysia mansions to unravel. The diamonds at Chiadzwa; State parastatals tender scams where executives have formed shelf companies in China and neibouring countries and are awarding tenders to these to supply substandard products and parts at inflated prices (10x) to the parastatals they run. The parts do no not last hence the every deteriorating infrastructure. PLEASE!!! NXAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  6. Mukanya says:

    ZINARA CEO une munyama iwe. You need concerted cleansing comrade

  7. E Makhate says:

    We are a pathetic lot. Let us not blame maBritishi or Europeans for our stealing habits. It’s in us. We want to steal, plunder or dispossess others.

  8. Johnny k says:

    When somebody investigates ZINARA properly there is going to be a can of worms opened that will implicate many minsters and MP,s including Goche, Mangwana, Shamu, etc Look into the activities of a company called BADON Enterprises. It is a front for these ministers to fill their pocket, Also look at the tender for the construction of VID depots around the country. MBAVA, the whole stinking lot.

  9. Tjingababili says:

    Mashonaland United in Looting!

  10. bhazi ramuchadura says:

    Wht d u expect frm a bunch of heavy looters,they born deep looters.looting and destruction flows in thier fat veins.Zvotoda Mwari nokuti havana nyadzi kwanzi takafunda madegree ecorruption and looting.kkkkk

  11. Gutu says:

    Zanu pf is called LOOTERS’ CLUB! With Mujuru protecting them,nothing will happen to all those who are being exposed for corrupt practices. There are those who are saying these are small issues but when you combine their loot it is substantial. To tell zanu to stamp out graft is like telling a stone to move,it will not. Zanu thrives on corruption and coercion.Its time the majority say Enough is enough. This is also the time the MDC must launch serious border to border rallies to talk to the people highlighting all these issues not giving such lukewarm responses in the media. They must keep the momentum and not wait for 2017/18 to get to the people.

  12. what is mai mujuru trying to do? she must keep quite we want those guys to be probed she mustnt say anything ndopamunoona hama kuti vanhu varivese ava sei vechiti hee nyaya dzakadero hadzitaurwe vanoda kuti tiite sei sei ngatibatei vanhu vakomana woye

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